A few legacies that are very costly and redundant

‘We need to put an end to this SM, MM, ESM positions. If these OLD ministers want to "give back to society", surely they can afford to do it for FREE since they have been well paid in their previous ministers' roles. If they feel that this "sacrifice" is more than what they can bear, and they are reluctant to sacrifice their time with their family or their precious privacy, then for goodness sake just RETIRE.

We don't need any SM, MM, ESM to milk our country dry, nor stifle the future prime minister to push forward new reforms to meet changing needs…
Are these roles needed? Why are we paying so much of tax-payers' money? Won't they cramp the style of the new PM & his team? With public awareness of the FULL PRICE THAT WE PAY to these positions, hopefully this practice can be put to a stop. OR at least make these position-holders do it for FREE because they want to "give back to society"’.


The above is written by a blogger called Thai Laksa.


Thai Laksa has a point. These positions were legacies of a past when LKY’s words and decisions were absolute and unchallenged. It is about time that these vestiges of the past be relegated to history. They are redundant and also very costly to the taxpayers. And in a way, their appointments could be a hindrance to the PM who would have to look behind his back to see if he has the approval of these elders. A confident and able PM does not need more guardians and neither would he want to be chaperoned and be looking like an apprentice on the job.


For the elders who want to serve, since they are so wealthy, do it for free is not too much to ask for. They have been paid very well while in active service and it is time to return their precious time and wisdom for the good of the people. By the way, they are still being paid a handsome pension that is many times the pay of Obama, the pay of an American President on the job.


Not to worry about being accused of corruption when working for free. According to Vivian’s definition, a wealthy person working for free is definitely not corrupt.


What do you think?


Anonymous said...

The crying for LKY was the peak of LKY legacy.
The next 20 years will see the full bad effects of GCT & LHL short-term gratification policies at the expense of true blue Singaporeans.

20 years later, the view on LKY legacy will be very different from 3 months ago, as more and more Singaporeans suffer higher and higher costs of living and higher displacement in PMET jobs.

LKY bubble will burst.

Take care all those who are not skillful or competitive or not contented in this life. Tsunami is coming.

Anonymous said...

You die your business policy is not for a country.

Anonymous said...

‘We need to put an end to this SM, MM, ESM positions.'
"Thai Laksa" as quoted by RB

If only "Thai Laksa" could lead a party which can contest 100% seats today (Nomination Day 1 Sep 2015), then what he said really matters.

Anonymous said...

For once I agree with RB. These posts are passe and serve no benefit to the nation.

Anonymous said...

Someone once said if you dont pay them well, when they engage with owners or ceos they may not get the respect or attention. Agree or disagree.

b said...

when the hdb flat hit 40 years old, lky legacy will be gone.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.27am says,

If only "Thai Laksa" could lead a party which can contest 100% seats today (Nomination Day 1 Sep 2015), then what he said really matters.

Why does "Thai Laksa" need to do that? If something is not right, we should raise and question it. That is how society improves.

A grain of sand, too minute to make any impact.
Two grains of sand, too minute to make any impact.
But a barrage of sand, can stop a tidal wave.

Be the change that you want to see in the world.

Anonymous said...

What do I think?

Well of course I agree, you're right.

And something else: do we want a Prime Minister who needs 10 Ministers in PMO to do his job? Why can't he do his own job? Huh? Huh? Huh?

So not only should we get rid of MM SM SME, we should get rid of a PM who needs 10 heads to do his job.

Anonymous said...

Chief clerks being paid minister's salary.