Uniquely Singapore – Metal gates along common corridor cannot open at the same time

There was this new country, I must emphasise, new country, probably 3rd World country, just got independence or nation hood, and they started to build public housing for the citizens for the first time. They were in a hurry, no experience, and ended building flats with common corridors with doors facing each other, and the metal gates cannot be opened at the same time. How could this happen?

The reasons, no experience, lousy architects, no building control, no clerks of work to check, never done it before and want it cheap and good some more. Ok, for these good reasons I must say excusable and forgiveable. It is not easy for inexperienced workers and architects with fake degrees or degrees from the degree mills to get such things right. In 3rd World countries, this is the norm.

But not to worry, in 3rd World countries they are very imaginative and will find ways to correct such design faults. The more serious architects would knock down and shift the door on one side sideways, maybe a foot or two, and eureka, the gates can be opened. Some may make the gates smaller. Some may change to sliding gates. No real problems lah.

No they would not change the rules and regulations. Remember, 3rd World countries got no rules and regulations to say smaller doors or gates cannot open are not allowed. Anything goes.

Singapore is so lucky. When we first built housing estates after the big fire in Bukit Ho Swee, we did not have much experience then. But we got good architects, architects with real degrees, not from degree mills. And the flats they built were very good. Gates can open at the same time even if facing each other. No need to design doors not facing each other. And one time done, no need to modify or alter or change the gates.

Now, 50 years after moving from 3rd World to 1st World, how can such things happened, unless we are back in the 3rd World, starting everything anew, learning to  be 3rd World again. Did we really design cheap flats, built in a hurry and ended up with gates cannot open at the same time, violating building regulations? Do we still hire real architects and not fake ones?  Our architects and engineers and building contractors are all properly qualified and real ones, and very experienced, 50 years of construction experience. And we got very strict BCA with rules and regulations that all architects, engineers and contractors know by hard. Can it really happen?

I think it would need a miracle for such a thing to happen in this country. Maybe the people are hard up for miracles and trying very hard for miracles.  Indeed we have become a city of miracles. And with such a miracle, there is no violation to safety requirements for sure. Anything goes, every inch like 3rd world.

PS. Maybe they have started to prepare for 10m population.
Note. The error in calling the metal gates as doors has been corrected.


Anonymous said...

Tempenise ministar already has big "problem" coping with the fallout from " sanctioning underage PSLE-year school children " going for extreme mountaineering and "walk the torq" at 10,000 ft above ground.

But Khaw Peh Khaw Boo is not helping also by "building " supposedly better brand new DBSS HDB flats with "mountains of problems " in Tempenise.

The Chinese have a saying : "一波未平, 一波又起"。

Some other newly conpleted HDB project(s) also seem to have "substantial unsatisfactory complaints" ......

The Chinese have another similar saying : " 屋漏偏逢连夜雨"。

The Tempenise ministar likely must be "Khaw Peh Khaw Boo" in "private" why build ( intentionally or unintentionally ) "shoddy brand new HDB flats" in his estate ......?

Hope this is not the last straw for the Tempenise ministar that "breaks the camel's back" .......

Perhaps to "Khaw Peh Khaw Boo" is not just the confines of the masses ...... not unlike the daily routines of eat, sleep, work, rest, play, exercise, .......

Scholars, elites and .......... also need to eat, sleep, work, rest, play, exercise, shit, and ...... "naturally " khaw Peh Khaw Boo about "problematic " flats built in his estate ..... No?

Anonymous said...

RB always make a mountain out of mole hill. Doors cannot open at the same time, faults in HDB flat design and unsatisfactory construction work could be only a minor one-off occurrence. Ministers who are paid millions cannot be there to supervise each and every brick that is laid, nor can he be responsible for every minor design detail. He is too busy counting his millions in the bank to worry about such minor things. Put it this way, he is probably living in his million dollar landed mansion to care how the rest of Singaporeans living in shoe boxes have to put up with. You get what you vote for, remember when you get into the voting booth next GE. Put the X in the right box.

Anonymous said...

"Doors along common corridor cannot open at the same time"

But how many Sinkie voters have doors along common corridor cannot open at the same time?

If the homes of at least 60% Sinkie voters don't have this problem and they are happy with PAP, this is very good already.

Remember, on planet earth, or rather in Sinkieand, you cannot expect 100% Sinkies are happy with their doors, corridors, homes, PAP or whatever lah. Just look at people in other parts of planet earth and you will realise how lucky Sinkies are.

Anonymous said...

Aiya, do not blame anyone lah.

If only the so-called almighty had been more neticulous or less careless, no corrupted beings would have been created.

The flaws of beings are inherent.

Anonymous said...

meticulous to correct neticulous


agongkia said...

Cannot understand the title n find it hard to believe.
All doors are open inward n not outward so no reason to say it cannot be open at the same time.
If its built to open outward , even if what you say is true, its for the good of owners as they enjoy bigger space in their unit .This opening outward can oso make owner to be more careful when opening door n indirectly cause them to be more safety n security conscious minded.
Owners chose these unit with their eye open, never make noise so why worry for them.Likewise if citizen are happy n chose whoever they worship, why make noise when you think they face mishap.

agongkia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Yalor not happy dont buy lah.

Nobody force U 2 buy.
Bought not happy can go consumers association.
Consumers association will fight for fairness 4 U.
Sg got law n justice one.

Anonymous said...

There will not be a problem if they ran foul of the rules.
Rules are like elastic rubber ruler to bend for them.
Remember the within/without 200m of the polling station rule?
That was the mother of all bending rules.

Anonymous said...

Remember the within/without 200m of the polling station rule?
Anon 11:45 a.m.

It is like that one lah.

U don't want to be treated like this? Then be ready to be govt and tell majority (60%) voters to vote for your party lah.

Anonymous said...

"Uniquely Singapore – Doors along common corridor cannot open at the same time"

Uniquely Singapore - Millionaire Ministers and Generals cannot solve the MRT problems after 5 years and numerous salary increases.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ speculating, RB:

>> Maybe they have started to prepare for 10m population. <

It would be better if the sheeple themselves followed their govt's lead and prepare themselves for a 10 million souls population.

Whether you like it or not, Singapore will house 10 million people, and probably have a "daytime population" of (say) 15 million, with 5 million going across the causeways (and whatever else systems and bridges they might build) everyday on their commutes from their homes in Johor.

C'mon lah, get with the times. Singapore and Johor will both ROCK! It will be AWESOME!

For e.g.: do you know how much money you can make if you are in the real estate game? Shit loads lah!

Anonymous said...

PAP Education Millionaire Mr Heng (Swee Keat) said, “We are ready, we are prepared, and we hope that fellow Singaporeans will give us their strong support, give us a strong mandate so that we can take Singapore forward. There’s much for us to do in the coming years.”

If PAP had been working hard for Singaporeans over the last 50 years, would there be "much for us to do in the coming years.” ??

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

RB should amend the doors to metal gates.

kavin smith said...

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Anonymous said...

Narrow corridors aside, for greater privacy of such flats, the doors and metal gates should also not be designed facing each other.

I don't know what to say, such design! But luckily for PAP, not many will stay in such flats.