Education – Govt sending strong signal

Can anyone remember the comment that university education is no good if one cannot get a job, the piece of paper cannot be eaten? Can anyone remember that being crane drivers or hawkers are better than a university graduate with their strings of degrees but jobless? Or going further back, can anyone remember that education is the biggest leveler, to give everyone a chance to succeed in life? Or did anyone advocate that he would encourage the bright young people to take a scholarship from the govt to get a good degree?

We have confusing and perplexing signals about the goodness of education, some say good and important, some say not necessary. Today, according to the two new education ministers, the govt is sending yet another signal, that education is very important, so important that the ministry now needs two ministers and among them one could be a PM of the fourth generation.

Two ministers helming a ministry must be a good sign that the ministry is important, or education is really important after all. Or is there another reason, that the job of an education minister is now so big because our population is now so big with so many universities, that one minister cannot cope?

Whatever, let’s hope the education minister could put it right this time, that the products from our education system is marketable, have the right skill sets to be employable, or at least be better than graduates from village universities in the 3rd World. Or at the very worst, the paper can be eaten. There is no point in a holistic education to develop the whole individual when he is unemployable right?

Just wondering what was happening in the past that we need two ministers today to want to put things right again. Two ministers is a strong signal definitely. Can we have two NEA ministers too, so that we can put an end to the haze problem, or at least to send a strong signal on our resolve to want to solve the haze hazard?


Anonymous said...

Gooooooooooooooooooooood lah!

Yes, we have 2 ministers in a ministry.

OK! OK! No problem! So what? The more ministers in a ministry, the betterer!

This may be the NEW normal.

So, don't be surprised if a ministry has 2 or more ministers in future.

Gooooooooooooooooooooood lah!


Anonymous said...

Lee Hsien Loong has a strong mandate to decide how many ministers he thinks is good for the education ministry.

If instead of 2, he wants to have 3, also good lah, tio bo?

All because the strongest opposition party, the WP, is not ready to become govt and needless to say, WP Teochew Ah Hia also not ready to be PM lah.

Anonymous said...

I forecast the next thing Lee Hsien Loong will do is not only to have more ministers, but also to increase the ministers' pay. Because he has a strong mandate to do so, even though the mandate does not exactly say he can suka suka do this and that. But no matter, because that's how a strong mandate works.

Anonymous said...

By making a minister taking on more responsibilities like being coordinating minister, would it mean got pay increase oredy because of additional work?

2 ministers, maybe promised to promote to ministers now got so many ministers but not enough ministries to go with, so 2 ministers got to share one ministry or else got to park them in PMO.

Anonymous said...

I forecast LHL will be promoted to Senior Minister.

Anonymous said...

I forecast Li Hong Yi will be invited to join the PAP government.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.38

I share your forecast. He will stand for election in TP.

The ground is sweet. 70% support the PAP. The next election will see him there
or earlier.

Anonymous said...

Hopeless situation!!! In that tiny lil' menstrual-dirty-red-dot of yours, I say.

There's nothing anyone
- not the Lord your God, your Allahs, whatever Singapore Higher Institute of Take-no-logic (SHIT), Buddha, Kuan Yim (or her antithesis of Kuan Yew), Guru Whatever-Bayi-Singh-a-Poo, etc -
Stink-a-poo-Lians are, by nature, stupid and downright dumb and retarded, what can anyone say - courtesy of the fact present-day StinkierPOOlians are themselves sons and daughters of coolies and slaves who knew nothing other than to submit!!!!

To whomever are able to wield the whip that lashed splittingly down hard on them.

Or whomever are able or apt or won't to give them a few puny crumbs if leftover poo-d... Oops, sorry, I mean food.

No questions asked, these poor downright low lives of a descendant of those early slave-migrants...

So, dun con plane now lah! Got balls go get LHL's lil' pink balls, cut them out to make your favorite Rochor Road a-bo-Leng tangyuans lohz!!!! Hahaha

Anonymous said...


Can anyone remember the saying 'Too many cooks spoil the broth'?

Of course many things are not necessary. Why do we need graduates as kindergarten teachers? What are they supposed to teach and are they teaching the tots primary school subjects. Are they really able to impart better ideas than non-graduate teachers?

If not, why make kindergarten education more and more expensive with graduate or, maybe going down the road, post graduate teachers to boot, and the sickening irony is that they have this reasoning of having the best teachers for the job. so that they can be justified in increasing the fees and then giving subsidies for this and that. The sky will be the limit.

Most of us born in the mid 40s or 50s have never been to kindergarten and we pick up ABC's and 123's in primary one. We do not know even to write our own names upon entering primary school. We may be less well eduaated eventually, but we learn from scratch, have financial wisdom in managing our money even with parents who are not educated. How did this come about? Tell me.

agongkia said...

I think education and papers should be getting more important because as years goes by...I discovered Sinkies are getting dafterer and becoming dafterest.

As such, so as not to allow these jokers to tarnish Sinkies image as a cuntree of daft and uneducated further, we need to encourage them to be equipped with certs and papers.Make them happy looking at their paper daily like my friend who only need to look at his cpf paper to stay happy.
The paper they are after are just an equivalent of a primary school Psle paper nia.
Let them pay for their dream paper but questions can be taken from PSLE .Like that we can have a very high percentage of Tua Or Seng.

Anonymous said...

This kind of thinking is the result of drinking too much newater. They become daft, then 'gong', after that 'khongkum'. No wonder PAP got landslide.

Anonymous said...

We have TWO Education Ministers.
Now we must have ONE Coordinating Education Minister to manage the two little boys.
Make sure they play nice with each other.
And actually do some real work.

Do you think Heng Swee Keat shake legs as the former Education Minister?
Until he was transferred to the Finance ministry?
What about Tharman before that?

Anonymous said...


This is your friendLEE nia-mah(四馬路KY)hood ISD: I See Dee, 愛死你

Eh, how cum u noe so muck har??? U oso ISD or wat? S'pores'd 2 b top cigarette, u noes!!

Oopsie doopsie, TOP SECRET, soLEE, heheheh

Aniway-ang har, true plan is dis
- all of u 請保密; Pirate&Con-Finland-sure:

Over the course of the next few years, one of the many seats won and held currently by our Party shall be duly (and dutifully) vacated by its respective Representative/seat-warming holder, the exact candidate to be determined, without vote (secret or otherwise), by the Party
- to mean the highest-most echelon, helmed not by our SG 阿舍仔•Pink Lady-disguised-as-龍哥 but in fact run corporate-like by Her Most Majestic of Majesties, the Honorary Chairwoman Emeritus Ad-Infinitum, Her Supreme HO-LEE-ness The HO-LEE Mother and GodLESSly No Mer-C Madam HO-C (好死) -
and for reasons of 'health', 'personal and/or familial commitments' as per normally communicated to the ignoramuses of the ignorant mass peasantry, so that a by-election may be staged, (ahem), held.

Anonymous said...


To be fair, and to appear as such, our Party's replacement candidate shall then be confined to a non-Lee, in order to offer the perception of "above-board and beyond reproach", to be 'inserted' for a sure-win outcome so he (yes, HE - already predetermined, what! What's you lowly peasants' qualms?!!) may slide and ease easily into Parliament so that, as an elected Member, he shall then be insertible into our current strongly-mandated Government and thus our present Cabinet.

Not unlike what the financial community terms a 'backdoor listing'
- corresponding (colorful) FUJIANESE-speak is 「後尾門」, or "au buay merng"; to northerners and their barbaric so-called 普通話? 「插隊」!插隊、插隊,「插」了就「對」嘛!

HE, of course, ladies and gentlemen, as is of no shockingly new surprise, is none other than:
2LT-GEN (Retired) Li, HY (initialed first name pronounced separately as H-Y, and NOT 'hai', 'hi', 'high', etc, as in the Cantonese word for female genitals, take note, thank you very fcuk... very muck... very much.)

Anonymous said...


Our Honorary Chairwoman Emeritus Ad-Infinitum is, unlike her partner, a very visionary and foresightful, forcefully insightful and very capable and determined cracker... correction: character, and full of motherly love, even if she has been nomenclatured "GodLESS of No Mer-C".

She is doing this, not for the famiLEE not sense of duty-bound-ness to it (since she and her little-pinkie hubby had long ago decided and accepted to 'terminate' the old surname and given their baby boy the new more pro-CCP and PRC-like-sounding last name of "Li" a la Jet Li, Li Keqiang, ?Li Hongzhang, etc, even Li Kashing?)
but rather out of her immense love for Her One and Only Begotten Son (John 3:16) in the hope that this only bigot-ten son would outdo the rest of the clan's boys and emerge HER WINNING STEED
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Actually they were the first publicly known example of what later became very fashionable 「姐弟戀」you know; more like AUNTY-nephew if you ask me, heheheh.

Anonymous said...


And so, boys and girls, sons and daughters of the plebiscite-peasantry, thou hath been so foretold:

AD2015 Royal Gazette Publication
By order of
武何氏(無好死·BOH HO C?)
StinkierPOO's First Woman (is 'she'? Really???) Emperor

Anonymous said...



(1) Oh, BTW, you all 'heard' wrongly, the rumor, I mean, about Daruman becoming first non-Sino PM??? Forget it, Old Man never trusted this guy
- too full of flair (saw his HardTalk interview on BBC? Not one-one-one as usual but before an antitrust British audience of academics siah! How can let him sit in as PM, he won't 安份 like that meeky-mousey 福建永春高佬「無作用」乖乖give up Istana office when the time came, okay!? -
and so long before he went into deep slumber this February, he specifically left HO-C with instructions never to, at any given time or circumstance, should this man with Singapore pseudo-Japanese wife be entrusted with temporarily occupying the throne
- crafty guy would devise all sorts of schemes, including using his pals Natendra and Shinzo to make StinkierPOO a mix of Nippondian curry pot -
but try out a lesser mortal such as Penang laksa-lover boy.

And so, sorry, no aneh PM for you, especially you Sundramoorthy boys eating your murtabak & chapati out there, up northern in Sembawang, sorry, go 吃自己!

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Sorry hor, no way hor, he was just masticulating her only hor, much akin to a hit-and-run: bang, bang, wham, wham, thank'ya, ma'am (in Confederation-speak). So, please, daughter of Grocer-Peasant Number XXX, please treat yourself as having had the privilege and honor of having been humped by a future... the next bearer of the HY-est office in the land; consider yourself lucky to once in your life ever, to have been 騎過、通過之也,YEA!Take it that you have performed your honored and horni-able duty loh, like NS or another form of national service, much like the very useful 割り箸 (disposable wooden chopsticks: use and dispose).

Malu lah, SING KAH POH LANG....

Anonymous said...


He will be parachuted into Parliament, man, no time to waste
- TS eyeing his father's office for the longest time already, getting impatient (constantly nagged by over-ambitious wifey), might be about to make his move soon - first 'coup de ta-man Shamugaratnam'!

The Opposition will support that move
- if he dares move, that is; not really so sure about the bunch of clowns on the other side, though, only ones to trust are our erstwhile Hokkien clansman-hero CHEE! Yay!

Anonymous said...

AGREE 100%

Anonymous said...

very very true

Anonymous said...

Under the pAP government the education system has become one of the best in the world. RB, please do not try to say otherwise. I am sure your children and grand children benefited or ares till benefiting from this great PAP achievement.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love the way our leaders throw around words like integration and synergistic. When I hear these 2 words, I typically run a mile, away I mean. Not only because it is hardly orignal and meaningless and signifies a bureaucrat. In real terms, 2 ministers mean more infighting, because to become a leader, a prerequisite is a "do not share", play politics till the other guy dies mentality. How else to become top dog? This fits well for the PM too, because infighting means no one will be able to challenge his authority. Stay tune for more extra ministerial capacity, afterall Singaporeans and specifically civil servants are famously ungovernable and the more leadership always solves the problem. I say, give me more ministers RB.

Anonymous said...

Proverb correction:
Too many COCKS spoil the BOH (某,wife)la

Anonymous said...

Eh, Goondu,

you haven hurd ah??? Stinkpoo GAHMEN pay overseas mags, periodicals periodically to hold up rankings for everything stinkpoo!!! SIA consistently did dat since 1980s, Changi since 90s, PSA oso, etc, etc, etc

Dat y we alway see stinkpoo rank nombor satu ini, nombor satu san

Anonymous said...


Our money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Butt why would Pink Lady Loong care? Not HIS money anyway

Anonymous said...

How about 2 PMs?

Anonymous said...

Soon, real soon.