PAP – What is happening?

The most recognizable political brand, the most respected and trusted brand for the past 50 years, has turned into a brand that is being hated in some corners of the island. Its election posters have been torn, sprayed painted and according to Victor Lye, thrown into a bin used for burning joss papers in the ghost festival month. And his personal encounters were not pleasant. He had been told to get lost, received angry stares and hostile remarks that he and his PAP team are not wanted in Aljunied.

It must all be because of the people’s fault, ungrateful. How can they treat the PAP team like that? Or is it the WP’s fault? It cannot be the fault of the PAP right? The PAP has been taking so good care of the people, treating the people so fairly, even in opposition wards, how can it be the fault of the PAP?

It cannot be the leaders of PAP, all flawless men and women, selfless and working for the people’s interest. It cannot be the policies as all policies are for the good of Singaporeans. I am now so lost as to why the people of Aljunied are so hostile to the PAP team. They never paste stamp on their eyes?

What is happening?


Anonymous said...

What is happening to the PAP brand?
Are people starting to think that maybe Amos Yee was correct about that horrible person?
Was he a horrible person?
See video below and decide for yourself.


b said...

when people or party is in full power, there will always be a tendency to abuse it. Shared power will make this tendency lesser but not non existent but however still better.

Anonymous said...

Sadly to not that the passing of our founding father may not translate that into votes...

I think what Singaporeans want is a "fair environment" for both locals and foreigners to compete because the root cause of all issues is "influx of foreigers" without taking our interests into account. Damages done are beyond "repairs" and the impact is going to last for many many years.

Good luck The Ruling Party!

Anonymous said...

If the PAP is unable to turn the tide with SG50 and the death of LKY, what do you think is going to happen in GE 2020?

After GE 2011, LHL had every opportunity to make reforms to win back support. The likely electoral results of GE 2015 will show that he failed. There is no empirical evidence to suggest that LHL has any kind of idea/plan on how to win back support for the PAP post GE2015..

The Ministers/MPs that survive the culling in GE 2015 are will therefore have to live with the fear that they might be the next to go in GE 2020. In 2020, the P65 who are not supporting the PAP will constitute over 70% of the electorate.

Virgo 49 said...

Just took a nap and see CNA news summaries of lau goh asking Singaporeans to cool down and tan chuan jinx aaking what Singapore you want ah???

Aiyo, chiak lak chuk chap pua!! Appealing for grace. Putting on sad faces like LHL crying in 2011.

Every nights seven rallys too late now.

One wp or sdp rally can beat pap 7 rallys.

Lose at own games ans rules. Retribution lai liao.

What kinsd of Singapore ww want??

Without your lot of course!!!


Anonymous said...

A hole has been punctured into their armour. Now it is going to get bigger. Not sure how big. By next GE PAP will be over.

Anonymous said...

In my personal opinion I think the PAP had itself to blame for overdoing its fixing of the opposition MPs as well as voters in opposition wards. That can work if voters, like those in other constituencies, can be easily threatened and bought over with upgrading carrots. But not those in Hougang. They now know that Teochew people are resilient, does not succumb to threats, will not take easily to being bribe with upgrading and will resist the more they are persecuted unfairly. The opposition spirit in Hougang will not go away.

I was just wondering how different is the PAP government from the Yingluck government when it uses the people's money to bribe voters who voted only for the PAP and not the opposition. The Thais Military Government is trying to prosecute Yingluck for corruption.

Anonymous said...

Yes! What Is Happening?

Yes! What Is Happening?

Many moons ago, GEs were "Pow Chia" or "Sure-Eat" or "Sure Win" for PAP.

But, today, a totally different story.....what is happening?

No more "Pow Chia" or "Sure-Eat" or "Sure Win"!

Why like that?

Sad! Very Sad! Very Very Sad!

Anyway.......all the best!


Anonymous said...

Who is Loong & young Turks to be fixing Singaporeans who voted against them?
Who is Loong & young Turks bringing so many half past 6 FT PMETs replacing our PMETs?

All past goodwill had been used up. And he & Ho Jinx still blur, blur.

Anonymous said...

It is sad that people's voices are not clearly communicated to the Ministers and PM. The fault lies with the RC & CC heads who either dare not tell them the bad news or themselves never actually bother to understand what the people in the constituency need. The system is so perfect that there is no check and balance. It serves no other purpose except to bluff oneself that all things are fine since my people on the ground said so. Any other complaints are noise - to be expected and ignored. Every election, same promises would be given but after elections, life goes on as usual and promises are largely forgotten. In life, you can fool people once, twice and if lucky thrice but this cannot go on forever.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Aiyah uncle, please lah. The PAP, and Lee Kuan Yew in particular have always had their "enemies" and displays of outright hatred have not been that uncommon.

How do you know it is not PAP agent provocateurs that are not thrashing and burning campaign posters to garner "scared votes" from swing voters who want to vote alternatively, but love the "goodies" they've been getting from the PAP all these years?

People form conclusions by evaluating and interpreting what they see with their eyes. Every con artist knows this. Sleight of hand works exactly in this way: make some sort of "spectacle" so as to direct people's attention to that spectacle, such that they believe what they are seeing, and continue their focus. Meanwhile, you carry on with your deception which goes unnoticed because their attention has bee "sabotaged".

Today is the "cooling off" day. However the psychological game continues :-)

Resistance is Futile!

Anonymous said...

The Copy of Today appears like
a PAP Campaign Brochure.

Go get a set of it and see for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Don't like, but have to agree with Matilda this time.

Sinkies had been trained to be deceived for years, by States times & Leeders.
Parallel scene is a few mega church preachers with huge following, living out in style, enriching themselves and peddling a hybrid gospel different from the True & Holy Master & his remant sacrificial, self-denying followers.

Sinkies discernment is poor; not examining the spirit and the truth matters but gobble in propaganda.

Anonymous said...

PAP will defeat itself: its past 15 years incompetence will become more and more obvious. Going forward it's incompetence will become more glaring. More Singaporeans will realize.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ 1219:

>> The Copy of Today appears like
a PAP Campaign Brochure. <<

As I was saying... ;-)

BTW, adding to my first post:

If you look around, you will see campaign posters/ signage / party logos everywhere. After awhile, your brain will automatically "tune out" these artifacts. Because our brain's "processing power" and "bandwidth" is extremely limited, our energy-hungry brain "deletes" and distorts the data it receives from the senses so as to be "more efficient".

Now if you see those campaign artifacts in a different-than-normal "frame" (context), for e.g.: if it has been defaced by red paint, or is half burned in a 44-gallon drum, or half torn on a billboard, your brain will AUTOMATICALLY NOTICE this change in context, and thus your ATTENTION will be drawn to the event, and CURIOSITY will lead you (automatically) to FOCUS more than you actually want, in order to satisfy your curiosity.

🔫 BANG!!🔫 You have now got a "though virus" in your head. The PAP has "conquered" a part of your brain.

How you (unconsciously) evaluate this, will depend (probably) on how you really feel. If you hate the PAP with all your heart, you'll probably feel "happy".

However if you are one of the swing voters or PAP sympathizers, you might say,

"No, that shit is not cool. No one deserves that kind of disrespect!"

💊 BINGO!! 💊 Hook, line and motherfucking sinker!

I keep telling you Sheeple, you're being manipulated lah. And you know what, as an observer, this fucking ROCKS ❗️❗️

Got gotcha'?