Chee Soon Juan – They came to listen to him


In the far flung corner of western Singapore the people came, a kilometer from the Yew Tee MRT station, they walked to Chua Chu Kang Stadium to listen to the SDP’s  first rally. The crowd was given a taste of what SDP is about by 4 lecturers including Wong Souk Yee and Paul Tambyah. The mood was serious but cheery, and the crowd listened intently. They were presented with a party that is serious and purposeful in wanting to serve the people.

When Chee Soon Juan’s name was called upon to speak to the crowd they rose spontaneously and welcomed him with a loud applause. They surged forward to have a closer look at this man they have been waiting for,  whom they had not seen or heard for a long time under circumstances beyond his control.

Chee started with a light introduction on how he got to learn Mandarin, not in Singapore, not when he joined politics, but in a little town in the USA called Georgia. He needed to brush up his Mandarin to court a Taiwanese lass. He then went on from Mandarin to Hokien, Teochew and Cantonese to connect with the people. He did not stop there, he added in Malay and even a few quips in Tamil. The crowd warmed up to him before he spoke for the most part of the night in English.

This man has been cast away, thrown into the dungeon but came out more mellowed, like a good aged wine. That may be his destiny, to live among the people to experience their little angst in life, about why they needed to check the price of everything in the supermarkets. He had to think very carefully to want to buy a tub of ice cream for his 3 beautiful and talented children. He gave a miss to Haagen Das and all the branded marks and settled on Walls. His Taiwanese lass, now his wife, would put the ice cream back and told him to wait for a sale.

Both were PhD holders and would even be able to afford a $50k culinary class in Paris if he had not chosen the road to politics. Now any ‘cai tau kueh’ would do as long as the price is right. No need to drive all over the island to hunt for the best XO ‘cai tau kueh’ in the island. I have not tasted any of these XO stuff and not sure if it is XO ‘cai tau kueh’ or ‘char kuay teow’.  The ordinary people would have to think very hard whether to eat in a hawker stall or a food court.

Chee Soon Juan has been cast to live among the people to know what is the meaning of money not enough, what is the price of everything and when to save a few dollars to afford a tub of Walls ice cream for his children.

He has come back. The people in the crowd loved him and connected with him. They made him felt welcome, that his sojourn to live among the average Singaporeans would not go to waste. The crowd did not believe in the controversies and negativities thrown at this man. He has risen to the challenge and is back to do the work he is destined to do.

While in the wilderness, he is blessed with 3 beautiful children and a charming Taiwanese lady, now a Singaporean mother of his children, to stay on his side through good times and bad times.

The crowd at the stadium did not come in vain. They saw hope in him to lead them to better times. They thronged at him to shake his hands after his speech, to take pictures with him. A long queue was formed waiting patiently for him to autograph on the books he wrote that they bought. They have faith in him.

In the crowd were Dr Wong Wee Nam and presidential candidate Tan Cheng Bock. They came to see him, to welcome him, to show support to the man that would bring hope to an alienated people looking for a true leader to a better future.

Chee Soon Juan has lived among the people and is back with the people.


Anonymous said...

They saw hope in him to lead them to better times.

Aiyo, SDP contested only 11 out of 89 seats, so even if opposition, instead of PAP, combined can win 90% of the seats, can Chee Soon Juan become PM?

If cannot become PM, how to lead suffering Sinkies to better times, u tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

Broken record playing again. Is that all in your vocab?

Virgo49 said...

This pap nincompoop always the first to comment whether RB posted any article

Pathetic must earn enough to buy milk powder for his children. One posting fifty cents as scarp meat thrown by his master

Chee Soon Juan may not be the PM but he can give the incompetent PM hell when he is in Parliment

Speedwing said...

Chee Soon Juan - Here is a man for the people of Singapore. Although I am not a Singaporean I have always admired this man and his conviction. I dare say he will be good for Singapore. Whether he gets elected or not, here is a person who will be an asset to the politics of this country. I guess Singaporeans will hear of this man more and more in the future. He will become a prominent figure in Singapore politic, unless he gets himself dragged into yet another court for some reason.

I wish him the very best in this GE and many more GEs to come. He is good for Singapore and imho, he will do good for Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Assuming WP Low Thia Khiang, SFP Tan Jee Say, SDP Chee Soon Juan, RP Kenneth (son of JBJ), SPP Goh Meng Seng and the NSP Cambridge educated lawyer Lim Tean all win lah, but can they all work together to form the govt?

If cannot, can they form a better govt than the PAP?

These will be the top questions on the minds of majority (aka 60%) voters when they decide on 11 Sep 15, just as they were in past elections.

And that's precisely why the majority voters are so scared to accidentally vote the PAP out, and also why the opposition always lose big big in past elections. And given that the opposition is not much different now, why should the election outcome be any much different, u tell me lah?

Virgo 49 said...

Hello, one dollar earned already

Enough to buy a scoop of nan baby powder

Go to JB to buy cheaper. The PAP already squeezed you all dry all your monies,

Time to kick them out and live dignfy lives again

Anonymous said...

He is good for Singapore and imho, he will do good for Singaporeans.
Speedwing 9:21 a.m

What really matters is whether majority voters of Holland Bukit Timah GRC in their humble opinion think the same too, and most important, also vote for him come 11 Sep 15.

Because I also think he will do good for Singaporeans but not necessary I will vote for him, if he is not in a position to make good things really happen even if he is voted into Parliament.

Anonymous said...

GooD! GooD! GooD! All The BEST!

Good lah! Good lah!

Yes! Good to hear that crowd welcomed the return of Dr Chee!

Good! Good! To note that the people still see him UP! UP! UP!

Good! Good! Even TCB was there too!

Good! Good! Indeed this is a very very successful start for him.

He waited so many years! Finally! Finally! Finally!

Good! Good! Good! All the BEST to him n his team n family!


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans, do you want to wake up on 12 Sep to find the PAP still in power and with a bigger mandate?

Is this what you want?

Virgo 49 said...

Your Vivi do good things for you meh??

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans, do you want to wake up on 12 Sep to find the PAP still in power and with a bigger mandate?
Anon 9:49 a.m.

Singaporeans, being really very scared to accidentally vote the PAP out of govt, may also accidentally give the PAP a bigger mandate on Sep 11.

So it is not that they want to give PAP a bigger mandate, but rather they accidentally give PAP a bigger mandate. And accidents do happen, u know.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


The SDP is led by many academics and professors, like a school of 秀财, and PAP is led by a bunch of soldiers, 兵. It is going to be very difficult for the SDP.

Anonymous said...

It is going to be very difficult for the SDP.
RB 10:16 a.m.

100% tiok. And doesn't really matter whether academics, professors, soldiers or what not, as long as SDP, and for that matter any other political party which is not ready to be govt, it is going to be very difficult.

Anonymous said...

Read today's paper and see how Lim Swee Say defends the needs for foreign talents and you know what is installed for the country after the GE. There will be more and more foreigners for sure. They die die will bring them in.

Vote to stop this stupid act for the sake of Singaporeans and your children.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Chee is damn lucky Lee KY is dead and fucking gone!

Man oh man, did Lee have a hard-on for this Chee fella. Don't give chance. And you know what? Most Singaporeans didn't care. Probably too busy shopping and eating XO carrot cake ;-)

Anonymous said...

Vote out PAP you will get rid of this cunt smeller and save his mother from more abuses.

Anonymous said...

11.31 I agreed. Let's hope his mother get well soon after years of abuse

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Hey guys,

I don't know why (neither do I care) you have the jones for my mom's situation and genitalia, which does not exist anymore since we cremated her and scattered her ashes.

If you want to give your attention to things which don't exist, consider religion ;-)

Get on your knees, pray and open your mouth. If you're lucky, Jezzus will come into you (via yur open mouth) ;-))

Anonymous said...

Yes, please note is his daughters that he is abusing. As the Chinese saying, fertile water does not flow into other people's field! Anyway he always brag about women but not many know that his friends has told others that he has a small canon rested on two flat tires lar. Knn motherfucker of the century!

Anonymous said...

Oh ya, now his daughters become replacement victims.

This is really an animal.

Anonymous said...

That which does not kill you will only strengthen you.

Dr Chee, having survived the baptism of fire, is now rising to fulfill his purpose in life.

It is a rough road that leads to heights of greatness.

Voters of Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, you go down in the history of Singapore as brave men
and women who send SDP into our parliament!

Vote SDP!

s y Tan said...

I believe the majority of Sporeans would like to have the PAP continue to govern Singapore at least for the next decade or more although most would welcome more opposition members in the Parliament.

Whatever opposition supporters may say, none of these parties are in any position to govern Singapore for the forseeable future, even WP is far from ready. A multi-party (say three parties) coalition government by the opposition parties? Be realistic, this is not good for Spore. Most if not all of the opposition leaders (eg. Tan Jee Say, Benjamin Phwee – although I find him quite impressive among the lot, Kenneth Jeraretam, Chee Soon Juan, even LTK) are men with big egos. You think they can come together, put aside their own political agenda which is different from the others and personal ego, to govern for the good of Singapore? I don’t want to kid myself.

Some of the opposition members and leaders jump from one party to another. Why? Could it because they want to be the boss and not be just a member. Take Tan Jee Say, he first joined SDP don’t like it and left shortly after, got the taste of political blood and enjoyed it, thought he could aim for the Presidential job but lost and lastly formed his own party. He so boldy and over confidently declared in the NUSS 10 party forum last week saying kick out PAP and we will govern the nation. He might have been a scholar and secretary to Goh Chok Tong but that does not mean he would necessarily be a good minister. In any case he lacked the sincerity, at least to me. I read him as a classic opportunist who is chasing more of his own dreams than for Sporeans’ well being.

Anonymous said...

To sy Tan:
I believe the majority of Sporeans do not want the PAP to continue governing Singapore for another day.

But I have to agree with you that the no opposition party can form the government given the number of seats that they are contesting. A coalition government (of the opposition) will beget the question of who will be the PM, the Cabinet Ministers and Ministers. Will the opposition party leaders be put aside their ego and agree on the one best for the nation ?

I also agree with you on Tan Jee Say. My choice is Chee Soon Juan (though many still think doubt him), but watch his speech last night. He's connects with the people.

Maybe a coalition of all parties including the PAP is alternative - No single majority party.

Anonymous said...

Every election I voted for Alternative party, because more checks & balances are good for Singapore. Nevertheless, Dr. Chee Soon Juan needs to get his facts correct, like how much TM & GIC lost. Not $120bln to $140bln in 2008-09 in US & other investment banks.
On the other hand too many Yes-men will result in policies with many blind spots as with the PAP in past 20 years.

Running a country is no small matter.
Try manage your family well.
Try manage your business well.

Without heart & diligence, results will be poor.