GE2015 – Nomination Closed

The final list of the candidates for the GE is out. My disappointment is not to see Nicole Seah in Marine Parade. I thought she would be the surprise that WP was going to spring on the Chok Tong and his team. The good part is that there is He Ting Ru instead of Nicole. Ting Ru is looking like another candidate in the mold of Nicole, and could be even better. Chok Tong’s team is not going to have an easy ride this time. I will do an analysis of this latter.

Let me start with a little forecasting on the easier cases. I would like to touch on Holland Bukit Timah where the PAP led by Vivian with team mates like Sim Ann, De Souza and Liang Eng Hwa standing against the SDP team of Chee Soon Juan, Paul Tambyah, Chong Wai Fung and Sidek Mallek.

I think this is the first GRC that is going to fall to the opposition. Vivian is the anchor man of this team. Standing against him will be Paul Tambyah, a practicing academics, Tambyah is in many ways a head above Vivian other than the latter being a minister. In another way, Vivian as an incumbent minister is also a weakness due to the many foul ups he made while in office. He is best remembered for his comments against Lily Neo and the overspending on the Youth Olympics by hundreds of millions, and also ponding. There are more negatives in Vivian than positives and the higher income voters in the GRC that would have voted for Vivian would now have a comparable professional to vote for in Paul Tambyah.

Tambyah is going to take a lot of votes from Vivian. And Chee Soon Juan is going to take all the hard core anti PAP votes. Sim Ann would be pitted against Chong Wai Fung with a double masters and could break even between them. De Souza, Liang and Sidek would be the so so candidates that would not do any much good or harm to either side.

SDP is likely to gain the upper hand with the two biggies in Chee and Tambyah to make the difference. My view is that Holland Bukit Timah is likely to go to the SDP.


Virgo 49 said...

Ahgongkia, got hear or not??

My one hundred dollars wager wsrm warm liao.

Belanjar yew durian in penang!!


Anonymous said...

My view is that Holland Bukit Timah is likely to go to the SDP.

But then why Presidential material Hainan Ah Ko under SDP could lose the same GRC to the same PAP opponents and some more only got 39% of the votes in GE 2011 hah?

U mean Ah Ko not comparable with Aung Juan Soon Chee and Prof Tambyah meh?

Anonymous said...

When PM had to "praise" Vivien and LSS during the NDR, you know who are the weaklinks. RB may be right that CSJ may have a chance this time. He had mellowed and is more sensible. No the young Chee who emulate more of Western politics.

Anonymous said...

Actually Holland Bukit Timah majority voters may be asking themselves the following question.

What good, don't say better, benefits will they have if they vote SDP, if PAP is still returned to power with at least a 2/3 or maybe even 90% majority seats?

This perhaps could also be the same question that they asked themselves in GE 2011, in which SDP Hainan Ah Ko and team had lost to the same Vivian and team.

Anonymous said...

They may also ask what good can Vivian bring if voted in again?

What is there to lose to vote in SDP?

Anonymous said...

My vote to SDP as a resident here.
Though I think Vivian is incompetent and this team of PAP is costly Yes-men, PAP likely win as too many rich men and old people in this GRC.
Nevertheless, hope SDP wins here and help made PAP take care of Singaporeans interests and less of their own self-interests.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Rb, I too was disappointed but let's hope Nicole would really help up in marine parade. She just got married on August 15 so I am not sure about her time commitment. Uncle Rb, since u quite famous, u should have advised wp earlier mah.

Anonymous said...

I am a resident in this GRC but I am out of town and could not be able to make it to cast my vote, I have always being supportive of SDP, last election also voted them. Hopefully this time SDP win big even if short of my 1 vote. BTY my family members are voting for SDP (small family though)

Anonymous said...

Assuming if both WP and Nicole Seah are willing.
- I think it would be a big boost if Nicole Seah were to make walkabouts with the WP team in Marine Parade.

Anonymous said...

I think Prof Tambyah is an excellent candidate.
He would make a much better Minister than Vivian.

"How much do you want? Do you want three meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant?" - Dr Vivian Balakrishnan

"We got the initial estimates of the money to be spent on the YOG wrong.”
- Dr Vivian Balakrishnan
( Understatement of the year. From $104 million budget to $387 million budget )

“Tell me who can afford to work for you for zero. There are people who can afford to work for you…apparently at zero. There are two kinds of people who can provide you services apparently at zero.
Number 1: I’m already very rich. My bank account is full. I come back, I tell you I want to serve.
Other kind of person: Why will that person actually cost more? The word is called corruption. That’s the word."
- Dr Vivian Balakrishnan

Anonymous said...

Other kind of person: Why will that person actually cost more? The word is called corruption. That’s the word."
- Dr Vivian Balakrishnan

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Anonymous said...

Me no corrupt. Only a few millions.

Anonymous said...

Me no corrupt. Only a few millions a year.
And quite a number of years...hehehe...yours truly...VB.