Boon Wan – No guarantee PAP will still be in power on 12 Sep

‘There is no safe seat where victory is assured. It is not a by elction where a PAP govt is intact. All 89 seats are being contested. We cannot be sure of a PAP govt on 12 Sep.’

The above statement by Boon Wan made headline in yesterday’s ST. The immediate to such a stark comment is, what is the purpose or what is the intent or motive to make such a remark? Is this an honest assessment of the position in the GE? In many ways it is a fair statement. Never in the history of the PAP since it was entrenched as the single dominant political party in the country has it gone to a GE with no safe seats. It used to be confident of winning at least 75% of the seats in every GE and even confirmed to be the govt when nomination closed.

Today the PAP is facing very serious and credible challenges from the opposition with equally good and serious candidates to take on the PAP. They are no pushovers. PAP ministers are no winners and many are liabilities. This is how the cards are being stacked. The possibility of the PAP winning by a small margin or even losing its majority cannot be ruled out.

On the other hand the opposition camp is shouting fear mongering. The PAP is playing on fear and scare tactics to win over voters sitting on the fence and did not want to see the PAP out of power. There are also elements of truth in this view. And Boon Wan’s subsequent comments confirmed this. He warned the voters not to play with their votes and find themselves with a weak govt. He warned them of the severe and tragic consequences if PAP is going to form a weak govt or not at all. He is striking fear in the people to vote PAP.

Both views are as real and truthful as you can get. The PAP is not the same PAP as before and not longer has the absolute trust of the people. The PAP has proven to be capable of making many foul ups and policies with serious consequences on the lives of the people. The PAP as been seen as one that made all the fouls ups but claimed credit for stop gap measures and solutions to patch up their mistakes. And there are still many serious policies in place and would be accelerated once they get the same mandate to do as they pleased. And treating the people as daft with their fake and flimsy excuses, like such fear tactics or the people can have opposition voice in parliament in the form of NMPs and NCMPs, and to continue flouting it as a good thing is such too condescending. The people are not daft and may would be offended by being treated as unthinking children.

Yes, there is a reasonable probability that the PAP would be routed in this GE. They would not be able to get a clean sweep as they did before and many seats will fall. And the fear mongering tactic is again adopted to attempt to steer the swing votes back to the PAP.

Would it work? Would the PAP still win the same kind of mandate or be history? The people, the thinking voters, not the daft voters, would make a difference in the fate of the PAP. Keep thinking that the people are daft and treating them as daft and the result will reflect this mentality, whether the PAP is daft or the people are daft.


Anonymous said...

The usual scaring tactics and the 45deg bow-cum-sorry tactics. A weak govt is better than a wrecking govt. Anyway the opposition will be a STRONGER govt than the existing pap govt - a caring and consultative govt is always a BETTER govt than an authoritative one

Anonymous said...

Rb, there is no questions of pap failing lar. They have the support of the older generation and new citizens. The older generation despite being screwed still think that the pap is the same pap of yesteryear. The more educated ones woke up few years back but the less educated ones continues to be daft and acting like blur sotong.

Chances are wp may secure east cost as a minimum. For marine parade, as woody is still there, there is prestige plus many old uncles and aunties supporting him so it's 50/50.

Anonymous said...

This is typical of Boon Wan lah.

Remember in Parliament he even asked WP MPs to go and harakiri for not proper managing AHPTEC accounts?

So like that ah, how to treat him seriously for what he said?

That's why seriously speaking, PAP will guarantee to be still in power, possibly with at least 90% of seats won on 12 Sep.

And remember, majority Sinkies will always make this happen as long as the opposition is not ready to be govt.

Virgo49 said...

There are many daft selfish sinkies who wanted status quo will still vote the PAP:-

1) Those who thinks that their flats of 30,500/46000 is now worth 800K;
2) PG who are afraid that all their benefits will evaporate, coming Nov another 300 bucks man;
3) Those who are committed to life in slavery with mortgages of between 800 to 1 million or more to pay;
4) Afraid to lose their jobs as opposition will destabilize the country and fall into alamak senior's gib tongue;
5) All the merciless towkays who had been exploiting the slavery workforce at will in cahoots with the PAP in keeping the wages low so that they can have better profits to bring to their graves;
6) The RC/CCCC c ka liao members with their cronies siew thiam in still want their parasitic benefits;
7) Many brought their properties sky high with the developers laughing to the banks including alahmak senior so afraid that they may lose monies when the Opposition is in power and sell flats at what Mr Lim Kim San sold in the 60s;

Many many more selfish reasons so they will still vote the PAP into power.

Bo pian, lampar stuck into the wooden horse.

Anonymous said...

Majority Sinkies, in order to play safe not to accidentally vote PAP out of govt, may not let WP win East Coast GRC lah.

U know why? Because they are very scared that majority voters in other GRCs like Holland Bkt Timah, Tanjong Pagar and even AMK may also think like them by also voting opposition, resulting in PAP being accidentally voted out of govt.

In fact so scared are majority voters of accidentally voting PAP out, they may even accidentally give PAP a bigger mandate of votes and seats than in GE 2011.

Anonymous said...

" Whoever governs Singapore must have that iron in him, or give it up! This is not a game of cards! This is your life and mine! I spent a whole life-time building this, and as long as I am in charge, nobody is going to knock it down."
~ LKY 1980

Hey Khaw.
If you and LHL no longer have the iron to lead Singapore.
Please fuck off and take your million dollar fortune with you.
Nothing is sadder than a snivelling bully.
Huk Pui to you!

Unemployed PMET said...

When u join us,
we appoint u Chairman.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB:

>> what is the purpose or what is the intent or motive to make such a remark? <<

Manipulation lah. What did you expect?

>> He warned them of the severe and tragic consequences if PAP is going to form a weak govt or not at all. <<

Yah, but he's unaware that there are people who would like a "weak govt", at least for awhile--because if you are savvy you can play FUCK and get away with alot of "nonsense". Need I say more?

Weak govt + ability to bribe officials ===> WOW! FUN! (yah, can make lotsa money too!)

>> He is striking fear in the people to vote PAP. <<

And backfiring miserably on those who are rooting for a "weak govt".

WEAK govt. means MORE FREEDOM and stronger INDIVIDUALISM!

Anonymous said...

Same! Same! Same!

IMO, after this few days of shouting and kpkbs, nothing,
absolutely nothing will change after GE2015.

PAP will still be the same PAP, with 2 additional new seats.

AHPE and other opposition MPs will also be the same.

So same same..........


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans will repent for the next 5 years if they vote in the opposition.

Anonymous said...

PAP building a big bubble of their leadership to gullible Sinkies.
This bubble is huge and growing, while the fundamentals of their leadership had been sinking.

Bubble will burst in due time, gullible Sinkies will suffer & sink....and still blur and point the fingers at Oppositions.

Lousy personal life & money management, and suck into game yet when bubble burst blamed market & others....this will be the typical gullible Sinkie reaction.

Watch & see.

Anonymous said...

I have three words for him "Shame on you".

Yes, opposition parties may or may not take away certain number of seats from you but as a ruling over the last 50 years, the confidence must always be there to rule Singapore again.

If you have the confidence, those remarks are meant to scare voters.

Anonymous said...

If you are threatened by that remark by Khaw, it showed your political intellectual. I had witnessed the days of Lim Yew Hock's government till today, I agreed we have made progressed but is definitely not made under the present government. What is that they need is a injection of number (a third into Parliament) of credible opposition members before you see them start working hard for their S$1m salary.

I wonder whether you can differentiate that some Ministers with their kind of intellect, cannot really debate in Parliament. The statements they made in public proofed they don't even think before they speak. Couldn't believe without the ability to reasoning and understanding objectively, they can run a Ministry.

I made a good life with the old government, my children may be alright with what I left behind for them but I pity their children and grandchildren.

agongkia said...

Please la.Why do you people think this is a threat?
Maybe he wish to take a break and step down which he cannot if being voted in.
Maybe he intentionally want to give way to oppo by talking in this manner to see who can serve better.
Maybe like me, felt Penang durian is much better afterall....
And he talk frankly .He is like Ah Lim who are closer to the ground and talk like ordinary folks.This shd be the way.
I feel those who talk in this manner are more closer and sincere.
We need such talent to talk frankly and in this manner.
Continue to talk in this manner.Ignore those who do not understand the way Penangites talk.They sampat, Teng Ah Gee and khongcum.Talk anything oso salah to them.
With leader like you all , really Heng Ah.

Anonymous said...

Really! He was from Penang!!

I wonder he can talk like Lim Guan Eng. Compare the video clips of the two.

Since DAP is the offshoot of PAP, can he be exchanged. PAP will not be in this
dire stage of politic with people person like Guan Eng around. Just see how Penang/ Province Wellesley is run without resources from other states. He remind me of LTK in WP (hardnosed and persevered in what they are doing)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 11.49.

The best scenario is having a 30% opposition in Parliament, regardless of how well the Government under PAP is doing. It is a no brainer suggestion. It is for the good of the future generation. It certainly is better than having fake opposition voices from NCMPs or the left hand checking the right hand. That is a real tragedy waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

ESM still trying to con Singaporeans. The Aljunied voters can have their cake and eat it by voting out the WP and they can go back to parliament as NCMP, can write good papers and talk in parliament. Anyone kongcum?

patriot said...

If Sinkies really use their brains,


Anonymous said...

ESM is good for telling tall tales that will help the opposition to win votes.

NCMP was his idea, but Singaporeans never buy it. More good years and Singaporeans also do not buy it. Swiss standard of living and Singaporeans are still wondering what it is really like. Goal 2010 came and gone, but still hoping against hope.

Come GE2015 and now he is talking about cruise ships and the opposition throwing meat to win votes. All these 50 years, who has been throwing pork from barrels to entice voters?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies voters are definitely using their brains otherwise PAP will be voted out regardless whether it is AMK or Pasir Ris or even Tharman.

There is a strategy in WP putting up 28 candidates for this election. They are probably using this GE as a test bed. If most get elected plus a few other Oppo parties SMCs and a GRC, will form a minimum 1/3 majority which is what the voters wants. This will give them a stepping stone for next two GEs to fill enough candidates to contest to form a Govt. What is surprising is they can find level headed and brilliant careered youngsters to join them in their rank for this GE. I am not surprised they will have many more of these people lined up (even likely Nicole Seah)for future. Most of them begin work in Grass root for many years.

If I am PAP I will be afraid of this scenario.

agongkia said...

Using this GE as a test bed?Not enough talent mean not enough .Put 28 does not appear to be a strategy to me.Might as well say 28 is a lucky and favourite number of GCT.
Can swim mean can swim.How long is one ready to take over.Another 2 election?
Cannot beat them join them fasterer :-)

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:26

U khongcum or still in primary sch ?

Gong Gong Patriot wrote make Tarman the Prime minister. U clever clever said slowly slowly can kick all the pappies when all the young grassroot members grow up. With young people of yr substance, many will have to serve foreigners lah by the tine u finished yr ITE studies.
Gong Gong Patriot by then no eye sees u youngsters suffer, however he does not want u to suffer before he closes his eyes.
U must learn to understand engrish better, but hor if u get degree, be reminded yr degree cannot eat one. That's wat yr pappy ministers say one, u better listen carefully, dunno u understand this time ?