The importance of GE2015

How important is this GE? Some touted it as the GE to elect the leaders to take the nation forward in the next 50 years. Some diminished it as a GE to elect town council administrators. Some want to elect leaders to make the change, to chart a new course for the nation, to change policies. Like it or not, it is still important, or it must be important for the people of a country to march to the Polling Stations to cast their votes. Their future and the future of this country depend on this election. It must be important.

In another way it is unimportant or it is important enough to deserve only 9 pitiful days for the candidates to make their points and appeals and for the people to judge them and their worth. In these miserable 9 days, the people are going to make the most important decision in their lives, to understand the policies of the contesting parties, to read the characters of the candidates offering themselves to represent the people. That is how important this election is, 9 days!

The main media will be giving the parties and their candidates a chance to tell the people what they stood for. And the biggest party is given 13 minutes to tell the people on how good they are to deserve the trust of the people. The smaller parties are given 3 mins to 5 mins to say their piece. This is how important this election is, less than the time a person needs to shit.

The media could only spare the parties and candidates a few minutes each to talk to the people, to convince the people, to let the people judge their worth. The GE is to elect 89 representatives to determine our future, our lives, the lives of our children and the direction the country should take, and the media could only offer them a few minutes each to impress upon the people who and what they are.

Is this GE so meaningless, so unimportant that the media can only find it worthy of a few minutes of their time while hours could be spent on crappy and meaningless programmes? Is this GE another non event that it deserves only 9 days for the parties and their candidates to show cause to the people why they should be elected to represent them?

What do you think? Important or not? Ridiculous or not? Serious or not? How to judge whether a person is honest, trust worthy, got integrity, incorruptible and not another koyok seller?


Anonymous said...

The WP had 5 years in Parliament to say whatever they want. Whether its population issues, Medisave, CPF and immigration. They had 5 years to prove their capability to lead the nation. (actually they have been in Parliament for many many years)

They also has 5 years to clear their shit in AHPETC.

But so far I m more impressed by their ability at their rally speeches.

Huat Ah !!

Anonymous said...

9:47 What rubbish you are sprouting?

If you are at WP rallies, you would have heard 1st hand the clear explanation, and the distorted news on AHPETC from State Media & the lop-sided accusations of the PAP.

Why suddenly the TOWN COUNCIL reports of PAP wards in the National Library have disappeared?

This should be public knowledge. Afraid that citizens do an APPLE to APPLE comparison? Now that AHPETC report is out?

Compare the financial figures especially the fees to all managing agents, the rates charged to residents and supposed subsidies from MND, then the picture will be very clear.

Let's not because of partisan politics and self-interests and positions deny Singaporeans of better governance, accountability and better performance all around, an needed improvements, and reversing of bad structural policies like unthinking aggressive FT influx that destroy Singapore middle case, through replacement of local PMETs.

Think Singaporeans first, before anything please.

Yours truly & faithfully, a fellow Singaporean,

Anonymous said...

The world is looking!

What will the world think of us, seeing that the local issue
of managing AHPETC being used as the massive massive debate
during the GE?


Anonymous said...

Is this GE so meaningless, ....?

I think GE will be meaningless as long as the opposition is not ready to be govt, and as a result, majority voters are very scared to accidentally vote the PAP out.

Just like any other contest, if you know you can sure win, then the contest is quite meaningless. Win also don't feel great, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Good, old Mr. Chiam See Tong, when he was running Potong Pasir. His SMC residents enjoyed the about lowest rates charged to the residents.

Did States Media highlight this? No.

What a cover-up. If not with this kind of comparison, PAP will do better for the residents. For Singaporeans.

Transparency & accountability are so important.

How much is Ho Ching paid? How much her portfolio & decisions resulted in what losses & profits are important. If not how is SHE going to learn?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

This is probably redbean's rejoinder to my assertion about the "non significance" of the GE.

Yes, the GE is "important". The people not only need to choose the oppressors they deserve, but have to be wiling to give up tax money to pay these oppressors legalised "protection money" or "ransom" or "extortion" (you choose the word you like lah).

That is as far as the context should go. However, for many Singaporeans, that is not enough.

Our locals love a good old "good vs evil" (opposition=good, PAP= evil) narrative, so they've allowed their sentimentality and emotions to run amok during the "campaign". Even before the ballots are cast, some people are celebrating "victory".

Public displays of stupidity occur several times daily during this period. It can't be helped---Singaporeans are still culturally and thus politically IMMATURE, thanks to The Peoples' Ongoing Choice of keeping the same political party in office for 50 years.

Notice: I didn't blame the govt. The blame---if there is any to be assigned---rest squarely with The People. So what did they get for 50 years of keeping the same incumbents (the usual suspects) in?

A mixed bag, that's for sure. Some bad stuff, but plenty of "good stuff" which has made Singapore the envy of the world, and "The Singapore Model" a dissertation topic of thousands of university theses all over the world.

A pizza is a pizza. A refrigerator is a refrigerator. They have form and function. Similarly an election is just an election: you cast your One Lousy Vote™ for the candidate of your choice, and HOPE (and pray and wish and dance and cry and wail...) that the majority of people are "as smart as you" and vote accordingly. Of course, those who didn't vote like you did are automatically judged as "idiots".

An election is just an election. Sure you can make it "more" than what it actually is---so go ahead, knock yourselves out.

Bring out the "romantic" in you. Express that "revolutionary angst". Believe in the bullshit that one election can actually set your destiny, or swear on your ancestors graves that the success of your and your childrens' lives depend SOLELY on everyone casting the "correct" One Lousy Vote™.

Are you nuts yet? 😂

Anonymous said...

@ September 04, 2015 9:47 a.m.

"The PAP had 50 years in Parliament to say whatever they want. Whether its population issues, Medisave, CPF and immigration. They had 50 years to prove their capability to lead the nation.

They also has 50 years to clear their shit in PA,CPF,GIC,Temasek,Education,Transport,Health and etc.

But so far I'm more impressed by their ability at their rally speeches to tell grandfather stories about LKY.

LKY die already.
Still want to say: For Yew, With Yew, For Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so presumptious lah. The only presumption you got right is the smell of your mother's cockle lah.

Anonymous said...

Which asshole decided that the people can only have 9 days to decide who to vote for?

Which asshole decided that 3 minutes or 5 minutes are enough to explain to the people what they want to do for the people?

The asshole must be insane.

Anonymous said...

If PAP wins big, status quo or even more seats, which is a fair chance.
The outcome will be 6.9mln to 10mln very quickly.
Singaporean PMETs will HOLLOW out real fast.

This should be the issue that middle income Singaporeans be most concerned about. The election outcome that they should try to avoid at all costs.

Low costs huge supply of foreign PMETs will destroy even competitive Singaporean PMETs. Because of costs of living arbitrage & realities between Singapore and their home countries. This is basic global demand & supply curves of labor economics at play when you have an OPENED LEGS PAP policy to FTs.

PMETs who vote PAP deserve what is coming to them, a human Tsunami.

Anonymous said...

Biased reporting is why people are no longer relying on the mass media for their dose of news update. Instead, they are turning to social media for fairer and deeper coverage. SPH isn't rank 153 out of 163 in the 2015 World Press Freedom Index for no reason.

PAP is keenly aware of this. MDA tries to control the internet so that we "read the right news". IBs are hired to hijack discussions and sing praises of the party. Like what we are seeing on uncle RB's blog :) I guessed this means that this site is newsworthy.

Keep it up, uncle RB!

Anonymous said...

Social media like The Real Singapore, TRS are more trusted than the ST. In fact all the social media that says PAP is bad can be trusted. Those are the real truth.

Together we Huat Ah!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.01 am

Rally speech is a good opportunity to clear misunderstandings in AHPETC because it is a ONE WAY STREET.

You talk, people hear. Cannot query mah.

Just like the time Pritam said in Parliament if you want me to explain to you, you must be a Punggol resident first, otherwise I m not going to explain to you in Parliament.

patriot said...

The Importance of GE2015 is not whether
PAP or OTHER PARTIES win or lose.