Paul Tambyah - A PAP fall out

In 2011, out of the blue came this professor standing on the SDP stage to speak to the crowd at Raffles Place. Everyone was wondering where he came from. Today, in the same spot, in the same SDP stage, Paul Tambyah has returned, this time as a SDP candidate standing for the Holland Bukit Timah GRC with Chee Soon Juan, another come back boy.

Paul Tambyah has awed the crowd by his humility and sincerity, the professor with the common man demeanour, with no airs and talking sense. Many see this professor as the best thing to happen for this GE and have high praises and good words for him. They are calling for the voters to send this man to Parliament on 12 Sep together with his SDP team mates.

Paul Tambyah’s speech was impressive, no vitriol, no personal attacks but dealing with the policies and the good of Singaporeans. He also praised Tharman and a few of the PAP candidates for addressing issues and policies and not reverting to gutter politics of yesteryears. He also shared with the crowd a private aspiration in the opposition camp that they secretly hoped for Tharman to fall out with Hsien Loong and come out to lead a coalition like the Pakatan Rakyat of Malaysia.

Many Singaporeans have been hopeful for a split within the PAP led by Chok Tong.  But that is looking far more remote with Chok Tong’s star fading with age, though not entirely impossible. A break away Tharman is a more promising alternative given the fact that everyone perceived him to be the better man for the PM job. And Tharman himself must also agree in confidence that this is indeed the truth. And if only he has the ambition or aspiration to be the PM one day, it is a matter of time before he makes his move. If Hsien Loong fares badly in the GE, if he survives and not be voted out outright, Tharman could pose a challenge to his weaken leadership. It would then be a case of either Hsien Loong goes or Tharman leaves, to lead a coalition of the opposition camp, and be the PM in the shadow cabinet.

The big question, does Tharman has the ambition or aspiration? In an interview at the SG50 Celebration forum, Tharman was posed the same question of his intent to be the PM by Fareed Zakaria. He tried to evade the question and did not want to say No to the prospect. He was finally cornered and had to say yes if called upon.

Being the best man in all aspects, it is very difficult to hold down such a good man from his rightful place. Tharman is not the Duke of Zhou who voluntarily abdicated to give way to his sibling to be the King of Zhou Dynasty. Tharman must be bidding his time and this GE will be the opportune moment to force him to make his move, either became the PM within PAP or outside PAP in a coalition.

In a hypothetical scenario, if the opposition camp could win 30 seats, Tharman only needs to convince 20 PAP MPs to join him in a walk out to form a coalition govt and be the PM designate. If the law does not allow this to happen, a new GE would have to be called with a Singapore Pakatan Rakyat headed by Tharman leading the coalition. This scenario may look far fetch at the moment but in politics, without LKY around, the ball is round.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Wake up RB. This is but a wet dream. PAP had installed all sort of firewalls to prevent such attacks. Not this elections, perhaps in another one or two.

Anonymous said...

Paul Tambyah is indeed impressive, not just by qualifications but also from his rally speeches.

But unfortunately, and very unfortunately, in the harsh realities of politics, he is simply riding on the wrong horse! And I simply don't understand, with the kind of intellect he has, why he chose to do so? He should have at least ride the WP horse, even if he doesn't want to ride the mighty PAP horse.

Whereas Tharman, almost equal in terms of calibre to Paul, is riding on the right horse! And why on earth would Tharman, unless he is mad, want to dismount from the right horse and ride the wrong one together with Paul, u tell me lah?

And last but not least, even RB would not want to be riding any type of horses so far, let alone the wrong horse. He would only want to blog about the horses.

Anonymous said...

Prof Paul Tambyah, much as I would like him to win, but to be frank, is also fighting a losing battle. Just like Tan Jee Say, there is no way he could achieve after a few years, what Dr Chee failed to achieve after more than 20 years.

Anonymous said...

Dream on RB. It is a nice dream nevertheless. As you said, in politics the ball is round. One can live in hope. For Singapore and Singaporeans, it would be a good thing. Singapore parliament needs checks and balance instead of the nodding donkeys of the last 50 years when all MPs MUST toe the party line. It would be a healthy change.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB:

>> What do you think? <<

I think you over complicate matters. The PAP are well known for displaying solidarity in public---loyalty is "rewarded" as the PAP do look after their own, even post-career.

And Mentor Minister Lee KY would have "schooled" his acolyte ministers and ministers-in-waiting/training on the dangers and disastrous consequences of factions, eloquently composed by US Founding Father James Madison in Federalist Number 10, and effectively disseminated through the ages.

LKY was always suspicious of democracy, for good reason. No doubt the PAP generally feel the same way, which is why direct democracy (you can vote for anything) is off the cards, and instead we have representative govt, chosen by A LEGALLY CONTROLLED democratic process. Another democratic process occurs in parliament, where elected (and a few nominated) members discuss and vote on policy.

In NO WAY are the people given DIRECT ACCESS to vote on policy. This is a FEATURE, not a bug. It is a "safety device" to prevent the people from making a really bad choice which will result in a catastrophe. For e.g.: voting for "free money" policies out of mere whim. (Eventually cuntry bankrupt!)

You can easily reason, from Madison's points, that the best situation of "no factions" is to have SINGLE PARTY GOVERNANCE with a for of "supreme authority" (a godhead) as the captain of the ship, as well as performing the roles of socio-political architect, legal scholar and financial and economic engineer...or he could just "outsource" these roles to his buddies.

So although it is POSSIBLE for the PAP to go factional, it is highly improbable, because they've been brainwashed. Remember,

Resistance is Futile! Muahahahahhaahh....

agongkia said...

My friend always says, Mai Tam Bai.
Prove your worth and not try to cause disharmony by telling one to betray one another.
One will be grateful to be what one is today, despite the fact that one was on news in the past, and that should be the way.To be loyal to the hand that feed us.
Only Tambai need to use such tactics.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Front page on ST, Boon Wan said, PAP may not be the govt after 11 Sep. The force is shifting and turning away from the PAP. It is a matter of how much is the swing. Yes, learn from George Yeo, go with the flow, go with the winning side.

Tharman knows how far he can go in the PAP. He also knows that he is far better than the whole lot in the PAP. Do you know what is he thinking?

Many of the ex MPs are anything but happy with the PAP. Ask Cheng Bock. Did the PAP take good care of George Yeo and Cheng Bock and the silent retired MPs except for a few?

Anonymous said...

No! It would still be a dream to hope for any split in the PAP camp.

No! Not for this GE.

The split may be possible at the next GE.

But, Mr Tharman is indeed a PM material. I m his fan!

The question on everyone lips is whether the ground is still very sweet
for PAP, now.

I was very very surprised that the crowds attending opposition rallies
were huge.

Will the massive massive crowds at WP rallies turned into votes for WP?

Bookies must be very busy collecting bets as the polling day is 3 more days.

Any tips?


agongkia said...

Uncle ..
The front page says No guarantee xxx will be in govt after polls.
This is just a humble expression by a humble candidate and doesn't imply anything.
If one go singing contest and says No guarantee that I will be in the final or the champion it mean to say he is humble and in case not selected, will not feel stressful or ridiculed.
Dun get the wrong message.
Take good care?Who?
Thought reported Lau Lee sceptical about Ceca but someone keep trying to convince him.
Dun know la.Rotten wood are only good for the furnace.

Virgo 49 said...

Aljunied they giving 8,000 votes win by WP

East Coast WP to win by more than 2000

Hougang by 10000 by WP

Holland either way 1000 votes

Anonymous said...

Hougang WP win 8k Pay 1k
Aljunied WP win 4k Pay 1k
Fengshan WP win 3k Pay 1k
East Coast WP win 2k Pay 1k

Anonymous said...

People are less angry than in 2011, ...
....there is a real risk of severe disappointment after Polling Day.
Read more in https://yawningbread.wordpress.com/2015/09/07/the-general-election-campaign-so-far-demographic-and-media-landscape/

Anonymous said...

Virgo 49 10.42am and Anonymous 10.48am,
thank you both for the tips.

Where can one bets?

Singapore Pool? SGX? Where? Where?

Information please, ASAP! ASAP!

Virgo 49 said...

Hi ah gong kia, this is just one tactic by the PAP wgrn they are desperate.

To frighten the daft who wants to protect their wealth in voting them.

The rest only left a prick and two marbles nothing to lose any more will vote opposition.

Anonymous said...

Approaching 60 and witnessing several elections in Singapore and I am giving my salute to people like Paul Tambyah.
It is human nature to sin and one would feel uncomfortable with one-party dominance in Singapore politics as circumstances surrounding us both domestically and internationally have changed.
The 'forecasting role' by our leaders may sometimes fail and we need to institute a check-and-balance systems while we are moving towards the next 50 years....

Anonymous said...

Matilda, is highly likely correct this time. Too much self-interests to rock the boat. The closest political party in the world to the PAP, is Japan's LDP. Ruled for 70 years with a break of only 3 years.

Civil service runs the country. Singapore included.

PAP politicians are probably the only country in modern history, where politicians can have the gigantic "legalized" CAKE and eat it, without paying any price/cost. The late LKY is a master of cunning and intrigue, of self-interests for his Party, for his family, using legislations to his greatest advantage.

Why would millions dollars paid PAP politicians, with great opportunities for their families ever want to rock the boat?
They will by all means prolonged this as long as possible, like the LDP of Japan, though the Japanese cake per politician is much, much smaller as per PAP politician.

All dressed in white. Still white-wash tomb in spirit.

Anonymous said...

The Singapore Syndrome is working. Asking for more population, more foreigners, more job loss to foreigners, more CPF lock up, more fear, more control, more suing, more screwing, more PAP.

Anonymous said...

The truth will be revealed on Saturday morning. A very likely scenario is a PAP humiliation of losing between 20 and 30 seats, or even more, to the alternative parties. Can LHL lift his head, apologize and move on still as leader of the party? Will he be flameproof and shameproof? Or will he then realize his folly and resign? Then Tharman is the man!

Virgo 49 said...

Now LHL at OUE crying his eyes out as in 2011 to gain sympathy votes

Tonight some more seven pap rally's

Wah piang must be quite bad in interim poll for their victories

Anonymous said...

LHL behind the scene strategist for Election, is on sabbatical leave, Top Trader Ho Jinx. She is lousy with investments, let's see her skills in politics.

Anonymous said...

Virgo 49.. Tonight's tears are due to the haze. Blame VV for the lack of leadership in tackling haze issues with Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

PAP politicians are honest men, men of integrity. They would not fix anyone or fight among themselves.

Anonymous said...

202 Yes, if you defined honesty as we hiked GST so that the poor will be better off or we identified white horses so that all are treated equal, like 12-yrs deferment for Tan's son.

Anonymous said...

What do I think? You said it right, the ball is round indeed.

LHL could be voted out at AMK. I've said it before, he's not done anything useful, we don't need a PM who needs 10 Ministers in the PMO to do his job. We don't need a vicious demon who tortures young boys and molests them in prison.

And it may be not WP who gets 30 seats, it might be PAP who gets 30 seats. Then PAP would be looking around to form a coalition govt. With LHL out of office, they will have to choose a PM among Tharman, TCH, LHK or NEH. A sweet dream, yes?

b said...

PAP will have wake up call when GCT or LHL is voted out. Otherwise they will still be sleeping.

Anonymous said...

Fat hope for a PAP split. Their fat pensions will make them stick together.

In any case, if anything goes terribly wrong, the horrible one will come back to put it right. That is what he said years ago.

A funny story I heard was that 12th September, under the lunar calendar, is the last day before the gates of hell close. That is why the election had to be brought forward to 11th September so that the horrible one will know the result before leaving at midnight on the 12th. Hahaha,

Anonymous said...

I don't really care whether PAP split or not.
They die is their business.

More important is to make sure we vote out some more Ministers for this General Elections.

GE 2011, we voted out two PAP Ministers;
George Yeo
Lim Hwee Hua

GE 2015
Let's try and vote out 3 or more PAP Ministers.

PAP Ministers and PAP MPs are just a bunch of nodding parrots in parliament.
Whether they attend or don't attend parliament.
It makes no difference.
So why pay them so much money to do nothing in parliament?

Anonymous said...

Oppositions may be fighting a losing battle, but their courage and perseverance to press on despite facing-off a big bully will inspire many. Legends are made of these, don't you know? We are creating new legends for Singapore right now!

Lose a battle, but win a war!

Anonymous said...

Will the opp's need an ex-PAP member, if there is a possibility, does that mean the talent from every where else has diminished entirely, does the opp's really need such a person?, Mr. Red Bean.....are you slapping yourself just like the reason of influx of foreign talent, "for us"

Prof Paul is a extremely good candidate, but he should have stood alone in a single seat ward, CSC needs him more than he needs CSC.

Anonymous said...

LHL Decides To Leave The PAP:
There is discontent within the PAP. Tharman has threatened to leave and form a coalition government. LH* is so frustrated that after *KY died, nobody give him any face at all and ignore his instructions. His balls carriers within the party tried to defend him.

In frustration, he leaves the PAP and take over the SDA. Desmond welcomes him as he can influence more people. LH* wants to prove that he is a very capable man and decides to build up the weak SDA from scratch.

Meanwhile many of the PAP Ministers become frustrated and jump down from Marina Bay hotel. They cannot take the pressure from the Police and CPIB anymore.

Tharman leads Singapore now and everybody is happy. Except the local Indians because Tharman cannot speak Tamil and had married a Japanese. Another of those European With Black Buttocks ?

Suddenly Kenneth Jayaretnam shout out my name and I suddenly woke up and realised it was a sweet dream.

Hahaha...make my day. Dream is good. PAPpie is a weak insecured greedy bully. Sinkies wake up.

Anonymous said...


Nice one. Beats that one about cruise ships by holy ghost.

I am sure more than PAP ministers jumping down from Marina Bay hotels.

The cronies, sidekicks, political hit-man in NEA etc will be paraded in public in prison garbs, GIC and Temasek may leave Singaporeans shell-shocked, literally, when they discovered only two big shells are left, and KFC Tan, footing the blame, may have to take over from Colonel Sanders instead. But the real big one will be what to make of the CPF's real position. This may take a hundred man years to find out. I won't be around to know, anyway.