Who is the real devil?

ISIS is evil, there is no doubt about it and US is constantly portraying it as such. But who is supporting and sustaining ISIS? It is the Pentagon and CIA of the Evil Empire. Why is it so? It confounds people. Why does America want to do such a thing? America is playing a double game , all for its own interest. America wants to destabilise the whole of Middle East by sowing dissension and hatred among the dimwit Arabs and incite them to fight against each other. America can then make money by selling obsolete military hardware to the fighting factions. In this way America can continue to hold sway over the Middle East as the overlord . It is strategic for America in some ways and two of them are to control all the natural resources , largely oil of the region and to deprive China of it. The third advantage is that US hope to outflank Russia and China from military strategic point of view. So both ISIS and US are evil. Both must be destroyyed.


Anonymous said...

So both ISIS and US are evil. Both must be destroyyed.

But US is the lesser of the 2 evils. That's why PAP support US because US is very strong in military power and Sinkieland also need to buy US made powerful high tech weapons mah. Just like 70% support PAP because PAP, unlike the opposition, is very strong and ready to be govt, so it is the lesser of 2 evils as compared to the opposition lah.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

America and the Middle East are made for each other s they are both steeped in Abrahamic religious dogmas, organised into political entities.
Their respective societies and cultures are VIRALLY INFECTED by this completely MADE UP FROM whole cloth/ pulled out of someone's arsehole Yahweh-Allah-Jehovah BULLSHIT...

...yup, these worshipers of the invisible ANGRY SPACE FAIRIES fucking deserve each other, and have their GOD GIVEN RIGHT to slaughter anyone you choose.

I just don't get those people who criticize religion for its violence and brutality: Killing in the name of (your) god IS FUCKING AWESOME!

Why? Because it lets you off the hook. It disavows you of any kind of responsibility, guilt or regret.

In fact, by acting solely in the name of your god (read from bible, koran or torah), you can kill babies, rape children and cut off the heads of anyone you choose, fly planes into buildings and then CELEBRATE THE GREATNESS of your "god". If you upload the videos of your "creativity" to youtube, you will get as many compliments as disapproval, don't worry, it'll work out to be 50-50.

In the name of my god, I can do anything I like. But to you, FUCK YOUR GOD! ;-)

USA, Israel and the Arab world, do your worst lah. Wipe each other out, in the name of god! 😇 😈 😂

| Fuck your god |

Anonymous said...

Angels dress in white.

But some evil also choose to disguise in white?

And 69.9% cannot tell the difference?

Anonymous said...

The middle east politics were a ( / an artificial ) creation of the west after the two world wars.

The mess is starting to spill over ......

The Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 is almost 500 years since its signing and which led to a new world order of nation states which lasted till now.

With the mess in the Middle East, Europe and many other parts, it does not look like a very stable world.

The Spring-Autumn and Warring States periods in ancient China lasted about 500 years.

The world may be already in a period of relative instability and it does not look like getting any better soon.

The outcome of the US election in Nov 2016 may worsen the already volatile global system.

The world order broke down prior to 1914 start of WWONE and continued during the inter-war years between 1919 and 1939.

Trade and globalisation were the first and main casualties in such situations during then.

If that happens, sinkieland's fate is likely to follow .......

Old man's time was lucky cos globalisation and world order were ascending.

Now world order could already be in decline and nothing looks like stopping it.

Sinkieland is an absurdity and rightly pointed out by old man in one of the debates in the colonial period Legislative Assembly in 1957. That's why after self government in 1959, old man fought so hard for merger but that proved to be no solution to the problem and failed monumentally.

With the current divisive settings and the disintegration since 1990 of the national common identity forged by the old guards as well as the ( woefully inferior, pathetic ) quality of the new cabinet and future 4G, how long can the "absurdity " withstand and defy the natural law of gravity?

With people of the old guard mode and mould, sinkieland may stand a fighting chance. With the 3G and soon 4G, it could be as GOOD as GAME OVER.


Anonymous said...

With the old guards, there was still hope .....

With lao goa, doubts sunk in and got deep rooted .......

Now, the hope is mlre than gone!

After GE 2015, everywhere is GLOOMY and HAZY......

The sky, nearby buildings, plummeting exports, knives falling in the stock market, education ministers going from bad to worst, cabinet quality going from pariah to sub pariah.

Looks like haze is pervasive everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Sinkies had voted for show hand in their "political gamble " ......

There is no plan B or safety net after GE 2015.

The little hope and will to soldier on vanished with the obliteration of the alternatives by the 69.9% sinkies. With all eggs in ONE basket, the RISKS have become too high ....... There is no room for failure yet the PROBABILITY of FAILURE is almost P(S) which is 1.

With the (stock) market as gloomy as the haze, the future of Sinkieland is as clear as mud (with the latest lineup ).

KAPUT comes to the mind ....... Nothing else!

Mr MT KK VIA FERRATA WALK THE TORQ causeing 7 P6 young souls perished helming MYSTERY OF $€£₩¥$€£₩¥$€£₩¥.......

What else but a GAZILLION FACE PALMS........

Unknown said...

The real devil is here:


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