GE 2015 – A rude awakening for opposition parties

The pathetic performance of the opposition parties in the GE 2015 is a rude awakening of their standings in the eyes of the voters. It is a wake up call for them to relook at themselves, to reflect on what they could have done better or should be doing. Low Thia Khiang must know that he cannot rest on his past laurel that the WP was the opposition party to note. Not a single opposition party in the current political demography stands a chance against the PAP.

Whither the opposition parties? Chee Soon Juan was the first to accept the new reality and to recognise the steps needed to go forward. He has extended his hand to the WP to come together and review what is best for the opposition. Low Thia Khiang and Sylvia Lim must have seen the same picture and must know that going on alone, building on the success of WP, with WP as the anchor party without the rest, will lead to nowhere.

The opposition parties have 4 short years to reflect on what they should do for the next GE. Whatever differences there are, they must not be in the way to commit themselves to become a more united and bigger force to take on the PAP. After this GE fiasco, practically every opposition party is left in the dust with the WP licking its wound and with very little hope of doing better in the future. The prospect of being wiped out is there going forward.

The fiasco also showed up the more credible parties that could stand a chance of moving forward but definitely not alone like in GE2015.  WP and SDP stood up from the rest, and to be generous, SingFirst could also be counted, being a new party, they did just as bad as the rest but a little better. Perhaps these three parties should hold a pow wow session to build a bigger base for a new coalition to fight the next battle. In the process, they could round up the better potentials in the remnant parties and invite them to the coalition or new party.

There is an urgent need to get the act together, to get all the good candidates together to mean business. To put up an opposition party is a very serious business and there is nothing better than to join forces to stand united. No more loose cannons and mavericks standing alone shouting in the wilderness. It would not do. A real, credible and substantial force is needed to win the confidence of the voters if they want to stand a chance in the next GE.

What are you guys waiting for?


Anonymous said...

The result of GE2015 was not surprising to me at all.

I forecasted that PAP will win BIG BIG BIG.

Why? Very simple. I know that the masses still want PAP to rule. This is a fact.

To the masses, the PAP brand, which being tested and trusted BEFORE, is too BIG and too RISKY to fail!

Unless and only unless there is an internal split within PAP, otherwise there is really no chance no chance no chance for oppositions.

I m not pouring "cold water".

The oppositions have to work very very very hard!

Can the oppositions efforts change the political equation of this tiny city state before the next GE? An uphill task! An uphill task!

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

It is the responsibility of all Singaporeans to ensure that our Singapore parliament are filled with courageous, independent minded Members of Parliament who represent the values and interest of Singaporeans.

PAP winning 93% (83 out of 89 seats contested) in parliament.
- is this in Singaporeans' best interest?

How independent minded are the PAP MPs?
Did most of them got into parliament riding on the coat-tails of a PAP Minister?
Did we just elect a bunch of nodding parrots masquerading as PAP MPs?

Did Singaporeans behave responsibly by giving PAP a 70% mandate?
- how does a 70% PAP mandate solve our MRT problems?
- how does a 70% PAP mandate help with asking probing questions over our Hepatitis C outbreak at SGH?
- will PAP MPs dare to question PAP Health Millionaire Gan Kim Yong over his role, speed of action and competency?

Anonymous said...

Wayang Party, Worthless Party or Weeping Party haha. No chance, cannot even stand up to a liar.

Anonymous said...

When did Gan Kim Yong know about the outbreak?
Why he took so long to make it public?
What were the reasons for not making it public?

Anonymous said...

Have you read that Singapore narrowly missed slipping into technical recession by a mere 0.1%? This feat would surely not be possible with more oppositions. For starter, it would be harder to be creative with data. Lol!

Anonymous said...

This GE opened my eyes to the psych of my fellow citizens: immature, selfish, daft and easily manipulated. I am unsure if such an electorate is truly worth the sacrifice of our opposition sons and daughters. Chee Soon Juan, Gerald Giam, Yee Jenn Jong, Jeannette Chong, just to name a few who have invested years of their lives trying to give us an alternate voice in parliament.

Meanwhile, the creation of coordinating minister roles has freed-up the emperor to fix the oppositions. Won't it be interesting to find that nobody is interested to play with him?

Thus, my call to my opposition brothers and sisters, just carry on with your lives. They are too precious to be wasted on folks here who will never appreciate you.

You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months over-analysing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could've, would've happened... or you can just leave the pieces on the floor, and move the fxxx on.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Other than the SDP and WP, there are a few worthy candidates to pick up and Jeanette one of them. The Poas, Lim Kean, Nicole Seah, and several others would add strength to an opposition coalition.

Anonymous said...

All those years we allowed the PAP to consolidate their power without realising the consequence of what we are getting into. Sure, we have enjoyed the growth for years under them, but at what cost? It is now too late to mount any credible opposition, not with the kind of environment the PAP has created to cement their hold. Politics in Sinkieland is now a one party geme forever. Going forward, good or bad is still left to be seen. Optimism is good, but it can lead to massive disappointment if unchecked. It is the reality.

Anonymous said...

Opposition Parties must learn from PM Lee.

1. Create a unified Party called OPS - Opposition Parties Of Singapore.

2. Create a new job title - Coordinating Secretary General
a. Low Thia Khiang, Coordinating Secretary General WP Division
b. Chee Soon Juan, Coordinating Secretary SDP Division
c. Tan Jee Say, coordinating Secretary, SFP Division
d. and etc.

3. Create a new job title - Coordinating Chairman
repeat as in paragraph 2 above

4. Chiam See Tong, Emeritus Senior Opposition Politician

We have a multi-layered kueh lapis PAP government.
We must also create a multi layered kueh lapis Opposition Party

Anonymous said...

Also hor.
Opposition only got 30% mandate.
Opposition Parties must appoint a Commission of Inquiry to find out.

Just like MRT breakdown and Little India Riot.
Opposition Parties must learn to wayang like PAP.
Otherwise how to be government of Singapore?

70% of Singaporeans believe in wayangs you know.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the oppositions do, at best they can only settle more protest votes other than the 30% anti-PAP votes.
Why? A whole generation has been cowed and politicised by the PAP and now the genes has been passed onto the next generation. And you wonder why a top SDP team could only mustered 30% against the mediocre PAP one in BT-Holland.
A full time young WP MP could lose out to a part time , near retirement oldie in PE
I had U-educated people telling me they dislike the PAP but still voted for them because the were expecting their flat,or afraid to their children lose out on their scholarships.
Throw in a few sweeteners and Sinkies behave like appreciative beggars.
No wonder that Taiwanese commentator Li Ao called Sinkies a pathetic stupid people and I agreed.