The AHPETC football

This political football has been kicking around for months and increasing momentum in the last few days. The football must be feeling the pain with all the furious bashing and kicking. No one seems to care if the football is hurt or not. The welfare of the football is not important to the combatants.

The latest, $22.5m in cash was handed to the AHPETC by the Pasir Ris TC. The sum included project funds and sinking funds. The PAP is asking the AHPETC to account for the money as if the money has disappeared into thin air. What do you think will happen if such a big sum of money, in cash, disappeared? Someone must have taken it right? The police and CPIB must be very busy chasing after the thief right? Can such a big sum of money be lost without anyone knowing where it went to? The only time we heard of such big sums of money being lost or loss was when several town councils lost $12m in investing in toxic funds. And the other time when such big sum of money was lost was when $24m of Aljunied residents’ money was used to develop a town council management system that was sold for $140k.

Let’s get back to the hazy $22.5m in cash. Didn’t the PAP said the amount was for projects and sinking fund? For the sinking fund, is it so difficult to check if it is there? As for project funds, would there be contractors doing projects and not demanding payments? Should not the money be paid to the contractors?

Low Thia Khiang showed the bottom line with a deficit of $282k. In all accounting statements, the bottom line is the net position after all payments and receipts, or expenditure and receiveables, be squared off?

Zainal Sapari came out to clarify that the bottom line was a surplus of $21k. So the difference in question cannot be a colossal sum of $22.5m missing but somewhere between a surplus of $21k and a deficit of $280k. This is not even a peanut compared to the $24m the residents lost for developing a town council management system and was sold and compelling the new management to pay for another new management system right?

The poor victim in this case is the residents. Their pockets got burnt. First losing $24m for a management system that was sold away and had to pay for it again for its used. Then their surplus which should be retained for their benefits was whooshed into the sinking fund because of a change of management. And the new management got to pay for another management system that ended up the residents paying. And the football being kicked here and there, checking and checking of accounts, to dig for errors and explain and explain, who did the checking and who have to pay for the checking?

Does anyone care for the football, that it got bashed and had to pay for all the damages and cost incurred in this politicking? And so much time and effort were taken from the management instead of them doing their normal duties and serving the residents.

Who are the clowns and why should the residents be the victims of the clowns and paying for the clowning?

PS. The more they dig, the more the residents would have to pay.


Anonymous said...

I trust WP's Town Council accounting more than I trust PAP's subsidy accounting .... Or Temasek's accounting of its investment track record.

Anonymous said...

Poor Aljunied, Hougang and Punggol residents. They have to pay for all the wayangs. The AHPETC will incurred a lot of additional cost and will have to charge to the residents.

Anonymous said...

If there is any wrong doings, i suppose the WP leaders wouldn't have a chance to stand in front of the crowd delivering their speeches.
In addition, manipulating statistics or figures is not uncommon for certain political parties as we are all humans.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB:

>> The poor victim in this case is the residents. Their pockets got burnt. <<

Not qualified as "victims" lah. How can?

The residents get the town council they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Papsmear campaign by honest men.

Anonymous said...

...why should the residents be the victims of the clowns and paying for the clowning?


#1. Because the WP clown is not ready to be the govt.

#2. Because of #1, majority residents are very scared to accidentally vote the lesser PAP clown out of govt.

And because of #1 and #2, all residents become the victims (some greater, some lesser) of the clowns and paying for the clowning.

Anonymous said...

The latest, $22.5m in cash was handed to the AHPETC by the Pasir Ris TC.

Cash which AHPETC can see but cannot touch, just like our CPF?

If so, no wonder Teochew Ah Hia is so angry, just like angry Sinkies who can see but cannot touch their CPF cash.

Virgo 49 said...

Wah piang, all the while sinkies ruled by clowns.

So sinkies are the REAL Clowns

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

If 1MDB ran the TC....

"Eh hamba, mana duit bandar ini? "

"Aku tak tahu tuan. Duit sudah hilang!"

"Puki-mak lah, bagaimana duit lebeh 22 juta boleh hilang?"

"Saya tidak tahu tuan."

"Okay, panggilan raja bomoh...bomoh itu terkenal dari urusan MH370 Dia boleh menyelesaikan kes ini dengan menggunakan ilmu sihir. Apa nombor handphone nya?"
rough translation here

Anonymous said...

Puki mah, one Lim Swee Say to offend the Malaysians is already bad enough.
Now this mother cockle smeller also want to make our Malaysian friends angry.
Get lost to where you come from, quitter loser.

Anonymous said...

3 clowns saying 3 different things. One said $22.5m. One said $21K, one said $1m.
Which clown is right or 3 clowns are wrong.

Final statement signed by one clown said deficit $282k.

Allegations and confusion.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ no fun lah, 133:

>> also want to make our Malaysian friends angry <<

Yes, I do. Why? Because they are funny when they get mad ;-)

Anonymous said...

To you only smell cockles got fun.

Anonymous said...


Have they checked with Lehman Brothers? I think must also ask Australia to help because they are the best in searching for anything that sinks, like 'Sinking Funds'.

If the funds were handed over, it must have gone into some account and cannot be in cash or coins, unless the payer is really mean and does not have a 'pure heart'. So, until the evidence are produced, this will turn into erh, sorry to say 1MDB the sequel.

Anonymous said...

Now that the PAP gets driven into a corner, they are throwing smokebombs to confuse, complicate and conquer the minds of the daft.

But true blue voters are never that easy to con, unlike the 60%.

Anonymous said...

Tiok, like the Malaysian Airline that disappeared. The missing fund, like the missing jet, must be in the Indian Ocean.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder what other skeletons will come out of the PAP cupboard if there is really a change of Government. Little wonder they are so afraid of a change in Government. There must be lots of skeletons in every PAP town council's cupboard, so much so that when any opposition takes over a constituency, the PAP had to take away all the computers with all the data and information that the one taking over needs to continue. There must be some really sensitive materials that cannot see the light of day.

I am quite disturbed by the need for such secrecy regarding the information requested by former President Ong Teng Cheong that they totally refused to let him have that information and had to get rid of him. I am not a cat but I smell a rat.

One day, Singaporeans may wake up to find the reserve coffers and CPF savings not what they had expected. It will be too late to realise their folly and that white lies may hurt them when they least expect it, that is after the liar is no longer there to take the blame.

Anonymous said...

When they don't tell you, afraid to tell you, beware!
They must be hiding something real bad from you.
Can you trust people hiding things from you, dare not tell you?

b said...

THats the reason it is not healthy for sg to only has yesmen and yeswomen. Must have people who dare to question the numbers.

b said...

In fact that is true for any country not only sg.

patriot said...


Sinkies' fate is sealed and yet many are still fearing for themselves like as though THEY ARE HAVING MILLIONS TO BE LOST OR THAT THEIR PRECIOUS LIVES AND WELLBEING WILL BE AFFECTED.

They forget that there are many more at Hougang, Potong Pasir, Punggol East and Aljunied GRC who are also Sinkies. BUT THEY VOTED IN ALTERNATIVE PARTIES AND ARE STANDING BY THEIR MPs.

To those with IMAGINED AND CONCOCTED FEARS LIKE FEARING ONES' OWN SHADOW, please free yourselves from your fear.


Anonymous said...

Vote for 6.9mln and then 10mln?
Or vote against this policy?

So simple. This PAP policy is mother of all policies. Impacting every aspect of your live, your children life and your children-children life, now and for many years to come.

I vote no.

Anonymous said...

The PAP Goodbye Song
When the election results are announced.
Every time a PAP MP is voted out.
I wish for all Opposition supporters to start singing:

Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na
Hey Hey


Imagine 200,000 WP supporters singing this simple song at a rally now.
It will be awesome.


patriot said...

I want to call on
All Voters TO VOTE OUT


Anonymous said...

People are less angry than in 2011, ...
....there is a real risk of severe disappointment after Polling Day.
Read more in https://yawningbread.wordpress.com/2015/09/07/the-general-election-campaign-so-far-demographic-and-media-landscape/

Anonymous said...

We should know that the opposition are facing all kinds of obstacles and immense odds stacked against them in every department.

Since coming into power, the PAP has politicalised everything. The civil service is politically skewed. The Unions are politicalised beyond imagination. The People's Association, Community Centres, Clubs are all politicalised. The law enforcement arms, police, NEA, are all at the beck and call of the PAP. Even the office of the elected President is politicalised and rendered powerless with no clout. What else is not functioning under their perview?

And yet there are people still arguing that we should not put more opposition into Parliament.

Anonymous said...

The PAP are honest men and men of integrity. What they did are honest and full of integrity. The most honourable living men and women in Sin City.