PAP routs the opposition

In a watershed election of a different kind, the PAP was expected to lose more grounds to the opposition and at least a few more GRCs, with the tabled turned. No the table was not turned, the table was flipped over. PAP scored a landslide victory that borders an event in the twilight zone. In an unexplanable way, not only that no additional GRC was lost to the opposition, the PAP had a clean sweep of all the SMCs. And to make it more heady, the wining margins were in the high 70s, like 79%, 78%, &77% and so on. The opposition ended with 30% or less popular votes. The overall popular votes for the PAP rose from 60% to 70%. Can you believe that? David Copperfield would not be able to do that for sure. With parliamentary seats increased from 87 to 89, PAP has won 83 seats leaving the opposition with 6, one GRC in Aljunied and one SMC in Hougang.

The above is a summary of the ground shift in favour of the PAP. Some in the anti opposition camp find the result hard to believe, too good to be true. But that is the result at the end of the GE. The jubilation must have seen people flooding the streets last night to celebrate this great victory, this joyous occasion for a better future for the Singaporeans. I went to bed early when the writing was on the wall and did not stay to watch the happy mood of people on the streets. It should be. I could still remember the scene and the celebration when Hougang fell. The people were delirious and truly happy with that victory. And with this massive win by the PAP, the joy of a triumphant victory must be shared by the supporters and voters that gave the PAP this overwhelming win. If the result is for the opposition, this is what could be expected with the supporters running wild in high spirits, beating the gongs and popping champagne.

The turn of event took everyone by surprise. The team of analysts in CNA in a live broadcast was shocked. You could see their expression and body language. They came mentally prepared to talk about a seismic shift towards the opposition but were  rattled by the results.

Look at the events prior to the GE. All the signs were showing the other way. The turnouts at the rallies, the people, strangers and friends and their anti PAP views, the string of bad policies, of course the PGP, the MedishieldLife, the new citizens and some big moves by the PAP could tilt the balance, the anger expressed in social media and in every kopitiams, what had happened that could produce such a shocking result?

The PAP did not only win over the 40% of the swing votes. They even ate into the 30% hardcore anti PAP voters’ share. With above 70% to 79%, it means the hardcore anti PAP voters is now less than 30% in some constituencies will some falling to as low as 20%. The big picture, every 10 citizens, 7 voted for the PAP.  And in 3 GRCs the PAP did not even bother to hold any rallies for fear that no one would turn up. This is why many find it hard to believe, a black swan event.

I threw all the data into my computer for an answer. I left it on to crank non stop for one whole night. This morning my computer room was filled with smoke with the computer screaming, ‘Help, I can’t find the answer, Turn me off’. Even the computer had problem trying to figure out the change. It is pointless to list out all the but’s and the why’s. Maybe over the next few days I will get into the mood to talk about it more. In the meantime, the daft Singaporeans have voted. Oops, oannot call them daft. How can daft people vote so consistently and confidently for a one party to rule them with a blank cheque, to do as it likes, to continue with policies that they were strongly against? The voters must be smart and knew what they were doing. They cannot be daft, unless it is a classic case of The Singapore Syndrome.

One PAP supporter called Raymond had this to say, ‘You LOSERS never stood a chance! :) :) :) I'm elated and it's gonna be a beautiful day tomorrow. :) :)’ Did he know something that the losers did not?  I also agree with him that the winners should have the last laugh. And he did have a good laugh at the losers, ‘I just came by to say... 



ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ He stil doesn't "get it", RB:

>> The turn of event took everyone by surprise. <<

Not me. The PAP played a SUPERB strategic game, using the techniques of neuroscience and
cognitive psychology, based on the explosive research of the last 15 or so years. I knew they would, but if I were "surprised" it would be on the sheer effectiveness of such strategy.

Well played. Damn well done. They even managed to toss out the "interlopers" from Punggol East.

Relax Singapore, now your women folk won't become maids and whores :-))

Anonymous said...

I am speechless. What can I say?

Singaporeans have spoken, the next 5 years will be an interesting period. Watch and see what new development will be implemented. 6.9 million and then 10 million. More Singaporeans will be taxi drivers and GDP will grow and grow.

Singaporeans, better upgrade your skill to face fierce competition from influx from PRC and India. If you don't you will be left behind. This is a wake up call to all Singaporeans to spur yourself on. If you don't, you better be prepared to downgrade. Nothing wrong with becoming taxi drivers or security personnels I guess.

Be happy and may the next 5 years be good and prosperous to all Singaporeans.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ 1018:

>> Singaporeans, better upgrade your skill to face fierce competition from influx from PRC and India. If you don't you will be left behind. <<

As according to Lee Kuan Yew's plan/ vision to "stick a spur" into the locals so they would be harder "strivin' and drivin'".

WOW! Lee Kuan Yew, Benevolent Dictator from the grave?

Gotta admit, a very impressive stunt!

Got game?

Anonymous said...

Wah, with even Aljunied scraping through with just 50.95% of the votes, this is really no accident.

The great majority of Sinkies have come to realise that having just some more opposition is as good as having no opposition, so might as well give all seats, save for Hougang, to PAP, and they did!

So from now on, the opposition must get ready to be govt and perhaps aim to be a better govt than PAP, or else can forget about winning in future elections.

Either be ready to be govt to win big, or if not, lose big. There is simply no other way.

Anonymous said...

Rb, don't be fooled by the massive turn up at wp rally of 30,000 cause every wp rally, it's the same people mah. So 30,000 out of 2.45 million very small number lar. Lucky pap did not send a minister to the wp grc, if not opposition is left with one mp liao. Opposition should count themselves lucky the pap give chance lar

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ exploding computer, redbean:

>> This is why many find it hard to believe, a black swan event. <<

If you go by "belief", then the anti PAP person will naturally make the error of cognitive dissonance and judge the PAP's win as a "black swan".

You have got to go by NUMBERS, and only NUMBERS. There is a difference between a person saying "I believe" and "I KNOW", between what "belief" is and what "knowledge" is.

To me the REAL "black swan" would have been the PAP losing ~30 seats and them limping into parliament with their balls cut off, and many of them resigning to emigrate and open Asian grocery stores in Melbourne. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I got the gut feeling that had LKY been still alive, PAP might not have done as well.

During the late LKY's funeral earlier this year, with huge turnout for days of Sinkies paying their last respects, I already have the premonition that things will not bode well for the opposition in the election.

Hence, besides the opposition not ready to be govt, I think the "LKY is dead" factor do play a big (emotional) part of Sinkies in voting for PAP with such superb results.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Benevolent Dictator LKY:

“Whoever governs Singapore must have that iron in him. Or give it up. This is not a game of cards. This is your life and mine. I’ve spent a whole lifetime building this and as long as I’m in charge, nobody is going to knock it down.”

In other words: FUCK YOU. I'm the boss! I might be dead, but I'm still TE BOSS

One party system + benevolent dictatorship? Bring it on lah. As long as Singapore is AWESOME and ROCKING PLACE for never-ending ENJOYMENT who cares?

It's culture lah: The People Get The Government They Deserve. (Natural Law, try to change it and you'll be sorely disappointed)

Anonymous said...

Like RB, yesterday, I went to bed early too. After the shocking sample results and the first few final results showed which way the wind was blowing, I decided that it was pointless to continue watching.

PAP would have a sweeping victory. And it did. Interesting. PAP claimed that (1) the people has given them a strong mandate, and (2) their policies resonate with the ground.

From policies' angle (2), PAP has merely tweaked their old policies in response to the unhappiness from the ground. This cannot account for the wide national swing in election results.

Thus their landslide victory must mean that (1) the people has given them a strong mandate. The crux is: who is this "PEOPLE"? The hard-core pap will still support pap, likewise the hard-core oppositions. The swing votes is likely to swing the way of oppositions, given their credibility and calibre, the not-that-great rally speeches given by pap, and mostly, the suckier life that ordinary swing voters have suffered on a day-to-day basis that renders the SG50, LKY factor and gst voucher meaningless. In other words, if the same voters as GE2011 voted, then we will see changes in our parliament. But this is not the case. So the national swing with incredible win margin must be attributed to the huge group of new citizens. Looks like PAP has hit jackpot. From now on, it will rely on this strategy to maintain their grip in parliament. Other countries, you really should watch and learn.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ that could be more like it, 1116:

>> So the national swing with incredible win margin must be attributed to the huge group of new citizens. <<

From 2007/8-2013/4 : Average of 18500 new citizens per year. (Govt target from now: 15000-25000 new citizens per year)

So about just shy of 10% of the 2+ million voters are new citizens.

So how?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Raymond said...

Behold, you have just witnessed the power of the Silent Majority. So what if you people turn out in throngs for rallies? In the end it is our vote that matters--the Silent Majority votes.

I told you so--years ago! :)

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

P.S. Assume 100% PAP support from new citizens, then remove that number.

The PAP would have still won without ANY new citizen support.

i.e. New Citizen Theory of PAP win MYTH busted.

agongkia said...

Congratulations and best wishes .
I have said 7 out of 10 mei meis will trust a man of honesty and integrity.
You have prove so.Time to go ahead with whatever plan you have.Best is to cheongkong all Cpf.Get more Fts here .Majority of the people trust you are the best and their descendents will be in safe hands, looking forward to SG 100.

Even RB started as polling agent , wrote that there is no way to 做手脚。。。So this is a fair game.

agongkia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

The only positive thing is that Workers' Party has managed to survive the massive swing back to PAP.
Workers' Party.
Please continue to do what you are doing.

Was Chiam See Tong's by-election strategy correct all along?
When all the seats were contested.
Did this scare the daft Sinkies about "accidentally voting in an Opposition government"?

Hat's off to WP and LTK.
He was correct in not trying to contest in all the seats.

- PAP will still be the government.
- kiss your cpf money goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Sorry correction.
SG100 is now called PAP100.

Anonymous said...

LKY still lives in Singapore.
He lives on in all the heart and brains of the daft Sinkies.
An ugly woman is going to finally get a good fuck tonight.

Anonymous said...

I voted Opposition because this current crop of PAP leaders terrify me with their incompetence.

Anonymous said...

WP Lee Li Lian don't want to be NCMP woh!

Really respect her for that.

But she also hinted she might retire from politics. I think maybe quite a lot of other WP losers, including those better calibre ones, may do so too.

So sad, but not surprising, as this had happened before.

Anonymous said...

On hindsight,

it is indeed a terrible mistake for the opposition to contest 100% seats,

as this really scared the shit out of a great majority of Sinkies,

of accidentally voting out the PAP as govt,

but in so doing, they accidentally give PAP a bigger mandate and

nearly accidentally vote out WP Teochew Ah Hia in Aljunied GRC.

Anonymous said...

Election history of Chee Soon Juan

1992 By Election got 24.50% of the votes. Lost.

1997 General Election got 34.86% of the votes. Lost.

2001 General Election got 20.25% of the votes. Lost.

2006 General Election not eligible to stand due to being a undischarged bankrupt.

2011 General Election still not eligible to stand as bankruptcy has not yet been discharged.

2015 General Election discharged from bankruptcy and eligible to stand. Got 33.38% of the votes. Lost.

Taap Pai Soo. (Always lose)

And if in 2015 not even near to winning, when will it be near, let alone win?

Now if you were Chee Soon Juan, will you also hint of retiring, just like Lee Li Lian?

Anonymous said...


Is there any similarities between the election strategies employed by the Conservatives, led by David Cameron, who also routed the opposition this year that also caused the mass resignation of leaders such as Ed Miliband (Labour), Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats) and Nigel Farage (UKIP)?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ 1244:

My hypothesis:

Many cuntrees in the developed world are swinging right or center right, i.e. generally known as "conservative". Japan---Abe, Australia---Abbot, USA---Republican (Donald Trump...WTF??)/ Tea Party, UK---Cameron, Canada---Harper...and so on.

That's what the people want, that's what the people GET! ;-)

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Oh sorry, I left out Singapore---BG (ret) Lee Hsien Loong.

Congratulations, well played sir! You're not as ruthless as your dad. Pity.

Anyway, enjoy the money we pay you ;-) Please don't shy-shy, if not enough, ask for some more ok?


Anonymous said...

Allow me to offer my analysis, and though on surface very surprising but again not surprising if we look into the details:

A 9% swing to about 69.5% in favor of PAP from 60.1%.
1. About 100,000 to 125,000 of new citizens over last 5 years. This is about 4.8% of the total voters of 2.4 million. So PAP got an additional 4.8% swing from new voters.

2. Carrots & sticks method stick work on Singaporeans. Pre-election bigger carrots votes' buying & sticks of amenities (though unrighteous). Still will sway about 1% to 2% voters. Though this is getting less effective.

3. Timing: The timing of holding election right after SG50 and the death of LKY, and keep quoting him throughout the election worked. This could swing about 2 to 4% of voters. It is emotionally difficult to mourn, then celebrate with a "party" and then not too long after vote against the "son", as his posters were all over the land. This was a one-off effect and will not be on replay in 2020.

4. The "fear" factor. The PAP last minute played up the fear factor of a "freak" election result and this had especially strong impact on the women, Singaporeans. Here they could garner 1% to 5% who wanted to switch to Alternative parties, but swung back to PAP. PAP net gain about 1% to 2%, on this perennial effective tool on kaisi and kaisu Singaporeans. Most female PMETs work for Civil service or GLCs, while male PMETs work in private sector and SMEs. Singaporean male PMETs are more hard hit by the FT influx, but not so on female PMETs.

5. The private sector multi-media and alternative media were neutralized by States media, like Straits Times continuous lop-sided pro-PAP bombardment in past few months. Highlights placed on weakest opposition candidate like Desmond Lim was a sure proof. But it worked again. The favourable tide for Alternatives was at least stem for this election despite the obvious weaknesses of PAP FT influx policies, some weaknesses even on many of PAP candidates, the extreme renumerations, etc.

6. The focus on Town Council local issues had effectively clouded the focus on the weaknesses of bigger policies issues. Local Singaporeans focus was distracted. It worked for the PAP.

7. PAP was able to activate more and more of self-interested parties who have benefited economically from their businesses, etc to be more active & vocal as IB and moles/spoilers to Alternative candidates. "Politics is dirty".

So a swing from 60.1% to 69.5% in view of above may not be after-all surprising. It will still not hide the truth that many Singaporeans (and many more) are being/will be displaced in schools & workplaces, both fairly & unfairly.

From: Ali, Osman, Lim, Tan, Heng, Rajagopal, James & Jane.

Anonymous said...

In the shamble world that we have, the greed of the opposition was the biggest flaw, poor planning, the inability to compromise, each thinking of the pie which turned out to be soggy and bitter, not preparing to lose, and in the whole mess of.....a no show to the supporters that laboured the wee hours, its a weakness that showed no grid nor mentality.
Li Lian, not taking up the ncmp and quiting.....shit, workers party would do better if they had place a better candidate with a better frame of mind, not some quit ass.

WP repeating not ready to govern kick them in the face hard, who would want a government that is not ready to lead, the lives, wealth will perish, its no surprise they are slap in thier faces, they were damn lucky to even have kept thier ward.
The opposition were weak, some even mouthing the wrong party, they can't speak....to save thier lives, if we have such people....would you throw your votes for them?

Anonymous said...

The PAP bubble is blowing bigger. Buy in. Buy, buy, buy...bye bye.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Singapore, you're still Lee Kuan Yew's BIATCH! 😂😂

Anonymous said...

Ho Jinx made a very good political strategist in local controlled market, Singapore, but she is a lousy markets' strategist in global markets. Please kindly stay in your area of competence please.

patriot said...

I like to say that personally, I take it that Sinkies will NEVER BE ABLE TO WORK TOGETHER AS ONE PEOPLE.




Green Matter said...

In case you are still wondering - the answer is super luck (11 Sep - 12 Sep 2015).

Overall Vote 69.86% - Luck Longevity!! then Prosperity Luck??

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Having a mandate is rightly so, they worked hard, ground level, coming out thing after thing, Pioneer gerneration, SG 50 etc etc, they did their visit, went house to house, churches, events, wedding and even funerals, wtf have the opposition done, how many block of houses were visited, media was not made easy for them, excuses excuses, what did god make legs for, the effort was poor, mentality was weak, people wants to see your face up front....didn't nicole seah walk the ground till she passed out.

Reflections, says all of them, please la, the result was expected, come 2019, WP better lose more than a few pounds, they might have to look for jobs for some.

Stop dreaming of a Tharman turn over, his star is shinning as bright as ever, any slightest chance of it ever happening went up in smoke yesterday.

Reflections, knn, its a signal....sure is, for those get rich shit head that politics is a long term thingy, a commitment, stop blaming everyone and anyone. People like Red Bean....blog and blog, and when it matters, he became a polling agent rather than stand out to serve.
Hahahahahaha was right.

Anonymous said...

A lot of questions will be asked.

Was it new citizens? Well, the government grants about 15000-20000 new citizenships a year. From 2011 till now, that is at most 80000-90000. Assuming all are adults and all voted for PAP, this would account for 3-3.5%? It cannot explain the huge swing. Oppositions have failed to convinced any of the "daft 60%", as this blog is so fond of calling them. Worse, they have even lost some of their support.

Was it the effect of PAP IBs? Another very "smart" argument always brought up by commentators in this blog. I suppose now beyond mocking the 60%, and the "IB dogs", you guys now have a far bigger number to mock for the next 5 years.

Finally, it puts in perspective how well "supported" people like Roy and Han Hui Hui actually are. I wonder if RB is still going to keep championing these people as "spokesperson" for the masses.

Maybe its time to think. Not just this blog, but also sites like TRE. Are what you all posting really useful for the opposition movement?

Or, spend another 5 years doing the same lor.

Anonymous said...

GE 2015.
When Singaporeans nearly accidentally completely wiped out the entire slate of Alternative Parties.

Well done Singaporeans.
Come. I clap for you.
Stand up and take a bow.

I hope LLL of WP takes up the NCMP position.
She has to be strong to carry the burden of the daft Singaporeans.

jjj2usg said...

I can only conclude that Singaporeans are conditioned tame ‘dogs’ with no fighting spirits for their own rights. The reality is we are the Singaporean trash and those
foreigners are the real Talents!

The majority crowds who thronged the rallies were there to have some cheap fun, just
KPKB with all the policies but prefer to give their support to the big bully.
It's the biggest wayang witnessed in 2015.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 12.32

If I were Chee or Lee Bee Lian, I would definitely quit and leave the fates of the daft, balless, greedy sinkies who cannot see beyond their noses to their godfathers.

Easily manipulated and conned. No wonder LTK looked sad.


Anonymous said...

Since LLL rejected the NCMP, this will be opened to next best losers WP Dennis Tan of Fengshan SMC and 2 other WP candidates from East Coast GRC, as there are up to 9 NCMP positions available, minus the elected opposition candidates.

For East Coast GRC, there are 3 "good calibre" candidates, Gerald Giam, Leon Perera and Daniel Goh to vie for the 2 NCMP positions.

In GE 2011, and also in East Coast GRC, I remember WP Eric Tan resigned shortly from WP after not being selected to be NCMP, which he had wanted and also expected to be selected, when the post went instead to Gerald Giam.

Anonymous said...

It's certainly a huge win for PAP.
It's a huge loss for the Alternative Parties.

Singaporeans have overwhelmingly voted in the same party leadership that has brought us chaos in our MRT trains over the last 10 years.
Among all the other problems.
So I'm not sure how this is a win for Singaporeans.

But this is democracy.
Singaporeans want to have a repeat of the same old shit for another 5 years and beyond.
So be it.

The heavy burden of carrying the torch for alternative and better ideas for Singapore remain on the shoulders of the Workers' Party and the residents of Aljunied GRC and Hougang SMC.

Potong Pasir SMC has given up.
The Chiams have made it their life.
We salute them as they go off into the sunset.
The Chiams deserve better.

Anonymous said...

May all, in one way or another, who stand for the poor, sick, aged, weak and voiceless be strengthened.
May the LORD, the God of peace comfort you in the inside.

Truth and love will prevail, one day forever and ever.

"Come unto me all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest for my yoke is easy and my burden light"...the Son of Man is still giving out His rest.

Beware of men, even many deceivers who come in His name after your money & soul.

Anonymous said...

Just spoke to a relative who voted PAP. Ironically, she voted PAP because she thought, based on the rally crowd sizes, many people will be voting opposition. She just wanted to balance things out so that PAP remains in power. Go figure...

Anonymous said...

Ironically, she voted PAP because she thought, based on the rally crowd sizes, many people will be voting opposition.
Anon 5:54 p.m.


That's why like one commentator here always said, by being very scared to accidentally vote PAP out of power, majority Sinkies had also accidentally gave PAP a bigger mandate, and nearly accidentally even voted WP Teochew Ah Hia out of Aljunied.

Anyway, I think also no harm and no big deal for Sinkies lah, by giving PAP a bigger mandate. If PAP try to be arrogant and make Sinkies suffer, then wait till next GE to whack PAP back lah.

Anonymous said...

Think positively.
PAP, by getting a bigger mandate, may even be encouraged to love and take care of Sinkies more.
In fact it is even in PAP's interest to do so, in order to have their mandate reinforced further at the next election.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there was any David Copperfield magic involved.
When confronted with the possibility of accidentally voting in an Opposition government, Singaporeans got cold feet like the cowards we know we are.

Capable people who have stood up to be counted in GE 2015 for Alternative Parties.
We are likely to lose at least 50% of them from discouragement.
And the next 5 years are unlikely to see any more capable people come forward any time soon on the Alternative Party platform.
GE 2015 has effectively dis-empowered Singaporeans from active citizenry for at least the next 10 years.

Anonymous said...

How does GE 2015 benefit Singaporeans over the next 5 years I really don't know.
But it is clear.
80% Singaporeans want the PAP current status quo to remain.
And PAP has gotten exactly what they wanted ... their "strong" mandate over the last 10 years have been made even stronger.

The ball is now in PAP's court to show how this "stronger mandate" will actually make lives better for Singaporeans.

Nothing has really changed with GE 2015.
PAP's strong mandate and overwhelming parliamentary majority in the past 10 years has been made even stronger.

So I guess the miracle starts tomorrow.
MRT trains will stop breaking down.
Buses will be less crowded.
Singaporean PMETs will get job offers.

And PAP MPs will bravely debate PAP Ministers in parliament to offer more robust policy solutions for Singapore.
Good luck with this.
Most PAP MPs are beholden upon their PAP Ministers for a free ride into parliament based on the GRC system.
How does Singaporeans and Singapore benefit is really beyond me.

Anonymous said...

How does Singaporeans and Singapore benefit is really beyond me.
Anon 7:29 p.m.

If it does not benefit Singaporeans, too bad lah, Singaporeans deserve the govt they voted for. So nothing to complain, really.

Anonymous said...

This result just tells us Sinkies are not a politically matured people.
Throw in some $, tweat a little of their crap policies and like Wooden says, they become like dogs after thrown meat.
If I were Chee, Jeyaretnam or even Low, I would give up and let Sinkies continue to be on leash by the Pappies.

Anonymous said...

If I were Chee, Jeyaretnam or even Low, I would give up and let Sinkies continue to be on leash by the Pappies.
Anon 8:43 p.m.


U think Chee, Jeyaretnam or even Low are in opposition just in order not to let Sinkies continue to be on leash by the Pappies? They are in for other and better reasons than u think.

Anonymous said...

At last Ho Jinx did something well for Prince.

Anonymous said...

...it means the hardcore anti PAP voters is now less than 30% in some constituencies will some falling to as low as 20%.

The % hardcore may have reduced but I think the actual numbers stay about the same.

Why? Because of many new citizens, that's why.

And in an election, the % counts more than the numbers. PMETs lost their jobs to foreigners or become taxi drivers and vote opposition? Sorry lah, you have the numbers but your % no good, so PAP won and you lost lah.

Gary said...

Religion, at least in the case of Christianity, has been
politicized by the PAP. Note the reports and pictures of
Goh Chok Tong with the 'magician' Pastor Kwong and
chain mail circulating via WhatsApp just before polling day
that explicitly accused the WP of support for the gay
movement. The cat is also out of the bag that it was the
work of the PAP IB which apparently has stoop to breaking
the law with such scare tactics targetting Christians.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ Gary 134:

>> Religion, at least in the case of Christianity, has been
politicized by the PAP. <<

I think it is the other way around: CERTAIN churches have been courting some members of the government.

>> Pastor Kwong and
chain mail circulating via WhatsApp just before polling day
that explicitly accused the WP of support for the gay
movement. <<

Free cuntry lah. You're allowed to circulate anything---including conjecture and outright falsehood---as long it doesn't threaten life and limb or cheat people out of their private property most likely money)

BTW I don't think there's any such "thing" as "the gay movement" or the "gay agenda".

>> PAP IB which apparently has stoop to breaking
the law with such scare tactics targetting Christians. <<

As long as they are not acting "officially" as PAP, they are within their rights to try to discourage the acceptance of LGBTs in Singapore.

I've been critical of the 377A law----it is a national embarrassment, left over legal detritus from the Victorian era in then uptight England.

Pastor Lawrence Khong is a throwback to an era where homosexuality was considered a "mind disease", and all homos were "perverts", and sexual attraction to the same sex was considered "unnatural".

We now have scientific data to disprove all of that. The "unnatural" claim is the most BUSTED of all. Same sex behaviour has been observed and documented in SEVERAL animal species.

If Pastor Lawrence Khong want to look like a fool, it is his god" given right to do so.

Let us laugh at his dogmatic and arrogant attitude.


Anonymous said...

Arrogant cockle smeller acting clever.

Laugh, laugh, laugh.