Yellow ribbon for Roy Ngerng, No?

How many of you have heard of this thing called Yellow Ribbon that people wore on their chests to show how compassionate and merciful they were towards ex criminals? They want to give the ex criminals who have paid their dues a second chance, and rightly so as many are not hard core criminals that would return to their crimes again. Let them return society, give them a job to be responsible and respectable people again.

I heard Roy Ngerng is still jobless one year after he was sacked by the hospital for defaming the Prime Minister. Why is Roy having such difficulties finding another job? He is not qualified, no good, lazy, did not want to work? Or he is unable to compete with the hoards of foreigners that are more talented than him? Roy is a young man, not the middle age PMETs and not demanding an unaffordable salary. Why is he still unemployed?  Or is Roy being ostracized, discriminated, by who?
Roy did not commit a crime and is not a hard core criminal. Neither is he a recalcitrant. He made a mistake and he apologized, and would be paying for his mistake. Would anyone who ever wore a Yellow Ribbon think Roy should be given a second chance, just to be employed? Is Roy unemployable?

Yes, why is Roy unemployable? No employer dares to employ him? No second chance? Are the inhabitants of paradise inhuman that no one is willing to help this young man to get a job? Or should Roy enroll in the NTUC e2i course to make himself competitive internationally so that he can find a job overseas? Is Roy being condemned for his mistake for life?
What do you think?


ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

This is unsurprising, being Singapore and all...

If you criticise The Regime too harshly and cast aspersions on their character, you will be punished---legally, economically and socially.

This is THE Singapore way, and Lee Kuan Yew made it world famous. In fact, journalists from every source would say/ write something like this: "Lee Kua Yew's Singapore is a success BUT he sues and jails his political opponents."

Most journalists liken themselves---as they sit on their imaginary lofty and heavenly intellectual perch---to be the arbiters of such matters as political fair play and the big one: democracy. Journalists tend to be DRUNK with the idea of democracy that they fall over themselves and trip over one another to prove themselves worthy of a Pulitzer or whatever else nonsense they hand out to unemployed useless drug addicted bums who over rate their own worth and literary abilities.

Well folks, as difficult as it is to grasp: Singapore gets measured doses of democracy and personal freedom. At the end of the day, the government determines what you can and cannot do in Singapore. End of story. The people get the government they deserve, you don't like it? Too bad. Adapt or piss off.

Oh, you don;t want to piss off? You say: "Singapore is my cuntry. I will fight!". Good. Give it the Old College Try....why not? Maybe people will listen, maybe the culture will begin to change, in the direction of your "cause". You never know.

But you also have to be realistic and ACCEPT THE DISTINCT POSSIBILITY of being arrested, punished and made a SOCIAL PARIAH to the point no one wants to be seen in to have anything to do with you.

Choose lah. But don't bullshit yourself over the consequences. If you have to fall on your sword, do it with honour.

Will it make a difference? Probably not ;-)

jjgg said...

Don't despair la...a peep into the cv of opposition MPs n you'll see that 99% of them are self employed..should Roy be any different? Big employers are all GLCs n their feathered friends so don't expect them to play the white knight.

Anonymous said...

I would not be surprised if he has already joined an opposition party and is gear up to stand as a condidate.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Opposition? What? Where?

Elections are in about 6-7 weeks time. What opposition?

Virgo 49 said...

Republican lah!

Against Osama, oops Obama, oh Obama.

b said...

Hardly any boss in sg wants to employ someone so vocal. All politicians are greedy. He should not have target only one.

b said...

He should try to get a job overseas like Au or Nz.

Anonymous said...

What if I employ Roy and one day he draw a caricature of me mocking fun of me in his blog? I ask him take down and he says he is saying the truth, then how ah?

Redbean you tell me lah. You want and like, you can employ him.

Virgo49 said...

An unright person do not have the fear of people making fun of him

Real gold not afraid of fire

My ex drug addicts employees even visit my mother's wake after they had left my employment

If you do not give your fellow men a chance, will they also give you a chance when you need it??

Anonymous said...

Bosses in sg are there to make profits, no time for his antics.
But he can always join the oppositions either as a candidate to stand for election or as a exec employee in AHPTEC.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, How is Roy going to support himself now and in the future? Without a job he will have no future in Singapore. I am not too sure if the defamation penalties have made him a bankrupt. I understand that if a person has been declared a bankrupt he is not even allowed to leave the country to seek pasture new in foreign countries. Poor Roy. Hope things work out well for him.

Anonymous said...

Yes, why is Roy unemployable?

If only Roy could have learned something from Chee Soon Juan, he would not have been unemployable. I know Chee Soon Juan is a self employed hawker(of his books which he authored) and also the sec general of a political party.

So what is Roy waiting for? And writing is also his forte.

But perhaps Roy is smarter than you all think, so although he may seem unemployable, but that does not mean that he has no source of income or money. Or else, I think he would not have done what he did and got sued by PM Lee in the first place.

A person like Roy which PM Lee sued is definitely no ordinary, much less daft, or to be pitied Sinkie.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Roy can depend on his father's business.

agongkia said...

Ror nerng shd help at the foodstall selling carrot cake or lor nerng..roasted egg...
Thats the best choice if I am him.
How many here dare to employ him even if he stop blogging.
Uncle Virgo said 真金不怕火Real gold not afraid of fire.Then go n offer him a job n pay him Cpf.
Oo lui larng mah.
Yellow ribbon is just a show just to tell ex inmate they are not condemn.
Must learn a lesson .Its great to be a hero fighting for Sinkies even if you have a very good intention but must see situation n foresee whether Sinkies will help you when you are in trouble.
Uncle Virgo. Time to show your support n not put yr money earning high interest in cpf .Kar bo?

agongkia said...
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Virgo 49 said...

Whether I put my monies in the CPF or banks is my business. I can withdraw anytime I want unlike you suckers kena lockup by your masters

Just because you are not on the side of the PAP does not make you a criminal.

RN must be a hawker just because sin employers got no balls to employ him. Skunk eyes see people Sua!

I do not mention dog as they are more lovable than you PAPies skunks

I see no need to work or carry on business as I have had enough to last my lifetime. This excluding selling my 800 k inflated price pigeon hole and stay in Penang overlooking the bridge in s first class condo

This after the GE if the Daft sinkies are condemned to eternal hell if they still vote the PAP into power

Anyway my ex chow Kar ah tee ah kow business have no qualification to employ RN.

As patriot said you must be one of those evil tow gay who have no qualms to exploit your employers to the max with low pays and worked them to the bones. Also no qualm throwing a thousand to Mei Mei and stink on ten dollars increment for your employees

One lesson to be learnt here. Do not stick your neck for the daft sinkies

They deserved to be screw by their masters they elected,

Stick your neck for them and get screwed by them when you are in trouble

The worst kind of living beans only jaga own pan tats

agongkia said...

Mai khee hong (angry in Penang dialect).
I recommend you buy one in Tanjong Bungah.Buy you kopi chia if you are here.Can bring you to Pulor eat durian.
I quarter Penangite.Welcome.

patriot said...


Virgo 49;

Do not get too upset with Agongkia.
Hokkien saying 'khi si giam boh xiong', meaning if one dies of anger and agitation by others, there shall be no proof.

Sinkies have only one way to deal with bullies and exploiters and that is to SACK THEM AND TAKE AWAY THEIR AUTHORITY(POWER).