The Philippines – Asean’s most power country preparing to take on China

A NYT article appearing in the Today paper on 21 Sep 15 discussed the thinking process of the Philippines and how it is trying to take on China in the boxing ring. In the 80s there was a surge of nationalistic pride among the Pinoys that eventually wrought back their independence from the USA and sending the Americans packing from two of the biggest American military bases in the world in Subic Naval Base and Clark Air Base.  Both bases were the homes for the Americans in their Vietnam War and a home away from home in the USA. The infringement on the national sovereignty of the Philippines, in a way turning the Philippines into a semi American colony did not go unnoticed. The nationalists in the Philippines took to the streets to demand the GIs to go home. That victory was to the credit of the Pinoys unlike the Japanese and South Koreans where the Americans would not go home.

Today, the turn of events in the South China Sea with the Philippines at loggerhead with China, competing with China to claim islands for themselves is making the Pinoys thinking of reinviting the Americans back. They wanted to take on China militarily and are depending on the Americans for more financial and military aid and the possibility of stationing troops in Subic and Clark again.

The Philippines have chosen to fight China head on with the encouragement of Japan and the USA. While neighbouring countries of China chose to cultivate good relations with China and live in peace, the Philippines are thinking that they could take on China with the help of the USA and Japan. Once this mindset and policy are in place, it is all one way, to build up a strong military and even compromising their independence by allowing foreign military bases in their country.

Putting up a China threat with a China not interested or has no intent to set foot on the Philippines, the Pinoys have chosen or are in the process of choosing to become a semi colony of the USA by voluntarily inviting foreign military forces into their country.

No one can beat the Philippines in strategic military planning, in resolve to take on a super power and in nationalistic pride. That’s the way to go Pinoys. The Chinese are shivering in their pants. The GIs will roam the streets of Manila again. The bravery of the Philippines is best demonstrated in the spirit of Ello Ed Bello.


Anonymous said...

Philippines and Japan are flexing their muscles only because they think they have the backing of the USA. China is the target and USA has not stopped stirring up muddy water in the region using these two countries. Japan has recently started their policy of building an army. Lets hope they will not make too much trouble for China.

Anonymous said...

The bravery of the Philippines is best demonstrated in the spirit of Ello Ed Bello.


And did Ello Ed Bello actually killed any Sinkie, despite his threats? In fact he could had easily done so, being a nurse in a Sinkie hospital. But he didn't, tio bo?

So not to worry about the Philippines threat, RB. It's all thunder, but no rain, not even lightning.

virgo49 said...

Bro, not only building army but to conquer foreign land.

Can joined forces to conquer.

Philipines got one not even heavy weight boxer of pai kuo. (Leporsy disease)in English.

Doing ok with lower class boxers..kena Mohd Ali or Fraser - one punch ko.

So they think they also pai kuo.

But PRC are like Ali and Foreman - can deliver ko punches they cannot even.remember their names or recognised their mothers or wives.

Good for Ahgongkia- can sapu the spoils

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

I think we all should send message of support to the Phillipines. We should ENCOURAGE them to go and whack China with a 'balls to the wall' attitude.

Let's face it, china could use the target practice for their new fancy weapons. :-)

Anyway less Pinoys mean less karaoke and less bad imitations of western culture---SLANGuage, music, etc.

Go Pinoys Go man...smash those Chinese!

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

The dumb Pinoys are counting on their sperm-donor Uncle Sam (the Pinoys feast on Uncle Sam's cum as they've sucked his cock for over 100 years) to "help them" take on China.

Well, you dumb Spanish whore-babies, Prez Xi is at the moment in Hi Tech USA wooing the top US tech giants to relocate to China and bring their robots with them. (Have you seen the Tesla factory in operation? Go to YouTube, have a look. If you're not scared about "job security" you should be.) Boeing is going to China. Is that "hi tech" enough for you?

However, Chinese business like Keer textile manufacturer is setting up operations in the USA TO CUT COSTS. You still not "scared" of robots? Good luck, hopefully you're a roboticist so you're definitely going to have a job.

China and USA are becoming closer. Good luck to you Pinoy. How does it feel to be a PAWN in geo politics? Bwahahahaha....

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

China goes nuts over robots. Rest of developed world: kiss your fucking jobs goodbye. Plan for a life of leisure, self-expression and chasing new "needs" UNKNOWN to even the great Abraham Maslow...

...hope you can afford it ;-)

P.S. Pinoy land: You're soon OUT of the picture. Your "low cost labour arbitrage" strategy will no longer work. Get on your knees and start sucking...

Anonymous said...

Philippines is a large country with over 100 million people. If u checked the website. They have closed to 750,000 men under arm, over 100 airplanes though most are for transport and over 100 navy vessels though most are coastal petrol crafts. Still it's a formidable force that China should be "scared" of.

They definitely can bully small country like sinkie land.

Virgo 49 said...

What for ??

They can not even handle alone bus jacker

One single sniper can finish their bugger off

So many chances when he in full view out the bus negotiating


Anonymous said...

Maybe they don't have sharp shooter leh.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The British are the shrewdest political animal in the world. They did not become an Empire for no reason. They have read the world correctly, strategically. They are trying to be the best friend of China and to gain that special access for being close to this new superpower. They never would flirt with the thinking of taking on China militarily. They know the game is over and there is a new game with a new kid on the block.

The Pinoys have a lot to learn from the wise Brits in diplomacy and international relations.