Canada pulls out of the F35 programme

‘Canadian Prime Minister designate Justin Trudeau, who was elected on Monday, said his government will pull Canada out of the US-led air operations over Syria and Iraq and will also drop out of the F-35 program.’ Sputnitnews

Canada was one of the 9 rich countries that could afford paying US$200m a piece for this malfunction infested fighters of the future. It had pledged to buy 65 pieces but decided that the money would be well spent elsewhere. And without having to fight a war in Syria and Iraq, there is really no need for such advanced weapons. Actually fighting the rag tag desert rats there is no need for anything so sophisticated unless the war merchants keep on arming them with more deadly and more expensive weapons.

Unless the Americans could create another high tension region or war along the Canadian coasts, there is really no better reason for Canada to want to buy such expensive war machine.

Without the Canadian’s participation, the cost per aircraft would go up by another US$1m. But those countries in the programme are all very rich and throwing away another million is chicken feed. What is clear and present danger to this programme is to make sure that the remaining countries would have good reasons to want to buy the plane. Britain is likely to follow suit as it is no longer a world policeman with Bush and Blair, and the likelihood of fighting a war in Europe is slim. Now it is a matter of time when Britain decides it has had enough of killing the Arabs in Iraq and Syria and wants its troop home, and no further need for the F35s in the drawing board.

This may cause panic in the US and they would have more urgency to start another war somewhere to ensure the remaining suckers did not pull out from the Project. They have been so successful in milking these countries that have signed on the dotted line and have been paying and paying for the development cost that somehow keeps on rising. And the best part, after sinking so much money into this bottomless pit, it would be too embarrassing to cut loss and to pull out. A war in East China Sea would definitely keep the Japanese in the game. A war in South China Sea would keep Singapore and Australia in the game too, to buy an expensive war machine to fight a war they did not want but planned for them.

How’s that for stupidity? The Americans are creating the demand for such a war machine, by raising tension and creating wars and forcing its faithful allies to dig deep into their pockets to buy expensive toys they don’t need. Without having to fight a war, which country would need such expensive toys?


Anonymous said...

That's why I invest in war companies like Lockheed, Northrup, General Dynamics, Boeing, Rockwell, ATK, Raytheon, Pratt & Whitney, GE, Honeywell, SAIC, UTC.
Made a fortune over past 20 years liao. Our own ST Engineering and ST Kinetics are small fucks compared to them.

The said...

So, when is Singapore pulling out? For that kind of money per F35, we can get more bang for the bucks by acquiring cruise missiles or exocets.

Anonymous said...

/// So, when is Singapore pulling out?
October 25, 2015 11:07 a.m.

Only when we vote out the PAP government?
- Is the PAP cabinet overflowing with too many Generals, Admirals and Air Force Chiefs?
- is the PAP government the most militarized government in the world?

Anonymous said...

Is the PAP cabinet overflowing with too many Generals, Admirals and Air Force Chiefs?
Anon 11:15 a.m.

Don't worry, these Generals, Admirals and Air Force Chiefs did not fight any real wars yet. And I also do not think they want to fight any real wars.

I think the only war they fought was against the one too many, weak and disunited Sinkie opposition parties, and which as expected, they won big big lah.

jjgg said...

Aiya...again RB donch know..we buy F35s we control the skies..all ASEAN territories within 3 hours of being blown to smithereens..our green eyed warmongering neighbours better not play play...btw...our ASEAN neighbours still using catapult and bow n arrows....how to be warmongers ah..and another btw...every year we promote our soldiers based on war simulation...we got so many high ranking army boys with so many ribbons and medals...body count of enemies already stacked 50 deep...but not one can solve mrt problems....and another btw.btw...how we know Indonesia not testing their own weapons...the smoke- haze scenario?? F35 got use against this type of stealth attack or not....hehe

Anonymous said...

The F35 is not suited for operation in the static and lightning laden skies of the topics.
This super hi-tech plane is so sensitive to the baove that it is not an all weather fighter.
Come a thunderstorm and it seeks shelter in a hangar on land. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Fuck lah, we should just have an arsenal of various nuclear missiles with over-the-horizon early warning and 1st-strike capability. Different types of nuclear warheads ranging from killing HDB-town size 200,000 people to mega-city killers capable of wiping out 20,000,000 people at 1 shot. Different sizes to respond to different threats. Much CHEAPER to maintain this nuclear capability than ultra-expensive war toys or to maintain NS conscript army.

Anonymous said...

The American economy has long been sustained by the sale of weapons. They are the largest exporter of military hardware in the world and how else can there be demand if they do not start wars all over the world?

They are poking incessantly behind the Japs and Pinoys to have a go at China.

They have also tried to start another by dragging the South Koreans into conflict with the North, by conducting Miliary exercises with them close to the North.

They are also trying to convince the Indians that the Chinese are agressive and cannot be trusted.

They are also trying very hard to further isolate Russia from their NATO allies using the Ukraine conflict as an excuse.

All these are still work in progress, but good for the military hardware business standpoint and the US economy. Better if they succeed in starting a war in any of the above places.

By the way, talking about 'chicken feat', shouldn't it be 'chicken feed'? Excuse my impudence for making such a suggestion on your blog.

Anonymous said...

would our ex SAF chief is still insisting in buying this ill fated fighting toys ?

The said...

Anyone for a BBQ-ed F35? Yummy!


The said...


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you anon 3:04. Ya it should be chicken feed.
Thanks again. Amended.

Anonymous said...

Even if our F35-SG jet fighter is a disaster;
Our PAP government still has the FU-SG50
- a very successful program which nearly wiped out all the Opposition Parties

Tan Jee Say and Chee Soon Juan kena screw until blur, blur already.
Tan Cheng Bock will be too scared to run for President.

Anonymous said...

Yes, daftest dodo soon to be have given a blank cheque.

YEW have all the power to go ahead and do all the idiotic things going by your logic.

Nobody can stop the driver now from driving the train towards the cliff.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousOctober 25, 2015 5:05 p.m.
//Even if our F35-SG jet fighter is a disaster;
Our PAP government still has the FU-SG50
- a very successful program which nearly wiped out all the Opposition Parties//

It also MURDERED the SPIRIT of the SUN.



Anonymous said...

70% love driverless trains anyway! So, there is no driver for a slapper to slap.

If the train goes over the cliff, the excuse will be - too bad, you asked for it.

Now, sinkies have no WP to blame for not being able to be the next Govt over anything that goes wrong.

Half a loaf is better than no bread they used to say, but 70% wants to be on hunger strike rather than take the half a loaf. Die, die must try!

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Finally, at least the Canadians have seen the light. The F 35 is a spectacular (sort of) Ponzi scheme....you pay and pay and the shit still won't work.

Anonymous said...

Singapore cannot pull out of the F35 purchase because that was our bargain in the Shane Todd affair. One American scientist was killed, don't know by whom, but we are paying for it.