GE2015 – Tanjong Pagar

This PAP stronghold is suddenly open for grabs in the absence of LKY. PAP is likely to live on its past glories and the LKY hangovers among the oldies and the old faithful.  How strong would this group be is untested as the GRC did not have a contest for the last 2 decades. There are many unknown forces in this GRC and many things would be left to the candidates defending the ward and the challengers.

The PAP is led by a PM potential in Chan Chun Sing. After his move to the NTUC, people are seeing this as an unfavourable move and his PM potential may be called into question. This would be made known in the hustings and voters may hear a confirmation either way. Would Hsien Loong still endorse him as a PM in waiting?  The other members of the team are Indranee Rajah,  Chia Shi Lu, Joan Pereira and Melvin Yong. This is an untested team and in a way all are newbies. The main vote puller in Lily Neo has been sent to Jalan Besar and this may prove very costly to the team. Who would be the one to pull the votes for the team? Chan Chun Sing or Indranee or one of the newer newbies?

Facing them is a completely new team from SingFirst led by Presidential candidate Tan Jee Say and supported by a recognizable face in Ang Yong Guan. The other members are Muhamad Fahmi Rais, Melwyn Chiu and Chirag Desai, all new faces. It is difficult to know the strength of the newbies in both teams at this moment.

The contest in Tanjong Pagar is likely to be between Jee Say and Ang Yong Guan against Chan Chun Sing, Indranee and legacy. Putting aside history, the oratory skills of the pair of combatants would be put to test and be the deciding factor. By the look of things, Tanjong Pagar is not very safe for the PAP as the strongest candidate is Chan Chun Sing whose oratory style was cooked in the military camps.

Who would the voters go for, a PM in waiting or an ex Presidential candidate? The chances for both parties are likely to be 50:50.


Anonymous said...

The odds still favour the PAP because old habits die hard and there are still sympathy votes for the old man. Give it another GE further down the road and I believe the opposition may have a chance. There are a couple of other GRCs that are more likely to be closely contested. Wait and see.

Anonymous said...

The fact that heavy weight party stays clear of TP is a good indication that it is not time to win TP. TJS is trying only lah. PAP will win comes 9-11

Anonymous said...

Hainan Ah Ko should ask himself this question.

What makes him think he can win against Chun Sing this time, and in the late LKY constituency some more, when he under SDP, could not even win against a lesser opponent like Vivian in 2011?

Or did Ah Ko conduct any post mortem of his GE 2011 loss and now knows what it takes to win against PAP? Maybe that's why he formed SFP, and that will make the difference?

Anonymous said...

PAP will win comes 9-11
Anon 9:35 a.m.

That goes without saying.

But I am also quite intrigued by this Hainan Ah Ko, especially when he could even qualify as a Presidential candidate in PE 2011. Is there something more to it than meets the eye for this Ah Ko?

Anonymous said...

What makes Chan Chun Sing think he can win Tanjong Pagar just because he wears a PAP badge? He is no Lee Kuan Yew.

Anonymous said...

It is very difficult for anyone to take TP from PAP this GE.

No way! No way!

For this GE, to voters of TP, PAP is still the trusted LKY old brand,
the "Lau-Bark-Tao"!

Will not be surprised if PAP got 70% votes.

Anyway, it is a very good start and a very good attempt.

Maybe at the next GE.


Anonymous said...

The thought of having CSS as the next PM gives me a throbbing headache.

Paper general whose idea of working overseas is a 2-year Army posting to Indonesia with weekend return trips back to Singapore to see his family and a good post waiting for him at the end of assignment.

Despite having no REAL working experience, he still helms NTUC encouraging our youth to work overseas while hordes of foreigners flock to our shore in search of employment.

Ugly politician who ferried old folks to pap rally to beef up the numbers.

SingFirsts, please do your nation a service by winning Tanjong Pagar!

Go SingFirsts Go!

patriot said...

I go with Redbean's Reading of 50/50.

Singaporeans as a whole are not impressed with Militaey and Police turned Rulers Perfornances over the Years.
One reason for the Poor Performance Impression is indeed due to the Lack of Substances but plenty of form. Another more important reason is that none of these ex-military and police Rulers has brought any new idea that benefits the People.
Their Competence and efficiency in running their ministries were such that none can be cited for any outstanding policy that the People appreciate and cherish.
In fact, their 'kee chiu', XO chai tow kuay and picking recyclable for exercise quips had earned them much brickbats and even heavy criticism.

The Oldie Team from Tan Jee Say on the Other hand may get appreciation for their age and experience due to peer reason. They are from different professions ranging from finance to medical and other field more related to everyday livings compare to folks who specialise in warfare and law enforcement.

A Chinese Adage states that good metals are not for making nails好铁不打订,好男不当宾 is still relevant and valid to the Older Chinese. The Elderly Chinese Voters shall not give the Respect they had for Late Lee Kuan Yew, to the much younger members contesting at Tanjong Pagar GRC



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