Haze – Be a good neighbour like Najib

Vice President of Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla, is praising Najib of Malaysia for not complaining about the haze over several parts of Malaysia. Good boy, that is the way to behave to be a good neighbour. Malaysia does not have a jungle of trees and should be grateful for the oxygen provided by Indonesia.

Now who are the ungrateful ones, the bad neighbours that are complaining about Indonesia causing the haze?  It is unfair, Indonesia cannot stop the haze spreading in the region. That is an undeniable truth. How can Indonesia stop the haze from blowing into neighbouring countries? Impossible right?  Blame it on the winds.

And who are the unfriendly neighbours that did not offer help and only complained and criticised? Not me, not me, I don’t want to be unfriendly to the Indonesians.

Pak Jusuf, actually ah, your neighbours are not complaining about the haze lah. They are just hoping that Indonesia can help to stop the companies lighting up and burning the peat lands to clear them for their plantations lah. This one can help or not? And also, actually your neighbours are not criticizing Indonesia lah, they are  just not happy with the companies that are causing the haze lah. Don’t take it so personally can? Indonesia and the companies burning the peat lands are two different entities lah. Betul? So, can your neighbours criticize these companies or not? Boleh tak?

Or can you please tell the companies not to burn until everyone cannot breathe, even the Indonesians are suffering from the haze.  Tolong, tolong Pak Jusuf, don’t get angry, your neighbours are not criticizing you or angry with you. This part I know. You are alright, nice man. No one is blaming you. Relax!


Anonymous said...

Indonesia got leaders like that, there is no more logic left. Wasting time listening to him.

Anonymous said...

Now! Now! Now!

Really very very sad that the citizens there have to live with that
kind of very hazardous air for many many months.

Politicians were elected by citizens to take good care of them.

Where were they? Where was the political will?

Why talk about other countries when your own citizens suffered!

Stop the haze now for your own citizens!

Yes! For your own citizens!

Now! Now! Now!

Anonymous said...

Kan ni nah lah, all these good companies pay me big bucks under the table & around the table & on top of the table liao. How to tell you the names of these companies tio boh??!? Somemore I'm on the board of directors of all these companies, and my son, my daughter, my grandchildren & my cheebye nephews all holding bigshot positions in these companies also -- MD, chairman, executive directors, CEOs, CFOs, COOs. You tell me, how to tell you what these companies are?!?!

Anonymous said...

The hard truths. Indonesian peasants can breathe all the bad air and die no problem. Other countries please don't complain ok?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

"Good neighbours" don't start fires which choke out those living around them in the first place.

VP Jusuf Kalla, I hope your children get raped, and the lot of you suffer long and painfully with lung cancer.

I'll even pray to your Ah Lah and sacrifice a goat, just to make sure those aforementioned calamities visit upon your house ;-)

Anonymous said...

/// Vice President of Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla, is praising Najib of Malaysia for not complaining about the haze over several parts of Malaysia.
Good boy, that is the way to behave to be a good neighbour.
Malaysia does not have a jungle of trees and should be grateful for the oxygen provided by Indonesia. ///

PAP Transport Minister of Singapore should also praise 70% of Singaporeans for not complaining about the frequent MRT breakdowns over several parts of Singapore.
Good boy, that is the way to behave to be a daft Sinkie.
Singaporeans do not have an effective Opposition Party that is ready to be government.
So Singaporeans should be grateful for the services provided by PAP even if it's 3rd world standard.

Anonymous said...

Najib's own seat as PM is already smoking and ready to catch fire. He is too busy fighting his own battle. Where can he find the time to complain about the smoking session his own people are enjoying, with school closures to boot.

Jusuf Kalla may be sending a silent message to his own people and that is to stop complaining. I think he will not last one term in office.

Anonymous said...

Europe's Population White Paper?
Supplementing European's declining birth rates with more immigration
- see a 10 minute video of the long queues of happy people assimilating with Europeans
( looks like our MRT stations and food-courts )


Anonymous said...

The Ghost Cities Finally Died: For China's Steel Industry "The Outlook Is The Worst Ever Amid Unprecedented Losses"


Let's Temasek and GIC does not have any investments in China.

agongkia said...

Najib was praised to be a good leader just because he was too busy and did not complain.
VP Kalla definitely overlooked me as not only I do not complain ,i even welcome haze.Logically i should be the one to be praised.
I even offended netizen and blogger just because I told them we are fortunate to enjoy haze once a year.
Haze is FREE smoke and it benefits smokers like me to quit smoking.With free smoke many do not need to buy any more cigarettes.
Free smoke also help to keep mosquitos away resulting in less dengue cases...
Pak Jusuf Kalla
Perkenankanlah saya memperkenalkan diri..
Saya agongkia.Saya cinta Indonesia.
I love haze.

agongkia said...

And do not listen to those Orang Tua , asking you to tell companies not to burn.They talk like so easy.Cannot even influence their readers here who to vote but trying to teach Pak what to do.
Sangat celaka.

Anonymous said...

Not only gong, but hazy at times. Cannot understand what he is drinking or smoking most of the time - toddy or ganja?

Anonymous said...

Gong is gong. He knows better to call himself gong. And it is definitely not out of modesty.

Anonymous said...

Dear 70% Singaporeans.

This is Bernie Sanders
- 5 minute video
- Campaigning to be nominated as Democrat Presidential.
These are the issues that are valid in both USA and in Singapore


See how Bernie Sanders refuses to attach his rival Hilary Clinton.

Lawrence Wong, PAP Minister.
You may want to make a few notes.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...


Sorry to bust your bubble, but the 70% who voted PAP will NEVER vote for a professed socialist like Bernie Sanders. Singaporeans love their LOW LOW taxes, and scoff at the "stupid idea" of the western world which has "high tax" to pay "lazy bums who refuse to work".

This is the constant argument I get from my fellow Singaporeans when discussing life in Australia...a cuntree that loves to tax high high, so that the govt can "provide services".

The day Singapore votes for a Berni Sanders-type PM and party, is close to the day Malaysia elects an pork-eating, ancestral-worshipping, classical and conservative Chinese WOMAN as PM.

It'll also be the day I cut off my cock and balls in public, at 12noon, at Raffle's Place, on a workday. ;-)

Anonymous said...

You still got cock and balls meh?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...


Ask your mother. She'll confirm.