What does the result of GE2015 say?

I wrote an article before the GE with these paragraphs below and asked several questions. I have now added the answers to the questions I posed now that the Singaporeans have given a bigger mandate to the PAP. The Singaporeans have voted and spoken, these are what they want going forward.

‘Singaporeans must take a step back and think very seriously about this GE. It is a life or death situation for Singaporeans. This is the time to determine the future you want for yourself and your children. It is no joking matter and not something that can be left to fate or to fools. If Singaporeans think that we have a good govt in charge and the direction the govt is taking the people forward is the right path, vote for the govt.

If there is doubt, if you are not happy with what you are seeing, not happy with the direction you are moving, it is time to reclaim your country. You cannot afford to wait anymore. Going forward can be the end of the good life for many Singaporeans.’

Can we continue to pay the ministers and the elite in the millions? YES

Can we afford to keep adding foreigners at such a rate to this little piece of rock? Are you happy with 5.5m, 6.9m or 10m people in this island? YES, YES

Do you want to pay outrageous money for a small little flat for 99 years as your prize possession in life? YES

Do you want to be a minority in your own country? YES

Do you want to have a say about the future of your country, to shape your country or to allow a few individuals to do as they pleased? NO

Do you want to save for a life time only for your savings to be locked up or to be forced to pay for insurance that you cannot say no to?  YES

Do you want the country’s reserves or surpluses to make your life better or to make the life better for foreigners?  To make life better for foreigners

Do you want to let the govt decide what you can read, see and say? YES

Do you want the govt to plan your life, your savings, from cradle to grave? YES

Do you want a one party govt? YES

I am sure the govt has heard the Singaporeans loud and clear and will go forward to do what it thinks best. No need to be deaf frogs anymore. The Singaporeans have given the govt a blank cheque to do what it thinks best for the Singaporeans or at least 70% of the Singaporeans said so. The future of Singaporeans is safe and sound and they can look forward to celebrate SG100 under the PAP.

Or we have just witnessed the insanity of a people at its peak?


Anonymous said...

Well RB, Singaporeans have spoken and furthermore they have spoken with a very loud voice. Singapore will go along the path chosen by the PAP. Targets of 6.9m and then onward to 10m is not too bad. It could be what Singapore will need to be a world class country. Who knows, the GE 2015 outcome could be a blessing in disguise. Singapore could benefit tremendously by this landslide victory of the PAP. If this 6.9m and 10m actually materialise, then one can safely say that Singapore will for all eternity be under the rule of the PAP, the result of grateful freshly minted citizens. The future is unknown. For those who are uncomfortable, your only choice left is to seek your future elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

70% voters said it loud and clear on 11 Sept 2015.

PAP is Singapore!

Singapore is PAP!

What can U do? What can U do?

This is Uniquely Singapore!

This is life in Singapore.

No choice! Just move on move on!


Anonymous said...

Or we have just witnessed the insanity of a people at its peak?

It's 70%, u know. 70% can't be insane. Statisticians will tell you that it is too high a percentage to be insane.

Oh, maybe I should say less insane. Less insane than the 30%. Everything nowadays is relative mah, including insanity. Hahahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Can we.....? Yes
Do you....? Yes

Aiyo RB, why u like dat? At your age, u should have more wisdom than a much younger me.

70% may have voted for PAP but not necessary yes to the above questions, u know?

And not necessary those issues in the questions will become worse. For all u know, and with such a big mandate, PAP may even be motivated enough to improve things for kpkb Sinkies, or even make those issues disappear. And they have the mandate and power to do so, unlike Chee Soon Juan, even if Chee's SDP can win all the 11 seats contested!

Anonymous said...

留得青山在 不怕没柴烧! 留得青山在 不怕没柴烧!

I felt very sorry for candidates from the opposition parties.

They must be very very very shocked by the results.

They must be very very very disappointed with the results.

I can only say this....同情! 同情! 同情! 做人要拿得起 放得下!

留得青山在 不怕没柴烧! 留得青山在 不怕没柴烧!

Hello 2020!

jjgg said...

Looks like the euphoria only in the ballot boxes..why ah..sgx, as I write down another 1%+.. Why no post election rally ah..why despite our ballooning population all the shopping malls can play football..why despite our much trumpeted laws to punish haze producers n offenders...no one actually been punished and the haze got much worse!! ?..why despite being the strongest currency in Asia n the 3rd strongest currency in the world ...prices are still so fucking high...Reality check...Singaporeans, government included...all NATO NATO only...

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ sour grapes, redbean:

>> Do you want a one party govt? <<

As a person who is essentially a political atheist (i.e. I don't care who or what persuasion of politics runs the show, as long as they keep the pace AWESOME), my default answer would be "no".

However, not in the case of Singapore. A single party (of "natural elites"), benign dictatorship, and "soft" fascism seems to produce the BEST RESULTS for Singapore, given 50 years of data points.

Yes, it's a head-scratcher for political "scientists" (haha), political-economy philosophers, especially those blinded by the dogmatic belief that DEMOCRACY is some sort of magical "holy grail" and a panacea for all imaginable ills of society and how to govern it.

So until proven otherwise, The People Deserve the One Party government they get!

Anonymous said...

The result says 70% did not agree with angtau and some oppose his readings of local politics.
One even called angtau dumb or something to that.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Sooner or later the "2nd placers" will have to realize:

1. This was one of the most OPEN elections to date. Unrestrained comments on social media, youtube videos, many Hong Lim rallies prior to GE....wow, talk about "freedom"? Very fucking free lah!

People just "let fly" their passions. Passions of hatred were CLEARLY expressed.

2. The PAP ran a CALCULATED game, flawless execution, superb planning, and just the right amount of "theatre" to EARN the voters' attention. They never over played their hand. In fact, IMO they deliberately "feigned" uncertainty.

So you have the oppositions promising CERTAINTY, and a lot of (feigned) feet shuffling and throat clearing by the PAP. Add to that, ministers submitting resignations before the GE. This added "heat" to the idea that the PAP's continuance is getting increasingly more uncertain.

So you have: The Opposition, with its air of CERTAINTY
and the PAP, with its "goyang goyang" attitude. What happened?

I think the Shepple got a little FRIGHTENED!.

Hey, cheebyes, only a theory OK? I don't claim to be "right". Unlike you self-proclaimed ex-spurts.

Virgo 49 said...

November another gst top up man!
Maybe also got chance to be qualified for 300 to 600 per quarter

Why vote opposition ??!

You Seow

Anonymous said...

I want enslavement! Put me in a pig sty and keep feeding me. I don't need to leave the pig sty. Feed me, feed me, in my little pig sty.

What freedom?

Abattoir? What is that?

Anonymous said...


Even lau chek knows
to follow the flow.
Wise man learns fast.

Anonymous said...

Why vote opposition and into uncertainty when the incumbent can promise comfort, food, shelter and the cool shopping malls to relax in the evening. A little crowded in MRT and an occasional MRT breakdowns are insignificant. Why worry, as long as we have the PAP, we can relax and enjoy.

Anonymous said...


Singaporeans know how blessed they are under the PAP.
They are grateful and the majority expressed their gratitudes with their votes. This is expected as most are living in the laps of luxuries.
A few televisions in each household, a few handphones each and maybe one to a few continental cars to most families. Long queues at restaurants and property launches are common. Multiple holidays overseas even for toilet and foodcourt cleaners.
Nowhere in the World are there such living standard.
What more do the people want?

Anonymous said...

In a strange sense, the resounding victory for the pap is a good thing. It has shown, beyond any doubt, that they is no more hope left. If you had been hoping that we will vote for a redistribution of wealth: a little lesser to the super-rich, and more to the poor, for singaporeans to be taken care of first, then you would have totally given up by now.

Darkness has fallen. Accept that which you cannot change. Make money. Milk whatever you can from this system. Don't think. It will make living here bearable.

Anonymous said...

Actually I also thought why Singaporeans do not want to give some WP candidates a better vote this time. Cos they actually not bad what.

But when I see Singaporeans giving Roy 22%, and HHH only 10%, ok lah, we are not so insane after all.


Anonymous said...

Many foreigners are envious of Singaporeans.
Some say that Singaporeans shud have no problem owning estates, luxury yatch, helicopter etc in many other countries in SE Asia, Australia and elswhere. This is quite true in view of the prices of those items mentioned
are far much cheaper.

Imagine what a two to three term cabinet member can afford with their remunerations, those with longer tenure will of course be more able to afford multiple assets in different countries.

The average Singaporeans are living comfortably. Even in low income estates, carparks are always full and the cars are not kanchil or other below 800cc types. Most are branded and average 1300cc and above.

There are no beggar on the streets and school children are using Samsung smartphones, wearing branded shoes and carrying branded bags. They are often seen at Starbuck, KFC and Mcdonald for their drinks and meals which usuay do not cost below $4.00.

Singaporeans are having it good under the PAP and the result is clearly indicated in the support given by the people.

The prospect for Singaporeans looks even better as the Government looks to repay the people for their support. The PAP has proclaimed that it will work for the people and the nation, though it was not proclaimed under oath. Nevertheless, they sounded sincere like promises. There were assurances of honesty and integrity and the people have no doubt about that. It's the trust between the people and the government that makes a country peaceful, progresses and prospers. And this is the way it shud be.

Anonymous said...

Life is going to be good under the PAP.

Anonymous said...

新加坡是天堂! 新加坡是天堂!

如果第一世界的新加坡不是天堂 哪里是天堂?

你说! 你说! 你说!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.25pm,

>>Many foreigners are envious of Singaporeans.

This statement doesn't say anything. The grass is always greener on the other side. The acid test is: will this foreigner give up his citizenship and become a singaporean? Although we do have a growing pool of new citizens, there are even more foreigners who choose to remain as permanent PR. It is one thing to come here and work and make more $ than they can in their own country, to be stuck here FOREVER with escalating cost of living and lesser space to move around is another thing.

The permanent PRs have spoken.

b said...

Humans are not rational at all, they are emotional beings. Most sinkies vote according to emotions not rationality and that is true for many in this world. PAP as the ruling party chose the correct time to hold the election when most are still under the spell of LKY and feel guilty if they did not vote his party.

Anonymous said...


So when will the electorate wake up from the lky spell? Every election, the propaganda campaign will resume fooling the daft, plus the brain-washing they carry out in schools resulting in children who blindly cheer for pap (the new voters), these tactics alone will ensure that we will never be free from our chains.

The only counter is a critical thinking mind. Alas, that is a tall order for our electorate.

Anonymous said...

The results say more agony for RB.

RB has to wait until 2020 for another chance to change govt. To press the reset button.

In the meantime, RB has to attend more Gilbert rallies and Roy Ngerng rallies at the Hong Lim Park to support them. Maybe throw in HHH and Amos Yee also. Poor RB, I empathise and sympathise with you.

You are getting on with age. Embrace the new normal. 7 out of 10 support Pappy Happy. Do something worthwhile with your time.

Anonymous said...

I think if 70% of Singaporeans vote in favour of the PAP then so be it. It is a democratic country and PAP has the right to do whatever they think is good for the country. Give them a chance to do the right thing, and if they don't then Singaporeans can vote them out in the next GE.

There is no point in this moaning and quibbling on the internet about what should and should not have happened. It is over, lets move on. I am sure there are many who feel that they would like the oppositions to do better. They did not, so it is over. They have had their chance to convince more Singaporeans to vote for them. This is politic and you never can tell the sentiment of the voters.

IMHO Singapore cannot have more than 2 or 3 political parties. It is too small a population for 9 contestants. Well if the oppositions can come together and present a more united front, they may remotely stand a chance to win more seats in the next GE. The next GE will be harder for the oppositions because there will be even more newly minted citizens to vote for the PAP.

Good luck.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If people adopt a friend or foe attitude, you are my fren or my enemy, please do not get involved in any discussion, socially or in the internet. The internet is a platform to share views, exchange ideas and hopefully everyone benefits from it.

We are all Singaporeans and have many common interests. Do not allow gangsters to divide the people up and pit them against one another.

I am not against PAP or against any political party. But I am against policies that are anti Singaporeans. Grow up, wise up and think of country and fellow Singaporeans.

Don't be a selfish brat.

Anonymous said...

As one professor said in a recent article, that Singaporeans are satisfied to just get by. I'm sure that the 70% are happy to just scrape through to fund the millionaires. I'm also sure that their children will be even happier to get back at their parents in the near future when they are out of jobs when they are delayed 2yrs NS vs FTs, lifetime debt to clear thanks to unaffordable tiny public housing etc. As they said, karma is such sweet darling. Lol.