Transfer of knowledge from FT to Sinkies

After turning a swamp to a first world metropolis, being the best workers in Asia, we have reached full circle today. We are no longer the best knowledge based workers anymore. We are now no better than 3 world rejects. And rightfully we should learn from these 3rd World rejects, hoping that they would transfer their skills to us even if they are still from the 3rd World and would take another half a century if they are lucky to turn their countries into first World. Untalented Sinkies should not be shy to learn from the talented 3rd World talents as they have longer experience being in the 3rd World while we are rejoining the 3rd World as a new member.

Now let’s see what skills the 3rd World talents are better than us that they can pass it to us? What about building clean cities? Yeah, they have the experience in building clean cities. After all they built Singapore into what it is today. We better learn from them. Can anyone name some of the great 3rd World cities that they built other than Sin City?

What about banking skills and knowledge? What is the name of the financial centres in Asia and SE Asia? Did anyone say Tokyo, Hongkong, Shanghai and did I hear Singapore? Now which 3rd World financial centre did the 3rd World financial talents came from that is better than Singapore that we have to learn from them? They have the skills set and latest financial knowledge that we don’t have and we must learn from them, transfer of knowledge? Who built DBS, UOB, OCBC, Tat Lee, UOB, Chung Kiaw Bank, must be bankers from the 3rd World.

Oh IT talents. Singapore got no IT talents. We need to learn IT knowledge from 3rd World IT talents. What have our polytechnics and universities been teaching, Basic, Cobol or out dated IT programming knowledge? We are so lucky to have 3rd World IT experts to transfer IT knowledge to us.

And medical knowledge too. There are so many specialists from the 3rd World here and they can transfer their latest medical knowledge to us. Their hospitals and medical facilities must be world class and their medical techniques must be the best, better than out Mount Elizabeth, Raffles, our NUS and Tan Tock Seng and our general hospitals.

And yes, we need them to fill up our world class universities as lecturers. They are the best talents and our not so talented lecturers and students must learn from them before they are sacked.

Singapore, a first World to 3rd World country has a lot to learn from 3rd World talents and will greatly benefit from the transfer of knowledge from 3rd World to first World talents? Or is it the other way round? Now I am very confused.

But one kind of knowledge sure we can learn. How to cheat in examinations, how to buy fake certificates, how to present degree mills degrees as the real thing? And how to con first World people that these fake degrees are the real thing. But the supreme knowledge or skill is how to make the daft first World talents believe they are daft and stupid by one with only a fake degree or a degree from the degree mills.

I think this is the most precious skill and knowledge that must be transferred to daft Sinkies to save them from being daft and continue to be cheated by the fakes and cheats and asking for more. It is time our world class universities start to teach this supreme knowledge before it is too late.

Seow liao.


Anonymous said...

One observation is that in recent years, our graduates do not
know the strategic vision of our govt regarding employment.

This can be very dangerous for the country.

All they know is the flooding of so called FTs in almost
all industries and businesses.

The flooding of FTs must be STOPPED now!

Implements the Singaporeans first immediately and start the
LOCALISATION policies for all top positions.

This is the only sustainable way going forward.

What is needed is the political will?


Anonymous said...

You think the leaders did not know what they are doing meh?

jjgg said...

We need transfer of knowledge n wisdom from poor singkies to rich overpaid, useless singkies....A dosage of Mee Siam don't need hum will go a long way to give these privileged buffoons a reality check.

Virgo 49 said...

To teach the sinkies how to conquer their Nation without even firing a shot. After which, how to enslave them into submission when their numbers grown from day to day.

Behave they are the new masters demanding to celebrate their Independence Day on the shores that they infested. If locals kwai lan, hantam them.

We have the blessings of their DAFT leaders that they had foolishly elected elections after elections.

They reprimanded their foolish fellow citizens to yield to us and to jell with us for we are the heavenly ones gonna saved them by creating jobs for them.


Anonymous said...

If singapore got talent, then tell me, how come must hire Japanese and Swedish engineers to look for flaws in smrt?
How come your smrt chief who has MA in Mechanical engineering also cannot find the root cause huh?
Is so impossible to find all the flaws because there are too many flaws to begin with issit?
What is the purpose of smrt own simi engineering team they touted as international expertise to offer on their website?
Pai swee one huh? Can see cannot eat ?

The best positive lesson this SMRT NSEW line all long zhong down is to remind Singaporeans that like govt, we cannot give them
Monopoly!! When it's down, you have no alternative back up to rely on. !! Today is train, tomorrow is govt!!
Vote for opposition and start building your alternative back up train line. God is benevolent, they give us signs everywhere.

agongkia said...

So far I only manage to learn 3 things from these takents which l find it practical here.
1.The swinging action by the healthcare staff at one old folk home last time to land an old dementia lau ah erm swee swee onto the bed.
2.The saving on bus fare or free bus ride learnt from the mangala at Penjuru without the need of card or cash .
3.The touch n go by a dark colour man on a PRC meimei at Jln Besar without the need to pay or worry of being detained.

I am still learning. There are many things to learn from them so please be humble. But learn is learn.
Practise at your own risk:-)

Anonymous said...

I thought we have already forgotten about fake degrees. In Red Dot, when the MSM keeps quiet about problems, they just seem to disappear under the carpet. At a time like this, near to election days, bad things must not be allowed to surface, otherwise all the goodies galore thrown out to the peasants would have been negated.

Even RB is helping to make the ground sweeterer and sweeterer.

Anonymous said...

"Transfer of knowledge from 3rd World FT to Singaporeans"
- so now Singaporeans are so poorly educated that we need to be trained by 3rd world aliens?

If true then I think the PAP Education Millionaire should be sacked.

Anonymous said...

You want to see what habits to learn from FT?
Come to MBFC at ntuc food court where all your DBSnand SCB banks are.
At around 4pm onwards, 95% are from one country having tea break.
And if you wonder some more how come productivity can be so low, you walk over to Lau Pa Sat same corner store kopitiam, same time you also see a big groups having coffee siesta. This is good workers traits Singaporeans should learn.
I bet my bottom dollars, you can find similar trends around changi expo too!