Listening to the ministers is so frightening

With the GE fever on, I watch both sessions of the live debates on Ch 5 and 8 on the GE. I heard Chan Chun Sing and Lawrence Wong and their strong beliefs on the right things that the PAP had done in the past. I have no doubt about the strength of their faith. They truly and sincerely believe in what they were believing in with all honesty and conviction. And it is so scary

Chan Chun Sing spent a big deal of time stressing on the importance of trust and claiming that the PAP had the full trust of the people and that it was this trust by the people that had brought us here today. Lawrence was saying that he was so proud of what the PAP had done to prove how good the PAP was.

I wish I was present to ask them a few questions but since that was not possible maybe I shall pose the questions here and hopefully they could read it and give me an answer.


  1. The PAP had legislated away the people’s life savings, including mine, without the people’s consent or my consent. Does Chan Chun Sing think the people still trust the PAP? I for one would not trust the PAP with my life savings. I want my money back, every cent of it. Is there a breach of trust? And to Lawrence, is he proud of what the PAP has done about the people’s CPF savings? The PAP brought in 2m foreigners and turned many of them into citizens without seeking the consent of the people. Many people, including me, would not consent to it.  Does Chan Chun Sing think the people still trust the PAP? And to Lawrence, is this something he is proud of?
  2. The PAP is forcing the people to pay for the Medishield Life Insurance, compulsory, without asking the people for their permission. And the people would have to pay for this for the rest of their life, emptying every single cent they have in their Medisave Minimum Sum accounts in a matter of time. The Medisave grants and the premiums in the future are not fixed. I can imagine that after all my Medisave Minimum Sum has been ‘gasak’, and if I live long enough, I would risk to go behind bars for not able to pay the premiums. Is this about trust or is this daylight robbery? Is Lawrence also proud of this?
  3. The govt signed the CECA with India allowing unrestrained entry of millions of Indians to work here and causing many Singaporeans to lose their jobs. Is this an issue of trust? Does Chan Chun Sing think the people still trust the PAP to sign more of such agreements? Is Lawrence proud of the PAP signing such agreements?

Has the PAP breached the trust of the people and losing the trust of the people?  If yes, is Lawrence still proud of the PAP?

If no, I think both would answer no and are still very proud of what the PAP had done, in particular to the above policies, and this is the frightening part. They cannot see anything wrong in what the PAP had done and going to do if re elected for another term. They are such staunch and unquestioning believers.

The only glitch in the debate was when Lawrence tried to dig out Chee Soon Juan’s past for an airing. This is what he is capable of doing. And while on Chee Soon Juan, it reminds me of another unflattering record of the PAP in its treatment of political rivals like Chee Soon Juan, JBJ and Tang Liang Hong. All were bankrupted. Tang fled for his life and Chee was thrown into jail. What about the sagas involving Roy Ngerng and Amos Yee? Is Lawrence, and for that matter all the ministers, proud of these records?


Anonymous said...

CECA is one of the agreement that was not well explained to the people of Singapore. It is scary to know millions of Indians would come to our shores and snatch away our jobs. Because wages in India is very low, any pay in Singapore would be better off than India. Again, the level paying field has been altered. If and if all these Indians are better educated than Singaporeans, I have no say but we all know 99% of the degrees in India are fake to a certain degree. I personally had dealing with some Indian "professionals" and all I can say is that they are a total led down.

Anonymous said...

If I am elected to form the govt, I can't be bothered to do all these things that the PAP has done, namely CPF, Medisave and CECA that RB has pointed out. I mean why bother, for the people? So mafun. They are none the wiser and whatever govt do, they will complain anyway.

The most I would do is put up these proposals and put it to the people (aka referendum) to vote. As you know, some will vote in favour, some will not. Let them fight it out and whatever outcome, so be it. You ask for it.

In the meantime, I still collect my salary as Ministers or MPs. And it is truly First World parliament mah, democracy at its best.

And I can relax for the next 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Aside from the massive propaganda trotted out, what I see and hear on the MSM is everything is good about the PAP and everything is disappointing with the opposition.

Alright, those whitewashing and tarring and veiled threats aside, do Singaporeans really want a 100% PAP representation in Parliament? The following questions are important

Do Singaproeans really think that we can do, under present circumstances, without any opposition in Parliament? Think about the different PAP approach to issues before and after GE 2011.

Do Singaporeans really think that the NCMP can do the checking of the PAP as suggested by them? Only the really daft will believe this lie.

Do Singaporeans really believe that the PAP can honestly check itself and let the left hand check the right hand? Advocating that this is possible is a dissappointing insight into their talented minds.

So, vote wisely, not cowardly and not succumbed to greed when the PAP have again overturned the pork barrel this time to buy them votes. How many more GEs can this work?

Anonymous said...

Agreed that the frightening part is they still see and beleive that what they are doing is for Singaporean's good, from their point of view and not from the view of those who put them there.

So, give them a 100% mandate and wait and see what they will do to revert back to the old habits.

Anonymous said...

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. ///

Ok, voters must them Arrogant PAP that we want them to go far and go together with more Opposition parties so that they can have jointly come out with the best ideas for everyone and segment. They need to collaborate and work these people we elect into parliament, whether they like it or not, and do as they say to go far. Singaporeans no longer trust their ideas are only the viable and best for us. They clearly need to be sent another bolt of blue to be reminded how awful the last 10 years has been. And those flashy 88 pages of their manifesto is indeed empty motherhood statements with more pictures than the future vision of where they want to take us.

We already 7 m is a done deal. Most have resigned and they will go for 10 m planning parameters soon. Because as one IB chief cavin said, the ww planning experts say one...we people have to be reminded how much failure they have in this track record when it comes to social engineering and babies and eugenics etc. Let no one try to play God.

Please do the right thing. They can no longer be trusted to expedite all the bad policies through. They needed to be challenged and slowed down.

Anonymous said...

"The govt signed the CECA with India allowing unrestrained entry of millions of Indians to work here and causing many Singaporeans to lose their jobs."

Please lah RB, if CECA can help with GDP growth and minister bonuses pegged to it, why not?

I mean, if casinos, and not one but 2, are also OK for GDP growth, why not CECA? Which is even more evil, casinos or CECA, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

...do Singaporeans really want a 100% PAP representation in Parliament?
Anon 9:28 a.m.

Of course not. That's why WP could Aljunied and Hougang in GE 2011. But only this 2 and 2 only.

Because if Sinkies were to vote more GRCs and SMCs to fall to opposition, they are also very scared that in doing so, they may accidentally vote the PAP out of govt. They were very scared in 2011 and no doubt also still very scared even now. Because, just like in 2011, the opposition is still not ready to be govt. So it is scary if the opposition were to be accidentally voted in as govt.

Anonymous said...

"What about Amos Yee?" Yes, indeed. Do not forget this boy. The PAP has broken Singapore. The Police, the Courts, the doctors, the Church - to say more will risk charges on Contempt, so I'll stop here. Leaving it to thinking citizens to decide whether they still trust the PAP, who have completely broken Singapore.

Anonymous said...

"Leaving it to thinking citizens to decide whether they still trust the PAP..."
Anon 11:58 a.m.

How to measure trust? By number of votes received? If yes, then majority thinking citizens still trusted the PAP in GE 2011. Anything changed for the worse, whether PAP or citizens since 2011? If no, why should the GE 2015 outcome be any much different from 2011, u tell me lah?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

What "consent" is this old fool red bean talking about?

The govt. won a MANDATE in last and previous elections, which is MANDATE to govern. It takes no more plebiscite, referendum or "consent" to do what it needs/wants to do lah.

Eh uncle, do you know how our Republican parliamentary system works or not? Once you elect representatives to represent you, your "permission" to pass laws is no longer required lah!

Wake up!

Anonymous said...

Yes cunt smeller. The govt won an election and can sell your mother away also. You no object. No need your consent. You voted for it.

Who is the bigger fool, cunt smeller or redbean? The govt can sell the whole island or give it away to anyone they want because the people voted for them to be the govt.

You seow or redbean seow?

You called redbean fool you think people cannot see who is the real fool?

Anonymous said...

MS your smelly mama waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

Singapore during the GE of 2011 voted the PAP to rule over Singapore. Singaporeans, or the majority of Singaporeans, have given PAP the mandate to do they think is right for the people of Singapore. This is what is known as democracy. If PAP government has to go for referendum to get the concensus for every policy they implement, then it would be impossible to govern the country. The PAP government must have the ability to do what the government think is right for the country.

RB may not like some of the policies, but if the majority of Singaporeans think what were done were good for the country, then the PAP government has done the right thing for the country. So let stop quibbling and move on. If the oppositions can acheive a mojority in the parliament then different policies can be adopted. Until then, PAP calls the shot.

Anonymous said...

Lawrence Wong, can ask his uncle & himself, Wong Kan Seng, are they proud that Mas Selamat, top terrorist escaped from his prison? Is WKS proud that he was still paid millions even with the escape?
Don't be blindly proud.

b said...

They are there to win the election whatever the costs not to answer those important questions lah. When does pap think for the people? they only think for themselves.

Anonymous said...

To be exact, now that parliament is dissolved, there is no minister, only uncles, aunties, and, of course, a very old white hair uncle who just won't go away.

Although not possessing of their minister-title, what they said still sent shivers down my spine.

One such uncle Ng said to the rowdy opposition supporters at the RI nomination center "the more you jeer, the more we will improve your life".

Er...uncle ng, why is it that every-time you improve my life, the worse it becomes? And how exactly are you improving my life: by raising the cost of living, cost of healthcare, emptying my cpf with costly housing? Can I opt out of this "improvement"? I won't even mind going back to third world. It is so much better than paying first world prices for third world living.

Anonymous said...

This Matilar is showing his true colour, that he is being paid to attack RB when his master is under pressure.

Anonymous said...

Can we trust the PAP for the next 5 years ? My answer is an emphatic NO. A mandate to govern is not a blank check to do as they please. What the PAP government had done on the subjects highlighted by RB is total abuse of the mandate. LHL and his PAP government seem to think that the mandate gave them the right to withhold our (CPF) money and take them through Medishield Life, and send us to jail too ! What kind of government is this ? Scary, sad.

CECA, TPP, immigration floodgates. We need national referendums for such matters. Not to be decided by a few politicians, based on own delusionary rationale and "trade-offs". We need to have a voice on these far reaching decisions.

PAP keeps talking the next 50 years, SG100. Don't be conned because no one, yes no, can predict the near future let alone the next 50 years. In 50 years, we and definitely I will be dead ! But I don't want to be a living dead in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Typical con man tactics. Give me your millions, and promise you 50 years later all is fine, life will be good for you. In the next 10 years you die your business.

Anonymous said...

Please don't make racist remarks about Indians under the guise of criticising the PAP. If 2 million Indians came here, that would make 30% of the population Indians. Have you got any observation on the many Chinese that have arrived here from Greater China, Thailand and the Philippines? What about the treaties with China and other countries? By the way, India has some of the top calibre students in their best tertiary institutes. If they have fake degrees, they will not be able to hold on to their jobs. If some Singaporeans cannot find a place in universities here and produce enough to join the industries where there are foreigners, please do not blame foreigners for our own shortcomings. It is unfortunate that you have misled Singaporeans from an otherwise relevant subject of discussion.

You would help Singaporeans if you could get your facts right and if your comments were not racially motovated.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agree with 6:15. We must be sensitive to our fellow citizens here. When we talk about citizens and foreigners, let's keep it that way and not to offend any Singaporean in particular.

We should not blame the foreigners but the govt that brought them in with the open leg policies. The foreigners in this respect are innocent. For the fakes and cheats they will have to answer when caught. But why are they not caught?

Anonymous said...

As a young boy I was very impressed with speeches made by RIP David Marshall
and LKY (when he was at his best during Malaysia and early Independence
of Singapore.

I have just finished listening to Workers Party 2015 rally at Hougang. Although he spoke in dialect (Teochew) I was most impressed by LTK. This what I expect of a
politician - shrewd and politically smart, waiting for the right moment to rebut
PAP of APEHTC saga. I hope PM and his team esp KBW and TCH could come out with a better form of accusation on APEHTC. LTK doesn,t have to do character assisanation, if they cannot criminal the case, makes them unbelievable to the voters .

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats the rebuttal by LTK in Teochew. I like it and everybody there loves it. You must understand Teochew to have a real impact of his speech. Nothing can beat expressions in dialect, and impact is lost in translation. Believe it.

Anonymous said...

Honestly KBW is no polished politician. He jumps the gun, shoot his own feet and afterwards said that he looked stupid. I believe his own admission.

I think the PAP is again scoring an own goal in this town council matter. It is a problem created and engineered by them to discredit the opposition. But as the saying goes - People in glass houses should not throw stones.

Unless you have never been wrong, which is unlikely, the skeleton in your cupboard will come out as time goes by.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 931:

>> Unless you have never been wrong,...<<

Not a case of being wrong. Errors, especially human errors occur commonly, in every sphere of human activity and endeavour.

In fact "mistakes" and "failures" are good, as learning from them can help you develop more robust (fault tolerant) systems.

What happened at the TC was probably cultural and/ or systemic, which means there weren't enough (i.e. independent, separate systems) safeguards to "catch" errors.

Bad luck for the WP: once your political rival/ competitor/ enemy gains knowledge of your mess, they will milk it until dry to totally discredit you and essentially sully whtever might be left of your reputation.

Moral of story: Don't give your rival any "free kicks", especially when they can take that kick and deliver it to your balls. Which they will, guaranteed.