Ang Mo Kio GRC – The chips in play

Hsien Loong is going to face his strongest critics in Roy Ngerng and in a way M Ravi and Gilbert Goh on his policies in a battle that all eyes will be watching. Now what has Hsien Loong got on his aside against a team led by 3 celebrities in their own right, 3 people’s champion on CPF, human rights and PMETs. He still retains some of the previous team in Intan, Ang Hin Kee and Gan Thiam Poh. Other than Intan who has gained fame and recognition in the wrong way in the Yang Yin affair, the other two are just what they are, just MPs. Newcomer David Daryl is well recognized as a TV host and a newbie in politics and may have some boyish charm to boot. As for Koh Poh Koon, the son of Punggol, the overplay of him being of Punggol and wanting to serve Punggol but now flipping over to Ang Mo Kio may be a let down. Would he be calling himself and Ang Mo Kia now?

Overall, Hsien Loong is likely to be fighting the battle himself and would have to draw deeply into his own pulling power to make a difference. Being the son of LKY may help to some extent given the outpouring of grief during his father’s funeral. There is really nothing much he could fall back on from his team and it is more likely that they will hang on to his tailcoat and hoping for an easy ride to parliament. This is turning out to be something they have not expected, especially in the case of the son of Punggol. Ang Mo Kio is no longer an easy and safe ward to take a ride.

The 3 champions from the Reform Party would have their own followers and fans. How big is this following is untested. What is going to be on their side will be the pet issues each of them represented. CPF money is going to play a big part on the emotions of the voters. Remember, when it hurts the pocket, it hurts deeply. If Roy can play this up to his advantage, whether the voters are PAP or anti PAP, Roy is fighting for their money. This issue alone may tip the scale.

And if it does not carry enough weight, the displaced PMETs and their families, hurt badly by the govt’s reckless policy to bring in foreigners to take their jobs could just add enough weight to sink the sampan in Ang Mo Kio. Those who are against death penalties, the human rights supporters would be on Ravi’s side for sure.

These are 3 major issues that the Hsien Loong has no answers to except to deflect as much as he can. And there are a lot of more of hot button issues other than these to stir the crowd.  Reform Party does not have to face any accusation of incompetence in running town councils and this bullet would be ineffective.

What can the Hsien Loong team used to take the initiative from the 3 champions? How able calling them mad, losers, irresponsible or whatever tags to tag on them? Would the tag or branding work? Many people still believe in Roy and Ravi. Gilbert is on safe ground. Many people are ready to bankroll Roy in his fight against Hsien Loong on the CPF issue.

One thing for sure, Hsien Loong would have to work for his money this time. This is no cake walk. Hsien Loong would be on the defensive from the word go. The final result is going to be very unpredictable. To say that Hsien Loong may be in for a thrashing is not too far fetch even if he is the incumbent PM, the son of LKY. The odds should still be in Hsien Loong’s favour unless the pain of CPF money being ‘tangkap’ is unbearable and will make the difference.

And don’t forget that Hsien Loong’s team is made up of flawless men and women without a black mark in their lives. The Reform Party candidates are the normal average Singaporeans with many flaws and black marks like any ordinary men. It is not easy for ordinary men to compete with flawless and exceptionally clean men and women.


Virgo 49 said...

LHL's poster in all contesting constituencies.

His moto Trust me vote for me. When you vote for me, its means also my kia knaks.

When the result out that he is sacked from AMK, all hell will break loose.

Chief lost means all also lost.


Anonymous said...

The 3 champions from the Reform Party would have their own followers and fans.

Aiyo, RB u sure or not?

Just look at the attendance at Hong Lim Park when the 3 champions were speakers. Did you still see a lot of green grass most of the times?

And which MP, whether PAP or opposition, ever speak at Hong Lim Park? And why only loser politicians from past elections spoke at Hong Lim Park? Why, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

I applau the brave opposition members in AMK. My take is that they would not garner more than 30% of the vote. Singaporeans are not happy with PAP in many issues but they are not mad. Weak team would not succeed in this GE.

Anonymous said...

Weak team would not succeed in this GE.
Anon 9:19 a.m.

Not just weak team. As long as the opposition as a whole is not united and ready to be govt, they will lose big every election, even if PAP remain as bad as in 2011. But frankly, PAP has improved, maybe not that much, since 2011. But for sure PAP has not worsened since 2011.

Anonymous said...

[As for Koh Poh Koon, the son of Punggol...
Would he be calling himself and Ang Mo Kia now?]
U very funny today, Mr Ang Tau.

Anonymous said...

"Issues like rising costs are being faced not just by us but by whole world."
PAP's newbie Sun Xueling

I cannot help Singaporeans and Singapore.
But please pay me $16,000 every month to sit in parliament to nod my head to everything my PAP Ministers say.

Anonymous said...

In 2011, the unknown team of boy scouts took nearly 40% of the votes in AMK. This RP team is 10 time stronger and would surely improve on the scores. How much more is the question but cannot be less.

This is the same thing as in Marine Parade. The present WP team is very much stronger than the 2011 team. How many more votes would go to them?

agongkia said...

Whats wrong? Link link link link. .Ponggol east can oso be part of Ang Mo Kio..

Anonymous said...

Punggol kia, Hougang kia, Angmo kia.

Anonymous said...

In 2011, the unknown team of boy scouts took nearly 40% of the votes in AMK.
Anon 9:39 a.m.

Not 40% lah. Only 30.67%. The 3rd lowest among the losers, after 29.39% and 4.45%.

Anonymous said...

"Issues like rising costs are being faced not just by us but by whole world."
PAP's newbie Sun Xueling

1) Really ah.
You work in Temasek, you never hear commodity prices has crashed 45% since 1st April 2011 (5 years ago) as measured by the Reuters/Jeffries Commidity Index?
See chart below (everything also must spoon feed you despite your 5 figure Temasek salary):


2) You and Temasek bought into Glencore's IPO in April 2011 ... correct?


- just at around the peak in commodity prices in 2011
- You Temasek people seem to have a habit of buying right at the peak of prices
- when you bought Glencore, I knew it was time to start selling short the commodity complex
- this is my Temasek Contrarian Indicator ... when Temasek buys, the market top has arrived and it is time to sell and sell short.

I did the same when you and Temasek bought Shin Corp
- I started to look for shorting opportunities in the Thailand market

Anonymous said...

I usually don't use the word... "impossible"!

But, for AMK GRC, to defeat LHL there is "impossible"!

To AMK GRC voters PAP is "too good to fail".

Will not be surprised if LHL team gets at least 70% of the votes.

We shall see.

Anonymous said...

No lah.
Nothing wrong lah.
Juz "follow the flow" Mah.

Anonymous said...

"Issues like rising costs are being faced not just by us but by whole world."
PAP's newbie Sun Xueling

Now let's take a look at the crude oil prices.
This is the price chart of crude oil since April 2011.


A drop of 57.6%

How come gasoline prices, bus fares, taxi fares don't drop by 57.6%. ???
Instead they went up.
Did PAP government increase the taxes to maintain "price stability?

Just how stupid do you think we are?

Anonymous said...

Issues like rising costs are being faced not just by us but by whole world."
- PAP's newbie Sun Xueling

Now let's look at our electricity price and cooking gas prices.

Below is the chart of natural gas prices since 1st April 2011.


A drop of 38% since 2011.

Everywhere else in the world, prices are dropping.
Here in Singapore, prices keep going up under the PAP government.
Why ah?

Where is the world wide rising costs you are talking about?
Lu Kong Simi LanCheow ??

Anonymous said...

Prices in the world crashed, while prices in Spore charged go up is very simple:

Becos we have Tummysick Top Trader Ho Chingay buying high, selling low.
Ho Chingay reports to Boon Hengie, who has zero experience and idea about investments & trading in world markets. He knew how to twink the ntuc workers' local mkt.

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Gilbert

Anonymous said...

What is today's "heng seng"?

What are the bookmakers saying?

Any tips?

Where to place bets?

Singapore Pool? SGX? Where?

Hope everyone "huat! huat! huat!".

Anonymous said...

Redbean, you talk like a man, think like a man, walk like a man.

But 50% of Sinkies are women.
Roy, Ravi & Gilbert like you connect to Sinkie men not women.

AMK a bit far fetched.

Anonymous said...

"Temasek ends fiscal year with record S$266b assets"

Temasek Holdings’ net portfolio value jumped to a record of S$266 billion in the financial year ended March, with growth driven by rallies in global equity markets.
- 7 July 2015


The above date was 7 July 2015.
Now watch again as I demonstrate the Temasek Contrarian Indicator at work.
- Go in the OPPOSITE market direction whenever Temasek makes an announcement

Below is the price chart of the America's Dow Industrial Index since 7 July 2015.
A drop of 6.7% since Temasek's proud announcement.


Oh by the way.
The Dow Jones Index dropped only 6.7%.
Singapore's Straits Times Index dropped by 13.4%


This is how you get rich in Singapore.
1. Think for yourself about what is true and what is bullshit in Singapore.
2. Take action.
3. Help your fellow Singaporeans.
I just did by telling you about my Temasek Contrarian Indicator.
And how you can chart the truth about prices for yourself.

So if I did indeed sell short Glencore's shares while my overpaid Temasek friends bought back in April 2011.
How much would I have made ... theoretically?

ANSWER: Today, Glencore's share price is down 74%. Really.
See price chart below.


Do yourself and your children a favour.
Vote wisely.
Make it more difficult for people like me to make money.
It's morally not right for our elderly to collect cardboard boxes while people like me and PAP's Sun Xueling draw such "good" salaries.

Golden Oldie said...

"Que Sera, Sera
(Whatever Will Be, Will Be)"

Anonymous said...

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anyway, say hello to 12 sept 2015, a new day..........


Anonymous said...

I am offering for you, Free!!!

The Secret:
1. Follow Ho Jinx & Tumesek closely.
2. Whatever they sell, you buy.
3. Whatever they buy, you sell.

After 25 years, you will be the rich, "Singa warren buffet".

You better hope Ho Jinx is around for next 25 years, and Tumesek still have monies for her to play around. Sorry I mean, cpf monies for her to play around.

Anonymous said...

Do you think it is a good idea?
When a PAP politicians says something?
Is it always a good idea to ask or at least think: "Lu Kong Simi LanCheow?
"Where is your proof for making such sweeping statements?"

Now let's do a full dress rehearsal.

Issues like rising costs are being faced not just by us but by whole world."
- PAP's newbie Sun Xueling

Lu Kong Simi LanCheow?
"Where is your proof for making such sweeping statements?"

Do we need to give her face?
With an MP salary of $16,000/month, do you think she will ask a lot of questions in parliament?
Or do you think she will just sit quietly and nod in agreement to everything the PAP Ministers say?
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Son of Oxley Road + Son of Ang Mo Kio
Sons of Singapore

Steady lah.

Anonymous said...

Would voters especially if you are from AMK and Marine parade grc consider the upset at the polls for the incumbents as merely to expedite leadership renewal for that party? isnt that what they claimed they wanted what!

Anonymous said...

@ September 09, 2015 12:22 p.m.

I think you mean

Son of Oxley Road + Son of PUNGGOL
Sons of Singapore

Tio bo?

Aristocratic Millionaires versus Peasants

agongkia said...

Normal average Sinkies cannot see far.
Cpf is a form of tax and I consider lucky to get 5 k when I reach 55.
Pmets lost their job because of a reason they know themselves.
What human right is one talking when no one fight to legalise polygamy.
What we want are leader who can manage a country well, citizen live happily irregardless of race and religion, without being threaten, able to form a strong armed force, by conscription or not, to ensure our survival.
Cpf, high salary, human rights...not a priority.

Anonymous said...

@ September 09, 2015 9:49 a.m.

So why are PAP politicians asking so many question about Workers' Party AHPETC town council finances?
Isn't the amount of money peanuts compared with Glencore's 74% plunge in share price since April 2011? Just 4 years ago.

Did Temasek buy any Glencore shares?
How much profit or loss has Temasek made on Glencore?
Do you think that such questions will only be asked by Opposition MPs?
Do you think that PAP MP will ever or never ask such questions in parliament?


Anonymous said...

So why are PAP politicians asking so many question about Workers' Party AHPETC town council finances?
Anon 2:01 p.m.

Because PAP politicians are from the incumbent ruling party mah. That's why.
And some more with a more than 90% chance to remain as ruling party after 11 Sep.

And if I were a PAP politician, I will ask even more questions about Workers' Party AHPETC town council finances, to make the whole world know just how hopeless Workers' Party is, besides not being ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

If WP is that hopeless, why is Khaw Boon Wan telling us that the PAP may not be the Government on September 12? Not ready but can slap is very OK. In fact that is the ideal situation, not ready to take over, but ready to slap harder.

Anonymous said...

For political parties, there is a heavy price to pay for not being ready to be govt during elections, and also outside of election period.

They may even be scolded to the extent of being asked to go and harakiri (Japanese way to atone for the shame and disgrace for having failed by committing ritual suicide).

Even if they don't harakiri, the political parties, for not being ready to be govt, will be shamed by majority voters through losing big big every election.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many Singaporean PAP candidates committed harakiri for the shame and disgrace of having failed to get into Parliament after an election?

Mah Bow Tan even became a Minister after losing to Chiam in Potong Pasir, but did he commit harakiri? What real shame he did not! Did George Yeo and his team commit harakiri?

The bigger shame, in fact, is running away to hide under coat-tails in order to get into Parliament, after losing in. for example, Punggol East and Hougang. I hope they read this.

Anonymous said...

Had the opposition contested all seats as one party, and even with the current slate of candidates, I would even think they will have a fair chance of being voted in as govt. Because majority voters will take it as they are united and ready to be govt, and hence take this chance to vote the PAP out soonest.

But with so many parties contesting, WP can count themselves lucky if they can just maintain the status quo, let alone winning more seats, or other opposition winning seats.

And much as they do not like the PAP govt and wishing for more opposition be voted in, but with the present state of opposition, majority voters indeed also have good reasons to fear accidentally voting in the opposition as govt will be worse than PAP as govt.

Anonymous said...

Long time ago for Sinkies, it used to be a clear cut choice choosing between good and bad in elections.

Now it is a shitty choice choosing between bad and worse.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think the oppostion ss govt will be worse than the PAP Govt? The PAP said so, right?

Would the PAP be in Govt today if the older generation think in this way? They, the first generation PAP voters had never been ruled by the PAP before this, so how could they know the PAP would be better, not worse?

How united was the PAP really in the early days? Did not Dr Lee Siew Choh broke away to form Barisan Socialis with 13 other PAP MPs? Did not the power brokers clean house after coming into power, like the removal of those that pose a threat? So, how united was the original PAP party?

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone would seize power and clean house also?

Anonymous said...

Surprise DARK Horse from Tampines running up.

LIM TEAN, a former law partner in Rajah & Tann.

Solid, heartfelt speaker that resonates with Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

See before the election pap/state- controlled media was boasting about the good SG-MY-RI relations with the highspeed rail project in the pipeline and Riau economic zone co-operation . We thought pap always say SG punches above is weight what !

Now whichever party in control it will NOT change the fact that Spore is an always island nation.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This Lim Tean will save NSP and may even create an upset. He is a rising star, and will feature greatly in the political equation of the island.

Another natural leader like Tambyah that PAP had missed.

Anonymous said...

Comparing to China speedy and its scope in sea reclamations in South- China Seas, SGgovt sea reclamation is slow very very slow.

The LTA took 3 long years just to build an extention from boon lay to joon koon. Just 2 MRT stations eg pioneer & joo koon they took 3 years. no tunnel whatsoever! .

Anonymous said...

'trustee'/ jaga does not set up road blocks (GRC) to prevent you (citizens' repressentives) from entering their premises (Parliament).

Anonymous said...

How can we compare to China. They built a whole giant seaport 32 kilometres from shore in the middle of the ocean and a bridge to link to the mainland that can withstand the elements. They have a liking in building megastructures, notably The Great Wall, The Three Gorges Dam, The Forbidden City, their new supersize airport, which are just some examples,

Virgo 49 said...

Our estate void deck used for polling station.

From Monday till today just complete install lights, two fans, small tentage tarpaulin cover.

Tables, chairs only on Thursday. All by ah neys.

Ramp for wheelchairs not ready yet.

Give contract to any funeral parlour service, setup within 2 hours.

But PAP.scared setup by funeral parlour as means death knell to them.

agongkia said...

Lau chek ah.
Tent contractor set tent for all events whether funeral , polling or wedding.
Ideally wedding should use red chair., funeral usually should use white chair.
Maybe contractor having difficulty to decide whether to use white,red,blue or orange chair , need time to consider .Go propose to contractor whether you prefer orange or white chair :-)

Virgo 49 said...

Ahgongkia ah?? No wonder always gong gong.

Contractor dares to use blue colour? Wp???

Surely white chairs and tents for funerals lah!!

Colour of the PAP

Anonymous said...

I have a nagging suspicion that the so-called popularity of LHL is an invention cooked up by the 146th media. Look at the parallel example - Tin Pei Lin. Do you believe their story that she has done very well, is getting respected? Is it mere coincidence that a mole is set up to create a 3-corner fight?

Never underestimate the power of the media and the cunning of PAP. It could be all fake.