What the bookies said about the GE

The bets have been computed and the bookies are open for business. They have offered odds in three GRCs, Aljunied, Marine Parade and East Coast. In the WP held Aljunied GRC they are giving 8,000 votes to the takers for a PAP win. In Marine Parade and East Coast GRCs, the offers are 3,000 votes and 2000 votes for a PAP win.

Let me make this clearer, the bookies are taking the side of the WP to win by 8000, 3,000 and 2,000 votes respectively. They are giving votes or goals to those taking the side of the PAP. I heard these from the little bird and not sure how true it is but this is floating in the market. There could be odds for SMCs and other GRCs as well.

The bookies are in a way saying that the WP will win in these 3 GRCs and with a comfortable margin. Place your bets.


Anonymous said...

I am not betting.

And here's why by simply asking yourself the following questions.

Is the opposition stronger and more united and ready to be govt now than they were in 2011?

Is the PAP now worse than the PAP of 2011? It's a fact that PAP govt in 2011 was already quite bad.

Are suffering Sinkies much worse off now than in 2011? It's a fact that a lot of Sinkies suffered under PAP in 2011.

Are there less new citizens now than there were in 2011?
It's a fact that PAP minted a lot of new Sinkies since 2011, probably more than those Sinkies who lost their jobs to foreigners, or Sinkies (old or new) who gave up their citizenship.

If the answer is a big NO to all the above questions, why should the opposition do better in GE 2015 than they were in GE 2011, u tell me lah?

And why are the bookies not asking the above questions?

Anonymous said...

The answer, you smarter or the bookies smarter? The bookies put their money where the mouth is. What about you?

Anonymous said...

Whether we like it or not, we have been betting for the last 50 years.
If we vote PAP, we will never get our cpf money back at 55 years old.
If we vote Opposition, then we definitely got a chance.
Tio bo?

Q: Who so stupid, don't want his CPF money back?
A: People who vote PAP lah!

Elephant said...

8,3 2 1 , the last one is for fengshan , i going to buy 4D

Anonymous said...

What does bookies have to say about Holland? I want to place my bets leh...the people are ready to go red.

Anonymous said...

@September 06, 2015 10:05 a.m.,

Is the opposition stronger and more united and ready to be govt now than they were in 2011?

No one is talking about the opposition forming the next govt., I suggest you shaft this straw man argument up your stinking asshole and cunt if you have one!

Is the PAP now worse than the PAP of 2011?

Which fucking cave have you been hiding in? After after GE2011, PAP tabled, rushed and passed the 6.9M PWP, not around 6M or 7M but exactly 6.9M yet called it a perimeter. And don't get me started on the frequent MRT breakdowns!

Are suffering Sinkies much worse off now than in 2011?

Yes, Yes and Yes!

Are there less new citizens now than there were in 2011?

Your are such a presumptuous IB piece of shit. What makes you think most new citizens will vote for PAP? I am a new citizen, and I'm certainly NOT voting for a bunch of YES men & women into parliment.

Anonymous said...


After after GE2011, PAP tabled, rushed thru and passed the 6.9M PWP bill, not around 6M or 7M but exactly 6.9M yet called it a parameter.

JoeVu said...

The bookies are in for a big loss, b'cos the WP probably will loose by a default of 1% of the vote, mainly the result of "rigging" by people who r too ill to vote, too old, handicapped etc... resulting into election officials marking the votes for this 1% group!
Under this circumstance, if the bookies want to win, they shd cover their arseholes, & invest in the WP, & donate to them $50,000
So that they can employ security personnel, polling agents to guard the ballot boxes!
I was a counting, polling & election agent b4 & i know such cheating happens b4 esply when there's a close fight! I urge these bookies, pl invest a little, n win big, dont relye on luck, as it is difficult fir any oppo the scale from 40% to 60%, in which case, even if they cheat, they cant win! So bookies, use yr brain!

Anonymous said...

Hi JoeVu, welcome to the blog.
Trust the bookies to do the necessary. Their money is at stake and they have more fierce runners to do their biddings than lame IBs. They sure will watch the counting and the follow the vehicles carrying the boxes.

Anonymous said...

I do not want to be overly optimistic, but do want these three GRCs to go to the WP.

That will be a wonderful start for the next 50 years. It will really be 'empowering your future'.

Anonymous said...

I am irrational hopeful. We need WP to win to increase the voice of opposition in parliament. FengShan should go to WP since PAP caved it out of East Coast in order not to pull down the pap votes. WP can probably still win East Coast as LSS is really helping his party to lose with every word he says.

My heart is with the Bukit Timah-Holland SDP team. Voters from this GRC, you HAVE TO vote team SDP in. They are our only hope left to save an ailing healthcare system.

Anonymous said...

All the opp only nato only.. no action talk only....hooligan talk...hooligan action...tear poster...fuck government...this is what they are best at...
ask them govern country...5 years n singapore will become a second malaysia...

Anonymous said...

Ask yourselve...look around our neighbour country..are u proud to be singaorean or u prefer to be a malaysian or idonesian or thai...if u prefer tk be a singaporean...then why complain so much....u got home...got jobs...got every basic things u need...who make singapore such a good place everybosy want to immigrate to...pap or worker party...if u think worker party do all the wonderful job fo the past 50 years..
then go ahead n vote worker party....no governemnt in the world can please everybody...we are fortunat to be born in singapore and yet we keep complain and cursing...go n think...