Xi Jin Ping in the USA

Xi Jin Ping is in the US and meeting the CEOs of America’s top corporations to discuss cooperation in trade and joint ventures. This is the top agenda for his visit. His dinner chat with Obama is secondary, just a courtesy call to appease the American President and to whet his ego of power and being the top dog in the world. Xi Jin Ping probably does not care what Obama is going to raise but would pay some lip service to his show of anger and concern over matters that the Chinese President did not see as problems.

China has no problems with the US and has more important things to do, to engage in mutually beneficial trade and exchanges of commercial activities, cooperation and investments in both countries.  What cyber securities or cyber attacks? The Americans are the experts in these areas and are indulging it at a scale second to none. Remember what was disclosed by Edward Snowden? The Americans are attacking every country, commercially, militarily and politically, to extract as much intelligence as they could for American interests. What Obama is claiming about breaches by Chinese hackers is children play.  Is Obama saying that the Americans could not do what the Chinese were doing, did not have extracted as much confidential data from China but not disclosed, and that the Chinese are more advanced and superior to the Americans? The answer is obviously no. The Americans are doing far more and far more sophisticated cyber attacks against the Chinese and the Chinese are taking it in their strikes without making an issue out of it like many other areas of American infringement, violations and bullying.

What about the spy plane incident in the Yellow Sea? The Americans could not see anything wrong with flying spy planes daily along the coast of China. China is just playing along but would do the same one day when there is parity in military forces. China would then fly their spy planes along the American coasts. What would the Americans say or do when it happens? Cry father and cry mother and declare war with China? There is no point for China to make it a big issue against the Americans today when militarily they are much weaker and raising it would be in vain. They would raise it with the Americans when they are able to tell the Americans that they would knock down the spy planes should they persist in spying along the Chinese coast. That day has not come but will be, sooner or later.

What about the Chinese reclamation of islands in the South China Sea? Now what has that to do with the Americans? Oh, the Americans have a strategic interest in them and so it is American’s right to interfere with China reclaiming islands that are part of Chinese territories. Again, China would take note of the American’s posturing about the island issues and even toast to it. But China would continue to reclaim as many islands as they want within its national boundaries and territorial sovereignty and build what it wants. What is Obama going to do about it other than making a big show of it? There are many things the Americans are doing that are offensive to China and affecting China’s strategic interests. China is not harping about them or making an issue of every one of them. It is pointless. Likewise the American President and Administration can keep harping at China on these issues or any issue, human rights, climate change, North Korea, Iran etc etc, but they would just remain as American rhetoric to be ignored after the dinner party.

Xi Jin Ping has more strategic and tangible matters to deal with corporate America than to waste his time parrying with Obama in futile and unproductive discussions. China seeks to grow economically, scientifically and in technology exchanges and needs the assistance and cooperation of corporate America to work hand in hand for mutual benefits, for the good of Americans and Chinese.

Obama and his soldier boys can play their game of one upmanship, to show who is mightier with the gun and who is boss. Xi Jin Ping would smile and have a good laugh after he wrapped up his commercial agreements, his sales and marketing bags would be full with satisfied customers from both sides and with many jobs to go with for the American and Chinese workers.

Many Obamas will come and go, and many will come after him, to tell the Chinese Presidents that they have problems with China.  China will say thank you very much, let’s trade more, let’s have more exchanges and cooperation in other areas of mutual interests that we can cooperate and to benefit from them.

Yes we can have more dinner discussions about America’s China problem and drink to that. Xi Jin Ping would not sleep on them, would not have sleepless night because of them. There are more important and fruitful things to occupy his time to build China into a more prosperous and developed country. China has no problems with the USA, only the USA has problems with China. They created and fabricated their own problems and got consumed by them in their own fantasies for the grandeur of the Empire. The American govt can continue to spend their money on military weapons and soldiers, China will spend its money and time on economic development and the pursuit of scientific and technological advancements. China only needs to spend enough on military to keep the Americans from any military adventure in China and that would be good enough.

They would not be inviting Obama to Beijing after this visit. They will be inviting the next President in waiting for more dinner talks and food tasting.


Anonymous said...

That's why if there is money to be made with China, why would America want to make war?

If the Sinkie opposition is worse than PAP by being weak and not ready to be govt, why would 70% Sinkies want to vote opposition?

Anonymous said...

Despite all the bad things USA said about or even did to China, Xi Jin Ping recognises the importance of USA to China, that's why he visited USA.

Despite all the bad things PAP said about or even did to Sinkies, 70% of Sinkies recognise the importance of PAP to remain as govt, that's why they voted PAP.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Pope Francis also visits the US, Prez Xi just went home.

I would have paid money to see the Pope fuck the Chinese head guy for being the leader of an atheist cuntry. 😂😂

BTW, don't underestimate the Chinese (and Russian) hackers. They have GREAT skills, and they have more "success" in hacking US assets than the US is want to admit.

I think all sovereign govts. deserved to be hacked and their cuntree's infrastructure brought to its knees. I look forward to more successful "exploits", more viruses, more denial of service attacks. They are fun to watch because the majority of people are LAZY when it comes to security.

Check out the most common passwords made public from the recent Ashley Madison hack. People just don't give a hoot about their online security. They deserved to be hacked good and proper, their identities stolen and their finances drained. That should teach 'em! ;-)

Anyway, as I've said before, when China and the USA start "cooperating", you all better look out. It is much better for the "average non-political person" that the USA and China remain RIVALS.