Do not think Singaporeans are daft

The daily attack on the WPs management of AHPETC by the PAP using the main media to its max is based on the assumption that the people are daft. Just set the agenda, keep telling a story, like WP is bad, WP is bad, WP is bad, and the unthinking daft will believe so, or if not, their subconscious will tell them so. WP is bad, cannot manage town council is the election campaign slogan for the PAP.

How are the Singaporeans taking this piece of slogan? Do the Singaporeans believe that this is true, that the WP is really incompetent? Or would the people say, shit, this is what ugly politics is at its worst. Running out of ideas and think this is very clever and would work on daft Sinkies. They keep attacking the WP for a wart on its face but they themselves are rotting all over and trying to look the other way? You think we are fools?

Are the people really that daft and cannot see the truth for themselves? The PAP’s truth is that they are doing all these for the good of the people, with good intention, nothing selfish or personal. They are so responsible and honourable and when they see something is not right they must warn the people, that the WP cannot manage town council when given a chance.

Would the people say, don’t be silly lah, we know what you have been doing,  all the obstacles and traps you have laid in the path of the WP to trip them and make them fall. You think the people are so stupid ya? Don’t treat the people as naïve children and cannot see through the whole farce ok.

What is the real perception of the people? Do they believe the story of the PAP or would they feel offended by the PAP for treating them as daft and unthinking children, to believe everything the PAP tells them, that this election is about running town councils and not running the country?

What do you think? Who is the daft one? Who is the arrogant one?


Anonymous said...

I want to believe PAP and its Ministers but this issue is making me changing my mind. For a party that shines on honesty and integrity, this is an example of how they are not. A contract is awarded based on open tender. This has been endorsed by the authority. The contract does not specify how much the Company must pay its directors but the amount that needs to pay for the services done.

How can then PAP can justified by saying WP had rewarded its friends and pay them extraordinary salary? If a layman says that we can excuse him but this is a Minister who profess to be a religious person. How to trust anymore?

Anonymous said...

What do you think? Who is the daft one? Who is the arrogant one?

Doesn't matter who or what lah.

In the first place, given that WP can only contest 28 out of 89 seats, such attacks by PAP are to be expected lah. This is politics mah.

Don't like it? Then don't be in politics lah. Don't vote for the PAP lah. Can or not?

Anonymous said...

Ya lor. If WP Teochew Ah Hia also not so bothered or affected, why RB bother?

Like the ancient Chinese saying " The Emperor is not worried but the eunuch is."

Anonymous said...

Be Careful! Be Very Careful!

When one first heard about the AHPETC saga, one may suspect
some things may not be right.

But when one keeps hearing about the AHPETC saga almost everyday
without the involvement of CAD, CID, etc etc etc., one is likely
to change one's opinion that there is nothing serious about the
AHPRTC saga, just "wet-wet-water".

The real danger of keep on repeating the AHPETC saga and WP is
bad everyday may leads to 走火入魔!

Yes! 走火入魔! Yes! 走火入魔!

Be Careful! Be Very Careful!

Anonymous said...

PAP IBs please lah, go and vote your PAP lah.
We will VTO. We will VTO. Can or not?
You not happy ah?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

the question on many minds, @ rb:

>> Do the Singaporeans believe that this is true, that the WP is really incompetent? <<

I would say some do and some don't and then there are a few others---like me---who just don't care.

And really, no one should care....unless you are resident in that constituency/ ward. The WP were voted in fair and square, to do a JOB, which they didn't achieve 10 out of 10 in. Pssst...NO ONE gets 10 out of 10 for such a complex JOB (actually a whole range of thousands of jobs).

Thus "competence" is not an issue. Mistakes happen. Even kiasu-kiasi tan chiak MAS can't even get the spelling of Prez Ishak's name right. Does that mean that MAS is "incompetent"?

Eh fuckers...it is election time. It is The Time opponents TALK SHIT (monkey shit fight) about each other. Please lah, enjoy the COMEDY lah.

Fuck you in the neck with a rusty screwdriver Singapore, lighten up, and grow a sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

You got tired of your mama?
Can't stand the smell?
Didn't you say you like the smell?

Anonymous said...

To the PAP, ALL Singaporeans are daft. That's why they plan and run everything swee swee for them. Including your retirement savings, medicare, immigration, sinking fund, NS and how many children to have. It is kind of a controlled state.

To the WP, Singaporeans are smart. That's why they say, "let the residents decide", "let the people judge for themselves". I suppose, if they come into power, referendums upon referendums will be implemented. Tick your preference in the box - withdraw CPF at 55, 55-60, 60-65, 65-70, 75-80, 80 and above. Your ideal population in Singapore in 2020 is : 4 mil, 5 mil, 6 mil, 7 mil or 8 mil.

SO to each his own.

Anonymous said...

I suppose, if they come into power,...
Anon 10:12 a.m.

Don't even suppose. They will never.

Anonymous said...

Government policies take 15 to 20 years to show effects.

Goh Keng Swee policies in 1960 to 1985, good effects were reaped in 1975 to 2005.

GCT & LHL policies in 1990 to 2015, short-term gratification good effects were immediate, the bad effects are showing up from 2005 to 2015 and forward till 2035.

We are only seeing the tip of iceberg of bad effects.

Singapore MIDDLE CLASS, PMETs core are being destroyed (replaced) if current policies are not reversed or modified significantly.

If PAP win big again. Say bye bye to core Singaporeans middle class.

Anonymous said...

If FMSS can make such a good profit, then their contractors must be laughing to the banks all these years? They are so much bigger companies with good economy of scales that their unit cost is very much lower.

I think don't need to call for tenders, just pick PAP lowest three cheapest contractors to do the job can already. Also can save money on tendering costs. Don't know PAP will allow it or not?

Anonymous said...

Company A and B given same contract with same value.

Company A makes $100k
Company B makes $1m by cutting cost and pay lower salaries to its staff.

Is Company B guilty of profiteering?

Anonymous said...

HDB everyone knows sell HDB flats at very high price but refused to disclose the actual cost. It then declared it lost billions.

So HDB is losing a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

PAP TCs disclose all their managing agent fees.
Then voters can make objective APPLE to APPLE comparison with AHPETC.
The allegations are now all smoke & mirrors to get your votes.

Anonymous said...

The PAP-appointed mayors cho simi? Nobody knows.

Anonymous said...

"If PAP win big again. Say bye bye to core Singaporeans middle class." -
Anon 11.06 am

The stupidity of PAP is that they think they know everything. They should have let the citizens decide what they want - just like what WP always say, let the residents see for themselves, let the voters judge, let the citizens decide. That should be the way forward for the progress of this little red dot.

If WP wins big, then we will slowly see people power coming back. The core middle class of Singaporeans will emerge, get well paid jobs and be prosperous again. There will be more than sufficient jobs for us Singaporeans amongst all the MNCs located here, and we no longer have to compete with FTs at lower salary, because WP would have strongly restricted the influx to protect the locals.

Anonymous said...

If WP wins big....
Anon 11:43 a.m.

Even if WP wins all 28 seats they contested, it is still less than 2/3 majority. And seriously, do you think WP can win all the seats they contested?

And also since 2011, what has changed so much in their favour that WP or even the opposition will win big this time, when they could not during the last time?

So please think about it so as to be better prepared for the outcome after 11 Sep.

Anonymous said...

How bad the WP can be made out to be, I will still vote opposition. They are seiously doing their best to put their house in order.

Why do I contune to support them? As a Hougang resident under the WP, we have been denied all manner of facilites for more than two decades. We could have degenerate into a slum as envisioned by the PAP two decades ago, and by now could have become a fishing village.

So, after suffering the vindictiveness of the PAP all those years, would I turn around and vote for the PAP? I must really be daft to do so. Even those PAP voters in Hougang will not continue to suffer the idignity as collateral damage. They will wake up, turn around and vote opposition. That has been proven by the increase in WP's winning percentage when LTK moved to Aljunied GRC.