Parables of the holy ghost

There are two kinds of people that would talk in parables, the worldly wise and the worldly not so wise.  These few days many people have been talking in parables. The new oracle has also been in the game of speaking in parables, maybe next will be speaking in tongue.

The first parable is the crowing of the rooster. Like in all parables, the real meaning of the parable is up to the individual to interpret. The rooster parable has been interpreted as an arrogant cock thinking that the sun rises because it crows every morning. Another interpretation is that the cock crows to wake up the sleepy heads to start to work.

There is also the parable of the nomads. Who are the nomads, just like who are the quitters? The parable did not explain why there are nomads and why they are quitters.

The latest parable is about cruise ship. There are cruise ships sailing with a captain and knowing where it is going. There are cruise ships cruising to nowhere. Depending on the individuals, some like to cruise to no where, some like to know where they are going, some did not know where they are going but allow the captain to take them wherever the captain thinks is good. Some have good faith in the captain taking them to the promise land and not into a sink hole.

There is a new twist to this parable. It was suggested that gamblers should take the cruise ship to nowhere where they can gamble and gamble in the cruise ship. Some gamblers said, why waste time there are two world class casinos for them to gamble till kingdom comes, so convenient, at the door step. If one wishes to cruise to no where, it is better to take a sampan.

There are many more parables in this GE, and also many riddles like the riddles of lost fund, but dunno got lost or not and still trumpeted as a loss. Just keep asking the question, dunno got lost or no lost and make the other party work day and night trying to figure out and trying to explain. This is like putting a few monkeys on a person’s shoulder and makes the monkeys do the monkey trick, making the person busy all for nothing.

There is also the riddle of why the police or CPIB are not after the lost money or anyone being caught and charge in court for the lost fund. Maybe they are waiting for the rooster to crow to start working. Maybe no money was lost and there is no need to be scurrying around like bull arse flies.


Anonymous said...

Parable or no parable, but seriously do you think Goh Chok Tong team can lose Marine Parade GRC to WP, even though there is one Cambridge educated WP "Nicole Seah" in their team?

In fact I would go further to say that even if Goh Chok Tong talk rubbish, or talk like the way Lim Swee Say talk, he will still win. And so will Lim Swee Say and team.

WP will be very lucky if they can still maintain the status quo, and not so lucky if they also lose Punggol East to PAP's Charles Chong by maybe just a few hundred or so votes. Charles Chong did a Joo Chiat in GE 2011 against WP's Yee, so why not another at Punggol East this time too, what more against a lesser WP mortal?

Opposition parties, including the strongest one, must realise by now that this is the 90% chance likely fate that awaits them every election, if they are not ready to be govt, and do not aim to be ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies may still be angry with PAP, but I think they are likely less angry with PAP now than they were in 2011.

PAP may not be good as a govt, but I think the opposition will likely be worse if they are voted in to form the govt.

That is why opposition every time always lose big in an election, and making many opposition supporters so disappointed after every election.

Anonymous said...

Push the people to a corner and all gloves are off. What PAP had achieved all these years may not be repeating. This includes the magical winning by Charles Chong at Joo Chiat.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

the conjecture thus, @RB:

>> There are two kinds of people that would talk in parables, the worldly wise and the worldly not so wise. <<

Actually to me there's only one type of person who speaks in parables: CONFIDENCE ARTISTS

If you hear a parable, immediately check your watch, phone and wallet. Some motherfucker is running number on you. Usually such people are wearing robes, and funny hats. They're full of parables, and they'll guilt trip you out of your money!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They said that to George Yeo in 2011. He would win, he could not lose. Who is to say with 1% of confidence that PAP would still hold on to Marine Parade? I trust the voters for they are the one who decide. Not you, not me. We wait and see.

I like your confidence.

Charles Chong to take Punggol East? Nothing personal against Charles Chong. He is like Chok Tong, over the hill, passes his shelf life. You must have heard of the saying, flogging a dead horse. Flogging an old horse is not much different.

Anonymous said...

Cruise ship or just Sampan 2?

Anonymous said...

WP likely to win more seats, maybe an additional GRC.

SPP Chiam has a decent chance for 1 or 2 seats. Lina likely will win marginally. Jeanette maybe a dark horse, if she can spring something out of box to many Mountbatten residents.

SDP maybe a surprise winner at Bukit-Timah & Holland, if Vivian talks more and Tambyah talks steadily and given more media coverage because the contrast on this two Dr. are extreme, and getting clearer and clearer to voters. One to one, on personal basis without party Vivian may even lose his deposit.

Anonymous said...

Lina & Jeanette somehow must use the "women" card well. They already won over the men.

Anonymous said...

Cruise ship where crew members can choose to quit, honest, reliable minister....here to day and gone tomorrow?
LHL said, opposition parties cannot get along and to be wary, so does that mean that Tan Cheng Bock, was an outsider. .....he spoke out and was out of favour.

The bottom line is the more opp's gets in the more sinkies will benefit. ......period.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Learn from the lesson of the Korean cruise ship. When it was sinking, overloaded, the captain told everyone to stay on board. Everything was fine, no need to panic. Just a bid overloaded, a bit listing to one side. Stay calm.

By the time the passengers, the innocent and naïve children who did not know what is danger, who had no experienced danger, no knowing danger even when danger is staring at them, realised that the sink was sinking fast, it was too late. Nearly everyone was brought down in the sinking cruise ship.

What is the moral of the story?

Anonymous said...

Take ownership & onus-ship of own life & family.
Carefully discern and see through Gahmen & others especially deceivers.
Be diligent & enjoy your life, family & work.
Be kind to others. Fear God, love God & love man.
Rely not on others.
Enjoy & Do your belief.