The train bully deserves a public service medal

Oops, I should not use the word bully otherwise I will be offending his followers and patrons. The Caucasian man who stood up to tell the local young man who wore a T shirt with offensive words deserved to be commended and recommended for a National Day Award. He is behaving like a civic conscious, high moral, and public spirited citizen vigilante. He saw something unpleasant and offensive in the train that should not be there. So he told off the young man for his rudeness and wearing his expletives. Such acts of honour and heroics cannot be missed and not rewarded? We need more of such brave men of exemplary conduct to walk the streets to put the rude boys in the right place.

In this paradise city state, like all paradise, there must be an unusually high code of conduct and decency, at least in public places, like the trains and buses and the internet. No one is allowed to say horrible things to offend the angels and immortals. The state just dealt harshly with a young boy for posting offensive words in the net. The message is very clear. No nonsense and no unbecoming conduct or behaviour is accepted in paradise.

The bully, oops, the civic conscious Caucasian was just reading the message and understood the high level of decency and conduct expected of everyone in paradise. And he must be thinking that he was doing the right and proper thing, in line with the policies and regime of paradise. Probably he must be telling himself, as a good person, I am not sure if he is a citizen, he just must help to make things right for the privilege of being invited into paradise to enjoy the wholesome goodness of this city state. He probably goes to church twice a day.

I think, looking at it from this perspective, the person who interrupted him and not allowing him to do the right thing, to teach the young man with his horrible T shirt a lesson, was doing a disservice to the public. The rude young man must be taught a lesson like stripped of his horrible T shirt, smacked in public, (how about caning?) for conduct that are not acceptable in paradise and then thrown out of the train by the big Caucasian. It would be like something you see in Hollywood movie, and the people clapped joyously to acknowledge the gallantry of the brave Caucasian.

And the concluding chapter would be the folks of paradise all invited to a big celebration to witness the award of a medal to the hero, and a public dressing for the man that attempted to stop the hero from doing what was expected in paradise.


What do you think? My script acceptable or not? Can turn it into a short movie for Channel 5 or Channel 8, still in time for SG50. This incident really tells how badly we need foreign talents to help and save us from debauchery and decadence.


denk said...

sg resembles the shanghai concession in the 20's

crawling with wtf [white trash foreigners] beating up locals with total impunity

agongkia said...

You forgotten your earlier post.
This is what we call "Transfer of Knowledge"from Talents.
I believe that after this incident the boy would grow up to be a more considerate person.
And not forgetting to commend the boy for being able to stay calm.
Pls give the boy a break.Let bygone be bygone.

Virgo49 said...

All the CCCC, RC grass loots members and rots have had their PBM or PMB or PMB medals and awards long lone time ago.

These Honorable members like the Tonic Tan (Sembawang CCCC), who sucks all the tonic and essence of its fellow citizens and named himself TONIC had their PPPMMM Medals on their chests proudly.

To be pin on their chests on the National Day Celebration Dinner and hai kow yew lecture by the equally Honorable PM in the University Hall.

Now most of them joined the ROUGE GALLERY like Batman's Jokers Gallery.

The more you hantam the netiziens, the more awards you get. Think the RC Chairman who wants to cut Amos Yee's kook kook will this NDP highest Award on the List with the BGS, MGS and LGs. - Life is Good- LG's slogan.

My ex- RC Chairman got his PPPMB long long time ago from LKY. Now no more Chairman but still strutting around my estate like a Peacock.

Each time I see him, I will said loudly to him: Bloody useless ex RC Chairman, the whole estate like a Brothel and you and your kakis all blind and deaf to it"

During his time, one kaki member collected monies for badminton courts's fees and absconded with them. Case covered up. That's why the PA budgets from tax payers monies are been misused by them.

Luckily, we still have a Pao Ching Tien AGO who audits and disclosed all their misuse of funds.

Anyway, they will said no criminal wrong doings, only technical misunderstandings.

No criminal wrongdoings, why POLICE INVESTIGATIONS?????

Whay or Why? Exclamation by the KOREANS when they asked WHY??????


Wah, Today must have woke up wrong side of bed. Tu lan- 4D number also jumped.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you Ah Q. The scolding and harassing of Singaporeans are for their own good. They will turn out betterer and good good boy.

Virgo 49 said...

Forget to add that so many of them when the last screws are been tighten into their coffins and in the obituary will put their title simi sai PMB or PBB or PAY on the photo.

Many of us will exclaimed there goes a parasite who thrives on the miseries of others


Anonymous said...

Let the matter rest. The police will not bring any charges to the person, so please say no more. Maybe the police feel that they are not devoting time to this minor incident. They have more urgent matter to deal with.

Virgo 49 said...

Urgent for their coffee siesta