GE2015 – Triumph versus Despair 塞翁失马,焉知非福

The PAP and its supporters had cause for celebration with the shocking victory in the GE 2015 results. On the other side of the fence there was shock, despair and hopelessness. Not even the most optimistic supporter or analyst of the PAP camp could envisage the kind of success and margin of wins. 10% swing, many winning more than 70% of the votes, closing in to the 80%, taking one SMC back, not losing new GRC and almost taking back Aljunied, were too good to be true.

Contrary, it was a debilitating blow to the opposition camp and those expecting a further weakening of the PAP’s grip onto power and the impending loss of at least one more GRC to the opposition. The shock wave was too shocking for anyone to bear. There was an unusual quietness on the morning of 12 Sep. You could see it on the faces of many citizens. They were lifeless, something really horrible had happened the night before and no one was in the mood to talk about it.

The contrasting mood could not be missed by anyone. The GE and its results were furthest from anyone’s lips. They were in no mood for anything and talking about the GE was the last thing in their minds. All the hopes and expectations of a rubbing for the PAP camp and the resurgence of new faces from the opposition camp in parliament went up in smoke.

What should the PAP read of this unusual reception of its stunning landslide victory?  They have won 70% of the popular votes is the truth. No one can deny that. But why the gloom and doom among the electorate? No doubt the PAP would be gloating, the best result ever happened and it was the sign of a better future for the people and country. SG100 would be good, can only be good, with the majority of the people putting the cross of approval on the PAP’s box.

To many, the GE was a non event, did it happen, was there a GE? Life goes on as if nothing had happened. This must be the strangest thing to happen after the routing of the opposition camp. The absence of people on the streets in celebration and the joy of a hard fought victory were not there.
What is happening? The people in despair, the losers, must be in the minority, 30% or lesser. Why is the mood of despair and despondency so infectious, spreading across the population even into the victor’s camp?

I am still trying to figure out this phenomenon of a victory without the spirit of joy and jubilation. All those who were talking to me excitedly before the GE were wearing  a face of stony silence, still in a state of shock I supposed. Maybe I am just paranoid, seeing things that no one is seeing. Can anyone explain this? Is it real or am I imagining, that everyone is celebrating except me, and jumping in joy,  I am the odd man out? Must be another uniquely Singapore thing.


Anonymous said...

The shock wave was too shocking for anyone to bear.

70%, being very scared (kiasu and kiasi in Singlish) to accidentally vote PAP out, accidentally gave PAP a bigger mandate.

Yes, it is shocking, because you don't expect accidents, let alone a serious one like this, to happen, tio bo?

So being kiasu and kiasi sometimes can backfire as an accident, and backfire badly enough to be too shocking.

Anonymous said...

Generally speaking, it is shocking to witness an accident, or worse, to be involved in one.

In fact, believe me, I think even PAP is also shocked, except that it is a happy shock for them, followed by a hahahahahahahahaha. You saw Hsien Loong's face after the final results were announced? That's how he laughed.

Anonymous said...

To me, I am happy PAP won in my constituency. So at least I have no worry about AHPETC issues in the Town Council, although I remain the same as I am. Anyway, even if
opposition win, I will also remain the same as I am too. I believe the same applies to many others too.

So what's the fuss all about?

Anonymous said...

Think Simple! It Will Be Simple!

Why the large swing?

Many said LKY, pioneer generation package, SG50, etc etc etc
had contributed to the swing.

BUT IMO, after GE2011, PAP had organised countless activities,
events, celebratory functions etc etc etc at all corners of the
island with massive participations and PAP leaders were on the
ground WITH the masses.

"Everyday is a PAP Day!"

I did commented here before the GE that this will enable PAP to win BIG BIG!

Move On! Move On!


Goh said...

Please lah.I am not lifeless after the result and what's there to be shock about.Seems that my thinking is different from many and proved that I am not necessarily Gong even when I was chided to be so whenever I give my views.

I am one who is celebrating on the result. Yes, collecting winning bets till finger tired and no time to kaypoh here, especially from those so call educated smart alecs., senior management Pmets etc.mati mati think they are smarter.
One doesn't need to be good in mathematics to foresee the result.
Looking forward to more such event to supplement my income.
Now.Time for me to work lesser and celebrate by hugging more mei meis.
Not forgetting my dear humorous Lau Chek Virgo here. Buy you Lew Lian.

Anonymous said...

Rb, it's illegal to celebrate in the street but I know many of my relatives and friends who voted for pap were celebrating at home so u did not and could not see or feel mah

Anonymous said...

Kaisu & Kaisi & selfish Sinkies thought that other Sinkies will do the righteous jobs of voting more alternative voices into the Parliament outside their GRCs for them.

They want the amenities of a PAP GRC, so they rather have a PAP team.

On the other hand, they are concerned about themselves & their children future versus that of FTs & the FT influx policy, but they thought other Singaporeans will deliver that for them, and suffer the difficulties like the past brave Sinkies of Potong Pasir, Hougang & Aljunied.

They wanted the best of both worlds; eat the pork barrels offered, yet let others do the tough jobs & sacrifices.

This is the irony.

But worst than this irony are the puppies-type of self-righteous that want the pork barrels, want the checks & balances, yet still condemn those who do the dirty jobs of checking the PAP.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ redbean:

>> To many, the GE was a non event, did it happen, was there a GE? Life goes on as if nothing had happened. <<

Like I said, business as usual. Nothing's changed in the grand scheme of things.

In the 2006 GE, PAP got 66.6% of the vote, and the PAP, as I recall were SHOCKED 😱😱 because in 2001 they got more than 75% majority. When placed in context of the 2 previous GE's, another picture emerges.

The 2015 GE is a "big deal" only because of "unmet expectations" of a larger opposition grab. i.e. people were psychologically primed to expect a commonly held idea of the outcome.

Until the CULTURE changes in Singapore, the politics will remain the same. You don't have to agree with me. If you stick around in Singapore, you can have the direct experience of what CULTURE is all about 😹

BTW assholes, how did that One_Lousy_Vote turn out for you? Did you change the world...yet? Bwahahahahhaha....

Virgo 49 said...

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PE coming, make more monies with your ah gong wisdom and bel ajar me more durians

Virgo 49 said...

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