American provocations in South China Sea raising prospect of war with China

The Americans have thrown the first punch at China in the South China Sea. The early settlers of North America sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to kill the Red Indians and robbed their land. On Tuesday, USS Lassen sailed thousands of miles from stolen Red Indian territories they now called the USA, crossed the Pacific Ocean to within 12 nautical miles of Chinese islands in the South China Sea in a blatant show of force and spinning the story of freedom of navigation. Every country is watching this provocative and aggressive military adventure by the Americans in China’s territorial water.

China has allowed the Americans to make the first hostile move to show to the world who is the real provocateur in this incident. The deliberate intrusion close to Chinese islands was anything but friendly and a military challenge to China’s ownership of the islands. China would now have to respond to the provocation in defence of its territories.

Several American thinking analysts have spoken and giving all the stupid reasons that China, militarily weaker than the US would not dare to confront the American warship and would allow the Americans to do as they liked. That China is too pre occupied with the five year economic plan at the Central Committee Plenum and would not want to escalate the confrontation. So it is alright for the Americans to do all the provocations. China is all but a meek country that would not fight the Americans and would allow the Americans to push it around. China would back down when the Americans are prepared to show its military muscles.

These American thinking analysts could never understand that the 200 years of humiliation under the European powers would only make China want to stand up to the Americans, and stepping down under further provocations and to be humiliated again is not an option. If Xi Jinping would to back down, he would lose his power immediately. He would have all the military leaders and the people of China to rise to support him if he needs to go to war with the Americans. The Chinese people have enough of foreign bullying and would demand the Chinese leaders to go to war with the Americans.

China has been preparing for this day for a long time. China may not be able to launch an invasion of the US homeland, but to defend its territorial sovereignty, it has all the means to do so and effectively. It has all the weapons to take on the Americans in a conventional war. The Americans have nothing for the Chinese to fear in conventional warfare and as a defending force, China has all the advantages of a huge base and arsenal waiting for the Americans.

China will now have all the reasons to reinforce its positions in the South China Sea and be ready to take on the Americans head on.  The Americans came for war and showing the other cheek to the Americans would only invite war. China would have to rapidly build up its defence forces in the islands to take the American aggression  head on. The Americans have just given the Chinese the perfect reason to arm the newly created islands to the teeth. Xi Jinping will not allow Obama or any American president to push him around. It is war if the Americans were to carry out another provocative move. China will be ready and will be waiting.

The Americans will face a force that it has never seen before since the Korean War. China is not Vietnam or any of the defenceless Arab states, or the Talibans or ISIS. It will be a test of military might and political will.  Obama and all the hawks in Washington will now have a chance to prove how brave and good they are in fighting a real war with someone of the same weight class. Go ahead and prove that the Americans are made of real stuff and can push China around in Chinese territories.

The whole world is watching. And China has no other choice but to push back the American adventurism by force.

For the silly Asean countries, the Americans have made a statement of power, no one is to claim any of the islands in the South China Sea. They belong to the American Empire. The silly Aquino is giggling without knowing that he has invited the wolf into the region. The Americans have claimed Hawaii, the Marshalls, Guam and even Gan in the Indian Ocean. They used to claim the Philippines. Now they are coveting the islands in the South China Sea.


agongkia said...

Uncle RB .
First please play your part by telling or stopping your children from naming themselves or their children angmo like Dony , Jeorgie, Silbia...xxx or whatever. .
Sometimes I do not blame the Angmo for feeling tuakee.Its the fault of those khongcum that make the Angmo feel superior even they are actually not.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Aiyah, the navy vs navy thing is just theater lah. The "main game" is being played through diplomatic channels. America and China are locked economically and financially. It is not so easy to engage in hostilities.

Anonymous said...

The American Navy can dance around like clowns in the South China Sea. But don't they dare enter the Chinese waters or they would be sunk. Just keep flipping around. The Chinese will continue to build their islands and see if the Americans dare to touch them.

Fucking Indian killers and robbers.

Anonymous said...

Obama the Nobel Peace Prize winner wanting to start another war! This time he is going to be kicked in the arse for all the false pretense to be a peace lover.

He can kill Iraqis and Libyans and Syrians and Talibans and get away with it. Try killing the Chinese and see what would happen?

Anonymous said...

did those reckless bee kok kia even think twice before they act. maybe they should have some Mandarin immersion to how to 三思.

Anonymous said...

Expect more actions targeting and provoke China to retaliate.

Japs Prime Minister Shinzo Abe boarded the USS Ronald Reagan, which arrived at its new home port at Yokosuka Naval Base in Kanagawa Prefecture earlier this month.

all happened almost a month to the day since jepun enacted highly divisive security laws ,for the first time since World War II allow the Self-Defense Forces to come to the aid of allies under armed attack.

Anonymous said...

The next big provocation could well be sea patrol by Jpn warships sold by americans, flying the rising sun ensigns right into 12 nauctical miles

wiki- The flag is currently flown by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and a modified version is flown by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. It is viewed as a symbol associated with Japanese imperialism in the early 20th century in South Korea,[3][4][5] China,[6] and by some veterans in the United States[7][8][9] due to its use by Japan's military forces during that period.

Anonymous said...

with a combined naval power of US and Japan & other allies, China would not want to take the risk of another defeat by Japan, without risking a full-blown conflict with the Japan/US/PH/Australia alliance

Anonymous said...

The Yanks may want to test the effectiveness of the Chinese anti ship missiles.

The said...

/// On Tuesday, USS Lassen sailed thousands of miles from stolen Red Indian territories they now called the USA, crossed the Pacific Ocean to within 12 nautical miles of Chinese islands in the South China Sea in a blatant show of force and spinning the story of freedom of navigation. ///

What nerve and what hypocrisy!!! The US dared to use international law of the sea to justify its provocative action, but it is the only major power not to sign the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). They have not ratified it. And now they want to use the 12 nautical miles provision? Fooking bastards.

Anonymous said...

Tension is very high now in south china seas.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Relax lah. There won't be any war before THE LAWYERS say it is 'ok' to start shooting.

Like I said, in the "good old days" you could just start shooting and invading....if you win, you get to rape all the women, and steal cash and jewellery from the "conquered" population, plus kill a few dudes "just for fun".

Alas, nowadays, war and killing is not so fun anymore. Before you can go to war or engage in any conflict with another sovereign nation, your LEGAL TEAM must clear it first.

Lawyers almost invariably take the fun out of everything. That's why I agree, ALL LAWYERS SHOULD BE KILLED.

Anyone game to kill a lawyer? ;-)

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...


Meet the four lawyers who pulled the strings behind the scenes of the Osama bin Laden raid

Fucking lawyers. Kill them. Navy SEALs where are you?