Heng ah! Transport fare down by 1.9%

Where in the world got transport price decrease one? This can only happen in Sin City, the country runs by the best super talent money can buy. Another miracle!

It really pays to pay super talents millions to show mercy to the commuters, the average people who earn just enough to get by in life, to get a fare cut. The net amount of savings per trip will vary from 1c to 4c with the majority saving 1c or 2c per trip. The Sinkies are now feeling so grateful and so ‘heng’. Imagine if they have not given the PAP a 70% majority vote, this thing will not happen, maybe even a price hike.

Some ungratefuls are still complaining that the price of oil has gone down by 50%, how come only 1.9% cut? Some even pointed out that in April there was a hike of 2.8% even when the price of oil was already down more than 30%. So, give you fare cut you still not happy ya? Be grateful man, be very grateful.

Now with such a great gesture, it is time the people should reciprocate and reward the ministers with a little pay hike as well. How about a 1.9% hike for the ministers? Why so little? Let me see, a million dollar salary, a 1.9% hike will mean how much? $19,000 only! Ya too little. To be meaningful, maybe 5%, not too big, not too small. After all for three years the minister did not get a pay hike and times must be hard on them. A 5% hike should come to $50,000 or about $4,000 pm. Not very much, but it will be a good gesture in return for the 1.9% fare cut.

What do you think? Got come, got go, they give you some, you give them some. Win win.


Anonymous said...

Even if fares go up by 1.9% also like that what? What can Sinkies do, tio bo?

So with fare down by 1.9%, really heng ah this time for Sinkies. So maybe they need to thank Boon Wan for making this "miracle" happen? I mean small miracles lah, like fares going down.

Anonymous said...

19.00%! 19.00%! 19.00%!

Yes! We must be very very grateful for fare reduction lah!

Yes! Yr proposal to look at increasing the ministerial pay may be right time.

Yes! For too looooooooooOOoong there is no increment.

Yes! The 1.9% or 5% as suggested may be tooooooooooooooo low lah!

Yes! Based on the big big YES from the voters in GE2015 the incremental must be attractive and a motivational one.

Yes! How about an increment of at least 19.00%? Too Low? Too High? Fair? OK?


Anonymous said...

We must link PAP Minister pay increase to the percentage mandate.
70% mandate requires a 70% pay increase.

Anonymous said...

PAP Minister pay increase is for what ah?

Hepatitis C outbreak?
More MRT breakdowns?
Haze problem still unresolved from LKY's time until now?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 3.50pm pls kindly note that ........

70% voters said YES leh......

what do you have to say........

没办法! 没办法! 没办法!


Anonymous said...

Hepatitis C outbreak still trying to figure out an excuse. Once in 50 years cannot be used because the moment they said that, like the floods, it will happen again and again.

MRT breakdowns already excused when they said that we cannot expect no breakdowns. Problem solved. Breakdowns will soon be the new normal. Smooth operation will be the old normal.

Haze problem will be here forever despite all the wayang wayang every year. How to resolve when even LKY cannot resolve. But hor, 70% still vote for PAP, so what is there to kpkb about?

Anonymous said...

“Any year that passes in which you don’t destroy one of your best loved ideas is a wasted year.”
Charlie Munger

“Beliefs are hypotheses to be tested, not treasures to be guarded.”

Some Of The Best Loved Ideas Of Singaporeans
1. LKY cares for Singaporeans.
- Maybe LKY cares more for the piece of land called Singapore?

2. Voting PAP will improve the livelihood of all Singaporeans.
- Maybe only the livelihood of PAP Ministers and MPs are improved?

3. PAP Ministers are the most talented Singaporeans money can buy.
- Let the record over the last 10 years stand on its own merits (bullshit)?

Anonymous said...

The ministers and MPs are still too highly paid. They are still the world highest paid politicians . They should have their pay reduced further by sixty to seventy percent. If they are still not satisfied they should resign and go into business or join the commercial world as employees and see how far they can go to achieve on their own talent. They should not join politics as a short cut to obtain wealth and glory at the expense of the country and people. Please don't encourage them to have more greed and avarice. Remember politics is a calling and politicians must have the inherent sense to dedicate and serve the people and the country.


Anonymous said...

I disagree. In Sin City, politics is a career where one can be promoted and promoted with a career path charted and promised to them even before they joined. Money to pay them is no problem.

Politics here is about 升官发财?You see how prosperous the politicians are?

jjgg said...

How many trips a peasant make a year ah...my deceased father previously used to take public transport to enjoy the free aircon..it was so addictive that his day would not be complete if he didn't do head to tail trips twice a day.. All in he would have made 365 *4 trips per year...I've worked it out!! The fare reduction would have saved him $80 per annum or about $2.80 per month...come back dad...I've found your coffee n toast for a day....RB rather disappointing..first you must argue that the ministers are worth a million a piece before you can argue for a pay increase for them la