SG100 – Your future

Is SG100 going to be celebrated in greater style, with more pomp and pageantry? One thing for sure, each HDB flat is likely to cost $2m or more.  By then the value of money would have taken a big tumble. A cleaner would be earning $10k pm but living under poverty line. The ministers would be paid $50m to keep pace with the high property prices. Cars would no longer be within the reach of the majority of the population. Only the super rich could afford them.

What is going to feature prominently in the lives of the average Singaporeans would be the expiry of their HDB leases. Many flats would be at the end of their 99 year lease and the value will revert to zero. Many would have to find $2m or $3m to buy a HDB flat. There would be fewer upgraders to take advantage of their appreciated HDB value to sell and buy bigger flats as the prices of HDB flats would all be tumbling.

The big question, how many could still afford to buy HDB flats? How many could afford to upgrade? Would other properties be able to hold on to their stratospheric prices?

SG100 will be a time when prices of old HDB flats will return to ground zero to many HDB lessees. Are you one of them or your children will be one of them? Many beautiful dreams of home owners will be dashed for good and they would have to start all over again in a new cycle. HDB flats that were worth $1m or $2m would be put up for sale at $50k or $20k depending on the years or months left at the tail end of the lease. No need to take loans, people can buy them for the price of a song, in cash. The average Singaporean’s monthly income would be $50k or $100k. All the people will be very rich with a lot of fiat currency that is worth as much as the banana currency of the Japanese Occupation.

Welcome to SG100, the year your HDB lease expires.


Anonymous said...

RB is again spreading fear and insecurity on his blog. Don't worry Singaporeans, PAP+++ will be at hand to look after you and your children and grand children. Everything will be OK, rest assure the PAP+++ will make sure all will be fine. Sleep easy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your assurance. Hope my HDB lease will be extended by your PAP for another 99 years.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to SG100, the year your HDB lease expires.

Don't worry lah, by SG100, the WP would have been ready to be govt, or even become the govt.

But sorry hor, most probably you and I will not be around to witness and enjoy the good WP govt.

Anonymous said...

SG100 will be a govt by new citizens. Because by then, all local born Sinkies would have become old and waiting to die, or even become extinct.

Or maybe the new citizens will make it a new province of China or India? Or even a new state of Matland?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Sorry straight line extrapolating thinking. It is not going to happen that way.
More likely:
PAPpies in power for another 15 years.
FT influx as drug for easy economic growth continued at fast pace.
FT influx policy ruined true blue Sinkies. Poor migrated to JB. Daughters mainly in "flesh" industry. Professionals left for Australia, etc. Businessmen & bootlickers rejoiced.
New citizens of red Dot are majority by 2030.
PAPpies kicked out of power by new citizens' political parties in 2030.
Spore ruled by alliance of "India & China" parties united.
A 3rd generation Familee leader caught & exposed for extreme corruption, with funds in excess of $10bln and executed.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Haha, you are right. I am using a simplistic assumption that all things remained the same. There can by many variables and upheavals along the way with many kinds of scenario.

An SG100 is a scenario that PAP is looking forward to celebrate, presuming that they would last that long.

Anonymous said...

Hello SG100! Hello SG100!

Singapore Will Be A Wonderful City, SG100!

YES! A wonderful city! NO mistake!

We will have 12M people on this tiny city state.

We will be the world-class top top "SMARTest" city supported by
a very complex networks of infrastructures, underground, aboveground,
undersea and oversea.

People will do their studies, shopping, working, etc etc etc in the
comfort of their homes. People will not need to leave homes!

Everything will be computerised. They have everything.

Yes! Everything!


Anonymous said...

My biggest fear has got nothing to do with 6.9m population or more opposition MPs representation in Parliament but the necessities that we normally take them for granted. For instance, water and basic food stuffs such as rice and fresh produce. As Minister quoted the rice issue as an example, what should our neighbor help us?

With the change in climate, Singapore will find this challenge the most difficult to cope with...

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Singapore won't last that long lah. The Sheeple will have long destroyed the place. Everyone will have been killed or captured, and every structure standing today will have been torn down or burnt to the ground.

Singapore will be "property" of the most powerful breakaway province of China, now an independent sovereign state. China would have broken up into several independent states 20 years ago.

Singapore will be China's bitch.

Anonymous said...

A very major earthquake hit nearby Indonesia, and Singapore underground structure shifted and gave way. Buildings collapsed, many killed, and Pappies government don't know what to do, and blame God.

Anonymous said...

What crap! With planned population influx already "kana kabot" and cannot coped, you think Puppies & Pinkies can execute well to be Smartest city? You will have more riots, more rapes, more cronyism, more division, less middle class-more poor, etc.

Silly, staying at home all day long is not something people like & want...that's not a very smart city.

Anonymous said...

Pointless talking to drug addicts.