Who else is offending Malaysia?

The Bersih 4 protest had offended Malay dignity and Islam. The Chinese Ambassador’s comment in Petaling Street that China opposed discrimination on ethnic minorities has offended Malaysia, an interference in Malaysia’s domestic affairs. The Acting Foreign Minister had called up the Chinese Ambassador to clarify on his remarks that had ‘attracted attention and caused concern to the Malaysian public’. Interestingly no minister has raised concern about the aborted protest in Chinatown that threatened peace and security and violence against the Chinese minority.

What about the FBI investigation on Najib’s involvement in 1MDB and the threat of arresting the PM? Would that be a concern or important enough to call up the American Ambassador to clarify on the matter and to ensure Najib’s safety in the USA? Maybe the public did not see any problem with that and so not a concern and not offending to Malaysian or Malay dignity.

By the way Jamal is going to organize another protest this time against Dr Wan Azizah in her constituency. This protest is more political in nature and the police have less reason to ban it. Just hope that this protest is just against Azizah and nothing else and would not spread into Chinatown and take on a different slant and different consequences. Maybe the shops would be closed again for good reasons. The public would not be concerned for anything bad to happen surely.


Anonymous said...

they're just overly paranoid.

Anonymous said...

or extremist racists?

Anonymous said...

Summoning ambassador a normal procedure: Anifah Aman
New Straits Times - 8 hours ago.

KUALA LUMPUR: The summoning of China’s ambassador Dr Huang Huikang to Wisma Putra is a normal practice, said Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman.

Anifah said this is not the first time that Wisma Putra had summoned a diplomat.

In the past the Foreign Ministry had summoned ambassador’s from the Vatican, Singapore and the United State, he said.

This practice is routine and is in line with article 41 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations 1961, he added. - from yahoo (sg) website

Anonymous said...

Mahathir attacking Najib is not anti Islam or anti Malay. The FBI investigating Najib is not anti Islam or anti Malay. But Bersih 4 is.

The said...

Redbean, the short answer - the whole world is offending Najib.


Anonymous said...

What used to be Mahathir quarrelling with his shadow is turning into shadows quarrelling with Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Even external auditors cannot check and balance Petrobras.
If only got internal investigations for checks and balance then how?

“The depth and breadth of the fraud within Petrobras is astounding.
By Petrobras’s own admission, the kickback scheme infected over $80 billion of its contracts, representing approximately one-third of its total assets,” the lawsuit said.
“Equally breathtaking is that the fraud went on for years under PwC’s watch, who repeatedly endorsed the integrity of Petrobras’ internal controls and financial reports.
This is not a case of rogue actors.
This is a case of institutional corruption, criminal conspiracy, and a massive fraud on the investing public.”



Anonymous said...

'Summoning ambassador a normal procedure;' Anifah Aman
He is the FM and he thinks summoning an ambassador is a NORMAL procedure.
Its is the highest diplomatic rebuke next to a recall, to a foreign country and countries concerned do not take it lightly
With leaders like him and Jamal and others in UMNO leading the nation, no wonder the country in going to the dogs

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi The, you are right. Everyone is offending Najib. He is such a nice guy, getting more like his father, also a very nice guy.

Anonymous said...

now, they are accusing chinese malaysia for being "unpatriotic "
because they are over excited with CHINA ambassador visit to petaling street

they repeatedly slammed china for interference with domestic affairs.

yet, china did not even mention anything about malaysia political issue

2.6 billion
bersih rally
jamal protest
anti chinese rally
anti chinese remark
altantuya scandal
discrimination against minority
racial supremacy
threat, intimidation against minority
malaysia dissident
human right issue

ambassador only reiterate typical CHINA statement that they opposed terrorisme,extremism and DISCRIMINATION

the word " discrimination " was enough to PROVOKE THEIR ANGER

china ambassador did not say that malaysia practiced discrimination or minority had been discriminated

china ambassador only say that he want to see a peaceful, prosperous, harmonious and united malaysian

why there are huge reaction against his visit?

ambassador dont have right to make comment on political issue in host nation?

western diplomat always does that.( supporting illegal protest against govt)

Anonymous said...

The Chinese did not call up the Malaysian Ambassador in Beijing to clarify why the Malaysian govt did not condemn the protestors for calling 'Cina babi'. The Chinese in China are also Cina.

And the Chinese Ambassador also did not raise this as an issue. He is Chinese, thus Cina and thus babi also. Oops, he eats babi so ok to call him babi.