Why the need to send Singaporeans overseas?

The NTUC has set up an institution called Employment and Employability Institute e2i, to train Singaporeans to compete and work overseas. This seems to be a big preoccupation of the NTUC and is like a cure all for the ills of Singaporeans, especially the PMEs who are finding it difficult to get jobs at home. The main reason is that since they cannot find jobs in Singapore, the NTUC is going to train them to find jobs overseas. 

Can anyone see the silliness of this logic? Our own talents, well educated and experienced, cannot find jobs here when we can provide more than half a million good jobs to foreigners who are likely to be less educated and less experienced, and may even be using fake degrees or degrees from degree mills, and we have to send our talents overseas to make a living. And with the strength of our dollars, and the low salaries that other countries are paying, (don’t ever think they could get better paying jobs in well paying western countries if they cannot make it here), is this a better alternative? Yes, better than being jobless at home.

I am not going to discuss why our PMEs are being replaced by foreigners. I know all the silly reasons that are craps at best. The answers are too obvious. Nothing to do with their talents and skills for sure.

There are times, and with good reasons when we want to send our talents overseas. The organisation is expanding and we need our people to go overseas to take charge of our investment. No need for e2i for such postings. Does this ring a bell, taking charge of our investment overseas by our own people? Does it make any sense to have foreigners coming here to take charge of our investments?

When we send out people overseas, it is a kind of promotion, and they are going to see an improvement in their income and value. We don’t send our people overseas to earn less, in more junior positions. Even when our PMEs went abroad, they are being head hunted or they found better positions that are paying them better and worth the sacrifice. Others may be venturing out on their own, not as low paying employees.

The govt of the past encouraged our people to go out to seek their fortune, not to beg for a bowl of rice. In those days jobs were not so plenty at home, and we need new fields for our talents to explore. And the exchange rates were in our favour. It made a lot of sense to do that for the able and talented.

Today, we have so many good jobs at home. Why the need to send our people overseas, and then fill these good jobs by funny foreigners with funny backgrounds and qualifications? Is there anything funny or wrong with this thinking and policy? We are not short of good jobs for our own people. Foreigners are flying in by the plane loads to seek their fortune here, a better quality of life in one of the finest city in the world, for good jobs and good incomes. We are telling our people to vacate this city to rough it out in the 3rd World cities to earn less, to live less comfortably without the convenience of home and to leave their expensive castles and families here!

On the other hand the foreigners are bringing their families here to enjoy everything we built, a safe, clean and orderly place, to bring up children. What the hell is going on? Lee Kuan Yew said, ‘nobody can just walk in and take over what we created’. What do you think the govt is doing? Inviting everyone here to take over what we have created, take over good jobs, our women, our homes, and celebrating it as a good thing. And then tell our people, please go out to make a living, this city state has no good jobs for them. We only want foreigners to live here and work here.

What is going on? Crazy, or something more serious is happening?


Anonymous said...

"Why the need to send Singaporeans overseas?"

- maybe because there are NOT ENOUGH JOBS in Singapore for Singaporeans AND Aliens?
- Cannot tell this to Aliens right? Otherwise they don't come.
- they don't come then how to achieve 6.9 million?

So ask Singaporeans to work overseas lah!
To make way for Aliens lah!
Two years of National Service not enough.
Still got to do more national service by working in India and Philippines.

Anonymous said...

Why the need to send our people overseas, and then fill these good jobs by funny foreigners with funny backgrounds and qualifications?

Why? Because funny foreigners with funny backgrounds and qualifications are readily available, cheaper, and just as good, if not better, qualified than Sinkies mah. So not enough and loser Sinkies how to fight, u tell me lah?

And so NTUC need to send these loser Sinkies overseas for better job match lah, because overseas is naturally very much bigger job market as compared to tiny Sinkieland, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Why do we need foreigners here to take on jobs while we send our people overseas?
Here are some of the reasons.

1. We attract foreigners here to work so we hope they would stay and make their lives here, maybe marry locals and have children here to bolster our dwindling population.

2. The bring in their already made family, to increase our population and hopefully their children would serve in our SAF and protect our country.

3. By foreigners coming here they bring in foreign expertise and knowledge to help Singapore become more competitive on the world stage.

These are but a few of the reasons why we need to bring in foreigners.

AND the main reason why we send our people overseas is to gain knowledge that are valuable for our economy.

Anonymous said...

They need to keep the foreigners here in hope some fractions of them will become citizens.
I envisage the day will come when our votes will become one resident, one vote.
The days are not that far away given population tilt.

Anonymous said...

"AND the main reason why we send our people overseas is to gain knowledge that are valuable for our economy."
July 26, 2015 11:16 a.m.

GE 2015.
Let's send a few more PAP Ministers to join George Yeo in Hong Kong.
Huat ah!

Anonymous said...

Ya lor
Let's send Lui Tuck Yew to Hong Kong to work for HK MTR. "Gain knowledge that is valuable" for our train system.

Anonymous said...

Ya lor
Let's send Tan Chuan Jin to India to work in social welfare. "Gain knowledge that is valuable" for our card board collecting elderly Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Ya lor
Let's send Lee Hsien Loong to Japan to work in the police force.. "Gain knowledge that is valuable" for handling peaceful protests in Singapore.

Thousands Protest In Downtown Tokyo, Demand Abe's Resignation As PM Disapproval Soars


Virgo 49 said...

Let's send heng swee kiat to knna nie lau hia or boo to upgrade educational skills.

Not sending twelve year olds to their early deaths.

Knn nia hia to him and his nincoompoo millionaire ministers.

Anonymous said...

Ya lor
Let's send Khaw Boon Wan to these countries (Spain, France, Slovenia, Mexico, Australia, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands) to "Gain knowledge that is valuable" for our public housing programs Singapore.

Our HDB flats never even got a mention in the list.
Just shows you how deluded our faith is in our HDB flats.

30 Examples of Public Housing at its Best


T said...

You have to agree with this Rb