The new political profiles of Singaporeans

With the experience and hindsight of this GE I would like to re classify the Singaporeans into 6 categories. The Seniors, the Young, the New Citizens, Thinking adults, the Fun Loving and the Ideal Singaporeans.

The Seniors, this group is quite easy to please. Look at their vulnerabilities and you can actually understand the kind of stimuli they would react to. Not much thinking required. They are old, unemployed and without an income, what can you expect them to do when they have little or no savings? They have returned to Maslow’s first level of needs, to survive, food and shelter. Yes, throw them the meat or crumbs and they would chase for it. The Pioneer Generation Package is the perfect gift and motivating factor to this group of Singaporeans. Throw in Medishield Life and a quarterly stipend from Silver Support Scheme for life and you have them sewn up in the bag.

The Young is not too difficult to please either. Tell them a good story and a good ending and throw them a big party and promise them a great future, a futuristic Singapore where they can indulge in Star Wars contraptions and romance. They love a good adventure of modern gadgetry and living in space or underground. These are the generations of Sci fi and wi fi and a good lie. The SG50 party was enough to win them over. They would be looking for the good life in the future.

The New Citizens. This group is easy to please too. Coming from little villages of poorly managed and disorganized and dysfunctional societies, and countries when nothing works, when living is to rough it out with nature and garbage, this island is paradise to them, where they can make their dreams come true and be clean, everything is clean and orderly in this island. Our streets are cleaner than their homes. Our shopping malls and MRT stations are more comfortable than the best homes in their villages. They will die to come here. Being here is already a great incentive and reason to die for. Oh, there is also the super rich in this group too, running away from high taxation, why not, and can throw their weights and punches around too.

The fourth group is thinks a bit and always doubting when snake oil salesmen went on their rounds saying every will be fine, especially in the long run. This group consists of the cynics, those that would not take things at face value, not easily persuaded or conned, but always doubtful and never satisfied with the status quo. This group would always be the minority and odd man out, and could simply be ignored. They are too small and inconsequential. Often their stories of a bad endings were ignored. Many would eventually flee the island. Oops, I mean migrated, not as quitters I hope. They are the pain in the arse type, very hard to please.

The Fun Loving. This group can be seen during the GE hustings, attending rallies after rallies, for fun. They just enjoyed the speeches and theatres as entertainment. They are harmless and without depth. These are superficial people that have nothing better to do than to attend political rallies to amuse themselves. They are the ‘chiat par’ and nothing to do type, like the socialites in the aristocracy but belonging to the middle class, not the elite class.

And there is a final group, the Ideal Singaporeans. This group, not sure how big, can think and understand what they want. They want a govt made up of politicians that are honest, men and women of impeccable integrity, no ‘how seow’ type of politicians, serious talks, and very intelligent, and would not indulge in mud slinging or underhand tactics. These are people who understand logic and good reasons and will vote for good people and good govt. Not every citizen is thinking and intelligent like this group though all thinks they could think and reason like this group of Ideal Singaporeans.

So, which group do you belong to?


Elephant said...

Ha ha ha

Must really laugh 3 times(ancient China), the emperor(PM) no time is thinking training a new emperor to replace him and still retain the grand emperor after retiring! Oh yes, the chairman of GIC and wife CEO of Temsake Holding, these two can never let go. Look at Lau Goh, he had never hold that title even as PM.

Red Bean, One more type is call "Give UP" type simply not interested and go for long weekend in Malaysia!


Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter what profile or which group lah,

one thing is common for majority (aka 70%) Sinkies, and that is

they are very scared to accidentally vote PAP out because even the strongest opposition, the WP, is not ready to be govt,

and which WP Teochew Ah Hia and even Sylvia Lim also said before.

In fact so scared are the majority Sinkies that they even nearly accidentally voted Teochew Ah Hia and Sylvia Lim out of Parliament!

So after this GE, I think any opposition party,

unless they get ready to contest 100% seats as one party

and announce that they are ready to form a better govt than PAP,

it is better they don't bother to even contest the election and have the honour to commit hara kiri

than to get humiliated and shame again by 70% Sinkies at the polls.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies have made it loud and clear that there is no place in Singapore for an opposition which is not ready to be govt.

So no matter how bad PAP is, as long as the opposition is not ready to be govt, in the eyes of 70% Sinkies, they are worse than PAP and hence majority (aka 70%) will naturally choose the lesser of 2 evils. Very sad lah but that is human as well as Sinkie nature what.

Anonymous said...

After GE2015, there were many many attempts to classified voters
based on different reasons.

Your classifications of Singaporean voters is good!

However, I think this time PAP can win BIG BIG was because of its
strategy of "must-be-seen-as-humble" at all events and activities.

Since GE2011, the whole island was flooded by all kinds of celebratory
events and activities with massive massive participations with many many
goodies and more goodies.

This time, PAP got it RIGHT!

This is what the 70% of voters want for the next 5 years.

But, PAP must remember this......没有永远的朋友!

So is the 70% sustainable?

We shall see.

Hello 2020!


Anonymous said...

So what group do you belong to RB? I guess you would consider yourself to be in the last group, ie. the thinking group with high IQ and very hard to please, right?

I belong to the group that gives me a good life, enough good food to eat, 3 overseas holidays a year, nice BMW for me to get around, a nice landed property to live in and knowing that I will never lose my job to a FT.

I really do not care who is in power as long as I have all the above. So RB, which group do I belong to?

Virgp49 said...

Hi Anon 9.48am

Good for you now. But sad to say No good things lasts forever.

One fine day, find yourself begging in the streets or picking up card boards.

Repent at your own leisure.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 10.18

I will never get into that state. If I see things going downhill, I will just pack my bags and leave this playground island. I will only be here until the good things run out. PAP is good for the good timers. Singaporeans will have to toil until 65 or 67 before they get their CPF, for me, I do not need the CPF, peanut money.

Virgo 49 said...

Do not talk too soon

Men proposes heaven disposes


Anonymous said...

Heaven has spoken, and so did the 70%, still hoping Virgo?, how many terms of election did it get to 40% for the opposite party, they are weak and come the next tide, they too will be gone, the difference is that we can go and you can't. Stupid.

Anonymous said...

On the topic of overseas voters again, RedBean, another article in Straits Times shows that the votes cast overseas mirrors the internal results. In Singapore, votes cast give the PAP 69.9%, overseas, votes cast gave the PAP close to 71%.

This is surprising. Overseas voters have the first hand exposure to what other countries are like, in many cases, they are some of the best people to compare Singapore with elsewhere. We are talking about Singaporeans not just living in third world countries, but also first world. They have also overwhelmingly chose the PAP.

I guess these group also falls into the 6 categories that you mentioned?

I particular agree with the "for fun" group of people. I think a lot of these people show up at rallies because it is "fashionable" at the moment, but do very little thinking of their own.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:48, you sure you can afford to own a car? And landed properties?

Anonymous said...

To Anon 11.55

Sure I can. I currently have both. 2 cars and BIG landed property + Condo for rental.

You got any?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ political ANALyst, redbean:

>> The Fun Loving. This group can be seen during the GE hustings, attending rallies after rallies, for fun. They just enjoyed the speeches and theatres as entertainment. They are harmless and without depth. These are superficial people that have nothing better to do than to attend political rallies to amuse themselves. <<

Yup. That's my group!

>> final group, the Ideal Singaporeans. This group, not sure how big, can think and understand what they want. <<

Let's kill them all. :-))
These guys are too serious. They need to die.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I forgot to add that the last group, the Ideal Singaporeans, are the ones that voted this PAP to power with a bigger majority. They see all the good men and women, sincere, trustworthy and wholesome goodness, to take Singapore forward in the next 50 years.

Anonymous said...

Too right RB. They are the best for Singapore. As long as I have what I desire they can rule Singapore for all eternity. Why worry when there is money to be made and all the trappings money can buy. Singapore is the land of milk and honey. All the bight lights and all the luxuries that is available. As long as the jobs pay well, high end cars and landed properties are always affordable. When the day come, when all these goodies run out, I will say my goodbye. Until then let me enjoy.

Virgo 49 said...

Don't talk big lah??

Our age group only can buy landed and condo with cars and overseas properties before you are born

Now you have to eat plain bread and Plain pub h20 to have these toys

Also have to park your cars different carparks every nights just not to get reprocessed

Can escape haze anytime in different destinations other parts of the world


Virgo 49 said...

Can only draw maximum 5 k when you retired have these toys meh???

Talk cock

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ that's what I'm talking about, 301:

>> As long as I have what I desire they can rule Singapore for all eternity. <<


Ah. Pragmatic to a fault. That's the spirit!!

virgo 49 said...

Just to add those who had condos for rent considered Giam Png one!!

Need rental income to service mortgage. On top of that accomplices to the many social problems created by these trashes.

Lau Chek no need rent out properties

Like this considered as Atas

Not said I see you no up. Young punts of today with suits and ties got not even 10 dollars in their wallets

Lau Ang kea looked shabbily but flushed with CASSHE!!


Anonymous said...

Based on past experiences, the apparent many social and economics time bombs planted since 1990, as well as many reversal precedences in history, it is unlikely sinkieland and sinkies are heading into utopia soon or anything close. In fact, time might prove the realities are far from it and the many underlying problems decried and kpkb before GE 2015 did not dissipate or evaporate overnight.

This GE 2015 likely could be like GE 1980 and GE 2001 and probably even more ......

Those who are old enough to have memories or read up the short history of sinkieland about the following GEs after 1980 and 2001 in 1984 and 2006 respectively would probably not have difficulty to have some inkling about what could happen in the coming years. Of course, no sinkies in his right mind would hope for any unfortunate happening in sinkieland.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...


I don't really care i the govt. my taxes are paying for are "honest" or "the best" or "wholesome" or "trustworthy".

I mean, do you care if the people who made your computer or your cell "wholesome"? Could you care less if they thrash their kids or poison their parents?

Of course not. As long as the fucking thing you paid your good money for WORKS.

Singapore, the stuff just WORKS. If it breaks down it is FIXED promptly.

I could care less who is running the cuntry, or what the content of their character is like. TMI. Waste of time even pondering.

Is Singapore rocking and awesome? Does everything work? Good. Pay the motherfuckers.

Why you all have to make unnecessary problems?

Anonymous said...

Essentially LLL is likely right in her conviction that having been rejected by the voters in PE after her extensive engagement with them in the past 2.5 years since PE BE in end Jan 2013, it contravenes the spirit to be PE's representative by accepting the NCMP post.

Going back to GE 2011, old man said Aljunied GRC's residents have five years to ruminate and repent if they decide to vote Opposition.

Now the same shoes are transferred to PE residents.

Anonymous said...

If all voters or sinkies who voted opposition or disagree with some policies need to be fixed, why even bother to have elections?

Since most if not all Asian societies are so used to monarchy dynastic rule for the past few millennia, why not ditch this shit about embracing western democratic traditions and follow the footsteps of Yuan Shi Kai.

But alas, even in feudalistic China in 1916, Yuan Shi Kai's unitary proclamation to be an emperor in the nascent Republic of China four years after the official collapse of the Qing Dynasty in 1912 lasted only 87 days .......

Anonymous said...

Is it not a "great burden" to have this ( "stupid" ) right to vote as compared to the current PRC?

Do the 1.4 billion Chinese need to vote every 5 years and go through all these "agonies" which sinkies have to bear?

As proven by 5,000 years of history, eventually the system under absolute rule will implode. Why should sinkies bear this ( "democratic" ) burden to avert the system from going the path of tens of past dynasties in history? Are the 30.1% who voted opposition being appreciated or has it been a thankless job? Is it not a thankless job being an opposition voter in opposition held wards such as HG SMC or Aljunied GRC? Essentially sacrificing themselves for the entire sinkieland to elect alternative voices in parliament yet how many sinkies go to HG SMC or Aljunied GRC to personally say a thank you to the opposition voters there?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are champions in complaining and casting protest votes as exemplified by the GE results of 1984, 2006 and 2001. And those sinkies include many in the 69.9%.

Dun be too glee with the GE 2015 results. Likewise the alternatives and their supporters need not be too disheartened or drowning their sorrows and despairs in alcohol or other forms.

As proven in history time and again, political honeymoons usually do not last very long, especially in a ( kiasu, kiasi, ai qi, ai pi, yew ai tua liap ni, yew ai kia choo bih, yew mai tiok HIV ) culture as "UNICORNIC" as sinkies and sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

Typo @ 9.07pm.

Should be:

" Sinkies are champions in complaining and casting protest votes as exemplified by the GE results of 1984, 2006 and 2011. And those sinkies include many in the 69.9%. "

Anonymous said...

For those alternatives still staying back to persist in their causes, one thing probably is quite clear.

No point doing the same things each time all over again and expect the results to be different.

On a quick back of the hand overview, based on GE 2015 results, probably about 38 seats +/ - another 5 seats are worth another consideration.

Anonymous said...

The rest of the wards which voted less than 30% for the opposition should one way or another give strong grounds or justifications for the alternatives to have another go at it.

It was quite obvious the alternatives resources and coverage were stretched razor thin in GE 2015.

Just some anecdotal evidences. Despite all the "wayang videos and rhetoric" about walking the ground for weeks or even months, many households in the heartlands did not get a single visit from the alternatives, not even a small piece of notice/ paper inserted at the door to indicate they have visited. However, this does not mean some in the alternatives did not go all out to cover the ground in the run up to polling date. Just that there were quite a number of "black sheep" in the pack and they know who they are!

Anonymous said...

Those who are sincere in championing the alternative causes should do "the right things".

Surely by now, if any alternative is still in the dark what are "the right things", they should probably dig a hole, jump in and never to emerge or at the very least not wearing the hat of an alternative.

Those who can't "do the right things" or dunno what are "the right things" the alternatives must do to even stand a slim chance, they should then do the "next right thing" which is to make way for others to step into the shoes than "chope" the seats and get 20 to 23% vote shares. If there are some economists in the alternative ranks who polled such low percentage in those wards they contested and still intend to do the same things all over again, it makes one wonder how on earth they got their economics degrees from renowned centuries old global institutions such as Oxford? Surely, in the courses they studied, there are modules on probability and statistics taught and tested, is it not? If they have totally forgotten such fundamentals, maybe they should go for refresher course before "wasting" sinkies time and chances to elect rightful representative to go into parliament.

Anonymous said...

Another myth often propagated is that sinkieland is so, so wonderful those sinkies who complained are "losers"!?

Just two points to debunk this mythological "UNICORNIC" at best half truths.

1) If sinkieland is so great and 3rd world (fake) foreign talents can survive so well just like fish takes to water, why are there so many suicide cases, violent cases and tragic cases of such foreigners committed in sinkieland? Is Sinkieland so wonderful and rocks so well that the foreigners have to commit suicide, kill their loved ones or commit acts of extreme violence and heart wrenching tragedies?

Anonymous said...

2) If sinkieland really rocks and with the natural aristocrats always using ( the excuse of ) globalisation to squeeze sinkies, why then with such interconnectedness, globalised communications and free flow of instantaneous information, Sinkieland is NOT experiencing high volume of immigration application from real FTs from the advanced economies and 3rd world alike! ? How sought after is sinkieland's citizenship as compared to say the United States? Who really come to sinkieland? Are those rich people not using sinkieland as a safe haven to escape high taxes back home or even to transfer "some ill-gotten gains"? USA is a real magnet for global talents. If sinkieland is really that good and rocks, how come the top talents are not coming?

It shows the character if sinkies are easily shaken.

It shows the character if the alternatives are easily discouraged.

Anonymous said...

Many social and economics time bombs sowed since 1990 are likely to emerge to haunt sinkies and sinkieland eventually.

Remember the Nicoll Highway collapse in the mid 2000s due to "reckless and indiscriminate " underground tunnelling?

With the current massive underground tunnelling in urban densely populated and built sinkieland, who can guarantee another mishap(s) ( many times that of the Nicoll Highway collapse ) would not occur in the foreseeable future?

Anonymous said...

Any transport minister would have sleepless nights ensuring that the current vast network of underground tunnelling for the various additional subway networks do not have any potential mishap now or down the road ........

With real GDP per capita PPP adjusted probably in the negative zone in the past few years if inflation, population growth and purchasing power parity are accounted for in sinkieland's GDP figures, the input ( investment, I ) driven component of sinkieland's AD ( aggregate demand ) cannot be decelerated given exports have been on a downward trend for the past 3 years in a row.

Assuming NET exports constitute around 20% of sinkieland's GDP, private consumption below 35%, government sector above 15%, it likely implies investment has to stay at almost 30% to stay the course of even a low 1 - 2.5% nominal GDP growth rate for the next decade or at least next few years.

Anonymous said...

Up to this point in human history, beans shud know that the wicked and evil exploiters love lawless societies. It is in lawless societies that the rogues gain the most advantages.
In the law of the jungle, the weak and meek are foods for the predators such as the lion, tiger, hyena and wolves. Those predators that work in packs are normally the strongest and most successful species. Humans are animals too and far more scheming and vicious than the other species. The unthinking herds invariably fall preys to packs of lions, hyenas, wolves and dingos. The Packs get their success in unity whereas the herds only care about their individual safety.

In every hunan society, the law of the jungle plays out 24/7.

Anyway, it's Nature at play, may fate makes your life more bearable and existence meaningful.

Anonymous said...

Any evidence to support such "wild kpkb"?

1) If the GDP growth rate and therefore sinkieland's economy is going to do well over the next decade or next few years, given the almost perfect information and competitive nature of any stock market, the SGX STI should be about 1,000 points higher than the current level of 2000+. In the foreseeable future, is it going to go down further or go up towards 4,000 points?

2) From the regularly release economics data in singstats.gov.sg, the per capita private consumption expenditure has been on a relatively steep decline a few years in a row since 2011. There are a few serious and worrying social and economics implications from such economics indicator going forward.

Anonymous said...

3) In the 2015 NDR speech and countless 2015 GE speeches, forums, messages, manifesto etc, sinkieland's coming economics directions and policies are either side stepped, glossed over or not touched on in details. Given the MSM's tendency to blow it's trumpets until ( the buffaloes skins burst 牛皮吹破 and ) the far away planet Pluto might also been bombarded by such airwaves and what not, so far sinkieland's economics news are not getting much front page coverage pre-GE 0215. The MSM has suddenly become very "shy" or very "humble"?

Given the small multiplier effect in sinkieland's domestic economics transmission mechanism, any I ( investment ) pumped in would have very muted and limited effect to engender or drive even nominal GDP growth ( not mentioning real GDP per capita growth ).

But alas, given the declining exports and the anemic per capita private consumption ezpenditures in the past few years, all these investment expenditures ( and thus massive underground tunnelling and non-stop building ) cannot afford and be allowed to slow down.

Anonymous said...

So one thing it would likely mean is to expect more infrastructure projects to be ( "cooked up" and ) announced or at least maintained. Can any potential transport minister expect a let up on more massive underground tunnelling?

The real bugbear worries for any potential transport minister probably are not frequent MRT unexpected breakdowns but the potential of things going wrong with the massive underground tunnelling works in saturated, highly densely populated and over built sinkieland.

The 69.9% has given a resounding mandate. Let's see how people like "one target one shot", kee chiu, "sinkieland Kim Jong Un", "collect cardboard for exercise BG", "Quack Quack Quack", "angry 鸡hong", "every sch is good sch Mr minibond", "(Invisible) minister of (perpetual declining) trade and (dying) industry ( with engineering background)" etc etc are going to steer sinkieland's economy in the footsteps of NOL, oops, into the next golden era.

Anonymous said...

For the 69.9%, let's hope over the next few years, the most popular ( and trending ) words they search for in the Internet are NOT ( gazillion ) "face palms" .......?

Anonymous said...

....... and also "repent" .........?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ historical insignificance, 0822:

>> Since most if not all Asian societies are so used to monarchy dynastic rule for the past few millennia, why not ditch this shit about embracing western democratic traditions and follow the footsteps of Yuan Shi Kai.

But alas, even in feudalistic China in 1916, Yuan Shi Kai's unitary proclamation to be an emperor in the nascent Republic of China four years after the official collapse of the Qing Dynasty in 1912 lasted only 87 days ....... <<

Ah. I love parallel examples. It highlights the idea that we humans have no free will, and what happened before in an ancient civilization going back nearly 400 years ago is going to happen almost exactly today, in a different cuntree, in a time unimaginably different Manchurian China.

Still, you have to hand it to the Manchus. Modern China wouldn't be what it is today without Manchurian contribution, for e.g. the idea of LOW TAXES, Confucian philosophy for governance, and the motherfucking size of present day China itself. The Qings really loved to conquer and add lands to their growing territory.

Almost every Asian I know favours a sense of "order". Therefore the need for a central authority, or authority figure. Then everythig can traverse its indented path, and the path is cyclic. Authority is trusted and even revered.

In western societies, the idea of chaos/ disorder has a higher "value". Hence: "freedom" (whatever that means), especially individual freedom. Everyone is the center of their own universe, and there appears to be NO ONE in-charge.
Authority is universally mistrusted and summarily condemned, ridiculed, disrespected, and often SACKED.

I maintain the best system for Singapore is still that of a central authority, socially engineering and intervening as necessary with peoples' lives. Singaporeans have voted for this over and over and over again: Government knows BEST.

What more fucking proof do you motherfuckers need?

Anonymous said...

Ya,ya, go hide under your mother's skirt and do what you did best and like best.

Anonymous said...

There'd better be something that you 70% know about what's so good in giving a blank cheque to any party that I don't. And for our collective sake, I really hope you are right.