GE 2015 – The people’s sentiments

Following Gilbert Goh’s internet petition to the UN I browsed through some of the comments and have made a few observations which I think those in power should seriously look into it. The victory is sealed and nothing can be done to it. But why the petition and the negative sentiments from those who put their signature to the petition? At last count more than 1,200 and growing? It could be an exercise in futility and at best a pyrrhic victory of sort, or just to make a statement, but the sentiments and perceptions are real and cannot be simply ignored. The people who signed the petition must be very disturbed and angry with the election for whatever reasons they perceived to be wrong and unfair.  Let me make a few comments here.  I also copied some of the comments penned in the petition and attached below.

1.     There is a negative perception that the election was rigged, unfair or something was wrong, but no one could prove anything. The gut feel is disturbing enough even if it is untrue or wild imagination. It is how the people are seeing and believing.

2.     There is a high proportion of Malay citizens feeling very sore about the election and govt policies. This would create doubts as to why their votes were not reflected in constituencies that should count? Their unhappiness with the govt was not registered in the votes and the results were contrary to this negativity.

3.     Among the unhappiness raised were influx of foreigners, high populations, loss of jobs to foreigners, being treated as third class citizens, a govt that behaved like a bully, CPF money, university places, govt agencies taking sides, fear, integrity of the govt, cost of living, greed and a growing resentment against foreigners and many related things expressed in the social media.

4.     The people are worried about their future and the future of Singapore despite the assurance by the PAP that it is there to work towards a better future for Singaporeans. Why the mismatched in perception?

The govt needs to look at the comments in the petition and recognise them as the fault lines, problems that the people are really angry about and work on it to rectify them or they would continue to simmer in the minds of the people. The problems are serious and would not go away after the landslide victory.

Here are some of the comments:

I love my Country..I want to be a First Class Citizen in my Country...

Paul Long

I find the ruling party a big bully towards all opposition parties. The prime minister Lee openly admitted that his job is to fix the opposition parties and make sure they dont survive. It is sad to hear that.

I want all singaporeans to have a better life in their own country, not becoming a 2nd class citizens in their own country, not having a low pay jobs while foreigners & new citizens has a higher better salaries jobs, say no to 6.9 million population in a tiny country, compete everything with foreigner ect. I want all singaporeans to have a voice in their own country.

I'm not satisfied with PAP governing my Country anymore...

So many Policies that has Angered The Locals here...

Foreigners are given priority compared to the Locals...

Our CPF Retirement Monies is being held by the Government, till we have to work until the day we turn 67...

We may never get to see our Hard Earn money...

Local Children unable to get a place in local University because most of the slots is taken up by Foreign Students on Scholarships...

Even after Graduating from Uni, Local Graduates have to fight for a job with the Foreign Talents who's receiving lower salary than the locals..

Locals are unhappy with the current government as of late...

We want a change but after the 70% landslide victory by the ruling party just doesn't seem right.

I'm signing because I love my country..

Let's have a fair ethical GE in Singapore

I look forward to a fair clean election system for a better future of Singapore, my beloved country

Stability and welfare of Singaporeans first before that of the work permit, employment pass holders, prs and so called "FT's".

Peoples Association is meant to be setup for the benefit of the community of Singaporean but alas it seems to be setup for propagating the activities of the ruling PAP constituency but not the oppositions held constituency. This is grossly unfair as funds for PA comes from all tax paying residents of Singapore

I want a FAIR election and a balance representation in the parliament. I believe in democracy, NOT ONE PARTY RULE!

I'm signing this because I still believe in Democracy which Singapore's govt claims to have. I believe that there is something going on during the election and prior to the election. So UN I beg you to do a proper inspection on Elections Department.

I'm signing this because, as a ruling party that has antagonized, instilled fear within its people & clearly embezzling the monies of Singaporeans for their own benefits whilst also, benefitting their close kins - spouses, relatives, siblings, children or even close friends, should truly practice democracy as mentioned repetitively in our Pledge & National Anthem. Why should a government terrorize its people & practice double standards in the laws which they've laid out & they, themselves, broke. Singapore deserves a decent government, not some million-dollar-ministers, whom without fail, would push their burdens or blames onto others without even trying to understand the actual situation. Singapore deserves humbled Ministers not some mafia-wannabes.

The past 50 years, our parents & elderlies have suffered under PAP. We can't lose Singapore to the foreigners flooding our job industries as well as our Home. Singapore has to be actually AFFORDABLE to live in comfortably & more welfare should be focused upon the elderlies, the homeless, the less fortunate before actually showering the foreigners with better paying jobs, salaries & even scholarships.

Singapore should be for Singaporeans, FIRST, something which our greedy million-dollar-PAP-ninisters seem to have neglected ever so often.

Lastly, & most importantly, we have to stop the damned PAP from rigging every elections!


I strongly felt something wasnt right in the GE 2015. After l heard of people being paid money to vote. New citizens brought in deliberately to cast votes for the ruling party. This is entirely not acceptable. Unfair election.

Firstly, Singaporean hard to get a job !! Doesn"t mean we asking for high pay, in fact, foreign worker also ask for high pay. If Government advise Singaporean not to ask for more in such a high living standard country, than WHY their Salary is the WORLD Highest!

Secondly, disagree Govement to increase population in Singapore !! Not only affected our living, if more "foreign citizen" or PRs in Singapore made the local to feel like we are in other country like 3rd class citizen living in Singapore !!

The whole election does not tally with the election rally.

I want free and fair elections as I don't eant the PAP to make crazy policies and bills like the White Paper which will destroy our Singaporean core and identity and the foreigners will end up lording over us.

We should not be 3rd class citizens in our own country and being treated like rubbish by FTs.!!and they are ruining the harmony we singaporeans once had in singapore.!!

Clearly the results do not reflect the actual sentiments of the born-and-bred-in-singapore people.

It is a real fear that we will become a minority, in our own country, in the next 10 years and this is worrying for my children.


Anonymous said...

The PRC Chinese bus drivers went on strike 2012.

The South Asian Indian workers rioted in 2013.

YEW get what YEW sowed.

Many incidents have shown the new immigrants are not as timid as sinkies conditioned and brainwashed from cradle .....

Let the new immigrants multiply as rapidly as the rats in BB rodent hill and one day the PAPIGS might realise they have brought in one too many when these new immigrants "gang" up not against sinkies but those who let them in.

Just like the needy and poor 69.9% deserved the garment they voted, those who let in the new immigrants deserved the future time bombs too .......

Anonymous said...

"With U For Us For Our Country"

There is really no use now to kpkb and kpkb.

Five more years! Five more years!

Yes! 70% of voters said YES to PAP's "With U For U For Singapore".

I do not like the slogan!

The slogan should be "With U For Our Family For Our Country"!


Anonymous said...

I think the PAP should ignore the 30% of these unhappy Singaporeans.
If they are really not happy, they should all migrate to Aljunied GRC or Hougang GRC.

Anonymous said...

Those comments are from the 30% lah, and are very disturbed and angry with the election and of course are also the ones who put their signature to the petition lah.

So cool it, RB.

Anonymous said...

If lots of Sinkies are really not happy witrh the election result and PAP, Gilbert can always organise another protest at Hong Lim Park what.

So what's stopping him from doing so?

Anonymous said...

"Gilbert can always organise another protest at Hong Lim Park what."
October 02, 2015 9:11 a.m.

PAP Minister says Singaporeans must go global first.
Then afterwards come back to Singapore.

So we are going global with our protest.
Learn how to protest properly from other countries.
After that, we will come home and protest.

Anonymous said...

RB, the arrogance and smugness of the PAP mindset is getting a good airing here.

Anonymous said...

Rebbean is again stirring things up. There voices are only few and insignificant compared to the 70% who are totally happy with the current situation. You must remember that you cannot please 100% of the population, so a few voices of dissent can be ignored. The country comes first. GDP. economic growth and progress are the major considerations.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good, go and tell Hsien Loong to ignore them.
What's your name?

Anonymous said...

Good, go and tell Hsien Loong to ignore them.
RB 10:26 a.m.

After 11 Sep, Hsien Loong don't need the opposition, least of all kpkb netizens or even RB, to tell him what to do.

And RB, why would you want to know the name of a nobody?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I want to know so when he is awarded a pingkat for his good advice I can clap for him and by him kopi.

b said...

Sinkies must understand - the winner takes all. It is useless now at least until the next election. But frankly, sinkies are fortunate compare to people in many (not all) countries.

Anonymous said...

Yes, compared to Syrians, Iraqis, Sudanese and Afgans, Sinkies are damn lucky.