Authentic Made In Singapore Hospital

The glorious days of Singapore hospitals with an impeccable track record of quality hospital care, great medical professionals from the top to the bottom, to the nurses and the assistants and drivers, all Singaporeans, are dimming. This outbreak of hepatitis C in the SGH is unacceptable, cannot be tolerated, cannot happen, but happened. People admitted to hospitals to be cured and healed, but found dead or infected with hepatitis C they did not bring along.  How to explain this cruel change of fate and medical conditions, and they paid for it with good money, expecting the best, to walk in alive and leaving alive and better?

I think it would be a good marketing theme to market an authentic Singaporean Hospital, all the staff, from the specialists, doctors, nurses, technicians, administrators, supporting services, drivers and assistants, all genuine true blue Singaporeans. That will set a new kind of standard and expectation that paying patients can expect to be care for by the best Singaporeans can do for them.

The Singaporean Brand, the pride of Singapore, needs a revamp, a rebranding, to be true and authentic, not diluted or compromised, to be the deliverer of first class quality services, must be resurrected.

Would there be a hospital to adopt this Brand and policy, to give the patients the best quality of professionalism and services, the Singaporean way, the Singapore Brand, to differentiate from those that put on the Singapore Brand but manned by people from all corners of the world? There is a great difference between a coating and a homogenous product, Singapore on the outside but foreigners, 3rd World on the inside, or Singapore through and through. You can scratch it, drop it, hammer at it, it is Singaporean thick and through. And Singaporean means quality, dedication, commitment and devotion, to be the very best.

Ignore the fools who think Singaporeans are daft, untalented, no skill sets and needed to be replaced by foreigners.

Let there be a Made In Singapore authentic Singaporean Hospital, to show the rest the difference in being part of the Singapore Brand. And this authentic Made In Singapore Brand is applicable to other services, products and industries as well. The call for this differentiation is necessary and urgent to save the Singapore Brand.


agongkia said...

Aiya.Your Made in Singapore brand is not appealing to me as I have more confident being handled by foreign talents esp.foreign meimeis nursing staff.They are betterer and sweeterer.

Sinkie meesee if group together will tend to show their colour like they are Chenghoo , klkk,kayleng kaysay and kpkb like how some who scold those KK pitiful mothers to be in those Stop at 2 days .

As for me, if warded and can be being infected by Hepatitis C and can shorten my lifespan , it may not necessarily be bad.
Committing suicide is an offence.Euthanasia appear to be cruel, warded mean got to be poorer..we should actually have a special hospital to admit those like me who are warded but cannot afford medical bills, to be infected by disease that can shorten my lifespan so as not to be a burden to family members or society and die with dignity.
Should consider such hospital instead. Be the first to have such hospital.Singapore brand.

Anonymous said...

Do you think SGH is a made by PAP brand?

If SGH is no longer run by Singaporeans.
If PAP gahmen imports all the Alien Talents into SGH to operate the hospital.
Then shouldn't we say SGH is a "PAP brand" ??

How can SGH be a Singapore brand if Singaporeans is not a majority there and Singaporeans are not in charge of the hospital?

Anonymous said...

So then what about SMRT?
Temasek brand or PAP brand?

Anonymous said...

Hospitals in Singapore is top class. The doctors and all medical and administration staff are of high quality. The best thing about the medical services of Singapore is that it is affordable to all. Medisave and Medishield Life provide all medical care for all Singaporeans. Singaporeans are so lucky to have such a near perfect system. Thank you PAP.

Anonymous said...

Why pay world class hospital bills and be served by 3rd World medical staff?