Britain committed an abominable sin

The whole of the western world, particularly the American allies, are fuming mad at Britain as if this ex world Empire has committed an unforgiveable sin. They are furious, how could Britain go it alone, broke ranks to party with their ‘enemy’ that they pretended to be friendly with?

What did the Brits do that invited the curse from every corner of the American alliance?  The British broke ranks when they took the lead to join the AIIB, A Chinese initiative to help the developing world in infrastructure development. This Chinese initiative was bad, anything the Chinese did must be bad. The American and western allies have always stayed together to divide the world among themselves, to stay together to whack and bully the rest of the world, one country at a time. They succeeded for several centuries by breaking up the countries of the world into individual targets to be ruled by the West.

Now, after joining the AIIB that led to the breaking of the dam for all the European countries to follow suit, Britain again has done the unspeakable, opening the door, roll out the read carpet, to invite Xi Jinping to Buckingham Palace and all the sacred places in Britain. How could Britain do these things? These places are only meant for the allies, not for the rest of the African and Asian countries, and definitely not for Communist China. They forgot that the wealth of Britain and many European countries, including Japan and the USA, were robbed from China and other colonized countries of the world.

Britain, the ever brilliant strategists, they did not rule the world for being daft, has seen the opportunities opening up for them in a China that is growing richer economically and a strategic alliance is the best thing for Britain. Britain will be the leader of Europe again, to take the lead, as the leader into a new world of cooperation with China. By courting China, Britain is positioning itself to benefit from trade and investments with China, undercutting the rest of Europe as the biggest beneficiary for being the first mover.

According to a senior western intelligence officer, too ashamed and afraid to be identified in case he needs to make a living in Beijing or Shanghai, as reported in the Financial Times, ‘The most charitable spin we can put on the current China policy of the British government is to say it is a pure mercantilist, unprincipled, self serving decision aimed at attracting short term investment. The big question is whether it works.’

What is so principled about western domination of world trade at the expense of Asia and African countries? What is so unprincipled to trade with China, to court China on mutually beneficial terms? Is he letting the cat out of the bag? What had the western allies been doing under cloak and dagger to control the world trade and to isolate and contain China?

Britain would have nothing to do with the old western dominance theory and policy. The world has changed and the Brits have seen it and are taking the bull by the horns to move ahead and leaving the scheming European and American allies sulking and sucking their thumbs. They can cry foul, but what is best for Britain, a former world empire, would be best left to the Brits. They needed China to grow, and so is the rest of the world. The European and western allies can cling on to their past glory and old method of divide and rule, and try to contain China, which is no longer containable. Not only China is rising, the rest of the world, Asia, Africa and Latin America are also rising.

Good luck to the ageing American Empire and their allies. The world is not going to wait for them and to be controlled by them anymore. They can frown and cry in disapproval, Queen Elizabeth is going to host Xi Jinping and his wife in Buckingham Palace as planned. British interest comes first.

Welcome to Britain and a decade of golden years in Sino British ties. It’s elementary, Watson. This is British diplomacy at its best.


Anonymous said...

The Brits are the master strategists. They know that it is time to part company with the Americans and the willy Europeans.

Anonymous said...

One thing I admire the Brits is their willingness to give independence to so many countires, big and small, which they control over the centuries.

Sure, the cost of maintaining the security and manpower in those countries may have been one reason for their decision, but it goes to show that no one can control the whole world forever. The Brits realised that and are wiser to maintain a closer friendly stance toweards their former colonies rather than exerting their waning military power over them that may antagonise their ralationship.

History is full of rise and fall of empires, but some just refuse to learn from history. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Good for Britain to break rank with America. Americans are disengaged with the world and have no good strategies on its own.

Anonymous said...

brits give up the colony because they dont enough manpower

brits are using Indian slaves to invade ,annex their other colony.

Churchill are particularly angry when UK parliament give approval for indian independence

Winston Churchill had angrily remarked, "Power will go into the hands of rascals, rogues, and freebooters. Not a bottle of water or loaf of bread shall escape taxation; only the air will be free and the blood of these hungry millions will be on the head of Attlee."

british called India "the brightest jewel in the crown," acknowledging India's valuable resources that Europe exploited like spices, mineral ores, textiles, the huge pool of cheap labour and the large market for British goods.

indian colony is an important base for british to expand their power in asia.

Anonymous said...

Brits didn't know how to maximise profits & gold from British Empire. They squandered their wealth during the late 1800s and early 1900s. The 2 world wars basically bankrupted UK, especially WW2.

It was the US who injected gold, guns, planes, ships, bombs into UK to keep it afloat during WW2 and until 1950. As part of this support & post-war reconstruction from the US, UK had to declare that they will give up most of their colonies, and come up with a timeline to do so.

That's how India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Burma, Malaysia, Israel/Palestine gained independence. And also how Canada, Australia, New Zealand gained parliamentary independence & self-governance.