Haze problem is like a mouth ulcer

I dunno want to laugh or want to cry. This haze thing has been on for decades and would happen with clockwork precision every year. And all the national leaders got no clue how to resolve it and every year this time they will be scurrying to put down the fire and the haze. That is already bad enough, but they would go one step further, to blame one another and everyone becomes angry while the culprits continue to laugh to the banks. At the same time the people in all the affected countries suffered in silence. I think a bunch of monkeys could do much better.The haze attack is like the attack of mouth ulcer or a flu. If one does not treat it early, best at the early stage before the ulcer breaks out, for once the ulcer breaks out, it would run its natural course for two or three weeks before it subsides. Haze is the same. Once the fire is allowed to start burning, it will continue to burn until it runs out of steam. Why allow the fire to start in the first place?

Between Jokowi and Siti Nurbaya Bakar I think they have found the answers to eradicate this haze problem for good. Jokowi recommended digging more canals to keep the peat wet and lower its chances of burning. Siti Nurbaya talked about prevention, do not allow the fire to start, kill it first at the earliest possible stage. Why allow the fire to raze the forest and plantation then pretend to douse it with water, like working damn hard, desperately wanting to stop the fire? Who is kidding who?

The important thing now is the political will to dig the canals and to stop the fire before it started. Would these be implemented or just talk talk and come next year, let the fire starts to burn and rush to put it out in an exercise of futility?

Anyone still fail to get the punch line of this haze joke? They know someone is going to light the fire and they can’t stop them from lighting the fire?

Wait, wait, wait, the haze is at a very unhealthy level! So? Indonesia will be sending us a bill for the free smoke for Christmas. Are the people so helpless knowing that the govts are helpless? Can the people take matters into their own hands? No worry, the govts will be on your side unlike those protests in Hong Lim Park. A boycott of products from these companies is in order. Where are the NGOs and civic organizations? There is a need for leadership to coordinate a boycott against the culprits.

The two govts may even provide support openly or through other means. This boycott is not anti govt but for the good of the people of all the countries involved. The NGOs of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia can work together to make it impactful.

Still want to be lame, lame?


Anonymous said...

70% mandate cannot solve the haze problem.
50 years of PAP government cannot solve the haze problem.
Million dollar salaries to PAP Ministers still cannot solve the problem.

So we might as well vote Opposition and let other people try to solve the problem tio bo?

Anonymous said...

I think the Part-Timers' Action Party is also like a mouth ulcer.
Paying them million dollar salaries to perform their third rate wayang movie for all of us.

Anonymous said...

This haze problem is Indonesia's problem. Offer of help has been rejected. Maybe because of pride the Indonesian government help from outside the country has been rejected. The PAP government has offered help, what else can we do? Please do not blame the PAP for problems created by others.

Anonymous said...

Haze or no haze, or whatever lah, as long as 70% voted for PAP come election time, this is what really matters. For PAP lah, of course.

Tio bo, u say lah?

Anonymous said...

I would prefer the Sinkie opposition can be strong to contest 100% seats as one party and ready to be govt, even if there is haze.

Anonymous said...

The one and only one way to solve the haze problem is really
the POLITICAL WILL to get to the bottom of the matter.

It is the "hazy" human issues behind the HAZE that are real
challenges and most difficult to solve.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Why is the haze problem suddenly become a Singapore political discussion? THe 2015 GE is over. 70% mandate has been achieved and therefore we should move on. Haze problem in Indonesia should not be discussed as a Singaporean political issue. Why are the 30% so stubborn and do not know how to distinguish that this haze problem is not the making of the PAP government?

Anonymous said...

"The PAP government has offered help, what else can we do? Please do not blame the PAP for problems created by others."
October 04, 2015 9:56 a.m.

Aiyah. Everything also is not PAP's fault lah!
MRT is overcrowded because Singaporeans all choose to board the train at the same time.
Definitely not because of PAP's immigration policy and poor planning of the needed infrastructure to support a larger population.
Did Ah Loong forget to inform inform his Transport Minister that he wanted to increase population to 6.9 million?

Pay PAP million dollar salary and listen to their fairy tales about everything also not their fault.
Million dollar excuses from Millionaire Ministers.

'Chui kong, lampar song" Action Party.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Correction.

"Chui Kong, Lampar Song" But No Action Party.

Anonymous said...

The haze is a problem because Singaporeans are very demanding.
Expect to breathe fresh air all the time.
If Singaporeans can all stop breathing, we would not be having a haze problem tio bo?

If Singaporeans can all stop trying to get on the MRT trains at the same time, the trains would not be over-crowded tio bo?

If Singaporeans can all stop going to universities, then our universities will not be overcrowded tio bo?

If Singaporeans can all please hara-kiri when they turn 55 years old, then we would not have an ageing population problem tio bo?

agongkia said...

Haze is NOT a problem at all .Like earthquake , volcano eruption or typhoon etc...its nature.
Fire may start by itself even if no one light it.
Dun be narrow and simple minded.
Only khongcum will think boycott works.
Stop our imagination and think boycotts on palm oil related products or whatever work.
You might as well propose to boycott mask related products as mask producer stand to benefit.

A little smoke should not affect our daily life and we should learn to adapt to environments n not the other way.I dun know whats these hooha about.
The more you complain the more haze you can expect.No need do anything at all.If need only soft approach works.
Use our brain.To me, a little smoke once a while make my day more interesting.
Mai Kow Chay...
Have faith in President Jokowi.

Anonymous said...

Why do we need Coordinating Ministers?
You mean Ah Loong not doing a good job coordinating his PAP Ministers meh?
You mean PAP Ministers don't talk to each other meh?

Singapore is so small.
Driving time from one Minister's Office to another Minister's Office only 30 minutes.
Our phones work all the time.
And still the PAP Ministers don't talk to one another meh?

Anonymous said...

Why do we need Coordinating Ministers?
Anon 11:06 a.m.

Why? Because Ah Loong has a 70% Sinkie mandate to do what he thinks need to do, including need to have Coordinating Ministers.

That's why.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Agongkia,

Lately you have been talking like a khongcum and the degree of khongcum is getting higher.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia is one of those who are still exercising outside without wearing a mask.

And he would be like those drinking new water to prove that it is safe and healthy. So Agongkia would soon be seen breathing deeply in the haze and say, see, very safe. I can do it, you daft sinkies also can. Now breath, one, two, three, and breath again, one, two, three....

See, nothing happens. Shiok, free smoke.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we need Coordinating Ministers because our Prime Minister don't know how to coordinate.
What next?
Leadership Ministers because our Prime Minister don't know how to lead?
Managing Ministers because our Prime Minister don't know how to manage?

Anonymous said...

Coordinating Ministers don't know how to coordinate also never mind lah.

As long as 70% think they are still better than the opposition become ministers, which will be worse.

Anonymous said...

Is there possible motive for Indonesia not to accept SG's assistance to put out the fire? Could it be they don't want SG to find out which particular companies are holding the concessions to the land that are currently hot spots? If our fire fighters go in, surely they can identify the companies whose plantations are on fire.

Jokowi's solution to dig canals to prevent the peat fire also appear to be a smoke screen. Imagine the size of Sumatra, how to inundate the whole jungle and plantation areas? Appears more like there is no will to stop the burning, but a lot of wayang to disperse the complaints. They have the information, but are not doing enough to stop the companies. SG, NGOs and civil organisations do not have the information; how to go after the companies involved?

agongkia said...

Uncle RB
Share 1 good news with you.
I manage to kick my habit of chain smoking ever since haze started .
The haze replaces the smoke that I needed hourly in the past.
I now manage to stop smoking totally thanks to haze.The only method proven to be effective to me.
See?Make good use of such once a year opportunity and take advantage of its benefits that others cannot see.
Those smokers can try to take advantage of haze like me to quit smoking now .
Yes.You will be grateful to me for such tips.
And not forgetting to exercise more to avoid putting on weight while quitting smoking.

Anonymous said...

Is there possible motive for Indonesia not to accept SG's assistance to put out the fire?
Anon 12:53 p.m.

Of course there is, and in their favour.

Hence Sinkies can only LPPL to tolerate the haze every now and then lah. And of course this will affect more badly those Sinkies who are the lesser mortals, and cannot afford air con or filters, or need to work outdoors. But why would PAP, being greater mortals, care?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes Agongkia, you quit but never quit, in fact smoking more, pun intended.

It is like saying foreign population growth is decreasing but foreigners still coming in in big numbers.

Or property prices coming down for the last one year but not saying in total not even 10%. And not saying a word about property prices that had gone up by 100% or 200%.

Or like 3 hr PSI still below unhealthy level when the current level is very unhealthy.

Anonymous said...

Prediction for next 5 years
1. LHL will promote himself to become Senior Minister within the next 5 years.

2. A new Prime Minister will be appointed to replace LHL.

3. Li Hong Yi (PM Lee's son) will be invited to join the government.

Anonymous said...

If we reduce the salaries of PAP Millionaires;
Will there be more budget surplus to transfer to our National Reserves?

Are high PAP Minister salaries a raid on our reserves?

Anonymous said...

// The haze attack is like the attack of mouth ulcer or a flu. If one does not treat it early, best at the early stage before the ulcer breaks out, for once the ulcer breaks out, it would run its natural course for two or three weeks before it subsides.//

Ulcer or herpes?

Treatable meh?

Just like kong cumness.

Got cure meh?

How many in the 69.9% inflicted with "mental haze" aka kong cumness or mental herpes ......

The "outbreak every 5 years" shows it is hardly within "any cure" on earth. Not mentioning Aung Juan Soon Chee, Aung San Su Kyi or Mandela also unlikely can cure sinkieland's "kong cumness" in many ......

Anonymous said...

We have banned cigarette smoking at many places, but Sinkies have been learning to smoke every year and are now smoking everywhere they go. Isn't the no smoking ban a mother of all jokes?

We talk about saving the earth and urging citizens to use one less plastic bag or piece of paper, but the biggest supermarket is making this call a joke of using less plastic bags. And big businesses are printing booklets and piles of advertising brochures and dressing up their products with more layers of platic and cardboards, making this call of using less papers a joke.

The Government actually can do something about it, but they do not want to. So, is it any consolation to know that the government cannot do anything about the haze when it is coming from outside the country? They talk about asking for compensation. Compensate who? Will benefit who?

I think lots of things happenning around us are just nothing but jokes. And they are jokes being played by governments and big business on consumers and citizens. Nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

Resolve to solve the annual smokey thingy? Easy!

One way and only one way:
Insha~~~~~Allah-mak-!!!!!!!!! thank Thy Godliness mak-mak, KKK kop kun krap!

Just (big enough) so the whole freakin' ginormous island of Sumatra can be drenched for months on end... no, drowned in its miserable inhabitants' own sorrows for years if not decades...

No, better yet: let the whole useless MALAYSE-infested Indonesian archipelago sink perpetually, till the end of humanity!

Only this time, make the earthquake(s) that cause this hitherto unseen, unrecorded & unimaginable super tidal wave even bigger than the H23.3.11東日本大震災, the 1972 Chile temblor, 1986 Mexican 'WAVE', 1994 LA Shake'It, magnitudinally larger than Krakatoa, Tambora, St Helen's, Pinatubo ALL PUT TOGETHER!!!!!!!

That'll teach those sitting tightly and comfortably on their pussy asses in Jakarta or hiding away in their Yogyakarta villas some lesson, heehee

Hopefully this super tidal wave will be huge and long lasting enough to tide across the breadth of Sumatra and the Riau Islands and the Straits of StinkierPOO to reach our shores, overwhelm these useless wretches who can only grouse and grouse to no end for the last seventeen long years!

"Come, baby, come! Come to Papa Lee!!! Come bury with me and my famiLEE!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Yeh, yeh, sinkapoh ppl smoking everywhere they go, they r like the west dragon wif smoke coumming outter mouth wtf even more smoke coumming out their nose their troat heir even also lol

Aroun Bangkok working office me here lah, u will know whoo the sinkhapor pples r wan, espechialli who r sinkhapor women


No other country ladies do like this: walk and smoke at the same time in open view of everybody, SHAME SHAME, one farang even tells me sinkhapor gals shameless

Anonymous said...

So true leh, every time I go outside sinkapui-pui-pui hor, the only ppl I see lighting up anywhere n everywhere r mostly ����

Virgo49 said...

Bro, not PAP fault hoh that five patients died due to the infection if the Hep virus.

Also not PAP fault that the school children died tragically in KK.

Now rumours that this capable Minister gonna be the next PM