Tiger Woods – A lame duck without his dad

The golf prodigy, the young man to break all the records in golf’s history, is today a pathetic self and is as good a piece of old furniture in the golf course. His glory days are over the day his dad left him. He thought he could go on on his own steam without his dad. The momentum was there to let him continue to win a few more tournaments in the couple of years after his dad left him. But without the intelligence and discipline of his dad, he is a lame duck, a spoilt kid looking for help, doing things that his dad would not have approved. And his game crumbled to dust. It’s over Tiger.

During his heydays, at his peak when he is in contention for every title his is playing, he listened to some jokers to change his swing. Without his dad to stop him from listening to bad advice, he went along foolishly to change his winning swing. Can you believe that? He changed a swing that was winning all the trophies for him because his wise coaches told him to? His dad would have told him not to do anything stupid like that, do not change unless it is broken. Without his dad, he could not think properly and was led by the nose by ill advice from people pretending to want him to be good, but actually undermining him and paving the way for his downfall.

Today, a few years after his dad was gone, when all the goodwill and measures had been eroded, he could not do anything good, and is looking like a dud. Instead of being at the top of the leaderboard he is first at the bottom. One wonders how the best golfer in the world could become the worst pro golfer in such a short time?

Tiger Woods is still Tiger Woods himself. What is the difference between then and now? He is still working very hard trying to be the best. The only thing missing is his dad. I think that is the main reason why his game collapsed. There is no dad to guide him and protect him anymore. He is on his own and left to live among the sharks out there and they are all there to kill him without him knowing. And whatever little talent he has got, there is no dad to make good of it while jokers around him are leading him to his demise as a has been golfing great of yesteryear.

It is so pitiful to see Tiger Woods in such a sorry state. Everything is falling apart without him noticing. And everyone is still clapping when he struts around in the course. Where has his greatness gone? Or where did his greatness came from?

Good bye Tiger. The time has come to depart gracefully while you still can. There is no daddy there to prop you up anymore, no daddy to look over your shoulders, no daddy to ward off the sharks hanging around to do you harm. You will be consumed by the wolves in sheep clothing.

PS. I thought he would do better than Jack Nicklaus.


Anonymous said...

Better to be a lame duck than to be a lame pig.

Anonymous said...

"Good bye Tiger....no daddy to ward off the sharks hanging around to do you harm."

But what kind of "sharks" hanging around Hsien Loong to do him harm? Bo geh (toothless) ones like the "one too many" and "not ready to be govt" Sinkie opposition? These kind u think Hsien Loong scared meh? And it is the 60% who will be very scared to vote PAP out because of these too many bo geh "sharks".

The said...

/// A lame duck without his dad ///

You talking to me?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ too pessimistic, RB:

>> Good bye Tiger. <<

No lah. He's just having a lull. He'll come back. Dun worry, these buggers have "life coaches" or professional motivators in their lives. Tiger will get a call from his friend Anthony Robbins, and Tony Robbins will tekan Tiger (with "love", of course), and then at the end of the session Tiger will be "enlightened".

Tiger will have the means to now keep his cock in his pocket, and subdue the once overwhelming urge to shove it into some chick's inviting vagina. He will then focus all his attention on his game and his form.

And he will be the greatest golfer in history.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Better to be a lame duck than to be a lame pig.
July 05, 2015 10:20 a.m.

Why you so sensitive? You Tiger meh?

Anonymous said...

The father's gene not powerful to transmit down the line to make the son the father?

Anonymous said...

super graduate mother + super graduate father = lame duck aristocrat

Anonymous said...

And he deserves it too! His downfall also began after his womanising ways were caught by his wife who divorced him. He then lost all his major commercial sponsorships. Serves him right!

Hope that there is a parallel story between the tiger and the pig. Without the presence of his father, surely we will see the sunset of the piglet prince's rule in SG.

Anonymous said...

If I were Hsien Loong, I am not worried at all.

Because I know myself, the 60% Sinkies who voted PAP every election, and I also know the Sinkie opposition.

"Know yourself, know your enemies, 100 battles, 100 victories".
The Art of War by Sun Tze in ancient China, and still relevant more than 2500 years later in Singapore for Hsien Loong.

Anonymous said...

Too bad George Yeo didn't know in GE 2011.
Is it too late to hara-kiri?

Virgo 49 said...

Now thrown in 38 million for Teck Ghee.

Know the sinkies. My stronghold, maybe get 97% percent beats evrn Ong Teng Cheong and TCB.

Anonymous said...

Never a need for hari-kira.

I won't be like TigerWoods. My generals will declare the election results a freak event and I will be reinstated, whether as a meritocrat or aristocrat.

b said...

Ah Long is dragon, much more powerful than tiger. Cannot compare apple with durian.