GE2015 – Marine Parade GRC

Marine Parade would be closely watched by the voters after the close shaved in the last GE. This GRC is ripe for the picking by the opposition given the poor performance against a team of unknown minnows in 2011. In that GE, with Chok Tong and poster boy Tan Chuan Jin’s stars still shining, they could barely win 54% of the votes. This was a clear indication that the voters were not really behind them. And a young Nicole could singlehandedly pulled 46% of the votes must be quite shocking to the PAP camp.

Nicole would not be in the contest this time. But in her place there is a He Ting Ru, a Cambridge trained lawyer,  and a very hardworking and unassuming Yee Jenn Jong. Yee has grown over the years and winning the hearts of the Joo Chiat voters with his persistence to walk the ground. He is likely to be just as well received by the voters in Marine Parade that have grown tired of the PAP.

Tan Chuan Jin has lost his shine as a minister after failing to make any impact in MOM and now in a minor ministry in charge of families and social affair. His dismal effort to reverse the immigration problems and the plight of the PMETs will hang over his head in this GE. And as a PM potential, he is expected to lead the charge, but instead it is an ageing politician taking him along for the ride. This is definitely not going to look well on Chuan Jin and the PAP team.

The contest in Marine Parade would be between an old horse and a PM to be, but not to be, against a hardworking Yee Jenn Jong and a Nicole Seah double with a Cambridge law degree to beat. He Ting Ru is going to be bigger than Nicole from the way the media is avoiding coverage on her. Someone else also pointed this out, that whenever Ting Ru was caught on camera several times, speaking, the sound was muted. Watch out for this girl to rise to the occasion to take the baton from Nicole and bring it higher. This is the surprise and new star in the WP camp.

My view is that with an electorate that is shifting away from the PAP and wanting a change, and with PAP presenting the same slate, the opposition is looking that much more attractive for a change, and looking that much more sincere to serve. This is likely to be another GRC to fall.


Anonymous said...

They also cut off tan js in the nomination centre. The other is that when they film the pap supporters, the angle is from far to show the numbers but when they film the wp, it's based on closed up! It's so pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Assuming if both WP and Nicole Seah are willing.
- I think it would be a big boost if Nicole Seah were to make walkabouts with the WP team in Marine Parade.

Anonymous said...

Nicole will be helping WP and my take is she will be walking in Marine Parade, her old ward. Tan CJ is a real let down after all the bull about him and CCS at the last elections. We already konw this fact i.e. not all generals are up to mark when measured once they are removed from the make-believe army camp.

My prediction of Marine Parade is WP - 52 PAP - 48. No?

Anonymous said...

But in her place there is a He Ting Ru, a Cambridge trained lawyer, ...

No lah, her law degree is not from Cambridge. Her degree from Cambridge is in Natural Sciences, which is not as prestigious as Law degree. The late LKY got a law degree from Cambridge, that's why he was so smart even as a politician.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lah! Not So Easy! Ex-PM, U Know?

It will be very very very shocking if MP GRC will to fall to WP.

This ex-PM GRC! He was there already 40 years. Hairs also turn white!

Never give face give face! How can? How can?

Will voters give face give face and vote with their hearts?

I think, the swing voters will decide!

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

No lah, MP GRC won't fall to WP, no matter who WP field there.

Simply because if MP can fall, the opposition will also win to form the govt. And majority Sinkies will never allow this to happen, as long as the opposition is not ready to be govt.

Just look at Hainan Ah Ko, an Oxford U grad who contested against the unpopular PAP Vivian and yet still lose in GE 2011, how can He Ting Ru win against Lau Goh, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Annon 9:26. How the hell you can conclude that by winning MP, opposition can form a government? If you cannot explain this then do not talk cock.

Anonymous said...


Anon 9.50 am. Relaz, he is just playing a broken record to irritate.

Anonymous said...

How the hell you can conclude that by winning MP, opposition can form a government?
Anon 9:50 a.m.

Not in hell lah. Because on this Sinkie earth, majority voters are very scared to accidentally vote PAP out if they make opposition win a lot of votes and seats mah.

And this one not only I say hor, even WP Teochew Ah Hia also said this before, u know.

Anonymous said...

Marine Parade and East Coast GRCs are very weak GRCs and ripe for the taking by WP. Last GE they scrapped thru. In the last 4 years they got weaker. LSS and GCT are spent force, only good enough as firewood.

The said...

Aljunied, Marine Parade, East Coast, Fengshan, Hougang and Punggol are turning red.


Anonymous said...

It is not necessary for the opposition to form the Government. That is not the real intention of voting for an opposition. Opposition voters just want more slappers in Parliament. Hands, shoes, slippers, fly swappers will do, so long as they can do the job of slapping.

Even if the WP were to form the next Government, Sinkies will have to find another opposition to slap the WP. No, no, no, that is not the intention. PAP supporters need to understand this.

Anonymous said...

Let's do it. Make sure the PAP become the slappers when WP and the opposition form the govt.

Anonymous said...

But how? 60% are fed from pork barrels that have now been overturned for the Battle of Waterloo. They, the 60%, cannot turn away from all the pork, besides the goodies, lollipops, chicken wings. They will make sure the PAP remain the government, so long as they are fed well with more and more barrels of pork.

Anonymous said...

Voters now very smart. Take goodies, say thank you, then vote oppos.
Win win formula.

Anonymous said...

Voters now very smart.
Anon 11:24 a.m.

Now only meh?

You mean voters not very smart in 2011 meh?

Anonymous said...

Who called them daft?

Anonymous said...

The Internet Brigade is out in full force. It's an old gramophone record, droning on and on that opposition is not able to govern.

Let me set the record straight. It is more likely that a losing PAP would form a coalition with other party (or parties) and still form the next government.

Reading back my sentence above, I'm not saying it is likely that PAP would lose, I'm saying that even if it loses, it is more likely that they still take part in the next government. However by governing as a coalition, you can be sure that a lot of their arrogance would disappear. Is this not the absolute result that we desperately want?

Anonymous said...

You are right Anon 12.13.

That drumming of not being able to form the next Government is an outdated notion, an old crackling record just out to irritate at best.

Up to now, I think the PAP does not want or refuse to know the real reason and still trying very hard to sell the idea of NCMP and self-checking nonsense that cannot fool true blue opposition voters.

Anonymous said...

It is more likely that a losing PAP would form a coalition with other party (or parties) and still form the next government.
Anon 12:13 p.m.

That is provided the PAP loses its 2/3 majority, whereby they cannot pass laws easily in Parliament. But even so, PAP can still form the govt without the opposition, if they have more than 50% of the seats. Just look at our neighbour PM Najib, whose govt did not include opposition despite losing its 2/3 majority in their GE in 2013.

But anyway and remember, much as majority voters would like to vote in more opposition, they are also very scared to accidentally vote the PAP out, whereby instead of PAP, opposition has majority seats. In that case it will be very scary because opposition will be fighting among themselves who will be PM, ministers etc. And SFP Hainan Ah Ko did not even talk to WP Teochew Ah Hia before the election. How can they work together to form the govt? Really scary, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Even if PAP were to form a coalition with only WP, what makes you think WP will not become just like another PAP? Already they were quite friendly with PAP in the last Parliament, so much so that PM Lee even called them disappointing for not playing their proper role as opposition, hence it's not that far fetched to assume they will be even more friendly with PAP if being in coalition with PAP. Of course in that case, PAP will welcome their friendliness lah.

Anonymous said...

"Because on this Sinkie earth, majority voters are very scared to accidentally vote PAP out if they make opposition win a lot of votes and seats mah. " - Anonymous 10.05am

This is a fear deliberately started by PAP in GE2011 and they are re-cycling this tactic again this GE. So much for originality. Just like their manifesto, it seems to be copy/paste material from the past.

Maybe that question regarding the readiness for opposition to run the government should be pose again. I expect the answer will be very different this time. Wait a minute, maybe that's why they never ask that question again, but kept repeating the old answer like a broken record. Why, you can't handle the truth??? Haha...

patriot said...

I guess it would be;

Workers. Party 57%

PAP 43%

Just a guess, but hope it
is not far from the End Result.


patriot said...

Here in Tampines GRC
is Mr Lim Tean, the Acting Secretary General of the
National Solidarity Party, is
a Cambridge Educated Lawyer.

Pay attention to this Man, especially Tampines GRC Voters,
A calm man who has immaculate command of both the English and Chinese Languages with apparent humility.

Here is a man that will be able to represent the People well, not just for Tampines Residents, IT IS FOR ALL SINGAPOREANS.


Anonymous said...

Corpus Christi College is one of the ancient colleges in the University of Cambridge. It is among the top colleges of Cambridge. Ms. He Ting Ru has a degree from a top college of a top global University. Give credit when it's due. And later earning a Law degree which is even more commendable, to become a lawyer.

And for Ms. He to be willing to stand as an alternative party candidate is even more amazing. Knowing the disadvantages, and the kind of spanners that maybe thrown against her by the ruling party and even some government organs. Ms. He can easily work for a top law firm and concentrate on her career and make a lot of money in years to come.
But she chose to speak for ordinary Singaporeans. I am very proud of such young Singaporeans. This kind of political conviction is inspirational.

Just looked at Mr. Chiam See Tong after winning Potong Pasir. He was bullied even as an MP, without an office in his elected SMC, and had to worked from the void deck. Until the ruling party was disgraced by the public for its meanness.

A simple quote of Nicole Seah summed it up well, "If I am after fame & fortune I would have joined the PAP, Okay".

Warmest regards,

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Soon, welcome to the blog.

More professionals are stepping forward, but still not enough.
I agree with Patriot that this Lim Tean is a new talent and would make a good political leader. Hope he knows the company he keeps and be in good company.

He is a new political star in the making.

Anonymous said...

That is why these young people coming out to serve needs all our support.

Don't close the path for the only effective check on the PAP's autocratic rule and discourage other young talented people from stepping forward. Already the PAP have a stranglehold on recruitment of talents that can make a difference to the ranks of the opposition. That such people still find it worthy of their cause to join the opposiion speaks volumes of their conviction.

Empower our future. That is the way forward.

Anonymous said...

More professionals are stepping forward, but still not enough.
RB 3:42 p.m.

100% tiok, not enough. And worse, not united some more. And worst of all, even ordinary Sinkies who want to vote PAP out also not enough in the past. So will they be enough this time?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Who told you ordinary Sinkies want to vote PAP out? Remastered your old cracked record before you play here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean,
Good observation.
Yes, this Lim Tean is an interesting potential.

Some disunity among opposition is normal & facts of life.
Just look at husbands & wives.

Nevertheless, it is important who you join & keep company with.
Personally, I think Nicole Seah, Hazel Poa & her husband Tony had been played out by internal "moles" or characters that are not straight. And they lost some serious opportunities & time to get into the Parliament.

As more and more Sinkie PMETs are replaced by FTs, more will want to vote PAP out. But PAP has replaced their votes with new citizens. A clever trick.
Nevertheless, the effects of policies are long-term. As such it is quite clear the trend of Sinkie PMETs being replaced is intact and accelerating.

As the IT industry was hollowed out by India Indians PMETs influx, other industries Sinkies PMETs will be hollowed out too. India has 1.3 bln people with more than 100mln PMETs and will continue to clamour into tiny Singapore, when our Government opens our arms to welcome them. It is so obvious. A very, very attractive choice for a 3rd world PMET to come to a 1st world city to gain relatively high wages. It's a no brainer. Huge UPGRADE for them and big wage suppression for our PMETs. Expect a Tsunami.

Warmest regards,

Anonymous said...

I think PAP will win big time because they have "good intentions" and "pure hearts" on their side... so pure, makes Mother Theresa like a crook! By the way, I believe pigs can fly.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Mother Teresa already been condemned as a corrupt because she was doing works for free and she was not wealthy financially.