GE2015 – PAP looking for a landslide victory

At 10.30 pm, with several of the sample GRC results in, and all the SMC results, PAP is looking for a near clean sweep in this GE. A tsunami is building up but not what many in the social media are expecting. PAP is going to win big, a stunning win that nobody was expecting or at least in the opposition camp. From the samples, many were showing PAP winning by more than 70%, some in the high 70s, unbelieveable but that is the situation as it is now. With the TV commentators saying that such results have a maximum error of 4%, a near clean sweep is awaiting the PAP and with a huge margin.

Many people expecting a dramatic result with the PAP losing several GRCs are simply stunned. I too. What is happening? With so many unpopular and flawed policies, with so much anger on the ground, the result is showing exactly the opposite. Another miracle is happening, with the PAP winning a GE with a result that no one believed could happen in a democratic system. This kind of winning margin can only happen in a totalitarian state or a totally rigged election in the 3rd World countries. PAP is going to prove the whole world wrong, that in a democratic system, a popular party can win with more than 70% of the popular vote. You must believe it.

The result will show that the PAP of today is even more popular than the PAP of LKY with the people fully behind it. It means that the people agree with most of the policies of the PAP and PAP can look forward to remain in power till SG100.

Many people must still be scratching their heads. It is a nightmare to those looking for a big upset against the PAP. No, it is going to be sweet victory to the PAP. Chew on it, dream on it, but this is the preliminary result so far and likely to be by the time the result is finalized.

Can one call this a freak election or a miracle election? By morning tomorrow the sandstorm would have settled and the people, especially those expecting a change in favour of the opposition would have to resign to their fate. The PAP is the party in power and with a stronger mandate and would be doing what they are doing with the approval of a bigger majority of the people.

I am still shock and puzzled. Will look at the picture again tomorrow. 

PS. The bookies are going to lose their pants.


Raymond said...

Hi Chin Leng old friend,

I just came by to say...


You LOSERS never stood a chance! :) :) :)
I'm elated and it's gonna be a beautiful day tomorrow. :) :)

Anonymous said...

I am still shock and puzzled.

I am neither shock nor puzzled,

simply because the PAP of 2015,

although still bad for Sinkies like the way RB had put it above,

is much better than the PAP of 2011.

And together with more new Sinkies minted since 2011,

and the opposition less strong and united than in 2011,

this can only make the PAP also improved in the GE 2015 outcome,

as compared to that in 2011.

Anonymous said...

...with so much anger on the ground...

That's why some voted opposition lah. And they are also the ones attending opposition rallies and go internet kpkb lah.

But because there is much, much more satisfaction than anger on the ground, that's why PAP got more votes than opposition lah. And maybe many more reasons lah.

Abao said...

not exactly surprised.

though too much of it and i will just leave the hotel

theres always a cheaper hotel across

Anonymous said...

Even when I am dead. If I sense that something is wrong with PAP. I will rise from my grave.

The miracles of Lee Kuan Yew.
Believe it.

Anonymous said...

We have more new PAP Millionaires in the Singapore parliament now.
Huat ah!

Anonymous said...

Glencore's "Doomsday" Plan Disappoints As CDS Resumes Rise; Question Emerges: "What Happens If Company Fails"


Have Singaporeans just given a strong mandate to pump in more money into Temasek-linked Glencore?
It seems Glencore needs another $10 billion dollars. Four short years after its recent IPO in 2011.

For Glencore.
With Glencore.
For I don't know what purpose.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Dear doubting motherfuckers,

As I was saying, come Monday, in Singapore it is business as usual.

You just can't fight culture, although you can satirize it. Where's Amos? Time for you to do another video.

Redbean, I told you man---it's just an election. No biggie. And the world, just goes on and on.

Got One Lousy Vote?

Virgo 49 said...




Anonymous said...

Matilah, I look forward to seeing you burn in hell. Eternally.

Goh said...

Told you all last time when you talk about honesty and integrity that 6 out of 10 mei meis trusted me and this time will be 7 or more you dun believe.

Virgo. Your 100 dollar fly leow.Mai kek sim.
Dun be disheartened. No need migrate.
I richer by 1 k.Buy you Penang durian.

Anonymous said...

The following might be helpful to Singaporeans in considering why PAP has such a landslide 2015 election win:

1. PAP has eliminated the greatest voting threat - oversea Singaporean voters.
2. There are a lot more new citizens participating in this election than were known / assumed.
3. Short election time reduces the personal touch that Opposition need to develop voters' empathy.
4. SG50 candies are effective. LKY's lingering sentiments still effective with older citizens. Government's changes to their policies are also effective.
5. Singapore environment has changed. It is now the world of new citizens who are more active and energetic, at the local levels, than locally-born Singaporeans.
6. Opposition parties not perceived as cohesive - seems noisy versus the quiet competent PAP.

Anonymous said...

Come 2019, pretty sure there wouldn't be a opposition party.
Red Bean, u might as well close your bolg.
In 2011 there were 2.06 million voters, 2015...2.46 million, it grew by nearly half a million.
Come 2019, no candidate will stand a chance.

RB, better get your filppers and leave, my country, but its not my home.

Virgo 49 said...

At least the WP had the last hurrah and say!!!

This is better than the PAP winning over the DAFT sinkies.

The sheep deserves to be further screwed by the government that they elected.

Maybe they feel shiok by the rapists.

So the brave Aljunied voters rejected the propaganda of the town council allegations as
said by LTK if the voters still endorsed them.


Virgo 49 said...

Ahgongkia, What is 100 dollars when you still got reserve of 500 thousand.???

But pity the daft sinkies who will have only 5000 withdrawal when they retired at age 65.

This is what they deserved for voting the papies into power.

Well have to survey Goh Tong Jaya cool resort to recuperate on the foolishness of the daft sinkies.

Stay permanent there as now exchange over 3 ringitt to one dollar.

Cheers. There also got nice durians

Goh said...

Lau chek ah
How come you and Patriot here both love Gohtong jaya? Same person ah?
Mai khongcum la.Dun be a quitter and give way for new citizen to be here.
Really want chow choose Penang betterer.

The name " GohTong Jaya "will remind you of someone. How can you retire peacefully like that.

Anonymous said...

"Zhu Ge Liang" Low Thia Khiang was correct to concentrate his efforts in the constituencies he targeted.
He assessed correctly daft Sinkies are not yet ready to "empower" ourselves to be a First World Parliament.

"Redbean Chua Ge Liang". You have worked hard to educate the daft Sinkies.
Unfortunately it was not enough.
We'll have to kiss our cpf money goodbye.

It is clear.
At best there will only be two political parties in Singapore.

Opposition voters - You might want to consider emigrating to the eastern parts of Singapore to shore up voting support for Worker's Party there.
I think they need more voters in Aljunied GRC.

It's a sad & final chapter for Mr & Mrs Chiam See Tong.

Kenneth Jeyaretnam - You have done your patriotic duty as a Singaporean.
We cannot in good conscience ask the Jeyaretnam family to sacrifice anymore for the "greater good" of Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Tan Cheng Bock.
Time to reflect and reconsider running another Presidential campaign?
You will be facing off with either a "renewed" Tony Tan or You know who from Marine Parade.

Tan Jee Say
Please review your TV videos of yourself.
You are full of fire for the injustices heaped upon Singaporeans.
But brainwashed Sinkies mistake your passion for something else.
Consider adopting the Workers' Party demeanour and style.

Chee Soon Juan.
You fought to give a voice to Singapore's dis-enfranchised.
But you can't help the dis-enfranchised from outside parliament.
Consider doing more house visits over the next four years before GE 2020.
House visits win more votes than policy papers uploaded on websites.

Anonymous said...

Leaders of other political parties

The Singapore political scene is too overcrowded with too many political parties.
- in UK, under the Westminster system, eventually only two political parties survived

The focus has to be building a political machinery to win elections.
A system and party that goes beyond one man.
You may have to consider swallowing your pride and learning from Low Thia Khiang.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am speechless.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ lam pah pah lan, 1251:

>> Matilah, I look forward to seeing you burn in hell. Eternally. <<

You are most welcome to attend! Bring satay and bak kwa for roasting!

Oh what? No such thing as hell....shit. I guess you're shit outta luck!

Vote them out? Kannenah...so how come got landslide instead?