Polling Day

I was an agent this morning to observe the voting processes in a polling station. Got a first hand look at how a polling station was running and the polling station officers going about their duties. I must congratulate the Elections Dept for a job well done. The officers were all very well trained and know what they were supposed to do and conducted themselves very professionally.

I arrived before 7.30am and everything had already been set up and ready to go. By 7.45am they started to seal the ballot boxes, made of cardboards with two open slots for dropping the poll cards. The boxes were checked and carefully sealed with the seals of the Elections Dept. The civil servants from various ministries did all the necessaries and by 8 am sharp it was open for business, and everything went on smoothly in the spacious canteen of a primary school. Nothing could possibly go wrong with so many officers and voters streaming in.

There were already some early birds waiting outside the polling station way before 7.30am. They could not get in before 8am. I walked through the gate only to be stopped by the school’s security guards. I told them I was a polling agent but they were like deaf, pre conditioned to tell everyone to wait outside. I had to tell them I need to be in to watch the sealing of the ballot boxes and only then did they understand who I was, a polling agent.

I went in, met the officers in charge, showed them my authorization letter as a polling agent and was issued with a pass to hang on my chest. After a short briefing and queries on the do’s and don’ts, I was shown where I would be sitting to watch the whole process of voters casting their votes.

As I said, everything was as flawless as it could be and with the helpful officers all waiting to assist, it was smooth flowing. I have never seen so many seniors on wheelchairs in a single morning. They kept coming in, pushed in by the polling station officers. I was asked to witness a wheelchair bound voter that refused to mark the card and the Asst Returning Officer, after confirmation with the polling agents present, and asking the voter a few times to make sure that was her intention, finally dropped the blank vote into the box. There were several seniors that should not be there but were there, wheeled into the station by their family members. Their mind was far from lucid and could hardly know what they were doing. The family members with them just went through the motion and dropped blank votes into the box.

I was told that after the end of the election a polling agent from each candidate/party would follow the coach with the sealed boxes to the counting stations. This process would rule out or greatly minimize whatever mischiefs that were speculating in the rumour mills. With all parties represented by their trusted polling agents, the journey from the polling stations to the counting stations should be safe in the company and under the watchful eyes of so many officers in the coach. It would be unduly difficult for hanky panky affairs in their presence even if a polling agent turned out to be a mole. Not really easy to do mischief inside the coach on its way to the counting stations, very remote.

The whole voting process is as transparent as it could be and conducted in the best possible ways under the watchful eyes of many officers including those from the candidates’ parties. Any room for error or monkey business could then be left in the counting stations How the votes are counted, how spoilt votes are declared void etc etc there seem to be some room for discretions and human errors, intentional or other wise. The impression I have is that most of the problems are likely to occur during counting and after counting, recounting. And that is where all the fighting would occur to make a few votes more or less counts. The counting agents could play a vital role when the real hustle begins inside the counting stations.

In the next few hours, the fortune of Singapore will change, could change dramatically, or going down the same path under the PAP. The fate of Singaporeans are in the process of being cooked now.


Virgo 49 said...

Just back frkm casting my votes. My family earlier in the morning. Was thinking going at 7.45pm b4 closing time do that hopefully my vote of Sing First would be on top for the sample poll count. Show Sing First leading.

Made PAP wet in their pants. Was told by family that SF on top.

Normally PAP always on top. Saw many my estste5 parasite grassrot leaders acting as supervisors. Morning all the young sweet ladies and handsome men.

Why allowed PAP RC members as supervisors???

Anyway, Sing first will win this Election. Many old folks said PAP always in top lah.

PAP alll men, LKY men lah!! Marked nun par ONE.I.e Sing first

Home run Sing First- HUAT Ah!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyway, Sing first will win this Election.
Virgo 2:59 p.m.

Can tell already meh?

b said...

still using cardboard boxes that can be easily replaced, swaped and manipulated? even indonesia are using dedicated boxes for their elections.

virgo49 said...

All the old folk marked nam par one for LKYmen

Ballot paper nam par one reserved for the elites nan par one wiws,

now Sin First on nan par one slot
Youngsters no cataract so can marked singfirst no problem'

PAP thought put theirs below easier for oldies to mark but now kenapucked

They knew habits pap always on nan par one'

Sing first just ah!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Today I voted for my Freedom from 50 years of slavery from my "white" masters.

End of SG50. [SG50 = Slave Generation 50 years]

Finally I see a bright blue sky with hope for future generations of Singaporeans to come.

Majulah Singapura.

Anonymous said...

Dream on. It will never happen. Wake up tomorrow to the same.

Virgo 49 said...

Got latest estimated percentage from bookies which is mostly accurate:

Mentioned hot seats as follows:

Ajunied -pap @ 40- WP@60
Marine Parade-PAP@ 48' WP@52
East coast- PAP@46-WP@54
POTONG pasir-PAP@46-PPP 54
PUNGGOL -pap-40-WP-60
Senkang West-pap-46-WP-54


Virgo 49 said...

Sorry, Mount batten and Potong Pasir should be SPP instead of PPP.

Bookies put salah, I also salah

Anonymous said...

Wah, tonite think must wait long, long for the results. Count, recount, recount and more recount.

Anonymous said...

I hope those bookies are dead on, Virgo 49!

Virgo 49 said...

No need recount lah bro.

Even my place police cameras twenty feet from polling station also sealed with opaque tape and board.

Just out in the empty ballot boxes lah!@



agongkia said...

Aiyo Uncle.
Did you write this before polling end or during the polling? You should concentrate on such important event and write later.Or you Chia Chua and left early?Call yourself professional. Lol.
Commonsense will tell you to get your authorisation letter early to show to the security guard instead of claiming they are like deaf.They are doing their duty else any Arthur Ah Kow can oso claim to be polling agent.
Anyway I saw a friendly sweet mei mei in white smiling at me like a cheekopek but dare not take a second look because I oredi decide what my vote should be years back.I never say she from white hor.
Possibly wandering spirit from 7th month.

Cannot remember whether my name was read out by loudspeaker else PDPA maybe applicable.
Well done Sinkies for sacrificing the time to vote for a better tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

If Virgo's bookie numbers are correct, still only 25 seats leh. Short of the 30 to deny the white devils their 2/3 majority. Anyway 25 still better than the 14 which they originally put up. Hope SDP and Singfirst make it. Huat Ah.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi anon 8.16. Don't lose heart.

Not included Tg pagar and two 50/50 grcs.

Can be more than 30. My 100 bucks warm warm.


Virgo 49 said...

Just saw sample count Ajunied on ljve.

Ninety percent put into one box under WP.


Anonymous said...

Wow, from sample counts so far, looks like majority Sinkies, being very scared to accidentally vote PAP out, is ironically, accidentally giving the PAP a bigger mandate this time.

But this is also to be expected lah, given that the PAP of 2015 is less bad than the PAP of 2011.

Anonymous said...

I think all the Opposition Parties gone case liao.
Worker's Party will be very lucky to even retain Hougang.
Aljunied and Punggol East lose already.

We are back to one single Opposition MP in parliament again.
Png Eng Huat - Good luck to you.

Time to apply for foreign citizenship in Australia.
For those of us staying behind in Singapore.
Learn to speak Hindi and Tamil.
And get ready for grandchildren who may not look like you.


Anonymous said...

New citizens. merry-gendering, carrots, propaganda, the Ghost of LKY, 50sg, etc worked.
Sinkies get what they want.

Anonymous said...

Strong mandate for PAP? 10 million lai leow.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are realistic lah. They know that, as long as PAP remain as govt, voting more opposition will not make PAP change, but rather make their lives worse, eg the way their Town Councils are managed by the opposition like in Aljunied.

That's why even good candidates like Chee Soon Juan can never win simply because majority voters won't trust SDP to be able to manage Town Councils, and also PAP will never listen to Chee anyway even if he is voted into Parliament. So there is nothing much to gain and a lot to lose by voting even a good candidate like Chee.

Already since 2011, when Tan Jee Say lost, I already know that opposition, no matter what calibre their candidates, will never win as long as their parties remain as what they are.

patriot said...

Fragmented Oppositions with many wanting to be Injian Chief give voters no confidence in them.


Anonymous said...

Patriot balek kampung