Najib versus Mahathir

The battle for supremacy and control of UMNO between Najib and Mahathir is growing with both sides building up their alliances and forces and gearing for a final do or die battle in days to come. Najib the sitting PM and his cousins in Hishammuddin and Hamidi, with the Police Chief and several govt organizations on his side are pitted against Mahathir and the defection members of UMNO plus his former allies whose power and influence have yet to be fully exposed.

The fireworks will start any moment with sparks flying everywhere. This could be the mother of all battles for the control of the Malay ground. Both sides are claiming to be defending the interests of the Malays and would need an enemy to prove their convictions. The events after the Bersih 4 demonstration and the protest by the Red Shirts are frightening examples to send notice to the Chinese and Indian minorities to stay clear of this fight. They must know that it is not their fight and any sign of their involvement will be used as an excuse to direct the fire power in their direction.

The Chinese and Indian minorities are best advised to stay clear of the conflict, disappear if possible and better still to state their non involvement clearly. They just cannot be involved to invite bloodshed on themselves. Do not become the convenient devil for either side. Yes stay out, stay away. It is not their fight. They would not survive when the elephants turn around and trample on them instead.

This is a time when the Chinese and Indian minorities must know their rightful place in the country. It would be plain stupidity to offer themselves again and again as the whipping boy. And this time it is not just whipping. Lives will be lost, homes would be burnt.  Be warned and be wise. Taking any side will bring about their total destruction.

The Royalties are not taking sides. PAS is not taking sides. Would the Chinese and Indians be so dumb to take sides in this tussle for supremacy between the Malay leaders?


Anonymous said...

Fight they will, rallies there were, but no riots and violence like the racial riots in 1969 lah.

Why? Because many Malays now in Malaysia, unlike in 1969, are also rich, have properties and assets and also good life, u know.

So why would they be so stupid to risk and lose all these through riots and violence, u tell me lah?

And why would 70% Sinkies be so stupid as to risk their livelihood and wealth through voting the worse than PAP and not ready to be govt opposition?

Anonymous said...

Must "salute" Mr N.

He is really a man of steel!

With "arrows" pointing at him from all directions, both locally and internationally, he is still very very very solid!

He is really a man of steel!


We shall see.


The said...

/// The Chinese and Indian minorities are best advised to stay clear of the conflict, disappear if possible and better still to state their non involvement clearly. ///

No use lah. The Scumno goons will blame the Chindians even if they are not involved. Look at Bersih 4 - the red goons are attacking the Chinese and DAP when the DAP got nothing to do with it. They just have to blame everyone in the world, except themselves.

Anonymous said...

The only opportunity for the Chinese and Indians to be saved is to get China, India and Singapore Government to protect them. Boleh da.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

I'd pay money to watch the 2 bersilat, and slice each other with their kerambits.

I'd run over pedestrians and even (especially?) old people to get to the event venue to watch these two duke it out, Malay style.

Fight fight fight

Anonymous said...

Whether the rich Malays want it or not, Najib and his UMYES goons are going for broke to stay in power and protect their wealth. And that means even if there is a racial riot, it still favours them by declaring a state of emergency. What can Mahathir do?

Politics is the same everywhere. Corruption at the highest level is not good for the country and its people.

In any case, even beyond politics, corruption is rampant in other places as well. FIFA's echelon is corrupt. The Olympics committee is corrupt. The players and participants involved in most sports are also corrupt, with cover ups involving drug cheats. I can bet that many other sport's bodies are corrupt, but the problem is proving it.

Is Najib and his goons corrupt? You tell me.

Anonymous said...

What is corruption? Who is corrupt or not corrupt?

Anonymous said...

can't imagine if the said US$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ were donated to WP for GE2015.........

really really........用不完!........吃不完!............

too bad too bad......not for WP...........


agongkia said...

l don't really understand why Sinkies like to kaypoh on their neighbours' affairs when they cannot even solve their own problems.
Nothing to do go and help your RC or MP to make your estate a better place to live in.
Or go backlane watch lau aunties.Or help pick cardboards. Many things to do.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Agongkia,

You should spend more time playing with your mei meis.

I know it is very difficult for you to understand why events happening in neighbouring countries would affect you and the people here. No need to think too hard, it would not make any difference, just continue to do what you are doing and be happy happy.

Anonymous said...

It is a blessing in disguise for being senile. Just no worry and be happy collecting rent. On top of that just work the minimum at his own leisurely pace and collect workfare. Who cares about productivity when life is so good. No wonder the PAP gets a landslide. Next GE will be an avalanche.

Anonymous said...

The Aliens in Malaysia really know their place.
Unlike Aliens in other countries.

Anonymous said...

/// Nothing to do go and help your RC or MP to make your estate a better place to live in. ///
September 23, 2015 4:43 p.m.

agongkia is really a daft Sinkie.
offering help to our Millionaire PAP MPs.
why not you also donate money to help your underpaid Millionaire PAP MPs?

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, finally you revealed your cover as a PAP Man.

So Ahgongkia is a grassrot or grassloot member. Either way, no difference. Just be a ball licker and loot and rot fellow citizens.

Siew Thiam parasites who jump and snatch meat scraps from their masters.

Their way of survival. In any period of time, sure got these pai lay who scrounged on the people just like the Japanese interpreters and chow kows who identified their innocent fellow men and women to be slaughtered by the Japs.

Just beware of retribution.

Now they don't get you, your future generations will pay the price.

Sigh, sigh, poor Ahgongkia

Anonymous said...

"The only opportunity for the Chinese and Indians to be saved is to get China, India and Singapore Government to protect them. Boleh da."

I quoted the above comment and there is no response on it. Singaporeans befitting description : Kiasee, Kiasu, bo lum pa.

Anonymous said...

Businesses who refuse to hire Singaporeans.
Suggest you relocate to Malaysia because the costs there is very low.
May your businesses be visited by the demonstrators there.

Anonymous said...

When agongkia flashed his membership card, the mei meis would kuai kuai let him do as he pleased. He is a powderful man, getting free Penang durians and all the mei meis he wants. Membership has its privileges. Go with the flow and enjoy the perks.

Who cares grassloot or grassroot?

virgo49 said...

Wah, like the good, old, golden years of the Foo manchu die nasty.

The enunches or tai kams aka modern day lee die nasty RC members.

Unfortunately, they kena potong below or our go with the flow street wise ahgongkia escaped the knife??

So no meis meis safe from him including the emperor daughters, concubines, wives, grandmothers and even fathers.

Wah great to be a pap waa boww!!

Anonymous said...

Ahgongkia could be a grassroot member wth biznesses in manpower supply and contractor bizness.
Mei meis is part of the manpower he supplies.
Pros are victims of pimps.
Pimps are much like the clever preying
or exploiting the less endowed also known as daft in Sg.

agongkia said...

Aiyo Lauchek ah.
Dun tarnish the image of grassroot as I have not join any .
But will go mps more often becos my new engpee is heard to be a Chiobu that I propose in net and prayed for.
See her can sure strike lottery.Heng ah.