Singaporean cleansing – A plea from ground zero

Below is part of an article by a Andrew Ho posted in the TRE title, ‘Voting away your children’s jobs’. The full text can be viewed in the TRE.

‘I worked in a financial futures company sometime in 2007. When I started with the company, the managing director, heads of department, back office managers were almost all local citizens with a few PRs occupying these posts. The staff were mainly Singaporeans with a few Malaysians and Indonesians due to language ability as the customer base of the company spanned the ASEAN region.

About 2 years later, the managing director was replaced by an Indian from Mumbai. This new MD was mostly lost about what the company actually did and went about asking all sorts of basic operational questions that set us thinking ‘what the hell’? We know now that there was a high chance his academic qualifications were fake although we did not suspect it at that time. In any case why would someone from Mumbai get hired to run a financial company in Singapore, the number 3 or 4 major financial center in the world after London, New York and Hong Kong?

As months passed, all the local heads of department were replaced one by one by Australians and Britons. The customers who had interacted with locals suddenly found themselves up against the arrogant and racist outlook and attitude of the new managers with their “take it or leave it “attitude, and the local staff were often caught in awkward situations between their bosses and the clients they served.

In the back office, the operations managers were replaced by Australians too. Was this even necessary? The company looked like an ethnic cleansing zone. They even employed this Caucasian to man the phone lines and he had to ask for help whenever he picked up a call where the caller spoke Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese and so on. This company ran itself into the ground in 2012 and is no longer in existence. Nobody in Singapore misses it, I would think….’

This is just one company that I personally worked in that so blatantly discriminated against local born citizens, and nobody could do anything about it. If our elected representatives allow such systematic cleansing of the local workforce in the local economy, why are we still voting for them? I know that this is still happening in many companies in Singapore right at this moment and there are many frustrated locals out there….’

The above is painful feedback from the people that are being hurt. People in ivory towers would not feel anything or would not want to know. They are still enjoying their wealth and comfort and demanding the people to vote them to power with bigger mandate while the people on ground zero are crying for help. They would even blame the people as losers and expect the citizens to compete with cheats and fakes on a level playing field in our very own country.

Think very carefully about the future of your children and your country. How are your children going to compete with cheats and fakes and people who can survive with little pay when their cost of living is far lower than living here? Vote wisely. This is your last chance to do something, failing which there is no hope of saving this country and the jobs for your children and their children. The situation on ground zero is real and dire. Do what you can for your children and your country in this GE. Do the right thing.

For the rich and successful, those with wealth and jobs, do not think they will last forever. And your children may not be as brilliant as you to compete with the foreigners. They need a pro Singaporean govt when they are down and out to protect them. That is what a govt is for, to protect the citizens, not to protect foreigners. Do your part for the future of your children too.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Local jobless graduate of 18 months: “Full time positions for foreigners and contracts for Singaporeans!”

I graduated from a local university and my career path is somewhat similar as the author. It took me 1 year and 1 month before I got my first job at a MNC for $1800.

Median pay for grads few yrs ago was $3300 and I am only asking for $2600.

Needless to say, in the MNC, senior staff are FT and support staff local because they need the locals to meet quota to hire FT.

What made me more upset is that, we locals are filled in lower jobs and very often they don’t offer full time positions to us.

Locals are treated like second class citizens, contractors. I was upset why FT are given full time roles and locals contract roles and THERE IS NOTHING THAT THE GOV IS DOING TO RESOLVE this problem

My second job was also in a MNC, same case FT all in senior management and as a local put on a support staff position – again I WAS PUT ON CONTRACT again.

The above is posted by a commentator called W in Transitioning.org

Anonymous said...

No doubt there are Sinkies affected by Singaporean cleansing lah. And no doubt they will be angry with PAP and will not vote PAP.

Problem is, even in bad, if not worse, times for such Sinkies like in 2011, there are simply not enough of them to vote the PAP out!

Which means that majority of Sinkies were not affected by such cleansing. Or maybe PAP even made many new Sinkies out of those foreigners who cleanse the Sinkies?

So back to the key question. Are there enough of Sinkies affected by cleansing to vote PAP out this time?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

You think you will not lose your job?
You think your children will always be born smart and not duds and can compete with foreigners?
You think your money will last long enough?

So you are rich, clever, your children will be born clever, you do not need a govt to protect you and your children?

It is ok if other Singaporeans are suffering?

Anonymous said...

But why are there not even enough Sinkies joining the opposition to make it strong and united so as to be ready to be govt? Why are Sinkies so hopeless, or rather choose to be so hopeless?

And being so, don't Sinkies deserved or are asking to be cleansed?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sinkies no enough or talent no enough never mind, but why Sinkies even no enough to vote the PAP out?

Or is it for every Sinkie lost their job to foreigners, PAP create another or more new Sinkies? And of course u know who the new Sinkie will vote lah.

Maybe that's why Sinkies no enough to vote PAP out?

If that is the case, PAP, in trying to remain in power and also have GDP growth, is really not only brilliant but also very wicked, especially to Sinkies who need to serve NS some more.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Too many fucking cry babies in Singapore worrying over nothing.

The cuntree will prevail, even if it has to "sacrifice" a few now and again. The CUNTREE is more important than the people---who come and go, born, live then die the fuck out.

Singapore is an on-going EXPERIMENT lah, with its planning, social engineering and political controls.

Don't be such a wimp. You're setting a bad example to the children---who, like you probably need to toughen the fuck up.

Cry baby cunt ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have done extremely well in the financial sector, through opportunities created by Dr. Goh Keng Swee giving us locals a head start and a favourable entrance in foreign financial institutions and MNCs.

Last 15 to 20 years, the government has reversed the localization of management policy of Dr. Goh. Locals are even discriminated. Singaporeans can be very competitive and be global winners when given the opportunities.

Who can be skillful and competitive if not given the chances?
Just look at Lee Hsien Yang, the "playful man"....do long enough in Telecoms also can be quite good. Of course many opportunities and space are given him...to learn and make mistakes...hahaha

Introducing self-inflicted FTs influx into PMETs positions from low-wage seeking 3rd world PMETs, and look-up to White PMETs from White countries are fast eliminating the opportunities for Singaporean PMETs.

Pointing the Sword of global competition on its Own citizens is not wise.

Anonymous said...

Just because one is born in Singapore, aka " a true blue " does not entitled to a free head start. One muse be better than the next before one can get the prize. In this day and age when competition is keen and tightly contested, one must not expect a free ride. There are no free lunches in this world. I feel that those Singaporeans who feel deprived and over shadowed by FTs must pull themselves together and learn to be more relevant and maybe they will not lose out to the FTs.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are not asking for a free ride. Singaporeans are demanding for their just right to kick out the foreign cheats and the PAP if they still think of bringing in the foreigners against the interest of the Singaporeans

Kick them out, vote them out, or you will have to crawl under the legs of foreigners or traitors.

The time is now, on 9/11.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:28,

Are you a Singaporean or a foreigner?
If you are a foreigner, I say go to hell.

If you are a Singaporean, you think and speak like a traitor.