Wasting talents – I dunno what to say

Looking at the generals and commissioners stripped off their uniforms, medals and stars and in civvy in the hawker centres and MRT stations, like selling ‘ma piow po’ is quite pathetic. I just dunno what to say. These are highly trained men where millions have been invested in them to be fighting fit soldiers and policemen, and now they are asked to peddle something that they are not trained for. Do we have so many talents to spare, to take them from their professions to do something that is Greek to them, or something they may not have the temperament for? The move from the uniformed organizations to politics required a total change in personality and style, from authority to servitude, or at least during an election. Now they have to salute to everyone in the streets.

The lost of talents would include losing good medical doctors, lawyers and the professions, with no guarantee that they would do well in politics. Many have proven to be life fish out of water.

Do we really want to do this, to make a fool out of very good men and women, having invested heavily in them  and seeing them excelling in their profession, only to be lured into a profession that they may not be cut out for?

Look at them carefully, after being in the commands of armies and police forces and now begging the men in the street, forcing a big smile so uncharacteristic of their experience and profession, and asking strangers, please vote for me, please vote for me. What a pathetic sight to make them do it. Really, this is a good career change?
At best, the govt would gain a good politician but the forces or professions would lose one of their best. At worst, the professions would lose the service of one of their best and the govt gains a dud, a misfit. We have seen them, talking nonsense without knowing it and achieving nothing in politics, making an ass of themselves.

What a shame! What a misallocation of good and limited talent that we needed so badly. Is this a clever thing to do?


Anonymous said...

These are highly trained men where millions have been invested....

Tiok. And one of them is a US trained fighter pilot some more. University graduates no problem, in fact a dime too many, but how many Sinkies can become Air Force fighter pilots, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

A fighter pilot job is highly risky, especially in some countries where the aircraft fleet is aging and also not properly maintained. Definitely a thousand times more risky than the East West Line SMRT train driver, even if the MRT train is not properly maintained.

Seriously, don't say General, if I were just only a fighter pilot, I would jump (not out of aircraft lah of course) at the chance to wear white and sell ‘ma piow po’ every 5 years.

Anonymous said...

You need experienced men and women to hold high positions in politics. Army generals, police commissioners and specialists in medical fields would be perfect for parliament because they are trained to make important decisions. Therefore they are perfect to be MPs and make good decision for Singapore and steer Singapore into prosperity which is good for Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Chua.
In my humble view, this is one of your most important blog post.

Why are we mis-allocating all these talented Singaporeans?
Why so many Generals, Admirals, sebior civil servants and now police in PAP?
Is it because a certain Leeder can only work with yes-men?
Is it because he can only work with people who only know how to take orders?
Is PAP an organization set up to perpetuate the vision and descendants of just one man?

Should we rename Singapore Lee-gapore?
Shall we do it for Yew?
Shall we do it With Yew?
For Lee-gapore?

Is the above just a bunch of bullshit?

Anonymous said...

I rather have men and women with good hearts and knowing what is good for the people to be in politics. And real leaders, not children.

The said...

Yes, a certain eye doctor should have remained an eye doctor. By turning into a coat-tail politician, he became a loss to the eye-care industry and a disgrace to Singapore politics.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for Ng Chee Meng. Most likely he will be the new transport minister in charge of MRT after 11 Sep.

If he could handle fighter jets, what is MRT train? Sub sub suey(no big deal)lah.

So lucky Sinkies can expect zero breakdowns for MRT trains, just like for fighter jets.

In fact he may even be the one to succeed Lee Hsien Loong! Then Sinkies can expect zero issues from the Govt. Lucky Sinkies indeed.

Anonymous said...

This is how I consider my choices in GE 2015.
Just an opinion.
Not necessarily correct & true.

As a car, Singapore is driving rapidly towards a cliff.
The driver is a big sized BULLY who is deaf, stupid and blind.

I vote PAP, and the car will just accelerate faster
I vote in a donkey ... at least the car will not go faster towards the cliff.
I vote Opposition, and I have a chance to get a driver who can change direction towards safety.

Therefore, I agree with Roy Ngerng.
It's better to say NO to PAP.

Anonymous said...

"Most likely he will be the new transport minister in charge of MRT after 11 Sep."
Anon 9:56 a.m

Probably that's why Lui Tuck Yew resigned and did not even contest(or was he asked to?) this election.

Anonymous said...

Is Ng Chee Meng the first with fighter pilot background willing to stand as a PAP candidate?

Because in the fighter pilot profession, having courage, among other things, is very important.

Anonymous said...

Heard that RB was an officer in the Air Force in his younger days. Was he also a fighter pilot?

Anonymous said...

Wasting talents?

What about our NS boys (slaves) spending two years of their lives protecting the property and money of our Millionaires?
- we should relocate all our Millionaires onto Sentosa island
- if they want Sentosa to be protected by our army and police ... make them pay market rates for that protection. No more subsidies and free rides for our Millionaires.

The said...

/// Anonymous Anonymous said...
Is Ng Chee Meng the first with fighter pilot background willing to stand as a PAP candidate?

Because in the fighter pilot profession, having courage, among other things, is very important. ///

So much courage he has that he only dared to stand in a GRC and not SMC. Literally being parachuted in.