SG2015 – New kids on the block

The 9 days of hustings in this GE have thrown up a few new faces that would likely to create waves when the results are known on Saturday morning and the next decades to come. Two of the greatest finds happened to be from the SDP in Chee Soon Juan and Paul Tambyah.  Chee Soon Juan, the come back kid, has endeared himself with the crowd that turned up at the SDP rally. And the crowd size kept growing till the final night of the rally at Clementi Avenue 6. The muddy field did not stop them from coming and the reception was befitting of a politician thrown into the wilderness and coming back in glory. The crowd simply loved him, for his oratory, for his sincerity despite efforts to demonise him, to share the pains he had to go through with his wife and children. For several nights, the crowd stayed back for him to autograph his books, waiting for hours, waiting patiently in long winding queues. The force is with him, with the people standing with him. No more is Chee Soon Juan the feared, and the leper he was made out to be. They see in him a potential PM in waiting. The signs are all favourable for this man like the stars in alignment.

Standing closely on his side is Paul Tambyah, a man that could easily be another minister in the PAP cabinet. Tambyah spoke about the sufferings of the common man in an area that he knew best, healthcare. He spoke in a calm and professor like manner unlike some behaving like hooligans and gangsters. The crowd listened to him intently and appreciated what this man was all about, a very good man needed to speak in Parliament for the people. They trusted and liked him. They see another good man speaking out for the people, with all honesty and integrity, very real, no bunkum.

The WP also has a few pleasant surprises in Daniel Goh and Leon Perera. Both were of the same generic DNA that the PAP sort after. They were eloquent and sincere men that have stepped forward on their own to join the opposition camp, not waiting to be invited for tea. And there is Cambridge graduate He Ting Ru, another young lady in the likes of Nicole Seah. These three candidates could be the shining stars of the WP if given more time, exposure and coverage by the media for what they deserved. They provide depth to the leadership in the WP and augur well for the party. It was unfortunate that not much coverage was given to them, but that cannot deny them for showing their potential that could only grow and blossom in the near future.

Another very strong candidate is Lim Tean from the NSP. This is a man that exudes leadership, well articulate and has a commanding voice to go along. People like to listen to him. How could the PAP miss him when he is in the right industry that the PAP often seen digging into, a lawyer? PAP’s lost is the opposition’s gain. This man would go far if he is in a stronger party. This round NSP is troubled by a lot of resignations and negative news that put a question mark on the credibility of the party and its future well being. In the WP or SDP camp, Lim Tean would be a force to contend with and likely to waltz into Parliament.

The SingFirst has its two kingpins in Tan Jee Say and Ang Yong Guan, two second time veterans that are quite well respected.

In the PAP camp, there were a few promising newcomers in Ng Chee Meng, Mervin Yong, and Chee Hong Tat. It was a pity that their presence was not felt, more likely because the party is too big and there are still too many ministers calling the shot with a few ahead of them trying hard to impress. They were given too little exposure to be on the spotlight. Their speeches were not of the same stuff as the opposition camp that could arouse the emotions of the crowd. Could they do better if they were speaking from the other side of the camp? They were touted as ministerial material in the same group as Chan Chun Sing, Tan Chuan Jin and Lawrence Wong. Maybe they were simply out shone by the veterans in the PAP that are still dominating the stage.  Maybe they were given too little to show how good they are or could be. None of them really stood out on their own as exceptional and worth listening to, to draw the crowd, to mesmerize the crowd like the great leaders they are expected to be.

Other than the veterans that could still hold the attention of the crowd, the top crowd pullers among the new kids that really made a difference must be Chee Soon Juan and Paul Tambyah. Many are hoping and wanting them to be in Parliament. Would that be the case? Whatever, they have made their presence felt in the last 9 days of election rallies on stage.


Anonymous said...

After reconsidering, I now believed Dr. Chee Soon Juan was set up and unfairly persecuted. With verification of the thoughts of Chee's wife and children.

Furthermore, the judgment of Dr. Paul Tambyah, a most qualified candidate, and him putting himself at risk in joining SDP & Chee Soon Juan.
My Holland-Bukit Timah vote is a resounding one to SDP.

I also don't want the lightweight spendthrift, incompetent Yes-man minister as my MP.

Anonymous said...

Alternative parties are able & attracting very good young spirited candidates. PAP is looking weak and unrighteous, relying on the enticement of very big PAY. The mighty has fallen on itself.

Anonymous said...

DR CHEE AND PAUL TAMBYAH and their team will be voted to be MPs for Holland-Bukit Timah. Great !!!!!

Now we will hear some checks and balance voices in parliament, instead of nodding heads and silence.

Anonymous said...

Other than the veterans that could still hold the attention of the crowd, the top crowd pullers among the new kids that really made a difference must be Chee Soon Juan and Paul Tambyah.

But then why even Presidential material Tan Jee Say under SDP in GE 2011 didn't make a difference, and some more getting only about 39% of the votes? Definitely not even near to winning, tio bo?

And in terms of calibre, is Tan Jee Say (Oxford U graduate and PPS to ex PM Goh u know) any lesser than Chee Soon Juan and Paul Tambyah, u tell me lah?

If not, what makes u think Chee Soon Juan and Paul Tambyah, contesting in the same GRC, and against the same PAP opponents, can really made a difference this time?

Anonymous said...

Majority voters in Holland Bukit Timah GRC may think there is really no advantage at all,(which is also quite true lah) by voting SDP, if PAP will still be the govt with at least 90% majority seats after 11 Sep.

And even in the unlikely scenario of the opposition winning enough seats to form a coalition govt with or without PAP, they also think that Chee Soon Juan may not even be part of it, as PAP and WP is unlikely to be able to work together with Chee Soon Juan, assuming Chee can win. And some more Chee's SDP only contested 11 out of 89 seats.

So the above being the case, Chee Soon Juan and team is most unlikely to win. They will be lucky if they can get 40% votes, just like Tan Jee Say in 2011.

Because majority Sinkies are realistic people, and also know what they can realistically expect, and so vote accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Chee Soon Juan did not even talk to WP before election, tio bo? Like that how to cooperate with WP Teochew Ah Hia to fight PAP in Parliament?

So like that vote Chee Soon Juan into Parliament got use or not? And even if SDP can win all the 11 seats contested, which also most unlikely, Chee will also not have the numbers to speak loud in Parliament, tio bo? So will PAP or even Teochew Ah Hia want to listen to him? Will Ah Hia even want to cooperate with Chee to fight PAP in Parliament?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:48,
If branding is so important and would determine a person is good enuf or not, may I know what is your qualification or brand first before I decide if your rumbling is worthy of my reply.

By the way you tok, your brand is not likely to warrant any respect to start with.

Anonymous said...

If there are more WP MPs in Parliament, it may even be possible they will eventually become "PAP's B Team." Meaning in time to come, there may not be much difference whether Sinkies vote PAP or WP.

As for SDP, Chee Soon Juan should focus on making SDP strong by contesting as many, if not more, seats than WP in future elections. Or else SDP can forget about winning, regardless how good their candidate credentials are, or how well they can speak at rallies.

Anonymous said...

After all the bashing, Ah Hia said, 'lun li jin ku leow'. He will whack the PAP real hard if he got a chance. All the IBs trying to stir shit about WP would not work.
Their simple minded approach in deceit would not work on the people. The people are more sophisticated than them and can read them through even with eyes closed.

Anonymous said...

By the way you tok, your brand is not likely to warrant any respect to start with.
Anon 3:29 p.m.

It's OK, u r entitled to your views, just as I am entitled to mine.

I am also not expecting any respect from u or anyone anyway.

Anonymous said...

2015 is clearly about:
Singaporean Interests Vs Puppies Self-Interests

Its not about Opp vs Pap.

So the Singaporean voters will decide.

Anonymous said...

Please lah,
SDP in 2011: Chee Soon Juan cannot contest. His story & his victimization by Doggies were not circulated well in mass media within Spore. 2015 is different lah. His side of story is made known & better explained.

Also Vincent, gay issue was hijacked by Doggies, so SDP candidates solid guys like Tan Jee Say & Dr Ang Yong Guan were adversely affected. It is a "no touch" party especially by traditional voters who were misled that SDP was for gay.

Please lah, Prsident Election got so many Tans: TT, TJS, TCB, TKL.
For TJS to get almost 30%, he is quite something.

Please lah, TCB lost because he was still perceived as a mini-Doggie candidate, even though much more caring than TT.
TCB shot himself on his feet. If he dared to declared & give away his potential President pay he would have won.
But why is he not willing? After Nathan's basic of $4.2m?
Big PAY still talks to DOGGIES. For DOGGIES it still after-all about BIG PAY.

Anonymous said...

Sissy Vivian this year got no gay to go after. He is in BIG TROUBLE, his gross INCOMPETENCE becomes obvious.

patriot said...

Did campaigning with Lim Tean(NSP).
Here is one politician that is genuinely
sincere, calm and humble.

As noted by Redbean, the Developments that arose out of NSP getting itself embroiled with three corner contest has impacted much negatively on a very outstanding candidate.
I feel disappointed and sad that a most deserving People's Representative, One that is truly hard to come by maybe become victim of circumstances.

Me wishes that Voters at Tampines GRC have noticd the Quality of the
Man( Lim Tean) that even Singaporeans living in other constituencies have detected.


patriot said...

One that is truly hard to come by
'maybe' become victim of circumstances.
The Word 'maybe' to be corrected to 'may' become victim of circumstances.

My apology.


Anonymous said...

Good candidates are difficult to come by especially those just mentioned and I wish they could represent us in the Parliament. Good guy is not an exclusive word only to be used by the ruling party. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Lim Tean please join Singfirst; same heartbeat.
If not Lim Tean, please mount a takeover of NSP & clean out from inside, as too much woody like Cheo & Teo.
Contest to win. This is not a one-man game. Your team mates count.

Anonymous said...

CSJ has survived everything that the PAP has done to him and his family. A lesser man would have broken a long time ago. The reason that he is still here is because CSJ has God and his family. With these, he is richer and more blessed than any PAP Minister. For any Christian, it is obvious that CSJ has gone into GE 2015 filled with the Holy Spirit. His reaction to the vicious attacks by the PAP show that he is bearing the fruits of the Holy Spirit. If Holy Spirit is with him and God has chosen him, then the impossible will become possible.

Anonymous said...

The YOUNG ONES getting better & better & more & more:
Lawyer Terence Tan, 44
Factory owner Firuz Khan, 48
Corporate lawyer He Ting Ru, 32
Wealth manager Dylan Ng, 40
Yee Jenn Jong.
Gerald Giam, 37
Professor and sociologist Daniel Goh, 42
Law firm partner Dennis Tan, 44
Research and consultancy firm CEO Leon Perera, 44
Librarian Mohamed Fairoz Shariff, 36
Ms Kevryn Lim, 26
Software engineer Koh Choong Yong, 42,

Businessman Adrian Sim, in his 40s.
Luke Koh, 40, CEO of a holding company.
Engineer Redzwan Hafidz Abdul Razak, 30.
Bernard Chen, 29, a project executive at a funeral service company
Sales consultant Chery Denise Loh, 32
Trainee lawyer Shaneet Rai, 27.
Kenneth Foo, in his 30s and manager at a voluntary welfare organization
Property agent Ron Tan, 30., etc
Lim Tean, ex-law firm partner, 50.

The list go on. Soon on & on &on.....SINGAPORE GOT FUTURE. SINGAPORE GOT TALENT!!!

Dr Goh and Mr Tan are not exactly fresh faces, and have spoken at WP's rally during the 2013 Punggol East by-election. One of them is likely to be fielded in neighbouring Fengshan single-member constituency to be carved out of East Coast for the coming election.

Another former candidate, polytechnic lecturer L. Somasundaram, 52, who ran in Moulmein-Kallang GRC in 2011, will likely be leading a team in Jalan Besar GRC, which incorporates most of Moulmein-Kallang after the electoral boundary changes kick in. New faces seen with him include businessman Adrian Sim, in his 40s; Mr Luke Koh, 40, chief executive of a holding company; and engineer Redzwan Hafidz Abdul Razak, 30, who also spoke at the Punggol East by-election rally.

In Nee Soon GRC, the party could field a team made up entirely of first-timers. Potential candidates spotted there include Mr Bernard Chen, 29, a project executive at a funeral service company; sales consultant Chery Denise Loh, 32; trainee lawyer Shaneet Rai, 27; Mr Kenneth Foo, in his 30s and manager at a voluntary welfare organisation; and property agent Ron Tan, 30.

For MacPherson and Sengkang West SMCs, the party will likely field its two other former candidates. Last Friday, Ms Frieda Chan, 39, a medical social worker, was helping the party sell its newsletter at a market and hawker centre in MacPherson SMC.

Meanwhile, software engineer Koh Choong Yong, 42, is set to return for a rematch with PAP MP Lam Pin Min in the Sengkang West SMC, where he garnered 41.9 per cent of the vote in 2011.

As for the three constituencies it holds, all signs currently point to the seven incumbent MPs staying to defend their wards, though observers have not ruled out the possibility of one big gun from Aljunied GRC being sent out.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chin Leng,
Good morning.
Thanks for your many articles and the faithful efforts.
I enjoyed many of them, as they spur my thoughts. Some also resonate with my feelings.

This year I am particularly impressed by many qualified capable young women and men boldly participating in this interesting election.
"Action caused reaction". They must have felt a strong calling.
Wishing all these candidates, an enjoyable and meaningful journey with strength and encouragement.

Once again Chin Leng thank you, and may all go well with you spirit, mind and body.

With warmest regards,
Soon Hock

Anonymous said...

This year I am particularly impressed by many qualified capable young women and men boldly participating in this interesting election.
Soon Hock 12:32 a.m.

But most of them (opposition lah of course) will lose today (11 Sep) anyway, just as they had lost in previous ones, simply because their party is not ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

Life is full of setbacks and failures.
Keep at it with determination and patience, and usually it will payoff in one way or another. Do not be discouraged. Love & serve in spirit and in truth.
Warmest regards,
Soon Hock

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ 528:

>> The reason that he is still here is because CSJ has God and his family. <<

The most obvious reason Chee can run in today's GE is because Lee Kuan Yew is DEAD.

If Lee was still alive, no way Chee will even be visible.

Anonymous said...

The most obvious reason Chee can run in today's GE is because Lee Kuan Yew is DEAD.
ℳatilah_$ingapura 9:54 a.m.

Not really lah. Before he died, Lee Kuan Yew had already forgiven Chee by allowing Chee to settle the libel suit with only about $30K, which Chee promptly paid and hence duly discharged from his bankruptcy. That's why Chee can be a candidate in GE 2015.

Anonymous said...

And good riddance to bad rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Singapore has abstained in a UN vote yesterday for the raising of State flag of Palestinian.

Singapore is also the ONLY country in Asean to vote not in favour of a Palestinian non-member observer State .

On 29 November 2012, the General Assembly granted Palestine non-member observer state status in United Nations General Assembly resolution 67/19.

Virgo 49 said...

Why you keep harping they not really to be the government!!?

Chu Kee Liang LTK played this strategy to Rally the Singaporeans

If today oppositions managed to capture three quarters seats Your master got to sit at the opposition seats

Tiok BOH Your favourite quote

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ 132:

>> Singapore is also the ONLY country in Asean to vote not in favour of a Palestinian non-member observer State . <<

No lah. You are dead wrong. BTW, Singapore abstained, did not vote outright 'no'.

Other abstainee ASEAN cuntrees: Thailand, PNG. S. Kore is not ASEAN, but it also abstained.

See list here

Eh bro, check you facts lah. Have at least some standard.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks Soon Hock for your comments.

As long as my posts could trigger some thoughts among the readers it will be enough for me.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

P.S. The above is the latest vote.

@132, the vote you quoted is dated way back to 3 years ago. Get with the program lah.

Anyway, that is to be expected. Singapore has been unashamedly pro Israel and pro USA. (We buy lots of their weapons, software, and Singapore Christians are die-die in love with their "holy land")