The most silly myth uttered – Need more young people to support more retirees

I am so exasperated that I have to write about this again. I will call anyone yaking about this myth as silly, unthinking parrot. Just because one unthinking clown said the population of the oldies is growing and our birth rate is too low, we are in deep shit if we don’t bring in more foreigners, and every unthinking parrot will just repeat every word like gospel truth. Let me just quote two reasons to dispel this myth for good. Please listen carefully and don’t be a dumb parrot again.

The first reason is related to your CPF. What is happening to your CPF? It is going to be locked up for good so that you can retire, hopefully enough to last your life time. Those who are about 65 may be neither here nor there as they belong to a generation born in trouble times, ie after the war. Many may not be well educated and did not have much savings to last a life time. But many have a property, some private property, to downgrade and live very well, no need any young people to support them. They are financially independent. Some would have a HDB to remortgage to the HDB with just enough to last till their last days.

The second reason, those below 60s or 50s, many are not only well educated and have a substantially big nest egg as their incomes are much better than the oldies of today, many will work till they drop dead, to the 70s and 80s. Yes, they are going to work till they die, economically active unlike their predecessors that have to retire at 55 or 60. Do you think this people need to be supported?

The truth is that they will remain in the workforce for at least another 20 years. Does this fact change the equation of dependent oldies? Does this new reality change the need to have more young people?

And look at the rubbish that the immigration policy is bringing in, a middle age couple plus 4 oldies, ie parents and parents in law. And if they managed to produce two kids, it would still work against the equation of having two young people supporting 6 oldies. How could bringing in more foreigners help to distribute the load of more oldies with more younger people?

Get the picture? It is a new situation down the road with new variables. The productive age of a person is not from 20 to 60 but 20 to 80. And many would be working till they drop dead. We have increased their productivity by another 20 years. How would this change the thinking and economic formula of dependency?

Still can’t get it? It is like the Stop at Two policy, keep talking about it unthinkingly until overtaken by events and still did not know how to change tact. Now everyone is acting like dumb parrots, keep repeating this growing retiree population and refusing to see that things have changed.

If you still cannot see the difference, I give up.

The real reason for population increase is because they have run out of ideas for economic growth. They need more and more people to buy homes, to eat, to use services, to collect fees and taxes, nothing really productive. In simple language for the dumb parrots to understand, these people are imported to sleep, to eat and to shit and to pay for all these services that the economist could massage into economic numbers called growth.

I rest my case.


Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB, those aged 65 and above if they conscientiously worked for forty years after NS even as middle level managers or executives had savings of CPF of at least 500K.

We are allowed to even draw at aged 55 leaving about 90K as CPF life premiums.

Most of us still retains them in the CPF for the higher interest.

Most of us are able to have this amount as we brought our flats cheap cheap at 46K for a point block 5 roomed flat.

Now artificially inflated to 800K for the younger suckers to purchase.

Besides, we had savings of a few hundred K. If spouse also working as long or longer with about same position, combined a million dollars not ringitt. This is excluding to lease back or sell the flat for a studio flat.

That's why we can go Genting twice or three times per month for fifty ringitt one cents jackpot.

This will keep you awake till morning and sleep in coach back. At home walk the darling dog and relax.

Where the need for the youngsters to look after us??? SEOW!!

Those oldies still wearing shirts and ties with plasters on their foreheads still struggling to work are different.

The reasons been they brought the DBSS/Water sprout condos/ The Pinnacle/ Terrace houses at artificially inflated prices with the Minister of MND
and the developers laughing all the way to the Banks.

Or like Ahgongkia spends too much time hugging the me is me is with their spending on them like a prince that now became a pauper.

So have to have three jobs to feed the meis meis.


Virgo 49 said...

Lagi shiok, got Pai Mey medical benefits with GST voucher 900 bucks plus medisave top ups.

Also, every month got CPF's payout.

Utilities top up. Where need the youngsters to support??

Pocket monies from children donated to Animals Lovers League. Chee kow ho ka chee lang.

agongkia said...

Lau chek ah.
Oo lui larng kong way tua sia hor?
Yr house bought cheap at 46 k now inflated to 800 k is becos you have a good garmen .Must be thankful that your 46 k become 800 k.So you know who to vote.
I bo lui so must work many jobs long hours to pay my debt.

Oredi told you so many times that I dun need to pay to hug.I am a slave .No money but fated to be love by mei meis or aunties tai tais.
Hugging mei mei is my way of reducing stress to make me work harder like battery need to be charge regularly.

Dare not think of children caring for me.If garmen allow me to marry more wives that would be good.They can take turn care for me.
Dun waste time in Genting.Go get some extras.Life is not just about money.

Virgo 49 said...

Not woo lui lah!

Also have to slave for it for forty odd years. Tks to the government correct policies that we.oldies moo tin tin fatt tat due to its atas sikit policies.

Know how to vote lah! Take the monies and vote CSJ. Come to worse stay in melaka or Peenang

Many of my oldies buddies not only have about same amount, they also had properties in Nasib's land brought long time ago for a song.

Our golden times cheap cars, speculate and won monies on shares. No cheating as now. Buy sell flats until no two bites off cherries.

Some still play the games and till now has to still go to work in plasters on legs and foreheads.

They played at wrong time when the wolves and hyenas laughing alll way to banks.

agongkia said...

Lau chek.Too much money go do some charity.
Walk few minutes go KS street n help those lau aunties.Your 50 dollar for genting or dog food can get Nor Bee or Sahbee there.
Stop giving the impression that everyone is as rich as you.
You are not doing the poor like me a favour.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Today Agongkia meets up with so many rich lau ah hias cannot tahan leow.

Just curious, did the mei meis pay you to hug them?

Anonymous said...

So it's just updated version of the myth! But the story line remains the same-
You know what to do during this SG50 election

agongkia said...

Uncle RB.
No need curious on that la.
I am a part time pipe fitter n longkang sweeper.
Helping poor ,lonely ,helpless or neglected mei mei or tai tais clearing their choke pipes or longkang is part of my job ,hobby and interest .
Money not important.
You shd actually be curious on who I vote:-)

Anonymous said...

Someone pointed out a taukay looking person and said that the guy was Agongkia in cyberland.
The guy was said to be driving sport car and always had chiobu with him.
There are many well to do and successful persons in Singalore. Some are very caring and volunteer with grassroot organizations. Others work quietly to help those people listed by Agongkia.
Singaporeans are so lucky that the Government and the better of Sinkies are helping the poor.
Everywhere and anytime You can see charity people at works in Singalore.
From the President down to students, you can see them working hard for the poor.
In your utilities bill, at market, mrt station to shopping complex, there are people working for charity.
Sin is great.

Virgo 49 said...

That's correct. My two children in schools till Uni drafted and coerced to do charity work at homes and sells flags on Sin streets and complexes. ECA points.

Ordinary Singaporeans gave their best. But so far did anyone see the millionaire Ministers and MPs or the President donated any cash for the charitable organisations??

They just show their presence, smile a bit and pat their backsides and leave.

See the charity shows on TV. Prata /KFC man / Lau Lan Wong just show their faces and smile.

Aiyo, cajoled Singaporeans to donate and not a cent from them. Some more not said.small salaries.

The rich, more hum sop, oops kiam sop. Wrong meaning.

Do more for the unfortunate to gain merits for your good karma or for your elders. After all you all got more than enough to last three life times.

Some only earned 600 per month working 12 hours with plasters on legs and fore heads.

agongkia said...

Anon 2.53pm
Ah lau ah.
I so popular meh?Clarification needed.
You got the wrong person la.
I am a pokkai n is a paukaleow doing any jobs that my towkays assign.
Where got money for sport car to ferry chiobu around.

Anonymous said...

NOT a silly myth at all. RB is not too correct about this issue. The CPF pot needs contribution by employers and employees so that pension from this pot is never empty. This pot enables retirees to be paid and so on.

b said...

Everywhere in this world, politicians con their people to feed their own private pockets. There is no dispute in that. But what other choice do the people have? gun down their politicians?

Anonymous said...

My Singapore News does have nany high flyer readers.

$800k house owner.
Sport car owner.
Economic expert.
Stock Market Professional.
International Employer.
Meimei specialists

Internet Brigade.

Sg is an interesting place.

Yet many kpkb.

Anonymous said...

I have one word for this - Ponzi.

This is known as Ponzi.

You need more young people to support the number of aged. Next round these young people will in turn grow old. You will need yet more people to take care of the even larger number of aged. It's a well-known Ponzi situation. It never ends, until it goes bust. And it will definitely go bust. Singapore is limited in land mass. You can cram in 7 million, then 10 million, then how many more? The population will eventually have no space to breathe. That's when it goes bust. Every Ponzi scheme will go bust, it's a definition of Ponzi.

Virgo 49 said...

Matilah no sound no sight??

These few rounds of parliament debate

Is he the rich classic business man in the porsche in JB???

luckily got no such money for this car. If not don't know what to say

patriot said...

If and when taokay and professionals kaopeh kaobu, can You imagine those struggling to survive by cleaning toilet, table and picking garbage to eke out a living?

We gave Rulers who sweet talk and pay themselves millions of Sin Dollars yet are not able to empathize with their citizens.

Are we NOT sick of these greedy folks that are obviously self-serving leaders?


agongkia said...

Dun be simple minded .To put it bluntly we need to have more children to protect our country .
This is only possible if we produce enough children for NS n regulars.
RB n Virgo should conribute solution instead of painting a picture that the elderly are loaded n do not need children support.
Nah.I would hope Sinkies produces more children instead.
You mentioned a foreign couple brought in both their parents but produces 2 so only 2 to take care of 6.Agree.But how about proposing to allow polygamy.
You shd suggest to allow local Sinkie like me to marry 2 extra foreign brides, bring in 6 but can produce a dozen or more.
Whats wrong with allowing me to have more wives to produce more babies if Sinkies are lazy to produce.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agongkia, I think you have a controversial idea. But make sure you are able to feed them and not let the state to feed them.

agongkia said...

Dun be daft n simple minded, failing to learn .

Marry rich foreign bride here n let them buy houses here n feed you .Who need the State to feed them.Only typical entitlement mentality will harbour such thoughts.

Anonymous said...

This agongkia must be more desirable than Bill Clinton or Tom Cruise. Show us how good looking you are please. I think he must be the Number One auntie killer, better than the Korean Bay.

Hope does not look like Matilah Singapura.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia must be
very the 坏.
Aunty here wishes
to meet up.
Can leave contact?

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Aunty or Tah Chek better, wants to meet Ah gongkia, must be still desirable.

Got Bukit Yimah bungalow or no?? If not after Ahgongkia bring you geylang line up.

Or Petain road or jalan wong ah fook three storey old house.

agongkia said...

Can joke n have fun.No bungalow oso nevermind.
Important is come to election.Must vote wisely.

Anonymous said...

Aunty has a three storey unit at Geylang, well furnished and maintained. My late hubby left behind a mers which i cannot vear to sell but I do not drive. I am now 67 with no kin.
Agongkia comes across as a very filial, caring and not vulgar. He could be reliable person to take care of me and my belongings.
I trust my sixth sense that he is the right one for me.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Looks like two of you are meant for each other: )

Anonymous said...

Ah Ma brought in Yang Yin and suffered losses.
Now Agongkia makes back the losses from foreign tai tais and mei meis.

Singaporeans should praise Agongkia for increasing our population and bringing in foreign wealth.


agongkia said...

Anon 2.11/9.20pm
Thanks for the compliments.
Yes.Good advice grom 9.20pm.
Beware of FTs like Yang.
Merz or properties not important.
Important is willing to produce me many children /great grandchildren to serve NS, protect our homeland or to send me off on my grand day.
67 still young.But cannot produce oso fine.just dun stop me from having more wives.
Children are real assets that Cpf or money cannot replace.