Shinzo Abe’s mischievous intent

The Japanese govt is on the verge of passing the new security Bills to allow Japan to go to war. Abe and his supporters’ reasoning, China is getting stronger and more aggressive, it is thus necessary to rescind the pacifist Constitution so that Japan can now go to war with China. Is this reasoning real, valid, logical and sound?

The pacifist Constitution does not prevent Japan from building its so called ‘Defence Force’ to the current size that is second only to China but an even match in terms of technology and weaponry. The pacifist Constitution does not prevent Japan from defending itself against any attack by China or any country. The right and ability to defend Japan against a foreign invasion are never compromised under the pacifist Constitution.  In addition, Japan is protected by the American nuclear umbrella and defence treaty that should China or any country attempts to attack Japan, the Americans would be obliged to come in to defend Japan. China or any country is no match to the Americans and would be naïve to conduct such a grave act. Japan’s national security is never threatened under the pacifist Constitution. The Americans have all the reasons to want to stop China from attacking Japan in their own interest.

What is changed with the new security Bills is that Japan can now go to war anywhere in the pretext of defending an ally. In other words, Japan wants the right to go to war again, to conduct wars like it did in the past, not the quoted threat from China. The new security Bills will put Japan on the same war path as Imperial Japan, to be another aggressive country that would resort to war as another form of diplomacy.

The pacifist Constitution forbids Japan to send it soldiers to fight outside Japa when it is none of Japan’s busines. This is the intent and the motive of Abe’s new security Bills, that Japan will be like the Americans, free to go to war with any country under whatever excuses and pretexts. The blood of a warlike and aggressive people is showing itself in Abe and his supporters.  Japan wants to go to war, wants to conduct and engage in wars of aggression.


Anonymous said...

Roll on WW 3. China watch out. Abe and his gand are coming.

Virgo 49 said...

Abe, life must be too boring for you??

Want to do do also cannot do do.

Viigara, cilas no longer helps.

So must have some live war actions before your last screw being drill into your coffin.

Good fxxx to you.

b said...

The west will not hesitate to arm the japs weapons again to commit atrocities in asia, make them fight among themselves and then they will pick up the rumbles. China knows that very well. Unfortunately, the japs still stay stupid and continues to support a regime that only do them harm.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Constitutions can change, and they should to reflect the times. Every cuntry on earth (in their respective timelines) have amended their constitutions.

The Singapore Government has corporations which are well known and respected arms dealers. Now they have a potential new customer.

Welcome former enemy, oppressor and brutal occupier of Syonan-to, please buy weapons from us. We give you good price!

Anonymous said...

People of Syonanto, we Japanese vely good. Buy our weapons. We give you good plice.