Watch the rallies live!

Below is a comment by a Bernard Tan on watching rallies live on TV posted in TRE.

‘At 7pm due to heavy downpour & me having flu, I stayed at home to watch WP’s rally at home thru Straits Times Live stream…When it was He Ting Ru’s turn to speak the ‘WP rally’ stream switched to PAP rally & only switched back to WP when her speech ended. On 3 Sep this happened too but much worse. When it was Daniel Goh, Gerald Giam & Sylvia Lim’s turn to speak, the Straits Times stream would fail, no sound, no footage but it would automatically resume once their speech ended…It was then that I decided to take to attend SDP rally (CCK)…it is Dr Chee’s 1st election rally in 15 years.

Many viewers thought they got the best of both worlds to view rallies of their choice in the comfort of their homes and at their finger tips. What would you be viewing? Yes, you will view what the station decided what they want you to see.

If you want a real feel of the rallies, the moods and the crowd atmosphere, the things that were said that meant dearly to you, you have no choice but to be there at the stadiums or fields. Be there and not be short changed, not be programmed to see and hear the right stuff.

I have attended two rallies and would be attending more over the weekends.


Anonymous said...

The local MSMs would like you to believe they are impartial but is anybody fooled when Pappies still in charge. Go to Yahoo Live streaming, its better.
I was at the Hougang SMC Rally and the atmosphere was ELECTRIFYING! Strangers were talking about politics to each other as if they were close buddies for ages.
After watching Chee's first rally speech on youtube, think would not a miss his GRC rally.

Anonymous said...

Rally or no rally.
I will vote Opposition.

Voting Opposition without even checking is not so good.
But it is even more irresponsible to vote for PAP in GE 2015.
PAP needs time to reflect and reorganize.
And that is not possible under current PAP leadership.

I want to help PAP reflect, reorganize and reform itself.
I want to vote out PAP in GE 2015.
PAP needs a big fat tight slap to wake up.

Vote out PAP in GE 2015.
It's good for PAP.
It's good for Singaporeans (are we so helpless & useless without PAP)?
And if it's good for Singaporeans, it's definitely good for Singapore.
Because Singaporeans is Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, we are doing everything for Singaporeans because they are so daft and do not know how to look after themselves, do not know what is going on.

We told them we are the honest ones and the good ones, upright, integrity, we don't tell lies, we only do good, for the daft Singaporeans. We don't cheat, no abuse of power. no this no that....

Vote for us, give us a bigger mandate to look after you daft that do not know who is the devil and who is the saint. We are the saints. We told you so. Believe us, you daft.

Anonymous said...

The media is super unfair, just now at 11am CNA news only pap candidates who spoke at aljunied were 'allowed' on TV.

What ?dialogue talk times and access to mainstream media based on no candidates you have ?

Virgo 49 said...

Had boycotted media corpse programmes long long time ago.

Wait till polling day, only Eugene Tan A/P speaks fairly. Get this Gillian something, wah pure PAP crony.

Media corpse presenters also biased. See their reactions when Eugene speaks of the opposition.

Anyway, most if them recruited Foreign trashes, oops talents valued by the PAP.

Anonymous said...

If you want a real feel of the rallies.....be there at the stadiums or fields.

Ya lor, I also went to past election rallies, especially WP rallies, and from what I heard and saw, I thought opposition could at least deny PAP its 2/3 majority. But alas, PAP even won more than 90% of the seats!

So I begin to wonder, with this real feel of the rallies which I attended this time, whether it can do what I thought, which previous election rallies could not.

And don't say vote PAP out, but can majority voters at least deny PAP its 2/3 majority this time?

What do you think?

agongkia said...

Aiyo Virgo
Lau chek..dun say trashes la.

Yesterday a vehicle whilst giving way to a foreign lady to cross at a pedestrian crossing at bendermeer, was hit from behind by another foreign talent, both from India.
FTs created jobs for those in insurance and automobile industries which can benefit your children.
Vote wisely else ready to meet me for penang lewlian.

Anonymous said...

Rallies or no raliies,

crowds big or small,

real feel or no feel,

but if opposition is not ready to be the govt,

it will simply not be able to get the majority votes to win more seats, let alone win big.

So if they cannot win more seats, let alone win big, they will lose big lah. What else can the outcome be, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

To the arsehole PAP Millionaire who said only rich or corrupt people work for free.
Here is an example of some heroes who contradict you.

" 7 U.S. firms that helped save the Chilean miners "


I hope you get voted out.
You are a disgrace to the human race.

Virgo 49 said...

Right right, Ahgongkia, these FTs create jobs for Singapore lans especially the matas matas.

Kopi licenses and left hand drivers endangering the lives of singaporeans.

Going up penang soon after GE to scout for places to stay if the pay and pay wins again.

Or to eat durians with the monies won if they are trashed.

Last Tuesday just happened to be at CK kreta ayer to change Malaysian ringitt as rates 2.96

One localised chow ang mo with spouse also change currency. Thought we all chow kar siew tham there better rate. This supposedly high class white skin also chsnge there.

His spouse queue behind one also localised Prc comrade also there to change renimbi.

This white supremacy insists that his wife jumps queue ahead of the Prc to change her monies.

The PRC holds his ground insisted NO. The ang mo stands aside for he saw the 70th China parade of their armed forces and got frightened.

If this prc is a sinkie, thinks he kwa kwa gives away but not without my approval as she will also jumps queue ahead me.

Even kena bo kok or killed by this barbarian must also put a fight, tiok boh as one brother
famous quote. Always end with tiok boh!!

Thinks he drank boh tea too much.

Anonymous said...

/// So what happens to the employer who refuse to pay the minimum wage?
These are the same folks who typically ask their $500 employee whether they want a paycheck with or without CPF deduction to avoid the compulsory contribution.
They march to the friendly neighbourhood PAP MP and threaten to close shop and wreck the economy. ///

If I were a Minister.
And an employer/business owner said this to me.
I will take down his details.
And I will make sure that no police will respond to any crime committed against him.

I will refuse to accept any payment from him for municipal and government services.
And since he is not paying, his rubbish bins at his home will not be emptied.
His taps will run dry.
His toilets will not flush.
His children will not be attending any government schools, poly or universities.
He will be boycotted and blacklisted by all government agencies.

We don't need such people in Singapore.
If he repents, he can appeal to me after one year.

agongkia said...

Anon 4.02pm
Please la.
No wonder you cannot become minister.
How much do you know about our local employers.
Cpf may be a burden to employers but its always the employee who ask or demand their employer not to contribute as a condition to join.Only few employers who need manpower badly may sometimes forced to take risk and accommodate. It is the employer who will lose out if they do not contribute.

Dun be like those loser or even no brainer like that small boy who talk about minimum wage at this time.
Go become towkay before you talk about MW here.

Anonymous said...

Towkays in singapore
appears to be very pitiful
leh !

No wonder Singaporeans
do not want to be towkays
but prefer to be cardboard

Anonymous said...

CSJ has to be very careful with his spoken Chinese. He has used the wrong word during his speech when he rallied the crowd to vote for "行动党".

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo Ahgongkia, no wonder you are called rightly Ahgongkia.

The PAP in cahoots with all these merciless tow kays (curi) keep your wages low to exploit so as to have all the meats to themselves.

That's why they are adamant in implementing the minimum wages.

For the next five years you be still getting your stagnant wages if the dafts still vote them into power.

The work fares are bullshits to pull wool over your eyes.

Where in the world governments subsides employers to pay workers???

These are tax payers extortion monies.

So be wise for not voting them or else your grandchikdren will.be slaves to them.

agongkia said...

Lau chek ah.
I think you a bit HuanSiong leow.Chia Lau Huan Siong.
This is not a thread about MW so I avoid long story.
Minimum wage is not the way to go and I support Zorro for this.
Minimum wage only benefit FTs and FWs if you go deeper.What does those angmosai Gilbert or Gerald know?
Dun be khongcum.
Want more salary work harder n longer hour like me.
Towkay close shop i may starve.
Towkay survive i still can have plain porridge soup even if no chicken rice.
Do not have that entitlement mentality.
Go get ready to enjoy your penang durian .
I beranja you when you come but not after durian season.

Virgo 49 said...

Ah gong kia, you forever slave to your towkay or curi in Malay.
Or you are one if those merciless tow kays who have no qualms in throwing a thousand to a pinoy or prc possie but sting on a ten dollar increment for your employee to buy an extra scoop of milk powder for his children.

Of all you supported lim siak suay.

Those pap supporters and cronies are murderers and accomplices to the sufferings of true blue Singaporens.

May God have mercy on your soul when you meets HIM.

agongkia said...

Adoi..Lau chek ah .
Imho, i cannot see how MW can benefit Sinkies and I support anyone who are involved in not implementing the policy, at least at this moment.Happen to be Sia Suay so he lucky to get my support. Give credit when due.I did not support his habit of keeping toothpicks.
It is for our own good.

And pls lah.How many times must I tell you I dun have to pay for mei meis.No need to be towkay or throw money to enjoy FOC if you are kind hearted and care for the welfare of others.

Anonymous said...

Never, never watch the rallies on TV. It is just a propaganda feature that takes up a third of the time for newsworthy things.

I really thought they were going to give a good coverage, but it was all about sugar and spice and everything nice about PAP. When it comes to the opposition, it is all scrappy and incoherent stuff that attempts to put the opposition in bad light by featuring, not the good speakers, but the poor less eloquent speakers on air.