Malaysia red shirt protest rally

Yesterday Malaysia celebrated Malaysia Day in a different manner. A group of Malays donning on red shirts and calling themselves the Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu took to the streets to assert Malay dominance in Malaysia. They wanted the minority races to know that they are guests to the country, there are only allowed to live in Malaysia under the grace and generosity of the Malays. Malaysia belongs to the Malays.

The protest rally came about in response to an earlier rally a month ago called Bersih 4 calling for a clean govt after the 1MDB incident. Though that protest was attended by all the races, including Mahathir Mohammed and Muhyiddin, and the issue was corruption, it has been interpreted or turned into a racial issue. It becomes a Chinese and Indian insult to the Malays and Islam and Malay dominance in Malaysia.

The protest march in the centre of Kuala Lumpur was intended to move through the Chinese majority districts and Bukit Bintang where past racial riots were at its worst. It was a show of force to intimidate the Chinese and other minority races not to trifle or insult the Malays. How the Bersih 4 protest against corruption can become an insult and challenge to Malay rights, dominance and Islam is only a matter of politicking. And the protest was very real, tension very high, fear was everywhere. The threats of another racial riots and bloodbath were clear and imminent. Credits should go to the police to keep the protestors under control and not to break into another killing field. Businesses in the district were at a stand still, all shops closed.

The Sultan of Johore has taken a very strong stand against promoters of hatred and instability. He warned anyone trying to do it in Johore that he would deal with the agitator personally.  ‘Anyone who creates disharmony and spreads hatred here by promoting racism, will have to deal with me personally.  Take this as a warning. This is not the stone age, do not be ungrateful – the Malays, Chinese and Indians all played their part. Johor Darul Ta’zim is home to the Malays, Chinese and Indians; they are Bangsa Johor.’

Looking from across the Causeway, Singaporeans must be very grateful that we don’t have to face such threats and tension every now and then. The non Malay Malaysians must take this incident very seriously as to how far they could go. Race and religion are highly sensitive issues that can be hijacked and turned into an inflammable political issue. All Singaporeans must also not to take the good inter racial relations for granted. New citizens must also take note of the effort the govt and Singaporeans have put in to keep racial and religious harmony as a top priority agenda in this city state. The govt also must take note that keeping 4 major ethnic communities living peacefully is not an easy task. To add into this mixed pot with more diverse ethnic groups from all over the world would risk creating more troubles down the road.

Singapore is good as it is. Tempering with the concoction that has stabilized over the years by adding more inflammable mixes into it would ensure a very unstable future. Don’t be stupid to think that race and religion are so easy to handle and manage. They are age old ingredients for wars among people, ageless.


Virgo49 said...

Singapore, the reverse of Malaysia.

Here, the majority Chinese are a magnanimous lot. They prefer to screw their kind than others.

Here, the minorities are living the lives of the majority whereas the majority is living the lives of the minorities. Sic.

The Malaysian Malays are a dumb lot. I truly RESPECT the Sultan of Johor. The Chinese and the Indians had been there for generations and they like their Malay pioneers had built up the Nation.

They are going to be there for a long time. Why, condone your own kind who commits crimes and sins????

The ones who are enriched by your foolish actions are gonna to siggner that you like the daft Sinkies been the poor peasants are not going to enjoy the luxuries of life.

The poor, marginalized stupid people are been conned by the elites.

Anyway, still like to stay at Goh Tong Jaya and enjoy the cool breeze.


Anonymous said...

It took the govt years just to integrate the major races in Singapore
together to the level that we can now call each other regardless of
races, Brothers and Sisters.

Our govt can be very proud of this!

However, the govt must be very careful regarding our current generous
open door policy and the massive influx of foreigners from different
cultures and habits to become instant citizens.

Integration with LOCALS is the ONLY sustainable way of life going forward!

Is the current integration of instant citizens with LOCALS working?

Don't play play! Don't play play!

agongkia said...

Minority have many advantages than the majority that one cannot see.
If one is a bit smarter among the minority ,one can even hold high position and boss the majority around. This may not be possible if one is the smartest but being in the majority.
I am not in favour of these actions by the yellow minority sampat teng ah gee .Gonggong being make use of.Luckily they do not represent the minority.
No necessity for Bersih at all to begin with.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ SoJ via RB:

>> ‘Anyone who creates disharmony and spreads hatred here by promoting racism, will have to deal with me personally'. <<

This is the "new" SoJ, the one with the English mother. Like his dad and granddad, he is genetically predisposed to violence, either hammering someone or just fucking shooting them. So yeah, I hope some crazy racist decides to test the SoJ's patience...it would be fun to watch.

This is one family which doesn't give a fuck. Remember when his dad flew a helicopter and landed in the grounds of the Turf Club...no clearance, no permission, fuck it..."Singapore used to belong TO ME!! I'll damn well fly my chopper there and land where I like. Fuck Lee Hsien Loong!!"

Gotta admit, that's some BIG BALLS right there!

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB:

>> Don’t be stupid to think that race and religion are so easy to handle and manage. They are age old ingredients for wars among people, ageless. <<

17% of Singaporeans identify as 'freethinkers' i.e. in the data records of their NRIC. I suspect the real number is greater, but due to personal circumstances many freethinkers have not "come out".

Lee Kaun Yew was adamant about keeping Singapore's polity SECULAR. However in the last few years a few mega churches have grown. So secularists and freethinkers, better keep an eye on whether this "burst" of home-grown Christianity will impact the polity. If you notice it does, start making lots of noise and take ACTION.

In politics, RELIGION is POISON. In Singapore's case, I'm not that concerned. You have Pastor Lawrence Khong coming out to urge the govt (PM Lee) to not tolerate homos...but Singaporeans were quick to respond and Pastor Khong's lamentations were summarily countered, dismissed, and Khong himself (and his daughter) subjected to a torrent of personal attack.

So IMO, Singapore is reasonably "safe" from the toxicity of organised religion.

In Singapore, the dominant culture is Chinese. However Singapore Chinese culture does not "crowd out" the minorities and either Balkanise or marginalise them.

So Singapore ain't in no way like Malaysia, and the fundamental reason is EDUCATION. The level and extent of education in a given population correlates strongly with a higher degree of irreligiousity and cultural plurality, and INCLUSIVENESS---for e.g. Chinese people can go eat Malay or Indian food and roam around Serangoon Road or Geylang Serai without any issue of personal safety.

If you're a white person, you can't do that in many areas of the United States, supposedly known as "the land of the free".

Singapore rocks lah. It's why its still my favourite Hotel :-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Sultan is shaping up nicely as the new progressive force of Malaysia unlike the traditional sultan of the past. This sultan will take on Mahathir if needs to. He will lead the charge for the revival of the glory of the sultans but without the unpleasantness of abuses of power of the royalties.

The said...

The Sultan wants to go back to the days of the Straits Settlement. 往事只能回味

Anonymous said...

With the kind of racist tensions simmering, Malaysia is slipping into a failed state, a banana republic. And who should take the most blame? Mahathir of course. He created the problems during his tenure as PM with the NEP that we can see has failed miserably.

Setting policies that favoured one race over another, or giving favoured treatment to one's supporters over others will never end well.

Do not laugh at our neighbours up North, because one day, the same thing may happen here if the PAP continue to sideline those who disagree with their pork barrel politics. Sure they can be seen to be able to do what the opposition cannot, but that is due to them being able to use the spoils as Government to further their cause. For how long can you use this tactic to win votes? Nothing can work forever.

Anonymous said...

Their education system has failed miserably. Take a look on youtube about the case of Teoh Beng Hock's inquest and the kind of English spoken by the prosecutor, supposed to tbe the best, and you will really cringe in your seat.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Cannot judge them by the usage of English. English is not their first language anymore. Should judge a people, any people, by how they think, the basis of their thoughts and how they interpret events, facts and data, whether logical or reasonable.

Language proficiency depends on one's language ability and training, not so much as one's intelligence eg A PRC Chinese would have problems using English, that does not make him dull. His primary language is Chinese.

agongkia said...

Dun be a toad living under the coconut shell.
Dun be a sotong fish being chuck into a small pond when one can move freely in the ocean and still claiming Heng .
Dun think too highly on ourselves or think lowly on others and please talk with your brain.
The country dun belong to you .Learn to have respect for others.
Whats the point of good education system but talk without brain or becoming arrogant.
What's so great about English.
Another Ting Tong on the loose.

Virgo 49 said...

Wah piang, anyone who praises the chow Ang mo will get a lashing from ahgongkia

Clap clap clap ahgongkia

Do not think that you can speak Eng Kok more fluently and got Ang mo name, you are more superior

Now Ang mo also worked as doormen in China hotels

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ dumb twat, 430:

Hey cunt breath, see, now I have to agree with redbean. 100% some more.

Have you heard me speak Bahasa? I guarantee you will vomit. Don't be such a snob lah!

Anonymous said...

logically and mathematically speaking, the thinking of the red shirts can be summarised in a few simple equations.

Bersih attacks Corruption

Red shirts say, attacking Corruption is attacking Islam and Malays

Put the two equations together, Corruption = Islam and Malays

Is this logical or intelligent?

Never mind, this is how the red shirts think and thus, to defend Islam and Malays, they must defend Corruption. Anyone attacking Corruption is attacking Islam and Malays.